Hung gay boy looking like usher full length Connor was getting better

Hung gay boy looking like usher full length Connor was getting better
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Behind my detached garage is a old shed, Mina seen it when she walked around the corner. Just what was so important in there that she hadn't seen She stopped and looked back toward the house.

I was no where in site and so she decided to investigate the old shed. She stepped up onto its little porch and turned the handle; it smelt musty. She cautiously peered in, but only saw a workbench, mattress on the floor, cardboard boxes along the wall and one opened on the workbench.

There was a light hanging from the roof with a pull chain. She stepped inside, but left the door ajar, pulled the chain and a 40 Walt bulb illuminated the shed.

I watched her when she stopped and looked around; 'Go in, go in,' I kept saying in my mind and was rewarded when she did. I quit rubbing my hard on and went out the door heading for the shed. Mina is amazed at how cozy the shed is and stepped up to the workbench. She had just flipped up the lid on one side of the box when she heard the door behind her shut.


She spun around and saw me standing there looking at her. " Just a bit nosy are you?" I asked. Mina blushed, " I'm sorry John; I just got curious," she stammered. " Then I think you need to see," I said as I came up to her, spun her around and pushed myself against her pressing her up against the workbench. When we reached the end we sat on a bench and I skillfully put my arm around her and lightly brushed her cheek with the back of my hand.

I leaned over and kissed her. It is a deep passionate kiss as she feels my hand support the back of her head and my tongue probing her mouth completely and deeply. Releasing her from the kiss I looked in her eyes and said " Mina, you are one beautiful woman." Not giving her a chance to respond I leaned over and begin to lick and suckle her neck. She loves it when I do this to her and she leaned her head back and to the side as she closed her eyes.

" ooohhh" She whispered. She feels all tingly and her pussy is now drenched to the point where she worried a little if she would leave a wet spot on the skirt of her dress. I begin to lick her earlobes as I said very softly " You have the most wonderful tits and there are many things that I want to do to you." As I said that she reached over on my lap, found my hand and cupped it on her left breast.

She cooed softly as I begin to fondle her. I'm kissing her when she feels my hand on her thigh and I slide it slowly under the skirt of her dress so she uncrossed her legs to give me full access to her.

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" MMMmmm sweetheart I can feel your heat from here." I said squeezing her thigh next to her pussy. She gave a soft high pitched yelp as my hand touched her labia and then a moan as I begin stroking her pussy. " No panties? That's a good girl." I said as I kissed her. She moans again as she feels me slide two fingers into her pussy and I begin finger fucking her there on the bench.

It is a bit awkward given our positions but we managed.

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I released her from another kiss and removed my fingers and held them up. They glistened in the light as she took my hand in hers and put my fingers in her mouth and begins to move her head back and forth some. I stood up facing her, she took my growing cock into her hand, she gently worked her hands around it. She didn't grip it, or pull on it, she didn't want to induce my orgasm yet. She merely wanted to feel it grow in her hands. She stood up facing the work bench leaning on the bench, I reached down and spread her pussy lips, finding her clit with my middle finger.

Soft moans escaped from her lips, I used my fingers to explore her slit. She is so wet. I whispered into her ear, " Are you ready for me?" She gasped. " Yes, oh yes." I grabbed her ass and lined up my big cock. " Are you ready?" I asked, not caring about the answer. " Yes, please put it in me, please fuck me!" I rubbed the head of my cock against her lips and slide the tip in, " fuck" I thought, " she's so wet" I slide in another few inches, she is incredibly tight as well, how could she be so tight?

I slide all the way in, while her pussy adjusted to the huge tool spreading it wide, I asked her, " How, how the hell are you so tight?" She looked back and grinned, " I'm glad it feels good, I do all the right exercises to make sure my whole body stays young." I laugh as I begin to pull my cock out, only to let it slide back in.

" Whatever you do, it works, I've had virgins looser than you." Her giggles turn into moans as her pussy is fucked hard.

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I build up speed and keep a fast rhythm, I put my hands over her breasts, playing with them like they were pillows. The combination of my big penis in her pussy, and my hands all over her boobs is just too much for Mina, and she bucked back into my crotch and shook as she came. The convulsions made her the walls of her cunt tighten even more around the huge dick and I grunted as he couldn't take anymore.

I didn't miss a stroke as I clenched my teeth and my cock erupted inside her. The feeling of my veins throbbing within her just added to her pleasure and I had to use a hand to hold her up as her long legs shook and wobbled. They both stood together, in post-orgasmic bliss, Mina limp in my arms. I laid her face down on the mattress, her feet hanging off the edge. I press my body down on top of hers.

