Cutie gets painful punishment in the dark dungeon

Cutie gets painful punishment in the dark dungeon
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I love a man in uniform. Any time there's a security issue in my store and police need to be called, there was one cop that showed up 80 percent of the time. Officer Bradley. Meow. He's my favorite. It's like he had stepped right out of my fantasies and is waved in front of my face at least once a week.

So how was I supposed to behave myself and not try to score? I teased him a lot and tried to flirt. Sometimes he'd respond with a grin or a chuckle. Once or twice he'd even teased back. But I could never get him to flirt with me and he was hard to read. I know he's on the job and all, but could he give it a rest for a moment? I decided when I saw him one afternoon that I was going to find out.

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I was particularly horny that day. I didn't know why and I didn't care. All I knew was that man sauntered right by me with his broad, muscular shoulders all done up in that sexy black uniform without even a hello. And on his way out I purposely (but gracefully!) placed myself directly in his path and all I got was a nod.

A nod! I cursed my bad luck. How was I supposed to pounce if I couldn't get him to stop and say hello? Well, a few grueling hours later, my luck turned around and the security guard caught a female shoplifter and needed a female witness there. And who just happened to be asked to do that job?

Lucky little me. And who just happened to show up when the police were called? That's right - my delicious Officer Bradley. Meow. I was sitting in the office, perched on a folding chair with my legs crossed, when he came in.

He nodded at me again (so irritating!) when he saw me and went about his business. His partner, the less-attractive-but-not-ugly Officer Harrison, arrested the shoplifter and took her away. The security guard followed. Left alone in the office with what could potentially be an awkward situation, I decided to abort mission and get back to work. Just as I got up to leave I heard a throat being cleared at the other end of the room.

I turned my head with a raised brow. He smirked at me. I almost creamed myself. Officer Bradley walked forward a few paces, stopping about a foot from where I stood, now turned to face him. With the most serious expression and the calmest of tones he said, "Miss, do you have any idea how hard it is for me to just walk right by you and not stop dead in my tracks to ravish you?" My jaw dropped.

No! I shouted in my mind. But the only reaction he saw was me shaking my head with a dumbfounded look. He chuckled and grinned again. I thought I was going to faint. Good gracious, the man was making me swoon. And I do NOT swoon! Continuing with the seriousness, he spoke again. "I apologize if I've offended you, but I really feel that I haven't. After all, you do seem to always require my attention." I had to laugh at that bit of cockiness. "Require? More like desire.

Crave, even." With a genuine laugh, he responded, "That seems more appropriate. I do appreciate your honesty. What is your name?" "Colette," I replied. "Why did you wait so long to tell me?" I think he blushed then, but I might have been imagining things. After all, I wasn't exactly thinking straight.

"I wanted to be a gentleman, but I didn't know how to go about telling you exactly what I want without seeming.hmm.what's the word? Well, like an asshole." I raised a brow again. "And what exactly is it that you want, Officer Bradley?" He seemed to shudder slightly, then stepped as close to me as he possibly could without melding his body to mine.

With a wolfish, heart-stopping grin he said, "I want you to call me that while I'm fucking you up against this wall here." And with that he placed each of his palms on the wall on either side of my head and I realized I was trapped. And I didn't mind a damn bit. Meow.

"Mmm." I cooed. "Officer Bradley." Before I could finish his lips were on my neck and across my jaw line and then on my own. His lips were so surprisingly soft. I melted into him, my hands flat on his chest as his powerful arms wrapped around my shoulders.

I snaked an arm around his neck, pulling his head closer to mine as I glided my tongue against his. Either that was his gun I felt on my thigh or he really enjoyed my tongue piercing.

Then both of us heard the click of the door being unlocked by the security guard from the other side and we quickly separated. I ran my hands briskly over my clothes and hair to make sure all was in order. And, to avoid looking like a total deer in headlights, I sat down in the chair that, thankfully, was right beside me.

