BDSM Indignity For Teen Esmi Lee

BDSM Indignity For Teen Esmi Lee
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Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these types of situations. My neighbor is a single mom who has a daughter named Kellie. The weekend weather indicated non-stop rain, but Kellie's school soccer team still played the final match of the year that afternoon.

Unfortunately, June (my neighbor) got called in to work. . an unexpected shift as a security guard and while I was reading my morning paper I received the call. "Mike, I need your help. I took Kellie to her soccer game, but they just called me to work this today.

Could you pick her up. . and probably her friend Hanna as well and look out after them this afternoon? They're great kids, but if I leave them alone, I know "the boys" will be over." She explained everything, including when she would be home and I elected to go along with her plan.

The game was scheduled to be over around 1:30 but since her call, it had done nothing but rain. I found a large umbrella and headed off to the school soccer field. I had the wipers on full all the way and couldn't believe these girls would still be playing. I drove up and sure enough two drenched teams of young girls were still running up and down the field. I got out of the car and opened the umbrella and trudged towards the bench area.

I stood next to another man. . probably a father and noticed he was secretly rubbing his erect shaft. Wow, doing that in public was pretty gutsy I thought, but soon, after watching the girls play. . my cock was like a steel pipe as well. Kellie's team had on white shirts and red shorts. . but with the continuous rain, the shirts had become almost fully transparent peep shows. Although you could see a few bras under some of the girls drenched shirts, a majority of the 16 year olds obviously had nothing on underneath and as they continued to move back and forth .

stiff nipples and breasts were almost the rule as I continued to stare at the action on the field. I quickly tried to spot Kellie and sure enough, she was one of the girls, whose top was fitting her tiny figure like a latex glove, leaving nothing to the imagination.

I wondered how much longer the match would last and then as if on cue, the referee signaled that the game was over. Kellie's team had won and the girls came racing over to the sideline cheering. Suddenly I was surrounded by 8 or 10 teen girls. . many of which were showing their development in the tittie department. Suddenly Kellie saw me and came over.

"Hi Mr. Dan. . what are you doing here?" she asked. Her long blonde hair was all stringy and plastered to her face but she was still one very fine looking girl. I could not help but closely inspect her breasts that were literally naked in front of my eyes, despite the fabric of the soccer top. Even her pink stiff buds were being displayed in front of everyone. I explained the situation and she began to smile and then brought over Hannah who was actually as cute as Kellie (and also a blonde with blue eyes), who was equally drenched but did have on what looked like a sports bra.

"Are we going over to your place or mine?" she asked mischievously, winking at her friend but training her eyes on the bulge in the front my shorts that I had nippily developed after my inspection of her pert orbs. I began to trip over my words and got a bit embarrassed, but then elected to just leave my aroused condition wide open for the girls to look at and see what they had made transpire. Luckily the rest of the families had already gone to their cars.

"I thought we might go back to my place Kellie. Maybe you guys can take showers and I will find something for you to wear," I suggested. "Is that OK with you?" she asked looking at her friend. "I guess so. . if that is not too much trouble," said Hannah politely.

Kellie abruptly pulled her aside and whispered something in her ear and suddenly Hannah blushed and then burst out: "You are so NASTY!" "I know, but look at it," said Kellie glancing down at my erect cock and then the girls began to giggle and laugh.


I pretended not to pick up on what she was drawing attention to. . although I couldn't help but be aroused that the two teens elected to closely inspect and discuss my stiff shaft.

"Tell you what girls, let's HEAD on home and see if we can get you guys into something dry," I said looking for where I had parked. I sandwiched myself between the ditzy girls and placed my hands around their waists and slightly over their tight little asses and began walking, leaving the umbrella behind. With my arms around them, it allowed my big bulging cock to be even more noticeable in between my legs.

Since the rain was still coming down, my white shorts, sans any underwear, were doing the same thing that their tops had done during the game.

. becoming almost transparent. The girls remained silent along the way, both of them staring at my thick bone-like shaft, as it came into almost perfect view.

The purple head was now straining against the front of my shorts as I opened up the side front door. I was tempted to step out of them, expose myself and just sit buck naked on the seat and all of the way home. "You guys can both be in the back if you want or one up here and one back there." "I'll be up here," said Hannah, moving quickly out of the rain and into the front seat. Kellie took the hint and opened up the back door, sliding into the center position of the back seat.

