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April, May, and June a Sisterly Tale By PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 August and his wife sat at their oldest daughter's wedding. April had dated Randy for over a year. She was giddy in love with him. Of course, her two sisters May and June also wanted Randy. He was tall, broad-shouldered, square-jawed and looked good with the tuxedo that he was getting married in.


Each of the girls could easily imagine the goings on later to come that evening. Obviously, April will be on the receiving end of the deal, but May and June also 'imagined'. After the 'I do's' all three sisters squealed with delight. The champagne flowed freely.

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August thought about how lucky he was that his oldest daughter had found a decent guy. There was a short period of time he began to worry that April wouldn't find a good guy, she kept finding lazy, unemployed, losers. Yet, here was this guy who was completely different from her past boyfriends.


This guy had a job, finished school, and was polite. The Mom, July, had expressed to the other girls that they should keep looking for someone like Randy. Even Mom seemed to take to Randy easily. As the reception wore on, August noticed that none of his girls seemed to be in the reception all at the same time.

However, he just downed another glass of the dry champagne and ignored it all. July, his wife came into the reception all out of breath. She grabbed a flute of champagne and downed it in two sips, grabbing another one as the waiter passed by. About a half hour later, May came over to the parent's table seeming a bit giddy.

August chalked it up to the champagne as he had never seen his middle daughter drink. Another hour passed by before June showed up all quiet, which was out of character for her. She was clearly the chatty one of the three. What really caused his suspicions to raise was when April came to the wedding party table without Randy.

He asked April where her new hubby was. Her reply was that he needed a short nap.

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July offered to go check on Randy and August though that to be a good idea as all of the three sisters were now at the wedding party table. People came by wishing April success on her marriage.

Some did notice that the groom was missing, but April shrugged it off as Randy needing a nap. Of course, this prompted many crude remarks from some of the husbands.

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After a while, May said she had to go to the ladies' room and June offered to go with her. They both got up and walked hand in hand towards the exit to head to the restroom. After several minutes, August told April to go find her Mother, check on Randy, and hurry her sisters along. April got up and headed for an exit as well. Several of the guests stopped her along the way wishing her and her new hubby a wonderful marriage. She began to give the excuse that she needed to head to the ladies' room, which shortened the guest chat.

She knew exactly where Randy was, so she headed to the room.

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Once she opened the door, she saw June riding Randy like a cowboy rides a bronc. Both July and May were standing all naked waiting for their turn. April laughed out loud saying, "Hey, I said I would share, but don't wear his ass out, I have to get some," as she walked towards the bed.


When June reached her orgasm, her sister May pulled June off Randy and mounted him for her turn. Over and over each of the three ladies took their turn with poor ole Randy. Every time he indicated that he was about to orgasm, the ladies stopped and dismounted him.

There would be a pause before another lady mounted him.

As July was riding Randy, the door opened, and August just stood there watching. At first, no one noticed August, however when he stepped into the room all three daughters stopped and turned around looking at Dad.

July, however, just kept riding Randy harder and harder. Dad took a seat in the in a straight-back chair.

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"Welcome to the family Randy. Maybe now I can get some rest. It's been difficult keeping up with my three horny daughters every night. Looks like the family enjoys you and your cock. I'm sure when one of them gets a baby, then you will get some sleep. Let's hope for your sake you produce a son and not a daughter," Dad says to Randy who is still handcuffed to the bedposts. Randy just lets out a groan saying over and over, "April, May, and June, now I understand why you named them all in succession." "Yes, April is an Aries.

She loves to be number one and has a fire inside of her to prove it. May is a true Gemini, twin personalities from horny to loving.

June is the Cancer of the group. She can fuck on land or in the water. She's the one who figured out that you would succumb to my three daughters. Of course, my wife July is a true Leo, passionate and never sexually fulfilled and always wants more," August says to Randy as he gets up and wishes the lad a good night.

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The ladies never returned to the wedding party. August went back to the reception saying that the bride and groom had snuck off to begin consummating their marriage which brought several hoots and hollers from the guys. It was three days before August saw his girls and wife. None of them walked straight for about a week, but then again, what do you expect with three loving sisters? The End.