Bigass teen screwed in the bedroom

Bigass teen screwed in the bedroom
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~ My fiancée is not on the shot ~ Back in 2007, I was 23 and I met my fiancée, Laura, who was 22. She is German, 5ft.1 with dirty blonde hair, green eyes, B32 cup breasts, and Caucasian skin. I am Sicilian/Hebrew, 6ft.2, tanned skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

In our relationship, I developed several fetishes to keep our sex life going, and one of them was cumming in her when she wasn't on the shot. ~ Encounter I: A few days off the shot ~ This fetish started when we were living with my Mom, and spending time in our bedroom. We both took our clothes off, and we started making out on the bed.

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She told me she didn't want to have sex because she wasn't on the shot, and I asked her if we could just mess around. She was ok with it, but told me not to tempt myself into going further.

I lied down on the bed facing up, and she lied on top of me facing up. I grabbed her small breasts and rotated them while I kissed and sucked her neck, and she was silent with her eyes closed, letting me have my way with her.

I started getting an erection, and I was getting very hard.


I decided to rub my dick against the entrance to her vagina, so I could get an orgasm. "I don't think you should be doing that." She said. This was our first time in this position, and I told her my penis wouldn't be able to enter her vagina this way. All of a sudden when I was rubbing my dick against her entrance, it sort of felt like it actually could go inside. My heart started to pump fast, because I had never experienced this situation before.

"Josh! Careful! It's trying to go in!" She said. "I think it actually can go inside at this position!" I said, wrapping my arms around her. When my dick slid up her pussy and felt like it was going to go inside again, I thrusted forward and pushed it all the way inside her. "Josh! Pull out right now! It went inside!" She said, gasping. "I didn't know it could enter this way, and it did!! Oh my god, this feels SO good!!" I said, penetrating her at a fast pace.

She kept silent while I pounded her, thrusting my huge Jewish dick into her German cunt. She was quiet because she was worried about the outcome of the situation, and was waiting to see her fate. I got a little worried myself about getting her pregnant, so I quickly pulled my dick out and shot cum all over the mattress.

I gasped and panted in relief for not shooting in her, thinking that a few more seconds of peak pleasure probably wasn't worth it. She rolled off me, and lied next to me on my side. "I could get pregnant……" She said with a sigh, and looking at me disappointed. "I'm sorry, it just felt so good because I had no idea it could go in that way." I said. She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter II: A few days off the shot + condom breaks ~ We ended up having to move into a motel due to conflicts with my Mom and her boyfriend, and we got a room together.

We were lying in bed together; discussing what we should do with our sex lives. "We need to start using condoms when I miss my shot appointments." She said. "Condoms can break though.

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They're not one hundred percent effective." I said. "Yeah, but the chances of a condom breaking is really slim." "Well, ok, but it's not going to feel as good either. I feel that the piece of rubber just blocks the enjoyment." "We have to start being smart, and you shouldn't just think about your hormones." "Don't worry about getting pregnant; I don't think the Father will let it happen because he knows our situation." "Yeah, but you can't say that for sure." "If you get pregnant, I'll help you with the kid." "Do you have any idea how hard it is to raise a kid?

You have to buy clothes, toys, food, take them to school, and so forth. We are both really young and still in college, and I don't want that to happen at this point in time." "Alright, fine, we'll just have to use one then. I really want you to get back on the shot soon, because I'm not going to like this that much." We got out the lube and condom, and I put both on.

I slid my dick inside her hot pussy, and then went to town. I began pumping her while her legs were in the air, and her feet were resting on top of me.

"By the way, you can still get me pregnant if it breaks." She said, rubbing her hands on my back, and knowing that this was my fetish. "So, you want it to break?" I said, still thrusting into her. "No&hellip.but& can still happen." "I wonder if it will." I began to thrust my dick into her really hard. She started to moan in pain while I did this, because I was being rough with her.

The bed was rocking like no tomorrow, and the frame was smacking hard against the wall. "I hope this thing breaks, because you'll get pregnant for sure." I said. I continued to fuck her hard, and I could feel like the condom wanted to rip.

"It would be really hot if you got pregnant." I said. With enough force, I pushed and pushed into her and&hellip.success! It broke! She was now one step closer to getting knocked up!

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After it broke, I paused for a brief moment, got my body into position, raised her legs up higher, and then pounded her petite ass like no tomorrow.

Our bodies were fucking faster, so were the bed, and the frame hitting the wall. I felt my orgasm flaring up, and was so stimulated that I didn't care about the penalty.

