Two Sexy Girls Get Freaky With A Guy

Two Sexy Girls Get Freaky With A Guy
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[b]Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here.

Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I'd try a different look and sentence structure for this chapter, please let me know how you guys like it. ENJOY———[/b ]Tim, the Teenage Part Seventeen By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter V: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 - The North Mansion Part 4 - Pop Go the Cherries (fm, mmf) "Okay, Joey.

Let's go over the game plan. The twins are waiting right inside, and I would like us to romance them a bit. That all right with you?" "Sure.

I can do some sweet talkin'. I need the practice anyway. I think I'm getting rusty with Suzi around." "Hmmph," Suzi said. "Wouldn't hurt you to practice on me a little more often." "Anyway, I was meaning we do a lot of snuggling, you know, tender stuff.

They are pretty nervous, even though they would never let it show. By the way, Suzi. Any tips on how to, uhm, you know. Puncture them as painlessly as possible?" "I would suggest letting her be on top, so they can control it. Oh! What about pregnancy? If they have never worried about anyone having sex with them, and you and your dad can't control it, do you know if they are at the right time of the month to do this?" "I hadn't thought of that," I said, thinking.

"Well, I brought the rubbers in case we needed them." Joey suggested. "Ok. That's cool. I guess we'll use them if they aren't positive they won't get pregnant. Hey, Suzi? Do you want to share the action with me or with Joey?" "I think I'll just watch at first.


Once they are enjoying themselves, then maybe I'll join in. I'll just surprise you." "Uhm okay. Ready Joey?" I said. "Primed and ready to romance," Joey responded. We walked in, and the three of us almost fainted. The twins were all dressed up in bluish white frilly dresses. They wore matching fancy hats, white stockings, and bluish white sandals.

They were gorgeous. After we got over our shock and made a big deal about how good they looked, Suzi asked for their hats very politely, then tossed them onto a long table, before she took a seat along the wall to watch the show.

"Tim? Which one is Joy?" Joey thought to me. "The one who is staring at you, silly," I thought back. Joey stepped up to Joy and offered her his arm. She laced hers through it, and he led her to the other side of the bed.

I followed his example, and wound up sitting on the opposite edges of the bed, with our backs to the other couple. "Honey? You two never cease to amaze me. You really do look beautiful," I said, staring into her bright brown eyes. I started moving my face closer to hers, saying, "You're so warm, and loving.

Your smile is so. life giving. Your eyes sparkle, like diamonds, and your nose is. perfect." My voice was nearly a whisper, my lips were centimeters away from hers when I said, "And your lips, so soft.

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So gentle. So sweet, like Honey." I gently kissed her, just with my lips, slowly and tenderly. When I broke the kiss, we smiled at each other, resting our foreheads against each others.

Our attention was drawn over to Joey and Joy, kissing in little bits, eyes locked onto each others, only closing momentarily during the quick kisses. But after the first ten or so kisses, their eyes were slow in opening back up. Several kisses later, they stayed shut, while the lips stayed touching longer.

I brought my eyes back to Honey's face, and a moment later she met her eyes to mine. She quickly dropped them, suddenly shy, and even blushed a little. I broke through her shyness by kissing the tip of her nose and meeting her lips again when she looked up. I was holding her gently, and began to kiss with a little more vigor. Honey made the next move by pressing her tongue against my lips. I allowed her access, and soon we were exploring each others mouths.

We came up for air, and noticed Joey and Joy had laid back on the bed, legs still hanging off the bed. Their kissing was starting to get serious, but I didn't feel I needed to rush and keep up with them. Honey, however, had other ideas. She initiated the next kiss, and moments later we too laid back on the bed. But instead of staying like that, I paused our kiss to slip off my shoes, and she followed my example.

We got on the bed fully, laid on our sides, and returned to our kissing, embracing each other in our arms.

My tongue was no match for hers when I tried to playfully wrestle it. After three attempts, I decided to move my efforts elsewhere. My hand went down to her covered bottom, and I gave it a gentle squeeze. Her momentary wiggle broke our kiss, so we paused briefly to get our breath.

