Young action on my cock

Young action on my cock
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My name is John. I am 21 and have brown hair. I am about 5' 6" and have a rather muscular build. I am a fair student and on the football team. So as I sat in chemistry class a new girl walked in. She had curly brown hair she had pulled back, thin lips and cute small nose. She wore just enough eye liner to pull you into her amazing hazel eyes. She had on a pink shirt, and a frilly skirt with frayed pink ends. She was probably about a B cup. So anyways back to the story.

Now I sat at the only empty table so the teacher Mr. Beet sat her next to me. As she sat down I said "hey, what's up, I'm john" "I'm Madison, and I'm not happy, if you must ask. I just moved here from Virginia, I broke up with my boyfriend back home, oh and I don't know anyone here and I have no friends" this beautiful girl whined at me. "Well you know me, let me cheer you up. After school come with me to Jimmy's, he's having a party and I need a date."I replied.

"Alright pick me up a 6:30" she said. She wrote down something in her notebook, tore out the page and handed it to me. It said: Madison Kitty 984- 359-9478 2478 NE 6 Street Oakland Park, Fl 34413 Can't wait to see you!!!<'-'> Just then the bell rang and Madison said "toddles." We left and I started off to the parking lot.

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I passed Madison and asked her how she was getting home. "The bus" she said. "No' I'll drive you home," I said. "Ok" she replied and followed me to my car. We got to my VW Eos convertible, and I opened her door for her. She got in, and I walked around to the other side and got in my car. Putting the key in the engine I pull the latch and let down the top. "I've never been in a convertible before" She said to me.

"Yup it's pretty cool," I said "so what do you want to eat?" "What are some options?" she asked. "Well do you want fast food or would you rather sit down?" I say. "Sitting down would be nice" she said. "Ok then how about Alexander's" "Ok" she said We pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant and get a table.

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Our waiter sat us and handed us are menus. We ordered are meal and got to talking. I learned about her school in Virginia, and tell her about the football team. "I don't hang with the football guys though" I said "they think there too cool." We got our food, a steak for me and a salmon filet for her. Then I paid and we got up to leave. She gave me a quick kiss in thanks for the meal, and I said "no problem." We left and I took her back to her house. It was 5:20 so I said "see you in an hour" I left for home to get ready.

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I got to my room and got cleaned up. I put on some jeans and a fresh t-shirt. I put on some cologne and went to the fridge and grabbed a case of Bud select.

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Putting it in my trunk, I left for the 15 minute drive to get Madison. When I picked her up she gave me a kiss and I tickled her lips with my tongue.

She opened her mouth and we shared a nice passionate kiss. I could taste the strawberry Chap Stick on her lips. She had a Black shirt with only one arm and a very thin pair of mini shorts. We got in my car and headed over to Jimmy's.

"Do you have a problem with smoking?" I asked. "No I love weed. In fact do you mind if I light up a joint now it makes a party's way more fun." "If you give me a hit" I reply. She lights up and at a stoplight she takes a puff comes over to me and blows the smoke into my mouth.

We arrive at Jimmy's, and Madison asks if he has a spare bedroom we could use.

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I grabbed the beer, and we went up stairs and we entered the bedroom. She starts to take off her shirt and I pop open a bottle of brew.


She walked up to me and I undid her bra. She pulls off my shirt a takes a swig of my drink. I say "this may sound kind of weird but can I give you a foot massage. It's sort of a fetish of mine" She says she loved having her feet played with and sits on the edge of the bed feet out. I take off one shoe at a time and notice she has rainbow and hello kitty shoelaces.

I take her black socks in my mouth and pull them off. I start to massage her feet starting with the soles. Starting from the bottom I move up. I lick her big toe then take it in my mouth. I kiss up and down her feet. Then up her legs. Feeling every inch of her with my mouth I kiss up to her shorts and unbutton them.

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Pulling them down I see her all back thong. I kiss it then pull it down. Under her skirt I start to play with her pussy. I massage it with one finger, then two. I dart my tongue in and out and start to spin it around. I kiss her clit and lick up and down the inside of her pussy lips. I run down her taint, and kiss her asshole.

It tastes so sweet. And she I kiss back up to her pussy. I spend my time making out with Madison's cunt. "Oh yes it feels good, so good, yes." She screams out as I eat out her glorious pussy.


"I'm gunna, yes am gunna cummm!!!!!" she starts to scream. Her pussy starts to get tight and it clamps around my tongue. Then her body starts to convulse. Once, twice, three times she shakes with pleasure. Her pleasure juice starts to run into my mouth and I just continue to eat her out.

Then she pulls my head by my hair and yanks me up to her mouth. She kisses me and I take her tongue into my mouth. "Your turn" she says. She goes down and undoes my pants. Yanking them off I realize I have a huge hard on.

She pulls off my pants then my boxers. Then she licks up and down my shaft, licking my balls. A spot of precum rises to the tip of my dick, just as she puts it in her mouth. She pulls her mouth down and takes my dick deep into her throats.

She bobs up and down and I grab the back of her hair and shove her head down on my dick. Now it was my turn to cum. I blow my load deep down her throat. One, two, three, four shots down her throat.

I let go of her head and she bobs up and down as my dick starts to slowly shrink. She climbs up on top of my chest and starts to kiss me. Before I knew it I was hard as a diamond. She slid my cock into her pussy and started to bounce up and down.

I start to move with her and I buck up and down. She clenched my cock then released it. She had very talented vaginal muscles. Before I knew it I blew my load deep in her vagina. We both lay there drenched in sweat, too tired to move. We fell asleep my cock still in her and her leaking my cum.

To be continued&hellip.