As I opened up the door I announced: "I can't believe how drenched we are," and slipped into the driver's seat. I quickly patted down and manipulated my cock so that it was tilted up towards the waistband of my shorts. I was certain Hannah was watching my erection and I began to detect a slight rise of her own. . as her stiff nipples were now poking up against her sports bra and also up against her white shirt. She looked forward, but I could tell her peripheral vision continued to watch my stiff erection.

"Me either," said Kellie pulling the soaking fabric away from her chest and then letting it snap back over her bare breasts. As I started the car, I saw her wink at me in the rear view mirror, so I winked back. As I looked over my shoulder to back up, I was amazed to see that Kellie had pulled the bottom of her soccer shirt up past her bare tits (showing off both firm orbs). I paused and then shook my head as I pressed on the gas and headed home.

Getting Very Hot at Home I pulled right into the garage and closed the door electronically before getting out of the car. I did not want the neighbors to see who I was about to soon fondle and fully seduce.

"Time for showers. . and OUT of your clothes girls," I announced entering the kitchen. . my cock having slightly shrunk along the way. Kellie looked at me with hopes of doing exactly what I was suggesting, but I subtly shook my head so as to not freak out Hannah. . prompting Kellie to say: "Why don't you go first Hannah for your shower. . I will help Mr. Dan find us something to wear. When you are done, I'll have your new duds waiting for you and we can then dry our uniforms." "Okay," she said switching the light on in the bathroom and closing and locking the door.

"Let's see what we can find in here," I suggested walking into my bedroom. "You got VERY naughty back there in the car, girl. I should spank your bare ass," I said playfully.

Kellie turned towards me with a mischievous grin on her face. "You wouldn't DARE do that, would you Mr. Dan?" she asked hopefully. I quickly sat on my bed, moved her over my knees, pulled down her shorts and panties and playfully spanked her adorable butt. Next, for a brief second I stuck two fingers into her damp pussy but then pulled them back out spotting how wet my teen had become.

She only smiled over her shoulder as a response. "Your mom asked me to keep you in line and make sure "the boys" didn't come over. Soooooo, tell me. . did she catch you with the BOYS?" Just two high school guys I know. .

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and she wasn't supposed to be home that early," she said looking down and watching my cock resume its previous state of full erection.

Without any notice, she reached out and grasped the head of my cock and gripped it slightly. "Very nice COCK," she whispered letting it go. I elected to play it off as I inquired: "And what exactly were you doing "with the boys" or should I say "to the boys?" "My little story is making you kinda horny, isn't it," asked the horny teen enjoying the effect she was having on me. We both heard the shower being turned on in the bathroom and I knew with luck I could keep this flirting game going on possibly ten minutes more.

"Maybe. Why would you think I am getting horny Kellie?" I said placing my hands on my hips. "Probably because this big ole Willie is pushing up against your shorts!" she said looking down and once again wrapping her fingers around my shaft and then teasingly letting it go.

"Oh you mean THIS COCK!" I said grasping its girth and rubbing it up and down more lewdly in front of the curious teen. "How do you know about COCKS ALREADY, Kellie? Did those two boys show you theirs?" "They would have. . but mom drove up before they could," she said somewhat disappointed.

"Oh Really? BUT, you had to show them something too. .


. am I right?" I questioned still rubbing my shaft. "Uh, huh," she teased. "Wanna know what?" "Sure. . tell me ALL about it," I inquired loving the little game this cute blonde was playing so well. "Well, I can tell you AND show you. . but we gotta get some clothes for me and Hannah to wear, first, OK? You got a couple of t-shirts and maybe some undies hanging around? That would be enough for a short time," she suggested.

"Let's see," I said going to a dresser drawer. I smiled and immediately looked at a stack of white wife beater t-shirts with the wide straps at the top, which because of the girls' size, would probably allow me to see their titties.

And then moving to another drawer . . I found a couple pair of older boxers that no longer fit. "How about these?" I asked. "Awesome outfit. . but I wonder if Hanna will have a problem wearing these tops.

Oh well, if I take ALL her clothes, she won't have much of a choice will she?" she said with a grin on her face. She took both sets of underwear with her and after a few seconds brought back Hannah's soccer cleats, white socks, shorts, top and her sports bra. "We should get these things in the dryer if that's possible?" said Kellie. "In a minute. . why don't you tell me. . or better yet SHOW me. . what the boys made you do first, and then we'll put the clothes in the dryer?" I suggested.

"You are one horny old man, aren't you? Alright, Mike bet me that if he and Jim came over. . and I took off all my clothes for them. . and laid down on my bed.