Before she could attempt another kiss, I rolled her onto her back with me on top. I kissed her passionately, while moving my hands down her lovely dress, feeling her curves and warmth, swirling my fingers when I reached her tummy.

I moved my mouth off her lips, traveling down to her neck. Her chest was heaving, and I felt her pulse through her lips while I worked my right hand down to her crotch. Her body stiffened a moment when I applied pressure to her covered puss. Her eyes were closed as much as they were open, while she breathed through her mouth as well as her nose. I rolled off her, then shed my shirt before I assisted her to loosen her dress.

It became obvious she would have to stand up to remove her dress, so I helped her up and off. Suzi did the unbuttoning, commenting on the lack of a zipper. Even though Honey was removing her dress, she was in no way nude when she finished. Her stockings covered her legs all the way up to her frilly panties, and her matching bra covered more than most swimsuits. Joey and Joy had given up their own struggles to remove the top half, so while Honey and I climbing onto the bed again, Suzi went over to help them.

The world around us faded from our notice while my lips began to pamper her neck once more. Her hands began swirling motions on my bare back as I worked my way down to her upper chest. I found the bra served no purpose other than to frustrate Joey and me. The material could provide no support to their petite breasts. I began to tease her nipple through the cloth, amused at the way her nipple would momentarily harden so stiffly after my pressure was removed.

Her hands began working in series as they briskly ran down my back, returning up my sides. My right hand reached her crotch once again, but this time I only laid it on top, applying no pressure other than its weight. As I continued to tease her nipple through the cloth, I made small side trips to her bare skin above and below. Her hands had settle down, going into repeating swirls along my back. Her eyes shut, lost in my caress, I decided it was time to move a long a bit more.

Honey stiffened her thighs together a moment as I moved my right hand up from her crotch, lightly keeping skin contact as it passed over her tummy.

I stopped my nibbling while I sunk my hands underneath her, following the straps of her bra. The simple bow knot came free with only a slight struggle, and I pulled the cloth away with my left hand. As I sunk my lips and tongue into her lovely breasts, I moved my right hand back down her tummy, followed the panty's edge to her side, then slipped my hands between her panties and right butt cheek.

Her hands began to pull me up, wanting to get into my own pants. Her mouth was making suckling motions, and I realize she wanted to suck me.

I distracted her from those intentions, by moving my lips back up to hers. Her hands paused in their struggle, and before she could return to pull me up, I dug my crotch into hers.

She felt my stiffness in my shorts, understanding her intentions would have to change. Her hands went down to my shorts, slipping under the elastic in the rear.

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She struggled to lower them, so I broke our kiss and allowed her to proceed unobstructed. She skillfully worked my shorts and underwear down, and I had to restrain her from engulfing my standing erection. Once I was free of my clothes, I laid back down on top of her, mistakenly digging my hardon into her not so soft frills on her panties.

That discomfort brought on new frustration, prompting me to remove her panties without any further delay. The stockings probably would have been interesting to play with, but both of us were not waiting any longer.

As I hastily removed her stockings, Suzi interrupted us saying, "Timmy, don't forget about protection." My lust filled head clear a bit, allowing me to explain to Honey our concerns. But our worries were not needed, for they simply could not have children. I had a moment of sorrow, but Honey quickly brought me back to my previously lust filled state by teasing my own nipples into stiffening using her tongue.

I remembered Suzi's words, and indicated to Honey that she should be on top. As we rolled over, I noticed Joy and Joey were at the exact same stage. I imagined the twins wished to do it at the same time, which according to Suzi indeed did take place.

Honey was about to do it in a mechanically fashion, but I stopped her and pulled her to me. She struggled slightly, wanting to proceed as quickly as possible now, but I insisted. I kissed her lovingly, wrapping my arms around her. She gave in, letting her crotch mash against mine, making us both gasp at the contact.

Her smooth skin was flawless; her flesh, while not porky, was cushiony not bony. I imitated her earlier motions with my hands as we kissed very deeply.

Our passion grew, and I felt her wetness below. This brought on a surge of lust, making my tool suddenly attempting to standup. Feeling this pressure against her crotch, she spread her legs apart, rewarding me with a sudden increase of moisture and heat.