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My hips are pressed to hers and my chest now bare warmed her back. She fought me. Her body is responding heatedly to me, I held her hands against the mattress and kissed her ear.

" Mina," I spoke hotly in her ear.

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My tongue traced the lobe, flicking slowly at the inner most part. " When are you going to realize I want you back," I pressed her hands into the mattress with my own. She feels my arousal pressing hard against her rounded ass. The feel of me hard and strong against her made her shamefully wet. I knew full well what I was doing. I took the moment of her arousal to reach under our bodies for her breasts.

I cupped each one in a hand, holding them firmly, then thrusting against her ass with my hips, " You belong to me." My grip on her chest became harder; I reach for her nipples and pinch them into painful points. My legs covered hers and held her in place. She is bent to my contour and helpless against the hard arousal running back and forth against her ass cheeks.

The intensity of the moment made her moan deep inside herself. It is all I needed. I took my hands and ripped her shirt open in a quick jerk leaving her in the scarf and small white lace bra. She reached to claw at me with her hands but I pressed her back down to the mattress with a hand in the small of her back.


The other hand moved to flip her skirt up over her ass again. I fingered her pussy then slipped two fingers inside against the warm wet mound I'm pressing into the edge of the mattress. The sound I made is possessive and masculine, enjoying she is hot and sleek under me. Her mind maybe having second thoughts, but her body knew where she belonged. Spreading her legs apart, I inserted my first two fingers inside of her, while my thumb rubbed the inner most part of her passion.

She had stopped fighting me. She is fighting herself now, trying not to enjoy the feelings I'm giving her. I took this time to undo her bra and press my hard cock against her ass, as my fingers begin to pick up their pace working purposely inside of her. She found herself pressing against me. My hands are driving her wild. The energy she has built up for him, is an electrical current of passion. I'm slowly drawing her to the edge of her mind in passion again. " Tell me," I said low somewhere near her ear.

She feels my chest hot just inches off her back. My fingers continue their sweet torture on her body. My free hand is stroking the middle of her back.

She made a sound like a gasp and a groan from the mattress. Her only focus on the pleasure that is being brought up inside of her.

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My hand became more determined working in and out of her, my other hand gripping a hip and pulling her ass off the mattress higher against my thick shaft. " Tell me Mina that you're mine again." My thumb is pressing harder in small circles against her throbbing clit. My other hand moved to open her petals wider as my cock slides against the back of her ass.

She is close to cumming. I knew this. I feel her tighten on my fingers. I feel the exact moment her body begins to move with me again. " Say it," I spoke more forcefully. Mina clutched at the sheet that covered the mattress and tried to focus on saying yes. She opened her mouth to say yes, and found herself on the verge of a intense orgasn instead.

At the same moment, I moved my hands, placing them on her hips and held her there. In her aroused state, she let her body speak for her brain and spoke the words that would put her out of her sweet misery. " I'm yours." The words are soft and panted, but it is all I needed to hear before I let myself go wild again. I lifted her hips and pressed myself completely inside her wet pussy again. When I found myself buried in her to the hilt, she let out a lusty cry.

I begin my possession again. Slowly and firmly I fucked her. Pulling out to the head then thrusting hard and grinding back inside. I took her hands in mine and held her ring finger in front of her.

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" Open your eyes," I said as I picked up the pace. " I want you to look at this finger when I fuck you." My thrusts are harder than ever before. Her feet bounced off the floor at each impact. " I want you to feel me like this each time you look at the finger." The passionate assault continued, building in intensity that took them both by surprise. I bit at her shoulders, gripped at her hands and marked my possession of her with my words at each thrust of our bodies against the mattress.

The words " you're mine" became a chant of pleasure as I fucked her hard and steady, the only interruption to the chant are Mina's own cries. They were cries of passion and of a deep sense of knowing that my words were right.

She will be wearing my ring again, Her body and its passions are claimed solely by me thrusting so forcefully inside of her. As I rode out my way to climax, my hands searched her inner bud again. Pinching it between my fingers, I thrust myself one last time.

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Hot seed filled her, ran down her leg as she found her own release with me inside. I held her under me as she bucked and rocked in the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. I held her there long after she had collapsed completely under my thighs. Rolling myself to the side of the mattress I stared at her as I caught my breath. She watched me in return; dazed by our encounter for the moment.


My jaw is still twitching. There is still lust in my eyes.