. and they tied up my hands and feet to the corners of my bed. . they would pull down their pants. . jack off for me. . and shoot their cum all over my body!" I could not believe what I had just heard. This pretty tart was one naughty teen. "And you agreed to do that?" I asked almost ready to shoot my load.

"Uh huh. I just wanted to see a boy's. . uh cock. . that's all. That was kinda slutty of me wasn't it?" she asked watching how excited I was getting. "Yes. . but what you REALLY WANT TO SEE Kellie. . is my MAN'S COCK. .


am I right?" "Uh, huh. Soooo, if I take off my clothes. . and let you tie me up. . then I can see your big cock, right?" she teased. "Absolutely! Let's go into the guest bedroom where I have a twin bed and some red ribbon and we can experiment. . but we need to be quick before Hannah gets out." On the way down the hall, I still heard the shower running, so I knew we had at least 10 minutes or so.

"STRIP NAKED for me Kellie, and lay down on the bed on your back so I can see your pussy and those pert breasts!" I ordered. I went over to the closet and found a bolt of red ribbon and a pair of scissors. When I turned around, Kellie had shed her clothes and had spread-eagled herself onto the bed. I immediately noticed that her breasts had erect dark pink nipples showing that were pointing outwards.

Despite being somewhat small, her tits were firm and almost symmetrically round. To tease me. . she placed her dime like aureoles with their rigid nipples in the middle in between her fingers and she pinched them. Her erect buds looked so deliciously tempting it took all my strength not to jump on her. As I glanced downwards, her shaven pussy glistened with excitement waiting for my touch. "You look even more attractive that way.

. my little sweetie. . and I like the way you are already set for these," I said quickly cutting strips of ribbon into 3 foot sections. I tied a quick knot around her left leg and brought the other end over to the bed post and tied it off. Spreading her right leg so that it would reach the other post I looked up momentarily and watched her bald pussy lips again. . spread open. . allowing me to see her pink inner lips. I was going to have fun with this one!

"Very nice view from here," I joked and continued to finish tying off her second leg. I raced along the side of the bed and tied a knot around her left wrist and brought it up towards the post. . but it caused her arm to stretch to the maximum. "Ouch. . be nice," she said beginning to focus entirely on my COCK with her eyes. I finished up but instead of moving around the bed to the other side, I decided to speed things up by yanking down my shorts, stepping out of them; which allowed my rigid shaft to thrust upwards and the bob back and forth making her stare in anticipation.

I wasn't sure she had seen a cock before, which made me fantasize about this possibility. "Whatcha think? This is what I call a MAN'S COCK!" I said straddling her chest and forcing her head to look directly down at my organ. "Holy shit. . that is SOOOO long. . much bigger than theirs!" she said truly mesmerized and possibly giving away that she really did see the boy's cocks. I leaned forward and pulled her other arm towards the last post.

Hovering over her to attach the ribbon allowed my long 8" shaft to rub along her chest and between Kellie's breasts and soon the underside of my cock touched her stiff nipples. For a moment I grabbed my shaft and diddled back and forth over each stiff nipple, absolutely loving the sensation on the underside of my shaft.

Once I was finished, I centered myself and moved forwards slightly still holding onto the base of my cock. "So, this is your first cock huh? Well if you are a good girl. . you will get to see all of the things I can do with this. . starting off by rubbing it allllllllllll along your lips. . ahh very nice. . so smooth. . and then along your cheeks. . and even up here as far as your forehead." I spent the next few minutes rubbing my full erection all over her face.

My hairy balls even dangled onto her chin and pink lips. "Stick out your tongue Kellie, and LICK my COCK ," I said looking down and watching the girl mimic my commands. Without any hesitation her tongue traced along the huge acorn-like tip, wiggling.

. and making it all shiny with her spit. "Excellent. . later I will teach you how to SUCK COCK, but for now let's go back down to your breasts. Doesn't it feel good to have my cock rub all over these turgid buds?" I said directing my shaft all over her tiny breasts and rigid nipples. The girl was frozen with excitement as I continued to fondle her body with my stiff rod.

"Let me move down a bit more so that I can do two things at once," I said as I let my thick shaft rest in between her pussy lips. From past experience, I knew little girls liked this maneuver as I deliberately manipulated her clit with the underside of my cock. I began to wiggle my ass as her clit was continually stimulated.