The guard stepped in, told me I could go whenever I wanted, thanked Officer Bradley, and then the two of us walked out of the office together. Once the door shut behind us we looked at each other. I softly laughed, trying hard to stifle it, and he grinned wolfishly again. It was so hard not to kiss him again, but I knew we were being watched. He didn't seem to care, however, as he gently grasped my hand and pulled it to his lips to softly kiss the top of it.

Then he turned it over and laid another kiss on my wrist. I thought I might swoon again. "Some other time, Miss Colette," he said, then I watched him walk out the door, get into his cruiser, and speed away. Sigh. The next day came and went without any, um, excitement. And the next week came and went like that as well. Finally, the next cold and dreary Friday I got called into the security office to be a witness again.

Officer Bradley didn't show, but his buddy Officer Harrison did. He seemed to recognize me when he walked in, giving me a friendly greeting. Apparently his partner was helping mankind elsewhere for the day and Harrison was on his own.

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He and the security guard did their thing and this time, I don't know what for, the shoplifter was released. The security guard escorted her out, leaving me behind with Officer Harrison.

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I decided to stick around and make small talk with the guy. He seemed nice enough and it was slow in the store anyway so I was in no rush to get back to work. Just as I opened my mouth to ask some trivial question, Officer Harrison cut me off with - "So you're the one Bradley was telling me about. The one who smells like pure woman." My jaw snapped shut and I stared at him, not quite sure what to say to that. I smell like pure woman? What the hell does that mean?

I thought. "I should warn you about him." Officer Harrison began and I felt my stomach churn anxiously. "He's not the type to just have one-night-stands. Most girls attract him first with their personality, but seem to have him all worked up for reasons he's not used to being worked up over." "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked, not sure if I should be offended. "Well, for instance, usually when he meets a girl it's outside of work so he has time to actually get to know her.

And usually when he likes a girl it's because of her sense of humor or something like that. But the way he explained you to me, it's like he's just drawn to you and he doesn't know why because he didn't really know you. That make sense?" Yeah, it made sense, but at the same time it didn't.

If he was so drawn to me why did it take him so long to make a move? Oh, right. He wanted to be a gentleman. Then he told me he wanted to fuck me against a wall. Whatever. I just nodded my head at Officer Harrison.

"So now what?" I asked him. "He wants me to get your number for him," he replied with a light chuckle, almost sheepishly. So I gave it to him. My number, I mean.

And then he left, promising to give Officer Bradley my number ASAP, and I went back to work wondering why I still didn't know Officer Bradley's first name. Surprisingly, I received a call on my cell that same night, right as I was pulling into my driveway around seven in the evening. I answered and on the other end I heard, "Good evening, Miss.

This is Officer Bradley from the police department. I'm calling you in regards to some suspicious activity you may have been involved in at your place of employment." "Ooh, so he does have a sense of humor!" I teased. I heard him chuckle. "I don't want to impose, but what are you doing tonight?" "You," I responded definitely.

"Uh.oh," he replied, seeming caught off guard. I giggled and he continued. "Well in that case, I should probably meet you somewhere for dinner first.

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Or would you prefer if I picked you up?" "Why do you think you have to take me out first? I thought we already settled that we want to fuck each other senseless." "Well, um, see, I'm not that kind of guy.

I know I probably came off that way, but I really do want to take you out, Colette," he said sincerely. Awe, how sweet. I thought. "Then you might want to tell me your name, Officer Bradley." That made him laugh again.

"I'd be more than happy to let you call me that all night, but it's Tim. And not nearly as sexy." "Tim. Nice to finally know. So, you can pick me up, Tim. I live on Laurel Ave." "I know," he cut me off. "I, uh, did a little research before I called you." There was silence for a moment.

"You did a background check on me?" I asked, a little offended. "Yeah, I'm sorry if that's creepy.


