Sexy alexa johnson stripped down and fingering on the bed

Sexy alexa johnson stripped down and fingering on the bed
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It all started the summer after my 7th birthday! My father was in the military and was deployed and mom was a nurse and worked lots of hours.

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I did have 2 sisters that were 9 and 10 yrs older than me and were never around so I was watched by my 16 yr old Cousin John. I would be dropped off at his house at 7 am every morning and was picked up by 8 pm every night. The first few weeks were just average nothing happend would get there do the normal thing then get a bath and be ready for bed when my mom picked me up.

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He had been watching me for about a month when he asked me if I wanted to play a game with him it would be our secret and I loved to play games so I was all for it.

So the first day he took out his cock and told me that rub it up and down and it would get hard and if I did a good job it would have white stuff come out and if that happened I won.

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So I went to stroking for all I was worth and thought it was neat that it got real hard and after a bit he shot white stuff all over my hand and I was so excited I won.

We played this game every day for a few months and I always won I was very excited that I was so good at this game. We then progressed the game he said that he wanted me to put his cock in my mouth and see if I could get him to shoot the white stuff without using my hands.


I was like ok I enjoyed winning and I enjoyed the sounds he made everytime I won. I can still remember the very first time he stuck his cock in my mouth he told me to be very careful not to let my teeth touch it so I would suck so hard and he was like easy take it in and out of your mouth.

So he slowly instructed me how to do it and within a few short mins he shot his white stuff in my mouth I tried to spit it out and he was like no to win you have to swallow it and I was going to win. I found out at that moment I really liked the way white stuff tasted he was like its called cum and I wanted him to cum everytime I could. We then progressed to the next part of the game after I sucked his cock and took every drop of his cum one day he told me he wanted to see if he could make me cum and I was like ok what do I do, he had me drop my shorts and took off my panties and lay on the bed spread wide.

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He covered my eyes with a cloth then I felt him between my legs I had no idea what he was doing but it felt good. After a while I took of the cloth and looked down his face was buried in my pussy. He was licking and it felt so good, and he lightly bite my clit and he would tell me what things were called and when he nipped me with his teeth he was like this is your clit and it gets hard when your excited and you let out juice that is so good.

He ate me for what felt like a very long time.

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It took me a while before I had my first orgasm I just remembering it being so intense that everything seem to shatter and splinter into a thousand pieces before reality came back.

It was the day of my first orgasm that we moved further I came down off this amazing place and he moved between my thighs he told me that the first time he put it in me it would hurt but it would make him feel real good and I still couldn't tell. Everything he had done to me had always felt so good so I was not prepared when he first thrust into my small body.

He was about 7 in and pretty thick. He pushed up against my virginity and then stroked all the way in I screamed and started crying, he stopped he said the worse was over but I had to let him finish to win. So he stroked in and out of me for what seem like forever and I just remembering that I wanted it to end.

He kept stroking in and out of me and pulled out and exploded all over my stomach. He held me on his lap after and told me it would never hurt like that again and I was trusting him to be telling me the truth, he took me into the bathroom and bathed me and got me ready for bed I remember going home being so sore and it was Friday so I wouldn't see him again till Monday.

Monday started like every other day I went over had breatkfast, watched cartoons and then about 10 am the games began. He asked me if I was going to let him fuck me again he also told me I was only allowed to say that word to him and no one else. I was like if you promise it won't hurt anymore and he said that today I would only feel pleasure. So we started with his head between my thighs and I loved the way his tongue felt on my pussy I was always wet thinking of him eating me he then pulled me onto his face and told me to suck him at the same time this was my first experience with 69 and it was so hot.

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Of course I did have a hard time keeping my mind on what I was suppose to be doing. After a very intense orgasm on his face he told me to lay back and spread my legs.


He positioned himself and this time started very slowly giving me time to accept his size. He slowly stroked in and out of me and at long last he was buried to the base deep inside me.

He felt so big and I felt him all the way up in my stomach at least that is what it felt like. After a short while he pulled out and shot his cum in my mouth he told me that he wanted to make sure I got my treat so I sucked him dry and I could taste my pussy on his cock.

At that exact moment I thought I taste pretty damn good.


(To be continued)