Latina babe cosplay dressed up like gods favorite church nun

Latina babe cosplay dressed up like gods favorite church nun
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She was a sweet, dark haired, 18 years old petite.


I've seen her on few other occasions, but I never really had a chance to talk to her more than just a few words. But here she was, on the warm summer evening on some heavy metal festival, already so drunk, she could barely walk. And she was visibly horny, flirting with everybody, but than she suddenly ran into me. She recognized me and, without a word, pushed me on the ground jumped on me and started to kiss me with her tongue.

As suddenly as it began it ended. She stood up, said "follow me if you want more", and casually strolled away as if nothing had happened. A bit shaken, feeling slightly violated, but eager for more, I ran after her and, again, without saying a word, she took my hand and pulled me behind the nearest bushes.


We started to make out instantly, soon I was unbuttoning her jeans and petting her warm and incredibly wet pussy, while our tongues never stopped touching. After a while she started to breath heavily but than she suddenly grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face into her crotch.

The smell was overwhelming, nothing in the world can make man's brain shut down and turn him into a wild animal nearly as effectively as the smell of a wet, hairy teenage pussy. I pulled her tight pants down her sweaty skinny legs and buried my face into the sweet smelling fur between them.

It tasted so good I didn't want to move to clitoris right away but went down, pushed my tongue inside her and sucked the sweet juices from that dripping hole.


After a while I penetrated her with two fingers and moved my mouth on her clitoris while rubbing her g spot. She was already moaning when she uttered the first words since we came behind those bushes: "put the fingers in my ass!", she begged.

I wished to obey, but since her ass was not properly lubricated I turned her on her belly, spread her buttocks and gently started to lick her anus. The smell here was different, I could tell she had not showered for a while as the odour of shit was, not very strong, but unmistakably present.

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This turned me on even more. I eagerly penetrated her anus with my tongue until I could taste a slight bitterness of an unwashed girl's ass. After a while I finally stopped sucking hungrily on that sphincter and moved my two fingers from her pussy, well lubricated with the pussy juice, into her anus.

She was sobbing with pleasure as I was moving two fingers in her anus and two in her vagina while gently biting her buttocks. I had to stop occasionally, as her anus became to dry.

I pulled my fingers out and pushed my tongue deep into her ever wider ass hole. Every time I did it my fingers had slightly more brown stains on them, and the smell and bitter taste grew stronger. It was driving me nuts. I rolled her on her back again, pulled down my jeans and, without any questions pushed my stone hard cock into her small mouth.

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The bitch knew how to deepthroat. I lied onto her in 69 position, violently fucking her mouth like a pussy, while rubbing her clit with fingers from my right had, brown with her shit, licking and gently biting her labia and penetrating her ass with my left hand.

The smell of sweaty ass and pussy and most of all, the ever more intense smell of fresh shit drove me into frenzy. I was now violently stretching her anus with three fingers, feeling little lumps of shit touching the tips of my fingertips inside her. But she was enjoying it. She pulled my penis out of her mouth and started to hungrily suck on my sweaty balls, but soon she moved her tongue down and I was surprised to feel it suddenly touch my ass hole.

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I remembered that I have not taken a shower in days and that the smell and taste down there must be horrific, but she obviously didn't mind it and the fact, that this cutie was actually cleaning my filthy ass with her tongue, turned me on even more. I sucked on her clit, which was, because of the rubbing with my dirty fingers, now covered with brown stains.

It tasted divine. She penetrated me and started to massage my prostate, while I was still lying on her, fucking her throat roughly. Driven insane by the taste of her shit on her clitoris I ejaculated in her throat just a moment after she started to spasm with multiple orgasms.

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She swallowed, than wiped the tears and saliva from her face, kneeled and started to pee, right there, in front of me. Although my first experience with shit and the intensity of orgasm left me literary trembling, the sight of this dirty doll, peeing just a meter away from my face, turned me on again. I knew now, that the bitch was a freak like me, so I casually rolled on the ground, reached out until I was touching the hot golden stream and then licked my piss covered palm.

She saw this, but did not say anything, instead she just stepped with one leg over me, knelt over my face and proceeded with peeing as if nothing have happened. I, of course, opened my mouth and was gorging on this refined beer she drank an hour ago. It was warm and salty, yet refreshing and it gave me an erection just minutes after the intense orgasm. She saw it, moved a bit to splash last pee on my erect cock, than, still without a word, analy impaled herself on it. She was rocking her tight ass on my cock for a few minutes, than swiftly pulled it out, and although it was clearly covered in her shit, she knelt between my legs and started to deepthroat my cock again.

Amazed at this spectacle of depravity I was nearing my second orgasm, but I wanted to test her limits. And I had to pee. So, without warning, I unleashed the stream in her mouth. She gaged, but swallowed mouthful after mouthful without taking my cock out of her mouth. Only few drops of warm urine dripped over her chin, as she, obviously turned on by the taste of her own ass and my piss, passionately penetrated my ass, now with three fingers.

I was shaking as I came in her mouth again, but this time she didn't swallow it. Instead she leaned forward, tongue kissed me with lips brown with her shit from my shit covered dick, and pushed a mouthful of cum, mixed with traces of urine in my mouth.

I couldn't do anything but to swallow this strange cocktail.

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With a slight smile and sparks in her eyes she said "this was really nice", gave me her number, put on her pants, and went headbanging in front of the stage. I was left there, covered in her piss, with taste of my cum and her shit in mouth, and too shaken by sheer intensity of the orgasm to stand up.

But I had her number, if you are interested to know what happened when I called her let me know and I shall continue my story.