I groaned from the pulse of lust this created. I felt her crotch sliding up mine, and before I realized her intentions, my head slipped past her incredibly tight lips, and I found myself resting against an obstruction I had never before encountered. I felt Honey shutter before she lifted her crotch up, then back down hard. I moaned as her hymen gave way, feeling her tight passageway swallow my dick, igniting fireworks in my head. I never knew for sure how much pain if any they had felt.

The moment I was completely within her, she began her characteristically slow humping. Honey sat up, bringing forth another round of fireworks from the suddenness of my deep penetration. My eyes were shut, my mouth was open, and my brain was switched to standby mode. I was lost in a sea of sensations and emotions, for the twins were sharing not just theirs, but Joey's and mine.

Ironically, Joey and I were completely under their control while they oh, so, SLOWLY rose and lowered themselves on our throbbing staffs. When they indicated they wanted their breasts fondled while they pumped for oil, Joey's and my hands instantly obeyed their wishes.

We would have done anything in that state. Joey and I were completely helpless from the combination of the physical talents and their empathic powers. And they used them. They indeed were my father's ultimate trap. I could feel how powerful they were. They could enslave any male foolish enough to be lured into their brainwashing lovemaking.

Joey and I were completely at their mercy, and apparently we were at their mercy for more than an hour. Suzi at first simply became bored.

Her several attempts to join our fun failed, and she was unable to make us respond to her. She did everything she could think of short of physically harming us, and she was unable to force the twins off us. Either I prevented her from doing so, or the twins did, and Suzi wound up simply having to wait us out and pray. When the twins finally brought us to climax our orgasm pulsed to the twin's forever slow beat.

My awareness returned slowly afterwards, my mind hazy and sluggish, finding a hysterical Suzi yelling at both Joey and I. I managed to moan at her, flinging my limp left arm at her to shut up.

She immediately came over to me, and when she saw I couldn't understand her, she slapped hard across the face, twice. That jolted my brain back to the on position, I immediately held my hands up to prevent her from doing it again.

I managed to mumble a thickly spoken "Why did you slap me?" that actually sound like "Wha the Fu wa tha fa." My attempts to communicate were not appreciated since Suzi had crawled over to Joey to slap him.

As my thoughts finally started to get back up to speed, I suddenly jerked to a sitting position when I realize how vulnerable I had been to their wishes.

I tried to shake the rest of numbness from my head, and looked around. "Where'd they go?" I asked when I couldn't see the twins. Suzi crawled back over to me and looked into my eyes to see if I was okay.

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Then she said, "They're asleep on the floor tied up." I blinked as my head processed her words, and I instantly said, "Untie them." She started to panic, but I just smiled and said "They didn't harm me.

They could have. But they didn't. That's why you can untie them, silly." Suzi still wasn't convinced. "How do you know that? How could you possibly tell?" "You have a point there.

You're going to have to tell me," I said as I connected her up to my thoughts, giving her complete access to my mind. Suzi was startled, but quickly felt her way around. She spent quite a long time in there, and we both didn't notice Joey sitting up and speak. He must have check out what was going on with his own ability to monitor my thoughts.

He got off the bed, almost tripping over the bound sleeping Joy, and wobbled to the bathroom to pee. Before he got back, Suzi concluded I was clean from any tampering. Joey, seeing we were done, asked, "What happened? Why are we, uhm, still us?" I got off the bed and began untying Honey's bra from around her wrists. "Because they didn't want to," I said.

Joey began untying Joy as the implications of my words sank in. "Shit. Tim? I owe you one hell of an apology," Joey said as he tossed the bra away.

"I'll just take it out on your ass sometime," I said releasing Honey's legs. Then I asked Suzi, "What happened? How long were we, uhm, doing it?" "I don't know. A long time. Felt like hours.


When you two finally came inside them, they went stiff, then just slowly laid down on top of you. They've been asleep ever since. I dragged them off you, and when I couldn't wake any of you up, I pushed them onto the floor and tied them up." "I take it you tried drowning us to wake us up?" I said, indicating the soaked bed.

"You guys are probably going to be a bit sore. I got pretty rough with you. I was so scared of what they had done to you, I probably would have lit the bed if could have found some matches." Joey said, "I'm cold, and I'm sure the twins are too. Let's carry them to the room next door and cover them up so they won't get sick. Then I want to jump into the bathtub or shower to get warm." Joey took Joy, and I carried Honey to the next bedroom.