She began to moan with excitement and at that same time I leaned over and took her nipples in between my fingers and thumbs and began to pull, twist and pinch them.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mr. Dan. this is SOOOOO AWESOME. . my body is on fire right now," she said as I continued to draw my cock all along her sensitive pussy lips. I knew we only had a few more seconds before we would be discovered, so I carefully moved off her naked body and marveled again at her young features. "We better stop for now. . but one thing that I think you will like is when a man is doing this to you.

. you can't do anything to stop them because you are all tied up. ." and with that I leaned over and began to suck on her yummy breasts and at the same time took my middle finger and thrust it up inside her cunt. . only a few inches. . but made sure I twisted and turned it in her slippery canal and at the same time rubbed her clit that was swollen with desire. "Oh yeah! That feels the best! I love having my boobs sucked and your finger up my twat feels awesome!" Suddenly we heard the water stop in the adjoining bathroom and I knew we had to stop.

. for now. I slowly pulled out my finger and for a brief second bit her nipple, causing her body to squirm with excitement and then backed away. "We gotta do this ALOT more," she pleaded. "I can't wait to get Hannah strapped in like this and then we can both go at her!

Two of us could make her feel way HOT!" she said, her forehead sweating with the heat her body had manufactured. I found a pair of scissors and quickly cut the ribbon binding her wrists and then handed them to her to finish the job. Next, I found a summer robe that was too long for her, but suggested she put it on as I grabbed her wet clothes and then Hannah's and began to go to the laundry room.

Then I realized I was still naked, and elected to wear my other robe. . but with nothing on underneath. Next, I quickly went to the basement to put in the girls soccer uniforms and underwear in the dryer. Then I heard Hannah call to Kellie: "Hey Kellie, come in here for a minute." Kellie had cut off the red ribbons, binding her legs and hidden them under the bed.

She quickly put on the almost see-through robe and opened up the bathroom door. I quickly placed my ear next to it to hear their conversation. "Was this all the clothes you could find? My boobs are sticking straight out in this undershirt and these boxers keep slipping down." "Don't worry. . it will only be for a short time.

Let me grab my shower and we can play a few games. Do you believe how big his Willie is?" "I know. I just don't want to get in any trouble. He seems like a good guy, but if my parents found out we were here. . and me being in this naughty outfit. . ." "They won't ever know and remember this morning when you asked about SEX. . and being with guys. . I know Mr. Dan will teach us stuff. . unless you are all scared about it? "No.

. I'm up for whatever you are. Should I just walk out like this," she said wiggling her breasts and modeling the wife-beater t-shirt and boxers.

"He'll love it!" she said, deliberately slipping out of the robe and letting her friend gaze at her naked body. Hannah casually inspected her body. . and had to admit, the young blonde did look very sexy. Her own titties were slightly bigger, but she secretly wouldn't mind rubbing herself up against Kellie she thought. In fact she had always fantasized about rubbing her nipples up against someone else's. "See you in a few," said Kellie as she turned on the water and stepped into the shower.

I quickly moved down the hall and into the den. I wiggled the mouse on my computer and pretended to be looking at my email, when Hannah arrived. I turned around to greet her: "You probably feel a lot better now, huh? I put my clothes in the dryer along with your guys stuff. Are you into computers, Hannah?" I asked, hoping she would look over my shoulder at my desktop.

I turned around and watched her for the first time in my white undershirt and boxers. Her young breasts were showcased across the front of her top, and she was carefully holding onto the boxers that were obviously too big.

She leaned over my shoulder and looked at the screen. "I learned all about computers in school. . and my family has one, but my Daddy is all concerned I might get into trouble while using it." "Oh really?

Well you are invited to check out my machine any time you want. Come sit here next to me," I said moving over on the piano bench I used as a computer chair. I had a pretty normal desktop, except I had a folder that was labeled, "Night Viewing" with multiple folders, labeled "Young Girls", "Young Guys", "Getting Nasty", etc.

. which I was hoping she might be interested in. "This is a huge monitor," she said. "Ours is like half this size." "Why don't you surf around for a few minutes and I will get you guys some pop. Is Coke or Lemonade OK?" I asked. "Coke would be perfect," she said grabbing the mouse and going to Google Chrome. I left and went to my bedroom to attain 3 tablets of Herbal Vigor, which in the past had worked quickly as an aphrodisiac with my past conquests.

I prepared the glasses and let the Coke spill over each tablet making it dissolve quickly. By placing ice cubes in the glass, the powdery mixture was not as visible. I sneaked back holding a tray with the glasses and as I looked into the room, Hannah was looking at pictures of naked boys her own age with huge cocks. This was working out perfect! "I was hoping you would enjoy my collection Hannah," I said.

