Immaculate lady boy meets a cock

Immaculate lady boy meets a cock
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Chapter 2: Desperate Acts October 5th, 2010 More than a month had passed since the sibling's kiss. T was busy with school projects once again for the fall semester of his sophomore year. Katie was thankful that he had decided to stay home, instead of moving across the country away from her. They continued their flirting when they hung out, but Katie's seduction had been halted.

The pool was closed as well so she had also lost her excuse to be naked in his room, or flaunt her bikini-clad body for him. Katie was formulating a new plan to come right out and tell T how she felt. There was no way she could wait until it got warmer again to tease him in a swimsuit. She was becoming desperate. Ideas such as allowing him to catch her masturbating in his room to his porn or sneaking into his room to sleep with him at night started to seem like her only options.

The problem; she was terrified it would destroy the amazing relationship they already had. Wearing only a towel, Katie made her way back to her room to finish getting ready. Her best friend was on her way over with a favor to ask. It would have been suspicious if Cassie wasn't already in the habit of making a big deal out of small things. She was a very excitable girl and probably just wanted to share her newest raunchy adventure.

Katie always wondered what her friend would think if she knew what she was really like. "Where you at, bitch?" Katie heard Cassie yell from downstairs. "Down in a sec!" She yelled back. Deciding to hurry before Cassie came up; she dropped her towel and headed for her bureau.

She quickly put on a tiny black thong that was immediately swallowed by her plump butt cheeks. Grabbing the first pair of pajama pants she saw, she stuffed her prized body part in them at the top. An old green Turtle-Ninja shirt and fuzzy purple socks completed her outfit. She glanced at her full-length mirror before leaving the room to make sure she looked as ridiculous as she thought she did. Since the siblings were usually downstairs, their close friends would walk right on in through the back door that led to their living room.

With no need for stealth, she bounced loudly down the stairs. Cassie had already made herself comfortable in the recliner as Punk savored the attention he was receiving from her. He was possibly the worst guard dog ever as all anyone had to do was show him some love to get into their house.

Katie had once walked out of the shower thinking she was alone, to find Simon, T's best friend, enjoying a full breakfast he had made for himself. "Hey, dude," Katie said as she made her way past Cassie to the futon. "Ugh, you know I hate it when you call me that. Do I look like a dude?" Cassie asked, faking exasperation. Cassie did not look like a dude. Three inches shorter than Katie at 5'6, she was a Puerto Rican spitfire. She had curly black hair down to her shoulders and a voluptuous frame.

Her ass was almost as big as Katie's, but she didn't have to work hard for it like Katie did. Her boobs were her favorite body part; she always had a generous amount of cleavage showing them off. She was a total geek like Katie, but that only turned her into the sexy librarian type. Cassie looked at the mismatched outfit her friend had probably worn just to make her laugh.

"You think you're being funny, but you still look hot somehow." She winked at her. "That's just because you have a thing for me." Katie blew her a kiss. "So what's this urgent favor you need of me?" "Wait, how are things in your world lately? How's my Biffle doing?" Cassie put on a big fake smile.

"Work, video games, repeat. Good times all around. What's up, Cass?" Katie eyed her skeptically. "First you have to promise to let me finish before you freak out and say no." "Fuck, Cassie, no. I told you I'm not going out with anyone. Not alone. Not on a double date with you. I'll meet someone my own way." Katie was happy that her friend cared about her but wished she would let her deal with her own love life. "It's different this time. I promise." Cassie pleaded with her.

"Cass, I don't care if he's a virgin who is only interested in my personality…" "He's gay." "Okay, that is different." Katie was thoroughly confused. "My friend, Alex. I've known him since grade school. He's actually a really awesome guy. I've wanted you two to meet forever." "So you're trying to set me up with gay guys now?" Katie asked, becoming more confused by the moment.

"It would be a favor for me, but mostly for him. He's in his second year at Harvard Law. A couple months ago, his parents surprised him at his place. His boyfriend broke up with him after they left because he introduced him as his roommate. To make matters worse, his dad's a total homophobe and doesn't fully believe that he is straight.

He's threatening to stop paying for him to go to school if he finds out." Cassie unloaded on her. "Whoa. That is different," Katie thought for a second. "And you can't help him because?" "His parents know me, and they would only be slightly less disappointed in him dating me than they would if I had a dick," Cassie smirked.

