Busty Teen BBW Scarlett Rouge Takes On Monster Cock

Busty Teen BBW Scarlett Rouge Takes On Monster Cock
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It had been a great evening. Roger had been at a local charity wine tasting with his neighbors, and time spent with them was always a good time. He had been the designated driver, but still had fun, and as he dropped everyone off around the neighborhood he headed home happy.

After he got home and was undressing, there was a knock on his door, which was strange, since it was after 11 PM. He threw his pants back on, and hurried down to open the door, bare chested and bare footed. He was absolutely in shock when he opened the door and his neighbor Kendra was on the other side, holding her small dog Champ. Kendra was the hottest older woman Roger had EVER met. Ten years older than his 31, she had a tight body which she worked on every day, perfect breasts, and long blond hair.

She was still wearing the low cut orange sweater and short white miniskirt she had worn to the tasting. "Hi, Roger" she cooed sexily. She said everything sexily. "Champ and I were out for a walk and we stopped by to say hi. I hope that's ok." Just as she said that, Champ jumped down and bolted into the house. Kendra quickly apologized, and Roger let her in so they could catch the dog. He was corralled pretty easily, and Roger, not sure of what to make of the whole thing (did his hot neighbor just come by for a "booty call?") offered her some wine.

She accepted, and Roger grabbed a shirt and opened a bottle. The two made themselves comfortable on the couch, and Champ went to sleep in the corner. The conversation dragged on for an hour, with Kendra dropping a sexual innuendo here and there, followed by her sexy, throaty laugh. Roger hadn't been in this situation before, and really didn't know how to proceed.

Kendra kept dropping hints about how it had been a while, and how young and strong Roger looked, but he just didn't know how to make the first move. He didn't have to worry about it; Kendra took care of it. "Roger, the think I like about being a bit older is that I don't have to play games. When I see something I want, I go after it.


And tonight, I want you." Roger tried to laugh it off, thinking it couldn't be this easy. She had to be kidding.

Kendra proved to him that she wasn't when she stood up and tugged up her mini-skirt. Kendra wasn't wearing any panties. Her bush was neatly trimmed, with her lips bare and only a small vertical patch of beautiful, soft blond hair.

Roger couldn't believe it. "NOW are you convinced? No call me tomorrow, no dinner next week, just now, tonight, you and I." Roger was speechless. He put his wine down and reached for her. "Not so fast, Killer. I'm driving this train." With that, she turned around, and then stood up on the couch, her ass inches from his face as she held her skirt up around her waist.

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With a slow, almost teasing motion, she bent over, and then she lowered herself onto him. "C'mon, Roger. Let me feel that tongue. Don't be shy." Roger obliged. Though younger, he was no stranger to pleasing a woman orally, and began by flicking his tongue over her labia, enjoying her scent as her pussy moistened both from his saliva and her juices.

She ground down on him, and he felt the wrinkled, sensitive skin of her anus across his nose. He dragged his fingers up her thighs, and with his thumbs parted her pussy lips, driving his tongue deeper into the now exposed flesh. "Oh YEEEEESSSSSSSS," Kendra sighed, encouraging him to continue licking her folds. He backed out a bit, and began flicking his tongue across her clit, which was poking out of its hood with excitement. She sighed even louder, and while bent over him began to unzip his fly.

As she freed his cock, she spit into her hand and began giving him a handjob as she enjoyed the feeling of his tongue all over her pussy. Kendra was getting VERY wet, and Roger was intent on making her cum. But she had other plans. "C'mon, lover, we're not done yet." Roger almost screamed in disappointment as she removed her cunt from his face and hoped to the floor, releasing his cock in the process.

"Don't worry, honey, you aren't done eating me yet. I can't WAIT to cum all over that handsome face of yours, but all in good time." With that, she moved into his bedroom. Roger followed, and noticed that Kendra had grabbed a towel from his bathroom and spread it on his bed. Roger was going to ask why, but just then Kendra stripped off her top, and as her perfect tits popped out, Roger forgot the question.

She quickly got naked, and sprawled out on his queen size bed, spread eagle on her back. She began playing with herself as she watched him clumsily get out of his clothes.

When he was finally naked, she invited him onto the bed with him, once again guiding his head between her thighs to kiss her VERY moist box. Roger was no stranger to eating pussy, and dove in with just the right balance of expertise and energy.