"I have a niece that comes by on the weekend to look at those same pictures." Instead of shocking her, my mention of Tammie, must have assured her I would not be upset by what she was looking at.

"How old are these guys?" she asked as she continued to click through the thumbnails," I set the tray down on a side table. " I am soooo thirsty. . Thanks Mr. Dan" she said grabbing the closest glass and literally slamming it down. I could not wait until she began feeling the effects. "Sixteen. . Like high school ," I said sitting alongside her. I glanced sideways and immediately noted the young girl's nipples were now almost poking out of the white ribbed material of the undershirt.

She obviously was aroused at what she was looking at, which was encouraging. She also had allowed her left hand to slip between her legs, right over her crotch.

"Those pictures are somewhat posed, but if you find a couple of guys that you really like looking at, we can see them again in a more "revealing shot" in a different folder. Which guys do you like?" I asked. "Uhhhh. . How about number 10 and uh.

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. . 23? They are really HOT looking guys!" I knew the arm hole opening of the wife beater t-shirt she was wearing left some space open for wandering handsso I placed my arm around her and then demonstrated how to go to the next set of folders for the ensuing few minutes.

Soon Hannah brought up the file she was looking for. . and what it showed was the same boy grasping his cock and shooting his load into the mouth of a girl about her age.

There were several additional shots as the girls face soon was covered in cum. Hannah let go of the mouse and leaned back in surprise. At the same time, my fingers slipped into the opening below her arm pit and I gently touched her breast as she continued to click on pics. She looked at me somewhat startled.

"Sorry Hannah, I didn't mean to touch your. . ." I began. "That's ok. . I just never expected any pictures like these! Let me check out the other guy, and what he might be doing" she said not really paying attention to my fingers that still rested on her tit. It was soft. . but surprisingly firm.

I decided not to probe any further with my fondling, for fear of losing any future opportunities and watched as she brought up the other guys nude shots.

This time it showed the naked boy straddling a girl's bare chest and the tip of his cock, belching out a steady stream of slippery hot cum.

That was erotic enough, but the girl had an incredible smile on her face and you could see she was leaning forward, attempting to lick the boy's juices. "This is really kinky stuff, Mr. Dan. . but I SURE like it!" she said turning slightly sideways to acknowledge Kellie, who was standing in the doorway barefoot and dressed in the same outfit she was in. By tilting slightly sideways, it allowed my hand to cup her entire naked breast and for a brief few seconds slip her stiff nipple in between my fingers.

I heard her utter a soft moan, but not wanting to embarrass her in front of her best friend, I pulled my hand away from her breast and placed it on my lap. I looked down and since I wasn't wearing anything underneath my robe, I was surprised to realize it had inched open and my erect shaft had begun to peak through.

The purple head was now entirely exposed, and my precum was dripping down my shaft. I quickly hid the purple-veined avenger and then acknowledged Kellie with a wink. "Mr. Dan has the naughtiest pictures I have ever seen!

Come and LOOK," she said encouraging Kellie to join them. "I love looking at porn. It makes me all horny," said Kellie sitting next to her friend. I used the opportunity to offer Kellie a Coke and told Hanna to go ahead and drink mine since she was still so thirsty from her soccer game. While the two girls sat their looking at my stash of porn, I began to plan out my next move as I moved into the bathroom to take a shower. Round Two I finished my quick shower pleading with myself not to shoot all over the walls and relieve my aching balls.

I elected to keep wearing only my robe and took a moment to put on some cologne. I walked down the hall and heard the girls giggling at the images and hoped that the Herbal Vigor had begun to take over their senses. I focused on Kellie as she continued to look at the pornographic pictures I had collected. I noticed how my tight tee shirt with the wide straps hugged her slight young body. Although her chest was somewhat small, it was obvious to me now that in her own way, she was much more developed and shapely than I had imagined while Hannah was in the shower earlier.

I could also see her stiff nipples growing hard, poking out the tight material probably in reaction to what she was looking at. "Well ladies. . how do you like my naughty pictures?" As they turned around to face me, I noticed that both of their eyes were dilated slightly and that Hannah's nipples were even more well-defined against the thin fabric than Kellie's.