It had a standard mattress in it, but we weren't going to be picky. Once the twins looked comfortable, we left them, closing the door behind us. "Hey Joey? Mind if I take that shower with you now?" I asked. "Uhm actually I was thinking about trying that bubble bath thing again. But yeah, let's just jump in the shower together." "Well, you guys are NOT going to leave me out of this one, so I'm in too." Suzi insisted. We all got into the shower, and were having fun soaping each other up, when I realized something about the soap.

"Hey. This stuff isn't really soap." "Huh? Then what is it?" Joey said, taking another bar from the soap dish.

"Taste it, Joey. It doesn't have any soapy taste to it." Joey gave it a small lick and said, "I don't believe it." "What?" Suzi said. "It's." Joey started. "Lube" I finished. He and I just looked at each other, then I started lathering up my dick, while he did his butt.

Suddenly I 'accidentally' dropped my soap and said, "Oh, darn. Joey could you get that for me?" "Oh, my. Yes, I'll just bend right over and geeEEEEEEEEEEE," he said as I stuck my finger in his hole. "Shit, Tim. That feels good. Okay. I'm gonna push, so get that other finger in." "How's that? Man, Joey. Your hole is HUGE compared to Suzi's." "It <grunt> better be. <grunt> I've been stretching it <grunt> with a cucumber! <gasp>" "Fuck.

You mean you've been letting a vegetable fuck your ass before I did?" "No, <grunt> All I did was, oh man put it in while I'm pushing like this!" I grabbed my hard dick and put my head up to his hole while I pulled my fingers out. "DO IT!" Joey said, putting his hands against the wall. As I pushed as hard as I could, Joey held his breath and violently shook his head, making his face turn red.

He finally let it out, with a gaspy cry, but I got it all the way in on the first try. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! Man That HURTS. SHIT! FUCKEN SHIT!" etc. He got used to it after a few more paragraphs of four letter words, and after a few test pumps, he said, "Oh shit, that is feeling good.

Okay, Tim, you can go a liiiTTLE! Faster. Shit Suzi, you could give a little warrrrrrning before you swallow a guy." Suzi popped his dick out of her mouth and said, "But that wouldn't be as fun." "Yeah. Fun. Yeah." I said as I started to get to a decent speed. I began to feel Joey do something inside himself, causing my dick to throb.

"Man. Joey whatever you're doing with you shitten muscles, keep it up." "It. Isn't. Me. <gasp> It's. Suzi. FUuuuuCK I love this! Fuck my ass, Tim. <groan> FUCK MY ASS HARDER TIM! FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. MEEEE!!!!" I was going full out after he encouraged with his gentle words. It was feeling really good, and I looked down at my dick pumping in and out of his ass. "Suzi! <gasp> look <gasp> between <gasp> us from <gasp> down there!!" I said.

A few moments later, I saw Suzi's head on the floor below my pumping dick. I couldn't see her expression, but suddenly I found her legs flying up on either side of Joey's waist.

Joey gave out a "Holy SHIT!" then "She's trying to fuck <gasp> me upside down!" That was all she wrote for me. My orgasm rose so fast I didn't have time to share it with them. My load was not all that great with all the cumming I had done today, but Joey remarked later he had felt it. "FUCK this! Suzi, get up off the floor and fuck right, Or I'M gonna get down there with you!" Joey cried. I pulled out of Joey with a wet pop, and watched as Joey got on top of Suzi and pumped like crazy.

After another thirty seconds, Joey went through his shutters and shakes, and Suzi groaning along with him. They had cum together without any help from me. My dick had gotten hard again from watching, but while they just laid there, I decided I might as well clean it off. Just as I was finishing, I hear a cry from the bed room. We all heard it, and I immediately thought of the twins.

I shut the water off, and we all got out. I almost ran smack dab into my mother at the bathroom door. "Timmy are you all right?" she said urgently. Her mind leashed out towards mine, trying to break through my shields, and somehow managed to penetrate them.