She could be a bit of a wild one. Katie thought hard about the proposition. She supported same-sex marriage and willingly admitted being sexually attracted to women herself. It would be awesome to help Alex screw his parents for being bigots. In a way, she was in a similar situation with her brother. T, however, was also the reason she could not help Alex. "Cassie, I'm really sorry. I can't help you guys." Katie looked down, ashamed. "Seriously, even after everything, I told you? Why? I thought you would be so down for this." Cassie was the confused one at that point.

"Shit," Katie thought. She had to tell Cassie something. It had to be good. Part of the truth would suffice. She wished she could come right out and tell her best friend her true feelings. "Cassie…First off, I'm sorry I can't help. The truth is I am interested in someone." That was the closest she had come to admitting what she wanted. "I'm sorry I never told you about that either. It's…Things are just starting to go where I've wanted lately.

If I suddenly have a boyfriend, it would ruin all the progress I've made." Katie gave her the best apologetic look she could muster. "Oh, you don't think you're going to mention the first time in history you've been interested in someone, without telling me who, do you?" Cassie felt she deserved the whole truth. Katie stared blankly at the closest friend she had beside her brother.

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Whenever she imagined telling someone how she felt about T, it was always Cassie first. But that was just a fantasy she had. If she told her, it could also put their friendship in jeopardy. Cassie would have her committed, or at the very least, convince her she was wrong. "Cassie…I'm terrified you'll hate me if you know." She looked down at her hands grasping her knees for balance as she sat there. "Okay, Miss Mysterioso. Is this person me?" "What? No, I mean I do love you, but not in that way." Katie gave her a half-assed smile.

"Is it anyone I've ever dated, or am currently interested in?" "No. Well…No you've never expressed any interest in dating him specifically." Katie was hiding behind lame facts. Cassie had mentioned how attractive she thought T was on many occasions but that was all. "Well then guess what, babe. There is absolutely no reason I would hate you for liking someone." Cassie grinned, knowing she had her. "I…I still can't tell you." Katie was dying to tell her. "Hon, you look like you're literally in pain.

I think you need to tell someone about whatever you're into before you explode." She leaned over to brush the still damp hair out of Katie's face.

"Have you at least told T about this guy?" "If I could tell him about it, I wouldn't be in this situation," Katie said hopelessly. Cassie looked closely at Katie. "You always tell him everything.

You don't have a crush on T, do you?" She thought she might be on to something. "What? No way, He's…It's a friend of T's. I need to talk to T about me liking his friend, before I can tell him, his friend, that I'm interested in him." Katie thought she had covered that pretty well. "Ah, alright I get it now." Cassie looked thoughtful, tapping her finger on her chin. "So you're nervous because you like one of T's friends.

So you can't tell T that you're interested in someone else because he's really the one you're interested in." The trap was set. "Yeah, exac…" Katie looked up at Cassie in shock. "I didn't mean that. Cass, please don't joke about this." Tears formed quickly in her eyes and Cassie felt like the worst friend in the world. Katie was a pretty tough individual, rarely crying.

She had feelings for someone for the first time and Cassie was teasing her about her brother. She moved to sit next to Katie on the futon.

"Kate, baby, I'm so sorry. I was just teasing. Who is this guy? I'll totally help you figure this out." Cassie had never seen her like this. Was she really a wreck about some guy? "Cassie, do you really believe I can tell you absolutely anything?" She was done hiding.

"Of course! That's what biffles are for." She hugged her friend closer trying to give her some of her own strength. "Cass, I'm in love with T." Katie blurted out, like ripping off a band-aid. Cassie pulled back and stared at Katie.

She was trying to figure out if she was serious, how serious she was, and what the fuck she was saying before she responded. "Please say something; I know I'm a freak already. I don't need you looking at me like one." Katie could not look her in the eyes.

"Your brother, T?" She asked, still trying to fully accept it.

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Katie sighed. There was no point in holding back anymore.


"When I was 8, I made a plan to end up with him because I thought he was my soul mate. I officially fell in love with him when I was 14. I waited, patiently for four years to seduce him and tell him how I felt as soon as I was 18. I chickened out. I don't wanna feel heartbroken or ashamed anymore." Katie was trying to push out all the important details so she would never have to explain it to Cassie again.