This was a wonderful sign. "These are awesome Mr. Dan," said Hannah. "But they are making us both SO fucking horny!" and then she covered her mouth not believing she was saying this to someone she had never met before. "Don't be upset. . it's time to play some games that I hope will help bring US some SEXUAL relief," I said looking at Kellie, who was still giggling over what her friend had just said.

"And what kind of games would those be?" asked Hannah with a big grin on her face. . suddenly getting more aroused by the minute. "Naughty games. . games like Kellie and I played in the bedroom while you were in the shower." "Can I play, too?" she pouted.

"We were counting on it. Sooooo, let's go back into the bedroom and you can continue to play what we started. I will need both of your help to get things ready." "Awesome.

. watching all these people getting off has gotten me real HOT. I can't wait to do some of the stuff they were doing in the pics. Would that be okay?" she asked tentatively. I looked at Kellie and we both began laughing. "Uh, huh. . but let's get you ready first." We left the monitor on and worked our way down the hall into the bedroom. Kellie sat on the bed and waited for me to make the next move.

"Why don't we get dressed Hannah dressed the way you were when Hannah was in the bathroom?" I asked looking at her with a grin on my face.

She smiled at me and then reached over to take hold of the bottom of her best friends shirt. She tugged it upwards.

. . to reveal her smooth flat tummy. Her belly button was small and tight, barely an indent. She paused a moment as we both stared in anticipation. Then with a swift movement and a little giggle, she pulled the top up and over her head. Her young breasts came into view, capped with two dark stiff red nipples that indicated her excitement. "Nice titties," said Kellie as she inspected her friend's chest by reaching out and gently cupping her breasts.

Playfully, she placed her fingers on the girls erect nipples. . stimulating them further. "Show me yours too," said Hannah looking over at her friend. "Okay," she said, reaching under the white thin fabric and lifting the tee shirt over her head.

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"Ta Da!" she said playfully wiggling her bare breasts at Kellie. I was very impressed by her adorable breasts that were slightly larger than Kellie's. They were perfectly proportioned points sticking out, and obviously aroused at what was happening.

I wanted to reach out and touch them myself. . but elected to tame my animal instincts and continue our game. "Let me touch yours," suggested Hannah as the horny girl moved her hand over both of Kellie's breasts, teasingly pinching her friend's nipples.

For a few minutes they fondled each other's bodies causing my rock-hard cock to point upwards towards the ceiling and almost out the front of my robe. Then I had an idea. "I think both of you girls need to give me back my tee shirts and boxers right NOW, don't you think?" Hannah reacted by tossing both tee shirts on the bed at me and then standing up and letting the oversized garment slip down her waist, past her knees and onto the floor.

Kellie followed suit and all of a sudden two naked teens were sitting next to each other comparing each other's bodies. Suddenly Hannah stood up. "I am soooooooooo horny right now! I can't believe it. Let's play a game!" Both Kellie and I quickly inspected the hairless intersection between her legs and noted the glistening pussy lips that were on display. My cock had a mind of its own and continued to move in between the layers of my robe and finally burst out showing the girls my excitement.

"I'm pretty horny myself. . can you guess?" I said letting my robe fall to the floor, and presenting my naked body to the girls, which I was dying to do.

I positioned myself directly in front of the wide-eyed girls on the bed. .

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with my raging hard-on aiming right at them! I lewdly wiggled my hips and let it bob and move back and forth to attract their attention and then gripped my cock at its base and moved to within a few inches of their eager mouths. Hannah placed her hand over her mouth is total surprise. "Meet my COCK Hannah. Go ahead and touch it," I said moving right in front of the surprised girl. Without thinking she curled her hand around the dark purple head.

"It is sooooo warm and soft. . but REALLY BIG!" she said manipulating my shaft through her tiny fingers. This was being done right in front of Kellie's face and as I looked down I watched her slip her fingers into her bare pussy as she fantasized about placing it first in her mouth and then deep into her slippery pussy.

"You'll get to know this guy a LOT better very soon Hannah. But let's continue getting you ready to play." Hannah let go of my cock and glanced down at Kellie's naked body and noticed what she was doing to herself with her wiggling fingers. "I'll bet that feels awesome!" said Hannah. . moving her own hand between her legs and gently rubbing her own clit. "It does. . but let's start playing! You can do that later!" "COOL!" "Okay Kellie, tell us what Hannah and I should do to get her ready." "Look under the bed and find the ribbon.

. and then we get to tie you up. You might think this is a bit kinky. . but I promise it is an awesome feeling." Hannah looked under the bed and brought out the bolt of red ribbon and scissors.