With a final thrust, I slammed my dick all the way inside her, and out came my cum, splash after splash. I was catching my breath as I pulled from her, and we both looked down. The condom's top was broken, and my dick went right through with semen leaking out of it. "It broke." I said, in a hushed tone, lifting the dripping condom up with my two fingers.

She looked at it with a face of content and satisfaction, trying to catch her breath as well. She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter III: One week off the shot ~ I plugged my computer on the motel's front desk, and hooked to the internet using Wifi. Because I am a big Pokemon fan, I started to draw a provocative picture of an evolved form of Jynx, only that she was in human form, and had big breasts.

I uploaded the video to YouTube, titled Jesta: The Evolved Form of Jynx. I added music to it as well, which was a Remix of the song, What Kind of Pokemon Are You?

(The video is still up.) She saw me drawing this thing, and she started to get a little jealous. "What are you drawing? Come on, don't draw stuff like that." She said. "Hey, it's just a Pokemon." I said.

"Yeah, but you're perving at her. You think she's hot or something." "I'm not perving at her, I just drew this for fun. You think I'm looking at her in a sexual way because she's a woman?

She's a female Pokemon." "Why don't you stop drawing that and come spend time with me? I'm a little horny right now." "I don't think we should be having sex because you're one week off the shot.

There's a better risk of you getting pregnant." A moment passed with silence. "&hellip.I dare you to get me pregnant." I stopped drawing and turned around, looking at her. She raised her top off, and showed me her small breasts. "I bet that got you going, huh?" She said, with a smile.

My dick went soft to rock hard in just a few seconds flat. I quickly got off the chair and ran to the bed, jumping in it. I quickly unclothed her by grabbing her dress, pulling it off, and tossing it to the side of the bed. She was now laying in her pantyhose, so I quickly grabbed them and slid them off her legs, tossing them to the side while she watched me with her cute eyes. She was now completely naked, and like the beast I was, I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me.

"Wait, not so fast. You have to put this on, or I'm going to get sore." She said, holding the lube jelly in her hand. I grabbed it from her hastily, put it on, grabbed my dick in a hurry, and then pushed it into her vagina. Her legs wrapped around my back with her feet in the air, and I began pumping her like no tomorrow.

I could even see our shadow on the wall, and it was really hot seeing her legs in the air, and watching her take it like I was fucking a prostitute in a motel.

The thought of getting her pregnant turned me on, and I was so extremely stimulated that I didn't care about the penalty.

All that was running through my mind was pumping her good, knocking her up, and then envisioning her with a big belly, and us pushing a baby carriage. The bed was squeaking with every thrust I did, and the frame was hitting against the wall. "Get me pregnant, baby.

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People at my job will see my big belly, and they'll spread rumors." I felt an orgasm coming on, and I knew that I had to make a choice between my hormones, and my future. The intense was so gratifying, that it felt like it would be hard to convince myself to pull. "No, I have to pull out!" I said. My orgasm was almost at peak, and I only had a few seconds left.

"Go for it. Shoot inside me, and seal the deed." That moment, I grabbed her and thrusted my dick all the way inside her. Huge wads of cum came splashing out of my dick and into her cunt. "Oh no! It's too late!" I said, still holding my position, until every last drop got inside. Both of us came to a stop, and we were trying to catch our breath. I slowly pulled my dick out of her pussy, and sure enough, we both saw cum dripping from my dick, and from her cunt.

"You regret it?" She said, looking at me, and then at the cum oozing out of her and onto the bed. "Yeah." I said, in a hushed tone. She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter IV: Two weeks off the shot ~ One night we were watching anime, but we were no longer in the motel, and not in an apartment.

We were watching Initial D, and then we switched to watching some anime with some police squad killing aliens that were cloning people. At this point in time, she had collected more wisdom, and did not want to have sex at all without being on the shot.

I was getting stimulated by watching the anime girls on the screen, because they were drawn with huge breasts and asses. I knew to myself that I needed sex again, but how would I convince her? "Laura, can we spend time right now?" I said. "I want to finish watching this." She said. "&hellip.I know, but……I want to right now." "If we spend time, it's going to lead to third base.

We need to stay abstinent because I'm not on the shot." "I know, it's just that I'm really turned on right now, because watching all these anime chicks got me stimulated." "Well, get 'Un-stimulated' then. You could masturbate." I got up from the couch and slowly walked to the room with a sad face. I climbed into our bed, and pulled the covers over myself. She sat in there for a moment, paused the anime, and then came in.