There were more tears in her eyes when she finished. They were both happy and sad. "Wow," Cassie was as close to speechless as possible for her. "Oh my god…You're serious. You made a plan? Do you still have it?" Cassie wasn't sure how she felt. Their relationship actually made more sense after the revelation. Katie and T as brother and sister had the strongest, most amazing bond. It seemed stronger than any couple Cassie had ever known. Of course, she was in love with him.

Did he feel the same? Had they… "Holy shit! Are you even really a virgin? I always thought that story about how you broke your cherry by accident was BS. Do you guys fuck like all the time?" Cassie rambled, feeling excited about the so-called horrible secret that Katie had shared. "Cass!

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Fuck, no we've never slept together. He doesn't even know how I feel." "Or that he has given me a facial," Katie thought. "Sorry. I just figured you lied about it because it was your bro. So let me get this straight. You are in love with T, but he doesn't know.

Why haven't you told him?" "Are you kidding, Cass? He's my brother. That's kinda the whole problem dontcha think?" Katie was slightly exasperated. "Yeah okay, I see your point there, but have you seen you and T?


I mean you guys are perfect for each other. I barely even think about him as your brother because you guys are that close. It's almost harder to think of you not ending up together now." Cassie was being honest. She also had extremely liberal views on love; thinking that people should be free to love whoever they wanted, as long as it was between consenting adults.

"Cass, do you think I'm fucking with you so you're fucking with me back? Because, I'm being totally serious," Katie said. She was becoming concerned that Cassie wasn't taking her situation seriously. "No, no fucking," Cass giggled.

"I wanna see this plan." Katie tensed up. "Cassie, the plan, that specific notebook…It's my most private possession." She felt bad for feeling the way she did. "Katie, I'm sorry. You're right, that's way too personal. It's like your diary. I totally get it." "Like the diary entry that holds my biggest secret ever." Katie smiled at her best friend.

It felt so utterly amazing to admit her feelings. "So you wanted to seduce him, but you chickened out? What exactly happened?" Cassie was moving into supportive friend mode. Katie began to feel hopeful again. "Before we get further into this, I need to know exactly how you feel." "Fair enough," Cassie took a few moments to collect her thoughts on the whole subject. "You know how I feel about the rights of consenting adults to any kind of love, or lovemaking they want to share with each other.

Maybe it's because I only have a sister, and I could never see her that way. Mostly it's because I know you and T very well." She paused to be sure of her words. "This just seems right Katie. You need to tell him how you feel at the very least. It'll kill you to never say it to his face.

Even if he's not into it, you need the closure of knowing what he thinks about all of this," Cassie said truthfully. "So you don't think I'm fucked up?" Katie was amazed. "Honey, YOU ARE in love with him. It's so obvious I can't believe I never actually thought about it. Besides, everyone's fucked up. Most people lie about it. You need to see if he feels the same, or if he ever could. Ten years is a long time to keep something like that to yourself." Cassie brushed more hair out of Katie's face, wordlessly saying she still loved her.

"Well you're gonna think I'm a super freak when I tell you the rest. I hope you still love me after this." Katie was mentally preparing herself to be completely honest about the one thing she hid from everyone. "I've been waiting a long time for that.

All these years of telling you every little dirty thing that goes through my head. It's about time I get to hear one of your sweet little nothings." Cassie winked at her friend, trying to reassure her that she could tell her anything.

"It's not little…" Katie turned red and started to rub her legs together. As if Cassie did not know what that meant. "You're squirming in your seat thinking about big bro's big dick right now, aren't you?" Cassie smirked at her.

"Fuck, it is big," Katie said, biting her lip and wincing at her admission. "Holy fucking shit? You slut! How do you know?" Cassie's eyes popped out of her head and a huge smile adorned her face.

"It feels so good to tell someone the truth. Are you sure you're okay with hearing intimate things about me and him?" Katie asked desperately. "Am I okay with finally being able to talk to my best friend about her sex life? Hell yeah! Plus it's pretty hot. You're hot, he's hot, there's the whole taboo thing…I'm getting kinda turned on. If there's more you're not telling me, I promise I'm actually dying to hear it." Cassie was really excited.

"How big is he?" "A bit more than seven and a half inches. I measured him one morning while he was sleeping." Katie gave her a shy smile. "I mean, it looked big in that Speedo he wore on the swim team, but that's gifted." Cassie was definitely getting wet. "What else have you done?" "Okay, here goes," Katie took a deep breath. "So ever since I turned 18, I've been teasing him so bad. I'll do my laundry outside of his room in the skimpiest underwear.