But if it makes you feel better, you're squeaky clean." I had to laugh. What a geek! "Fine, then meet me at my place in half an hour." "Got it," he said. "And, for the record, I'm truly looking forward to this." I smirked. "So am I, honey. So am I." I hung up and made a mad dash to shower and shave and doll myself up - not too much, but just so it looked like I put in an effort to look nice even though I already knew he wanted me.

And then, right on time, the doorbell rang. I finished slipping on the silver stiletto-heeled sandals that go perfectly with my little black curve-hugging dress and went to answer the door. There he was, standing in the rain.


And he was in uniform, minus the gun holster and all the other doodads and thingamabobs cops carry around. I wanted to yank him into my house and have my way with him right there. It must have been obvious by the look on my face. "I thought you'd enjoy that," he said. "And you look delectable. And I'm thinking you'll also enjoy it when I tell you I've decided to cook for you tonight." Then, from behind his back, he pulled a single red rose and a bag of groceries.

"Are you going to spend the entire night in uniform?" I asked. He nodded. "Yes, up until I get you against something sturdy," he added with a playful wink. "I would enjoy that a great deal." I stepped aside to let him in. He handed me the rose and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, but I caught his lips with mine and gave him a real kiss.

Then I closed the door and lead him into the kitchen. As I was putting my rose in a tall black glass vase full of water, I watched him empty the grocery bag. Out of it he pulled a bottle of wine and all the ingredients to throw together an impromptu steak dinner. I was floored. The man's a sexual AND romantic fantasy. I pulled out two crystal wine glasses and he filled them with an aromatic red wine. He then made himself perfectly comfortable in my kitchen and I kicked off my heels and sat on the counter to watch him cook.

We talked and talked and talked. And then as the steaks were broiling we sat on the couch, intending to talk more I'm sure, but made-out instead. When the oven timer went off I set the table and sat down, and he served me first, then himself.

We ate and talked and drank wine and laughed.

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It was fantastic. I hadn't been this amused by a man in a long time. After dinner he cleared the table without missing a beat and then approached me with his hand out palm-up. "My lady," he said sweetly. "Would you join me outside?" I placed my hand in his and gladly followed him out to the deck until we reached the edge and could lean on the railing and look out onto the small pond.

The rain had stopped but there was still a chill in the air. The moon was perfectly full and bright.

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I shivered a bit and he moved behind me and placed his warm hands on my bare arms. Then he kissed my neck so softly it tickled.

He continued to kiss down my neck and over my shoulder, then lightly traced his tongue up to my ear. I sighed with pleasure and turned to meet his mouth with my own. With the porch railing against my back we kissed and he wrapped his arms around me again, just like he had the first time his lips met mine.

So warm and soft, I melted into him. Then he gently pulled away and whispered, "I'd like to make love to you now." "Right here?" I asked, also in a whisper. "Yes," he replied, and took my lips again. His hands moved down to caress my sides as mine moved up to embrace his neck.

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He was so gentle as his hands roamed across my back and down to my behind, grasping it a bit and then letting go as his hands moved over my body again. Without breaking the kiss, he moved his hand down to the edge of my knee-length dress and slid the material up my leg.

I hadn't worn panties (I wasn't exactly expecting this to be a romantic encounter) and he found that out as his hand lightly grazed the area between my thighs. He moaned into the kiss and I felt his hardness press against me. He lifted my the bottom of my dress up to my waist and slid his body down mine until his lips met with my hot, glistening wet vagina.

He kissed very lightly, then ran his tongue over the folds and up between them, settling against my clitoris. With gentle firmness he massaged his tongue in circles over the sensitive nub of flesh.

Placing one hand atop his head, I let my fingers entwine in his dark hair as the other hand gripped the railing to keep me steady. Already I was feeling weak in the knees.

This was going to be a good night. He didn't seem to want to stop pleasuring me and I had absolutely no problem with that. He licked and suckled and nibbled until my body shook with orgasm. Then he stood, absolute arousal in his eyes, and kissed me deeply. I could taste myself on him and moaned softly, placing my hand over the hard lump in his pants.