"Now hop up on the bed, and spread your legs for us," said Kellie. "Far out!" said Hannah. I showed Kellie about how long to make the ribbons, and she pulled Hannah's leg to the corner post of the bed and then wrapped the ribbon around her friend's ankle and finally around the post.

I followed suit with the other leg and ankle, spreading the girl's legs wide open to our gaze. Her pink shiny intersection looked ready to be sucked. I couldn't wait to lick this girl's twat making her scream with joy.

Her pussy looked super moist having watched the porn for so long. Hannah and Kellie chit-chatted as Kellie stretched her arm and wrist to the post on the right side.

"Is this too tight," asked Kellie as she pulled her arm. "Naw. . its ok. . I just want to make sure I can't stop you guys from making me even MORE horny," she said reaching her remaining arm towards me at the top.

I slipped the ribbon around her wrist and tightened it to the post. This time, Hannah. . the teen soccer player. . was spread-eagled and naked. . for me and Kellie to do whatever we wanted to her. "Let's huddle out in the hall for a minute," I suggested.

Kellie grinned and followed me out there. Once in the hall, I surprised her by placing my arms around her shoulders and kissing her lips. She moaned her approval as she thrust her hips forward, capturing my erect cock in between our bodies. We rubbed against each other and continued to kiss, enjoying the touch of our naked bodies against each other. It was like she was possessed as she responded to me sticking my tongue into her mouth and fucking it as if it were a cock.

Pretty soon we heard Hannah protesting the length of time we were taking so I broke off our kiss and then whispered in her ear, " Get an ice cube from the kitchen and bring it back." "Good idea.

. and for a few minutes. . let's blindfold her too," she squealed running down the hallway. I liked the blindfold idea, and went back in the room to find something. I dug through my drawers and found a black bandana I had used at a Halloween party. I also found a cock shaped vibrator, with cock tips at each end I had used with my nieces when they were over a year ago.

Kellie followed me around the room with her eyes, so I attempted to hide everything to make it a surprise. When Kellie came back, she had placed the ice cubes in a baggie and held it low so that Hannah would not see it.

"Kellie had a great idea Hannah," I said folding the bandana in half, lifting up her head and quickly tying it behind her neck. "Great. I can't see a thing! I was hoping to watch your BIG COCK Mr. Dan. . like before," she pleaded. "When the time is right, you will see and TASTE my cock Hannah," I said, "but right now Kellie and I are going to have some fun with your body".

I motioned for Kellie to place the ice cube over Hannah's nipples and immediately there was screaming as she playfully followed my instructions. Hannah continued to scream as Kellie alternated from one pert breast to the other, until her buds were stiff like jellybeans.

Then I switched on the vibrator, displaying it for Kellie to see and she giggled. "What's that noise?" Hannah asked, and I decided it would be my job to make her pussy go crazy and to bring her off.

I licked the phallic-shaped object, making Kellie cringe, and then moved up from the bottom of the bed towards her virgin hole. I let the vibrating instrument gently touch the insides of her legs, just above the knee and then slowly moved it closer and closer to her twat. At the same time, Kellie leaned over her friend and sucked her nipple into her mouth.

"Holy fuck. . that feels sooooooooooooooooooo awesome. Suck my titties. Do the other one two!" she directed and Kellie got alongside the girl so that she could stimulate both breasts with her mouth.

I continued to move the vibrator closer to her twat until just the tip began to arouse her clit. I only allowed the very tip to move over her sensitive clitoris, which made Hannah begin to scream again with excitement. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, whatever that is. . Ohhhhh yes. . ." Kellie got into the rhythm of stimulating her best friend's body with her tongue, but I also noticed she had two fingers up her own pussy as well.

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Gently I inserted the vibrating cock into her love tunnel and began to move it in and out. . just like I wanted to do with my huge shaft. As Kellie continued to glaze over Hannah's chest with her saliva, I heard Hannah whisper, "Kiss me" to her and with little delay Kellie moved her mouth and lips from Hannah's breasts up to her face. Soon the girls lips were locked together and I used the opportunity to turn off the vibrator and withdraw it from her pussy.

I got closer to her twat and examined the teen girl. Her lips were small and tight. I parted them slightly to reveal a pearly pink inside. I lost all sense of control as I dove in to eat this tender little treat. I pushed my tongue into her forcefully, filling her and fucking her with my mouth. I pulled the lips of her pussy open with my fingers and ate like a starving man at a feast.