"HEY! YEs I'm okay! Dang mom! You could of given me a chance to let you in." Then I realize I was naked in front of my mother, and I felt the my cheeks start to burn. "You are! Oh thank GOD!" she said, hugging me to her, nearly suffocating me in her sparkles. "Hmm mhm hnm nmh?" I asked from her chest. She let me go, and said, "There was something about the way Charles was acting.

And then he said something about how much you liked the twins and that he wouldn't be surprised if you gave Suzi to him just to be with them, I knew something was wrong.

Joey, when did you lean how to protect your thoughts? Let me in dear. I just want to make sure you're okay." "Mom!" "Sorry. When I was under his control, he made me give up all my special secret mind shields to him.

He was using them to shield himself from me today. When he wouldn't lower them when I confronted him, I forced my way into his head and saw what the twins were going to do.

I don't understand. You did make love to them, didn't you?" "MOM! Jeez. Can I at least get something on? Yes we did, and yes they could have made us into anything they wanted to.

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And they would have if I hadn't freed them from him first." "What!" my father said from behind her. "What's he doing here!" I said. "What do you mean? It is my mansion!" he said. "It was mine first, you know!" she said nastily. "Now they sound more like parents," Joey commented. "What do you mean you set them free?" my mother asked. "Go look in the next room.

They're asleep," I said. When they didn't move, I said, "GO! WE WANT TO GET DRESSED!" They did. And we did. Once we were decent, we joined them in the next guest room. My father was on the bed, holding the two unconscious girls, stroking their cheeks. He seemed quite calm. "They would never disobey me. Never. How did you break them to your will?" "I didn't.

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They set themselves free." "You're lying. You lied to me about your empathic abilities, and you're lying to me again." I sighed. I checked to see if his mental barrier was up, which it was.

I could have used an empathic connection, but he might not even believe that. "Do you want to know from me?

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Or from them?" "It doesn't matter. None of you will tell me the real truth. If you have turned them, they would be able to hide truth from me. Just leave my home. Let me enjoy them before they leave me forever." I looked at my mom, who shrugged and said, "He can't harm you, I made sure of that. When I found out the twins would change your ideals to match his own, I <shutter> I made him unable to use any force against you." I gave my mom a hug, and thanked her.

Then I got on the bed with my father and said, "come on pop. Let's get these clothes off of you. They have to be driving you crazy. And then I'll lower all my barriers and shields and let you have a free look around, okay? It's the only thing I can think of." He was staring at nothing, and continued to do so. I sighed again, then looked at my mom to signal I was going to do it.

She sighed then too, shook her head, and came over to the bed, pulling her shoes off. When she reached to pull off her top, she said, "Tim help your father get his clothes off. I'm not leaving until he does me." As she slipped out of her blouse, and was about to undo her bra, she noticed I hadn't moved, and both me and my eyes fathers were on her. "What are you two looking at?" she said. Noticing my red face, she added. "Oh, Timmy. Stop being so modest.

It's not like you haven't seen your fair share of naked women before. And if your father doesn't snap out of it, I'm gonna take out my fourteen year's of frustration out on him another way." My father and I looked at each other, then I said, "Uhm, I guess I'll just, uhm." "Go on," he said with a weak grin.

"Maybe you can let me have a look around your head later. Your mother is a very busy woman. We shouldn't keep her waiting." My mother was now naked, while my father was struggling out of his clothes. "What about the twins? Couldn't you cool your jets long enough to find yourself another bed?" I asked, trying not to look. "Samantha, their bed is a waterbed." "You remembered. How sweet," she said, holding out her hand to my father.

He got up and walked they walked out of the room butt naked. I just sat there, staring at the door where they had just pass through. A minute later, Joey and Suzi walked in with stunned expressions. They came and sat down on the bed beside me and stared with me. Joey said, "Tim? I got a confession to make." He paused as my mother and father began moaning. Loudly. After the wailing became a steady rhythm, Joey continued, "Your mom gave me a woody." I didn't flinch, but after another five moans I said, "That's okay Joey.


She gave me one too." Suzi snapped out of her daze, looking at both of us. Then she went back to stare at the doorway and said, "That makes three of us," as she rubbed her little hard knob through her shorts and panties.

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