"Josh&hellip.come on. What's wrong?" She said, walking into the room. I didn't say anything, and kept quiet laying there. "You have to be strong, ok. Don't give into your hormones." She said. She got on the bed and lied next to me, facing me. I turned around and looked at her. "Laura&hellip.please&hellip." I said. "No! We can't do this, ok? We can't afford to have kids right now." "Can't we just use a condom?" "I already told you!

We can't use condoms anymore because I have an allergic reaction to them." "Yeah, but I can cum really quick." "It hurts the moment you put it inside me. Do you want me to go into pain, just like before?" "Laura, please! I'm going nuts!" I said, gripping the bed sheet. I then climbed on top of her body, looking down at her while she looked up at me. I started to breathe a little heavily. "I want to have sex with you so bad, its driving me nuts! I understand you're off the shot, but do you know why I want to do it?" I said.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, it turns you on…&hellip." She said. "Yes, it's very stimulating to me! The thought of you getting pregnant makes me want you even more! It's to the point its killing me!" "Are you seriously going to beg right now? Goodness&hellip." I started to make a cooing noise, while she looked away for a moment. "I guess if I don't give in, you're just going to continue doing this." She said. "Alright, I'm going to do it.

You realize what the consequences are, right?" She said, looking at me. I nodded my head at her, not saying a word. "And, you do realize I could get pregnant, right?" I nodded my head at her again, not saying a word. "Do you pinkie promise to pull?" She said, holding her pinkie out. I pinkie promised her, then nodded my head. "Alright." She said, grabbing the lube from the counter.

I quickly put it on while my heart raced out of my chest, and while she put some on herself as well. I had to wait about two minutes because we needed the jell to seep into her to reduce the pain, and the suspense was killing me. "Alright, I'm ready." She said, spreading her legs open eagle. Within a flash, I leaped on top of her, nervously grabbing my dick and sticking it inside. When it began to sink, the feeling inside her was so stimulating that I felt like I died and went to heaven.

My dick was inside an unprotected pussy that was not one, but two weeks off the shot. The chances of her getting pregnant were even higher, and I held both of our fate within the depths of my dick. I began to fuck her at a steady pace, and I was enjoying every second of it. "I hope you pull&hellip." She said. "What would you do if I didn't?" I said.

"If you don't…………we'll have to suffer the consequences…&hellip." I continued to thrust her, and I felt an orgasm starting to come on. "You want me to pull?" I said. "Yes." She said. Several seconds had passed, and I knew within myself that this was way too hot to pull. I scooted my body up in a new position, then thrusted her while my orgasm was near peak level. "No……I'm going to cum inside you&hellip." I said, in a hushed tone.

"No, Josh! Don't! Don't do it!" She said. "I'm going to cum inside you&hellip." I said again, in a hushed tone. "No!! Pull out! You promised!" She said. "I'm gonna do it!" I said, while I pumped her at a faster rate. She said nothing, and just continued to take it while I plowed her. "Laura, I LOVE YOU!!" I said, thrusting my body towards her!! With that moment, I thrusted towards her all the way, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. Kaboom! The juice shot out and made its way into her sweet cunt!

I continued to rock in motion while getting every last drop inside, and she still held her position with her arms and legs. My body started slowing down to a stop, and I was trying to catch my breath. I rolled to the side and collapsed on the bed while cum oozed from my dick and her pussy. "If you get pregnant……I'll help you with the kid." I said, looking at her, and still trying to catch my breath. "Oh my&hellip." She said, looking down, and watching the cum ooze out of her.

She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter V: Two months off the shot ~ We had moved again, and we were now in a new place. She somehow got two months behind on her shot, and it was because she was undergoing some depression.

We were lying on my bed again, and as usual, I wanted sex. "Can we do third base?" I said. "I am two months off the shot. I am at very high risk right now." She said. "Didn't we have this talk before? I said I would help you with the kid if you got pregnant." "It's still not good if we do it. The only thing I'll do with you is 69ers, you get orgasms fast when we do that." "Yeah, but I don't always like doing that. Just let me pull out, and your risk will be small." "Alright fine." She said, sighing.

She held out her pinkie at me. "Do you pinkie promise?" She said. "Yes." I said, wrapping my pinkie around hers. We grabbed some lube, I slapped it on, and off I to town I went, plunging in her again.

Now that she was two months off the shot, it was a sure bet that she would get pregnant if I came inside her. She laid there on the bed with her legs sprawled out, and I was sinking into her again and again. I started having thoughts about what would happen if I came inside her, and I felt my orgasm starting to come.