Hannah began to moan and squirm beneath my lips. I slipped my tongue out and into her tight folds. She was already excited and wet AND delicious. Her hips began to buck up and down, grinding against my chin as I flicked my tongue in and out. I found her clit with one finger and began to strum on it in time with the thrusting of my tongue and sucking of my lips. I drank her juices and savored every drop.

As I continued, I stuck my tongue back into her crevice as far as I could and Hannah jittered and pushed her crotch forward. Spreading her moist labia with my fingertips, I was able to get my mouth as far as the top of her clit. Her stomach muscles shuddered again and she tried to spread her thighs and bend her knees but her ribbon restraints made it impossible.

As my tongue danced across her clitoris, I could sense her orgasm building. This young girl was hot! In no time at all she was rocking violently against my face.

I licked and sucked and fucked with my tongue. I thrust a finger into her tight wet hole. I teased her clit with my thumb. I toyed with the little pink pucker of her asshole. She rocked and moaned. And then she began to cum. I buried my finger and my tongue deep inside her as she began to shake.

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She started to moan in a long low growl that went on and on. She began to pant and heave. Her legs went tight. Her fingers, still in my hair clenched into a fist and held me tight as her orgasm washed over her. With my free hand, I took one of the nipples Kellie had abandoned and rolled it gently between my thumb and forefinger. "Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned as the caress of her nipple brought her totally over the top.

Hanna couldn't help herself as she broke her kiss with Kellie and screamed in ecstasy as I started to pull and twist on her other nipple at the same time as her orgasm rolled through her like a freight train.

Each tweak of her nipple seemed to bring a new and more intense wave of pleasure. After what seemed like minutes, her orgasm subsided and she regained some composure. She laid back in exhaustion totally satisfied.

It was Kellie's turn. . and I wanted her to follow my instructions. "Let's untie Hanna and get YOU ready for the same thing," I said. In a minute or so, Hanna was cut lose and she excused herself to go to the bathroom and then quickly came back.

"I love to watch girls bring themselves off. . so sit on the bed and follow my instructions," I said. Hannah moved onto the edge of the vacated bed and looked at me with a smile on her face. "Lightly graze your clit with just your finger nail while you tease one of your nipples. Go ahead. . it will feel great." Hannah spread her legs, showing off her moist pussy and began to do what I asked. She was so aroused from coupling with Kellie that I knew if she was not closely monitored she would climax.

"Hold off coming, but try to make yourself crazy with LUST." Hanna obeyed, as I began to fondle my rigid cock as I watched the pretty girl. I ordered her to go into my dresser and get some massage oil from the top drawer. Within seconds she was back on the bed. "Hannah, lie down and pour some massage oil all over your breasts. I want them nice and slick so I can slide my COCK between your tits." Hannah obeyed immediately.

Soon her nipples were hard as she became delirious with pleasure as the oil began to awaken her pleasure center and with the assistance of the Herbal Vigor, her senses had become much more sensitive. "Hannah, push your breasts together while teasing your nipples. I want you nice and horny." Hannah obeyed. As she became more and more turned on by her playing with her nipples, it was almost as if my cock was in her pussy.

Kellie watched, as her own hands went to those lovely breasts. She cupped them, and allowed the nipples to poke between her fingers. My cum was boiling as I watched each girl and I knew I was ready to burst. I panted and moaned and directed my cock in between the slippery cavern made by Hannah's lovely breasts.

Her tits were now just inches from the tip of my cock. I began to spasm as my shaft entered the small cavern she had created. I began to lunge forward and then backward with my cock. . truly enjoying the sensation on my excited organ. Suddenly the cum gushed out, spraying a long sticky stream of my semen all across her chest and up to her neck.

Hannah moaned as I continued to cum between her tits. I thrust my hips forward and the tip of my cock made contact with the little bump of her right nipple. A second surge of come sprayed out and coated her tight bud. Kellie then surprised us both as she mounted the bed and drove her tongue into Hannah's quivering pussy making the girl buck her hips in climax causing my body to move up and down she was so aroused.

Suddenly I watched Hannah duck down and take my pulsing cock into her young mouth. She sucked my shaft like a pro and made me even harder. . as I let another load fly into her waiting mouth. Then she gently sucked and licked at my shrinking cock until she had cleaned up every last drop of warm sperm. Kellie retreated from her successful cunnilingus exploits and moved alongside me.

"Let's all take another shower and then you can show us how to FUCK!" And with that in mind. . I leaned forward and kissed her directly along the slit of her little pussy.