First he kissed her folds, gently but firmly. Then he ever so lightly trailed the tip of his tongue up and down her pouty lips. He would pause at the bottom of his stroke, and lap at the fluid collecting at the bottom of her slit.

Kendra had NO problem getting wet, and she tasted GREAT.


Roger continued licking, rolling first one labia and then the other between his fingers, sometimes using his lips on hers. Occasionally, he pushed down hard on her clit, causing her to gasp. When he did gently kiss and lap at her clit, he inserted two fingers up her pussy to massage her g-spot. Kendra was enjoying all of this, and was moaning and squirming more and more as she received Roger's tonguing.

"Oh baby, I LOVE the way you eat my pussy," she moaned. "Don't stop!" Roger continued working over her clit, and began working a finger up her tight asshole besides. Kendra went wild, bucking her hips and doubling the volume of her moans. "Oh YES. Keep it up. You're going to make me CUM," she panted.

Well, that was exactly what Roger was going for. He kept working over her ass, cunt, and clit, and she was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

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Roger was no stranger to making women cum on his face, and loved the experience, but what happened next was a surprise to even an experienced rug-muncher like him. Kendra's moans quickened, and Roger could tell she was going to cum soon. He increased the speed of his tongue on her clit, and slid his finger a little deeper into her ass. It had the desired effect; she came like a rocket.

Roger kept his mouth on her cunt, and all of a sudden was soaked as Kendra's pussy shot burst after burst of warm, clear she-cum all over him, the bed, the towel, his fingers, and anything else within range. Her thighs clamped on his head, her hands grabbed his hair, and as her body clenched in orgasm she held him in place as he continued to take burst after burst on his face and down his throat.

It was possibly the most erotic moment of Roger's sex-life, and it was all he could do to keep from cumming himself. As her moans subsided, she reveled in a few aftershocks before she finally let go of him.

"Oh baby, that was awesome," she cooed as he got to his knees, his face glistening with her juices. "Wow, that was incredible," he said. "I've never seen THAT before!" "Well, honey, I came all over YOUR face, now it's time to return the favor. Come here." With that, she turned him onto his back, and went down on him like a professional. She used a ton of spit as she sucked him, and drooled all over his dick. She licked down his shaft, and down the seam of his scrotum to his "taint" while she jerked him off.

She truly was an expert cock-sucker, but Roger knew he couldn't cum from just head alone. After about five minutes of pure pleasure, he pulled her up. "Wow," she said, with a smile.

"No one ever lasted that long before! What's it going to take to get your cum down my throat?" "Well, I always cum pretty hard in a 69.

Do you think you can come again?" "Oh, honey, you have no IDEA!" she smiled, and with that mounted his face with her still dripping snatch. Roger's finger found its way up her asshole again as he worked her cunt with his tongue.

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Kendra groaned with pleasure, but didn't stop sucking his cock. She really got into it, bobbing her head and slobbering like crazy, her drool running down his dick onto his balls. She could feel another orgasm building in her, but tried to slow it down so this didn't end too quickly. She was in HEAVEN. Roger changed his rhythm, moving from her clit to deep inside her pussy, and then back again.

She continued to suck him, moaning with every stroke. She ground down on his face, fucking his tongue while grinding her clit on his chin. As he felt her getting close to orgasm, he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He held out as long as he could, but all at once he felt the sperm release from his balls and work its way up his cock.

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She felt it too, and began pumping his shaft into her mouth with an experienced rhythm. She loved this part, the anticipation of a ton of cum shooting into her mouth and onto her face. She didn't have to wait long. With a load groan, Roger let go with a huge burst of semen to the back of her throat. She took one more burst in the mouth, and then pulled his cock out to jerk it onto her cheek and chin.

Three, then a fourth burst erupted onto her skin, and she loved the feel of his hot cock and hotter sperm onto her face. The feeling alone put her over the top, and her own orgasm washed over her.

"Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Roooggggggggggeeeeeeeer" was all she could let out before the flood gates gave way and Roger's face was again awash in sweet pussy juice.

This time, he had a perfect view of the sweet clear liquid squirting and then dribbling out of her cunt into his mouth and down her chin. It was even more erotic than before. They both lay exhausted, waiting for any kind of strength to return as their breathing returned to normal levels.

"Honey, it's late, and I'm beat," she spoke dreamily. "I want you to fuck me, hard, but I want to be able to enjoy it. Let's grab a quick nap and gear up for round two.

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Ok?" Yeah, like Roger would turn THAT down…