I even put up a hidden mirror on the shelves so I could see him watching me. He rubbed his dick through his pants once looking at my ass bent over the washer." Katie looked at Cassie sideways. "Go, on." The back and forth began. "I've left my panties in his room, ground my pussy on his pillow and I've spied on him jerking off a bunch of times…" "You're definitely a freak for sure.

I love it." Cassie said proudly. "I've swallowed his cum!" Katie yelled. "Okay, how could you pull that off without doing anything with him?" Cassie thought she might have just been shouting fantasies at that point. "A little more than a month ago, we were flirting before bed, he carried me to my bed and he sorta fell on me, between my legs." Katie's was finally coming out of her shell.

"Yup, that's how you make babies. I had an ex that fell on a girl once," Cassie said. "Shut up. This is the cute part. So I had promised him a kiss if he carried me and he asked for it. I told him to come n' get it and he did. It was totally perfect, Cass. No tongue but it was like the best first kiss, or second," Katie giggled. "I wanted him to take me so bad. After he left, I followed him down to a secret spot where I could see into his room.

Let's just say I was so fucking horny, right in front of him beating his cock right in front of me…I licked his tip. He immediately blew his load in my mouth, all over my face and it ran down my neck. He had no idea." Katie absentmindedly ran her fingers over her nipples through her shirt. She had to snap herself out of her lust before Cassie noticed. "Katie, you might be a bigger freak than I am, but I love it.

Seriously, I'm going to help you with all of this. We'll find out how he feels together. I swear." Cassie stated firmly. "Really? Do you really think this could actually work out positively?" Katie wanted more than anything to believe her. "I do. Plus I think I have the perfect plan to get things back on track." Katie gave her a skeptical look, "Uh oh?" "Listen, there's no way if T felt the same way that he would tell you first right?" Katie shook her head.

"And you've built this up in your head for so long that now that the time has come, you're terrified," Cassie told her, she wasn't asking.


"I know I have to tell him first. I don't mind that being on me, but if I could just be a little more sure that he would be into it…" Cassie stopped Katie from hanging her head by lifting her gaze to look into her eyes.

"Katie, I think you can help Alex and Alex can help you. Don't tell T that Alex is gay right away. If he has feelings for you, seeing you in your first real relationship will definitely bring them up to the surface." Katie thought about it for a few seconds before responding. "It's a good plan, I'll give you that. The only problem is I don't like lying to T." ***** For T, the kiss he shared with his sister had awoken buried feelings. He had always cared deeply about her, and when they hit puberty he thought his reaction to her maturing body was perfectly normal.

Even though he knew he was unbelievably lucky to have a sister as gorgeous as Katie was.

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He never attempted to spy on her or caught her changing like she had, unknown to him. She showed him plenty on her own and if he was ever caught staring; she would just smile his smile.

Being back in classes had swamped him at first, but he had other intentions. For the first month of the semester, he busted his ass to get enough done for each class to have much more free time when finals reared their ugly heads. He would have plenty of time to study. Spending more time with his sister, however, was foremost in his mind. Particularly, the special Friday night he had planned for them. He was on his way home from class, faster than usual.

First, he was going to propose a night out together, gauging her reaction to see if he was really noticing signals from his sister. Next, would be how she reacted towards him over the next week. Finally, if his plan did not lead them to kiss again, he was going to just tell her the truth. They could work it out together at least.

Pulling up in front of his house, he saw Cassie leaving from the front. He whistled at her out his open window while he parked. "Hey bro," Cassie greeted him. "Cassie, radiant as ever I see," T got out of his car and shot her a gorgeous smile that made her see exactly what Katie was in for.

"You're in a good mood. Get laid recently?" "As a matter of fact…No I haven't gotten any in awhile," He shot her a puppy dog face. "Aw, well you're a good looking guy. I know you'll survive." She smiled at him. "Thanks, Cass, see you later." T waved goodbye and walked into the house. He said hello to his mom and dad who were both reading in their living room. They seemed to be in the zone so he left them to it. Punk followed him down the stairs while T rubbed his head to avoid harm.