He groaned and I undid his zipper and slipped my hand in, meeting with the cool fabric of silk boxers. Silk undergarments? I thought. Damn, this guy is sexy as hell.

With perfect control of himself and no hint of rushing, he reached down to undo his belt and unbutton his pants, then let them fall to pool around his ankles, stepped out of them, and kicked them aside. I removed my hand from his hard-on and began to unbutton his shirt, kissing him as I did so, and pushing the two sides of it apart when I was finished. He shrugged it off, then pulled off the white t-shirt he had worn underneath. His chest was a glorious, masculine field of muscle.

I stood there and looked at him for a moment, watching as my hand caressed over his chest and stomach. His skin was so soft, but his body looked so hard and powerful. I sank down then, taking those black silk boxers down with me. A thick, solid shaft sprang out and made my mouth water.

Placing my hands on his thighs, I took it into my mouth. I slowly laved the head and teasingly flicked my tongue against the sensitive underside.

Then I grasped the bottom of his shaft with one hand and ran my tongue up and down each side. After I'd made his rock-hard manhood glisten with my saliva, I took him so far into my mouth it hit the back of my throat. I began to move my head back and forth, gently sucking and moving my hand and mouth in unison as I pleasured him.

He grunted and panted and sighed. I loved hearing his reactions as I varied pace and pressure. Soon after, I heard him groan once more before he spoke. "Aaah.Colette.I need to be inside you." I didn't need to be told twice.

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I stood up and lifted my left leg to his side and my right arm around his neck. I gripped the railing with my left hand. He placed his hand underneath my leg and grasped my thigh to keep me steady, his other hand around my waist, holding me close to him. And then he entered me. My goodness, there aren't many things I can think of that felt better than when that man slid up inside me. Both of us gasped with pleasure and he began to kiss my neck as he rocked his hips, moving in and out of me.

He went at a slow and steady pace, pushing himself completely in, and then pulling almost completely out of me each time so I could feel every inch of him. It continued like this for what seemed like a blissfully long period of time, both of us kissing, moaning and panting as we made love in the chilly night air. He pulled aside the material covering my breasts and my hard nipples grazed against his bare chest and the sensation gave me goose bumps.

Dipping his head down, he took one of my nipples into his mouth and suckled gently as his steady rocking became a quicker thrusting. Every movement of him inside me brought me closer to the end and I thought I'd finally found a man who could outlast me.

And I was right. As his pace became faster, I became more and more aroused until I was finally slammed with another, more intense orgasm. He continued to thrust inside me, slowing down a bit now, until my body stopped quivering and relaxed against him. Then, just as quickly as his pace slowed, it began to get faster again, his moaning and grunting becoming more intense as well.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply as he came inside me. Then he semi-slumped against me and I was glad I had the porch railing to support my weight and some of his as at that moment I was definitely too weak to do it on my own. Regaining his senses, he kissed my neck, still inside me. He caressed the thigh he still gently gripped and whispered how beautiful I was and how incredible it felt to be inside me.

I was in a daze when he slid out of me, let go of my leg, and then scooped me up in his arms and carried me back into the house.

I told him the general direction of my bedroom and I leaned my head against his shoulder until he placed me onto the soft mattress and told me he'd be right back. Moments later he returned with our discarded garments in hand. He draped them neatly over the back of my vanity table chair and joined me in bed.

He laid next to me on his side and lightly ran his fingers over my stomach and chest, kissing me. Then I felt his hardness again touching my hip. I turned my head to look at him with a smile. "Up for round two, are we?" He chuckled and kissed me. "Only if you are." I nodded and opened my arms to him. He moved to hover above me and I enclosed my arms around him as he situated himself between my thighs.

We made love again, this time almost wildly. I ended up on all fours and he grabbed my hips from behind and pounded himself into me. But he was always patient, wanting to pleasure me first, then himself. I came twice before he did and then we both collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

I won't give details about the morning after, but I will say that it was unexpectedly sweet and not at all awkward. Quite a change from being pinned to a wall.