"&hellip.Gonna……gonna cum!.gonna cum inside!!" I said, as we rocked, back and forth. "No! Don't you dare cum inside me!" She said. "I'm gonna do it!" I said, enjoying the moment. "Josh, if you cum inside me, I'm going to be very angry at you!" She said, with a harsh tone.

My orgasm began kicking up, and it was time to act fast. "Here I come, baby!" I said, pushing into her repetitively. She said nothing, and lied there silently, taking it. "Here I come!" I said, continuing to push into her repetitively. My orgasm was getting closer! She still said nothing. "Here I come……&hellip.Here I come……&hellip." I said.

I was still thrusting, and my orgasm was about to hit peak point! I couldn't make a decision!! The feeling of shooting inside her while she was two months off the shot drove me insane! I couldn't stop for the world! "HERE I COME, BABY!!!" Peak point reached! "HERE I COME!!!" At that last moment, I decided to stay in! I thrusted dick all the way inside her, unleashing my forbidden sperm into her death trap. I let out a huge moan when I did this, and my entire body was tingling. Words could not describe how good this felt.

Cumming inside a woman was awesome, but cumming inside a woman that was two months off the shot was fucking hot!! Nothing could have made me pull!! "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING CUM INSIDE ME!!!" She yelled, very loud and angry. She quickly rose up with cum leaking from her pussy, and she had a really mad look on her face. Her look scared me a little, and it was because I never saw that side of her before.

I sort of cowered in the corner of the bed with cum dripping from my dick, and a look of shame. "Now, I am at very high risk! I'm most likely going to get pregnant because you came!" She said, thumping the bed with her fist. I was upset for what I did to her because she yelled. My feelings were hurt for the way she yelled at me, and because I disrespected her. While I was doing my homework, two tears rolled down my face, and I wiped them off with my finger.

I let my hormones take control, and it cost me shame and sadness. The next day, I asked her for forgiveness, and she did. We both hugged, and she kissed me saying she still loved me. She is a nice girl, and I wouldn't trade her for any woman in the world.

She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter VI: Six months off the shot + anime~ We were now living in Florida, and no longer in Wisconsin. As time went by, I knew that that ground zero would come the longer we waited.

Even if I pulled at this point, she was extremely in high risk. The doctors even told us that it could take up to a year for a woman to get pregnant while being off the shot, and six months was the half-way point. This made me feel as if her getting pregnant was merely a coin toss. I could only hope that the inevitable would not happen.

We were lying in bed together, and for some odd reason, I was not able to get an orgasm no matter how many times we did it. The fetish of her getting pregnant was getting a bit boring for me, and I was trying to come up with a new plan. Finally, it hit me. I opened my files within my computer and pulled out an animated GIF of a petite anime chick with cat ears having sex, along with porno music. I played the music in the background, and then enlarged the GIF so it would fill the screen.

The reason why I did this was to fantasize I was having sex with an anime character, thinking it would help me get an orgasm. The music started to play, and the character's tiny tits bounced right up to the screen and back. I was fucking my girl like usual while I looked at this GIF on my computer screen. To my surprise, it actually felt like I was fucking an anime chick.

The problem? I couldn't cum inside her. "Laura, I'm gonna cum!" I said. "Then do it." She said. "Inside!" "No! Josh, if you do that, I'm not having sex with you anymore!" I still had trouble getting an orgasm, so I had to focus well on the anime chick.

I held my focus well, and then went into a daze where I actually felt like I was the guy plowing her. I kept my eyes glued on the tits bouncing, and felt my orgasm flaring up. At the last moment, I looked down and noticed I wasn't fucking the anime girl, and was fucking my girlfriend.

I quickly pulled out and sprayed my jizz all over her breasts. Afterwards, she got up, grabbed a towel, and cleaned herself. She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter VII: Six months off shot + 3AM quickie ~ It was 3AM in the morning, and we both had trouble sleeping. She was in her room half asleep, watching a Batman movie.


I was in my room half asleep, trying to go back to sleep. She came into my room naked, and lied down next to me. I quickly rose up like a zombie, going crazy and feeling her all over her body. The reason why I felt like this was because we didn't have sex for about three weeks.

"Josh, come on, we're not supposed to be doing this. I'm not protected." She said, with a tired tone. "I need you……I need you now……I'm not joking……" I said, with a hushed tone, feeling her up and breathing on her like a zombie.