The TV was on so before heading into his room, he greeted his sister the usual way. "Honey I'm home." Katie jumped off the futon much more enthusiastically than she meant to. Luckily she stopped herself from running up to him. She had to play it cool. She was going to lie to her brother and she needed to be as believable as possible.

Composing herself, she made her way to T's room to tell him about Alex. "Hey T," Katie rounded the corner through his open doorway and spotted him shirtless, about to drop his pants. "Oops, sorry," she said the words, but blatantly looked at his nakedness. "It's cool, still more than a bathing suit." T smiled at her. "Yeah, um, how was your day?" Katie's eyes took their time meeting his. "It was a day; I actually have something I wanted to run by you." He stood there in the middle of his room, pants open.

"Um, actually, I have something too. Can I go first? I'm kinda freaking about it." She asked shyly. T regarded her quickly before saying, "yeah sure." "Someone asked me out." Katie was immediately worried he could tell she was full of shit.

T laughed and turned to start unloading his backpack. "Did he get a balloon?" "What? Why would he get a balloon?" He definitely knew.

"Because he was the 1000th guy to ask you out, get it?" T could be really corny sometimes but Katie liked that about him. She forced herself to chuckle at his lame joke. "I said yes this time." She blurted out nervously. "What?" T dropped his sketchbook and whipped around to look at her.

"I said yes. He actually seems like a nice guy, not faking it either. He kept coming to get coffee in the mornings when I work. We've been friendly for awhile so when he asked I just said yes." Katie looked like she was about to cry.

T looked like he felt. A deer caught in the headlights. "Wow, I mean…Okay." "Yeah, surprising I know." Katie started to feel very awkward being in his room. "Yeah, I mean I'm definitely fucking surprised." T shook himself out of it.

He wanted to tell her to stop, but he had no good reason to. "I'm sorry Katie. Congratulations. I guess I just don't know what to say." "I get it. It doesn't happen every day." Katie was almost shaking she wanted to leave so badly. "Do you have plans for Friday?" It was a shot in the dark. Maybe he could change her… "That's actually when we're going out." "Of course it is." T laughed to himself.

He was stupid to be thinking what he was anyway. He thought he deserved it. "T, are you okay?" She took a step towards him until, very uncharacteristically, he held up his hand to stop her. "I'm fine Katie," he lied. "I just got this super ridiculous project today, and I've been racking my brain for ideas. It's due on Friday too. I'm just stressed." He continued to lie. Katie could tell he was lying. He never lied. Not to her. "Well, maybe I can help you come up with some ideas.

You know I love that stuff." She dared him. "Actually I'm good. Need to start working these things out on my own anyway." He knew he was being a dick. He just needed to be alone now and beat the dumb ideas out of his head. "K, then. I'll leave you to it." She turned and walked out, slamming his door a bit as she did. She stood outside his door not knowing how to feel. The exchange between the siblings was unlike anything that had happened before.

They both lied, and they were both angry with each other. Though Katie wanted to be far away from him, another part of her needed to be sure he was alright. She made her way through the storage spaces, under the stairs, to listen to him from the other side of that tiny door. All she could hear was mumbling and it sounded like he was pacing as it would get louder before moving away again.

The only words she could make out were "fuck" and "stupid." The repetition of those words really drove the point home. She heard a crash onto the chair and when there was a small thud against the little door, she assumed he must be sitting at his desk now. He no longer muttered to himself. She sat back wondering what that was about. Why would T be angry about her first date, when he's had a few girlfriends already? Suddenly she heard something hit his desk hard and she backed further away.

Luckily for her, when his foot kicked the tiny door, the splinters missed her completely. The secret door was completely destroyed. Katie quickly left the space before T could look through the new hole and spot her there. She had never seen him act that way, at least not without her knowing why. It was even a little scary to her, but only because he was usually so protective.

Lastly, when he destroyed that little door, it hurt her in a way she did not yet fully understand. T was furious with himself, not anyone else.

Katie was his sister, nothing more. He needed to put whatever that kiss was behind him before he ruined the best friendship he ever had. He would apologize to her the next day, and hopefully, everything would be fine. Tonight, he needed to get out of the house and out of his head. T picked up his phone, hit the contacts, and went straight to S. She was under "Sam" in his phone.

