420 soma ruft nach unten und schmutzig mit 2 Schwänze

420 soma ruft nach unten und schmutzig mit 2 Schwänze
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i am a regular fourteen yearold boy i live in southern flordia. im in eightgrade and im not that good in school and i dont have many girlfriends. my mom is fifty and my dad moved away when i was five. my mom hasnt had sex since he left, at least that i know of. she is about twohundred pounds and about five feet five my mom is the type of woman that has the big boobs because she is overweight.

she is about a E size bra.they are also the boobs that are verry saggy. my mother lost her job about five moths ago and we have been living on our savings account. after not paying the rent we had to resort to living on our car. my mom would sleep in the back seat and i would sleep in the front seat of our nineteen seventy voltswagon.

we had to sell our explorer so that we could eat. it was in the middle of a hurricane and my mom was crying hystarically because she thought she was going to die once again.

it was in the middle of the hurricane and we were in a field in the middle of nowhere in fourfeet of water and the car wouldnt start. it stopped raining and we both got out and pushed the car to the top of a hill. where we scooped the water out. now it was about two thrity in the morning and we were getting ready to sleep. my mom was crying and i was laying on top of her with my head on her boobs.

i had my hand also on her nipple. she was wearing a nighgown and nothing else like always. her nipple was hard and i was rubbing it accidently. there was not alot of room on the back seat of a voltswagon. she stopped crying for a couple minutes and told me to rub the other one at the same time. i was really horny and i poped a woody and i was rubbing the inside of her theigh while i was still rubbing her nipples outside her shirt. then she just started flipping out and told me to stop and how wrong it was so i moved back up to my front seat and went to sleep.

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the next morning we went to a cheap neighborhood and tried to find a house with no one home. there was no power or water so we broke into a empty house that had a bath tub full of water for flushing the toilet. my mom wanted to take seprate baths but i said no because we had to make this fast.

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we she got naked while i was other room and got in the turned her head when i got in so that we did have to see each others expossd bodys. i was really horny from looking at the top of my moms back. it was a small bathtub so she was in the front and i was behing her with my chest towards her back. my mom was so worried about how we were going to make it through this hard time that she started cring.


i gave her a hug but when i did it was a hug from the back so i ended up putting my arms around her boobs that here laying in her lap. i ended up moving my hands down towards her nipples and was rubbing them because i knew that she would like that. she put my hands more on her nipples more and made me more rub harder and harder.

she was moaning just a little bit and i had the hardest woody on that i ever had and i was poking it into her but cheeks due to the way we were sitting. i was new to this so i ddint know what to due so i started to move my hand to her clit but she said not yet.

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she was verry hairy. since her boobs were alredy in her lap she put her hands on mine and moved my hands to her clit where she tought me how to rub her clit. i pushed my finger into her clit and it went right in. i knew she wanted it. we didnt say anything but she wanted to be fucked. she turned around so that we were facing eachother.

she put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me to her clit where i had to go under water to attempt her eat her out.

the water was so soapy and i couldnt hold my breath for long under the water so that didnt work so she laid back and i moved towards her to insert my minisubmarine into her port.it was only about five inches but she didnt care because she hhdnt seent it yet.

i pushed into her but i missed her clit bit then i found the hole and started pumping. she was moaning, i was laying on her stomach with my face in her cheast. i was kissing her on the lips rapidly while rubbing both nipples. her boobs so big that i could get the biggest handfull and i just brought more pleasure to me. There was a noise in the other part of the house.

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we both stopped with a scared face on eachother faces. with my penis still in her we didnt make a sound.a yound mexican boy came into the bathroom and was totally shocked. he asked what we were doing in his house.

my mother replied that his parents let us in and then responded by asking where his parents were. he threated us by telling his parents if we didnt get out of the tub. we both got out with a slight giggle at eachother body because we had never showed our bodys.

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the boy was about twelve years old and real short. he had a hard on in his pants.


with us both naked sitting on the side of the tub he told my mom to suck his dick and i demanded that she didnt. he was furious and asked simply for a handjob in exchange for not telling his parents that were away at the neighbors trying to get their boat tied up. my mom agreed to the deal. we walked in the bedroom next to the bathroom that had carpet. we all got on the floor and started finishing the deal. he had a small penis mabe three and a half inches but she used her whole hand for his penis.

he was completly naked now with me and my mom. i started fucking my mom again. she was having orgasms like it was nothing she had three.

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and i all these naked bodys were really turning me on, so i told my mom to suck his dick. he moved to a push up postion over her mouth. i was about to cum so moved up infront of my mom to the kids mouth where he sucked the cum out of out of my dick. then i sucked his dick untill he was done.


me and my mom left the kid there naked. we left in our car.