My body was shaking at a fast pace, and my heart was racing like a formula car. "What has gotten into you? Come on, we need to go back to sleep." "If I don't have to now……I'm going to go insane……" "Stop.

Stop it now." "No&hellip.I need you&hellip." I said, as I climbed to the front of her, and began prying her legs open. "It's no use! We could be up here all night doing this! I'm just going to have to give in!" She said, sighing and slapping the bed.

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"Alright then, go for it. Go grab the jelly." She said, lifting her legs up with her ass in the air. I ran into the bathroom, moaning like a zombie from Resident Evil.

I opened up the cosmetic shelf hastily, looking for the jell. I found it, and ran into my room. I quickly hopped in the bed, slapped the stuff on, and grabbed my dick nervously. I held my breath, and then slid my dick right inside her pussy. At this point, I was so horny that the pregnancy penalty barely even crossed my mind. She laid there with her legs and ass in the air, while I fucked her again and again. Up and down my cock went, inside her unprotected pussy!!

I felt an orgasm coming on just thirty seconds of when we started, but then suddenly knew to myself it would be very dangerous to cum inside her. I let out a high pitched yell, and somehow, got myself to pull. I guess I was really worried about the reality of the outcome this time. So again, I sprayed my cum all over her tits. We cleaned ourselves, and then took a drive to Wal-Mart to buy some late night snacks. She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter VIII: Six months off shot + full sex ~ I was having trouble getting orgasms at this point in time, and this began to frustrate her.

We were lying on our bed again. "So you mean to tell me you can't cum anymore?" She said. "I'm running out of ways to make me get an orgasm." I said. "I have an idea on what to do." "What's that?" "I'm just going to go ahead and let you cum inside me." "……Are you sure you want to do that?

There's an extremely high risk you can get pregnant at this point. You're six months off the shot." "I know. I'm going to do something you're probably not going to like, but, if I get pregnant, I'm just going to abort the baby." "Hmmmmm……ok.

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I guess that's one thing we could do. However, we could consider adoption, because I think abortion is murder." "I know, but we have our whole lives ahead of us.

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You're in school, and I'm only working part time. We have to do one or the other if it does in fact happen." "Alright." She bent backwards with her ass and legs in the air, and I came up on top over her.

I once again slid my dick inside her, dancing with the devil. I thrusted in her over and over, and she wrapped her legs around me with her feet on top. It was without a doubt that I was going to shoot inside her. If she was six months off the shot, and she wanted me to cum inside her, it would probably be impossible to stop at this point. "Go for it. Cum inside me." She said, in a hushed tone.

"You're going to get pregnant." I said, in a hushed tone. "I don't care, just do it." I began to thrust her at a steady and faster pace. I felt my orgasm coming on, and this was a dream come true. I felt like I died and went to heaven, while an angel lifted me through the galaxy. This was no cloud nine, it was way past it. I began to grunt while I pressed onto her, and she placed her hands on my back. "You about ready?" She said, patting me on the back.

"……To cum in that pussy?" I said, huffing, puffing, and nailing her. "Yeah&hellip." She said, in a hushed tone. My orgasm was reaching peak point, and I felt like I was falling in love with her again, just like we did five years ago. I wrapped my arms around her, continuing to push inside.

Finally, my orgasm came and I thrusted all the way inside her, and held that position. Cum shot from my dick and splashed inside her wet cunt, and I got every drop inside her. "Yeah, that's it. There you go. Plant that seed inside me." She said, patting me on the back.

I pulled my dick from her pussy, and sure enough, the deed was done. Cum oozed out of her pussy and onto the bed, while some of it oozed from my dick. Just like the birds and the bees, we had full sex.

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She did not get pregnant. ~ Encounter IX: Dark times ~ In the beginning of November around 2012, we were getting re-connected with my religious faith. We spoke to our leader, and he said he would marry us off, but we would have to stay abstinent for a few months.

We agreed to this, and it has been very hard on me. At night, I grip my bed sheets, grinding my teeth, and squinting my eyes. We haven't had sex in two months, and we're planning the wedding for Febuary or April of 2013.

I have attempted many times to get her to sleep with me, and they all failed. ~ Encounter X: Ground Zero ~ The fantasy of her getting pregnant still runs through my mind. Once we get married, she will be a year off the shot. I am surely going to have sex with her again when we're on our honeymoon, and I've had thoughts about cumming inside her. I am going to do it, and I'm going to post the experience in the next writing. Post your comments and suggestions of how you think I should knock her up good.

What position should I do? Should I wear a condom? Dress her up as an anime/game character? Give me your ideas. Thanks.