It was the only other secret he had that his sister didn't know. He figured Sam could be a boy's name too so it would never draw attention. No one that knew him would believe who it really was anyway. Katie knew when T lost his virginity because she was the first person he told. He had not intentionally been trying to hurt her, he was only being honest. Honesty, he had realized long ago, caused almost as much trouble as lies did. That was only because lies hid the majority of everyone's intentions.

All Katie knew was that T promised not to reveal who she was to anyone. That was all she needed to hear. He stared at the empty text box wondering if he should go through with what he was thinking. He typed a simple message that conveyed his needs. Hitting the send button, he tossed his phone on the desk. He leaned back in his chair and thought about how fucked his whole "sibling date" idea was.

How fucked everything he had been thinking was. The phone buzzed in answer to his question. "Are you single?" "12:30. Park out of sight, down the street. Meet outside driveway. Can't wait to see you!" ***** T turned his headlights off before he turned onto the street. He was well practiced at sneaking into the Summer's place. It was actually a turn on to sneak around like that for him, especially under his ex-girlfriend's nose.

Allison and his best friend had betrayed and humiliated him in high school. Allison's older, 19-year-old sister had declared herself "Team T" the night she broke up with him, on his 18th birthday, by giving him his first blowjob.

Sarah had always known how much of a frigid bitch her younger sister was. She was an angel to their parents but a total cunt to everyone else. She knew T was out of her league. Admittedly, she was jealous too. T was a very attractive, good guy and when Sarah learned what her sister planned to do to him, she made a decision to be there for T in every way she could.

Managing to work an invite through one of his friends, she made it to the birthday party at his house. She went right up to T and warned him before Allison could surprise him with the breakup. When Allison did break up with him via text, Sarah led him by the hand to his bedroom. She took his mind off the shitty situation by creating an even better one that Allison had also denied him. Sarah realized sometimes you could be rewarded for doing the right thing when T returned the favor.

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From that night on, Sarah warned him of any evil deeds her sister had planned for him or his friends. They met up in secret and continued their sexual exploration. As time went on, they had become close friends. He lost his virginity to her. She had fantasized about being his first for a while by then. They were secret friends and had undeniable sexual chemistry between them, yet they never crossed the line into relationship territory.

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Sarah was mature enough to realize she was too young to settle down with a great guy like T. T was mature enough to see that he had the perfect definition of "fuck buddies" with Sarah. Their only rule was they only messed around when they were both single.

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The best part was there were never any hurt feelings if one of them was into someone else. He parked in his usual hidden spot that drew the least attention. When he shut off the engine, he felt his adrenaline kick into high gear. Opening the door as silently as possible, he crept out of his car with a death grip on his keys. "Always have a way out," he whispered to himself. T was honest to a fault, but he loved the rush of being rebellious.

He closed the door as quietly as he could. Turning towards the house, he tried to act as casually as possible too. At first sight, everyone is guilty of something to someone. In his mind, if he made a sound, someone would look out their window and assume he was trying to rape or rob. It was a fact T was well aware of as an over-thinker. Before he entered the sightline of the house, he shot a text to Sarah that he was headed her way. He peeked around the hedges to check the lights of the house.

They were all off including all the bedrooms. T had laughed a few times at the major design flaw of the Summer's home. They had four beautiful daughters, and the three eldest's bedrooms were the easiest to access for the boys they invited to sneak over, while they're parents were literally in the dark on the other side of the house.

Sarah was the second child, 20 years old then. She was nothing like her sister, but being a cheerleader led her to have certain friends. Kind like his sister, he had often seen Sarah as the closest he would ever get to being with a girl like Katie. He saw movement around the garage silhouetted by the fence's security motion light. Looking closer, he realized she was tempting him with her leg like a showgirl.

Sticking to the shadows, he walked over to the dangling leg. When he got closer she moved into the light. Sarah had long blond hair, blue eyes, and looked like a scientist/model hybrid. She didn't have to wear glasses but chose to on occasion to remind people she wasn't an airhead. She was small, flexible, and completely sexy.

They were both smiling at each other. T was about to explain exactly why he was visiting when Sarah put her finger up to her lips to silence him. Once he was a few feet away, Sarah jumped forward onto him and they began kissing like longtime lovers, which they sort of were. Neither of them was shy as their tongues played together. When they were done with their secret handshake, Sarah pulled back with her hands still wrapped around his neck. "Allison is away at college." She leaned up to his ear.

"Wanna fuck on her bed?"