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Laura slowly opened her eyes, as a silver of light came through the shades of her tiny window. The room was spinning, which discouraged her from getting up. What the hell had happened to her? She grimaced as she was suddenly bombarded with vivid flashbacks.

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"Oh my god, you're awake!" Someone squealed close to her. Laura nearly jumped out of her skin. She raised herself on to her elbows, with quite a lot of effort, and waited for her vision to become clear.

As the blurring faded, she managed to spot the tiny blonde sitting cross-legged on her bed. "Hey." She croaked out, her voice still a bit hoarse from the previous night. Caroline looked at her with obvious concern. "Are you okay? I was so worried about last night, but Derek told me not to let you sleep it off, and I…" "I'm fine." Laura sighed. "Just a little confused as to what happened last night.

Sorry if I made you worry." Caroline grinned, comforted by the knowledge that her new BFF was fine. "It's cool. It was fun seeing Little Miss Stick-up-her-ass have some fun." "Hey." Elena protested. She wasn't that bad. Caroline raised her arms. "Hey, I like you either way, but you don't even know how much fun you are!" "Was I really…fun?" Laura asked hesitantly. Despite the pounding in her head, she couldn't bring herself to fully regret going along with Caroline's plan.

From what she could gather through the haze of her hangover, she'd had an amazing time. At least for the most part. That was new for her, seeing as her job and taking care of Jeff had always taken precedence over her personal life. The blonde nodded enthusiastically. "Hell yes! No wonder Brad got all hot and bothered for you!

Seriously, if I swung that way, we totally would've made out, because damn!" Laura scrunched up her face. "Yeah…About Brad…What happened there?" "Oh you know, the usual." Caroline waved a hand flippantly. "He got a little too close for, well, Derek's comfort and a sporadic release of testosterone occurred." "Does that happen often with the two of them?" She asked.

"In Brad's case? He gets kicked around a lot. Has to do with him trying to hump everything that moves. This was the first time I saw Derek actually get involved, go figure." Caroline rolled her eyes. Laura nodded. Well that was not good. "I see." Caroline bit her lip.

"What happened with the two of you?" "What do you mean?" Laura asked, knowing full well where Caroline was going with her question. "I'm not dumb, Laura." Caroline gave her a pointed look.

"He's such an asshole when it comes to you, he hasn't slept with me since we hit the road, and now he's punching his band members for you…it's not like him, and I know what he's like." Laura nodded. "Do you have feelings for him?" "I do." Caroline sighed, pouting.

"Or I don't know. He represents the lifestyle that I love, let's just say that. But I won't hold it against you if something happened between you two. "Can you keep a secret?" Laura asked her. Caroline nodded. With confirmation, Laura told her the story of how she and Derek got into the tangled mess they were now in, leaving out no details. At some parts, Caroline frowned, laughed, and rolled her eyes, sometimes even commenting on her story.

As Laura finished her gruesome tale, she looked at her new pleadingly. "Please don't hate me." She begged. "Why would I?" Caroline asked, amused. "If anything, I have more respect for you!" "But how…" Laura was genuinely confused. How could she be so nonchalant about hearing all of that, while still harboring feelings for Derek?

"Laura, I have feelings for him, but it's never going to go anywhere. I know that. I can't blame you for being the one thing he does seem to want. It just sucks wanting someone who doesn't want you back, you know?" Caroline tried to smile at her reassuringly. "Yeah. Thanks for listening to me, by the way, I just really needed to talk to someone." Laura smiled gratefully.

Caroline simply grinned. "Don't thank me! That was some juicy gossip, not that I'm gonna spread it or anything!" "Good…" Laura said seriously. "Out of curiosity…" Caroline tried to find the right words. "Why wouldn't you just call his bluff? I mean, you work for a tabloid, right? That recorder has got to be worth quite a bit, wouldn't your boss be super happy with you?" Laura shrugged.

It wasn't as if she hadn't thought of it. "Well, for one thing, my editor is kind of like my dad, I wouldn't want him or my little brother to look at me differently. For another, I have bigger aspirations for my life than working for a crappy tabloid. If I do it, I might completely blow my chances of ever moving upwards." Caroline seemed satisfied with her answer, before smirking wickedly.

"Want to even the scales?" "What do you mean?" Laura narrowed her eyes. "Well…" Caroline trailed off innocently. "If that recorder were to go missing…that would just be awfully convenient, wouldn't it, Laura?" Laura nodded, as a plan started taking form in her head. "I think you're right, Care." Caroline stood up, looking more determined than ever.

"That settles it! You and I are going to put our thinking caps on! As soon as you stop looking like death warmed over." "Thanks." Laura rolled her eyes. "And Caroline?" Caroline had already walking towards the door, when she turned around at hearing her name. "Yeah?" "I really am sorry about, Derek. You deserve someone better. Someone who really cares about you." Caroline nodded, looking down, giving Laura the idea that she wasn't as okay as she appeared.

She pressed her palm against her right eye and smiled sadly at Laura. "It is okay." Her voice broke. "Really, I should know better." Before Laura could speak up, she opened the door, walking out, before shrieking loudly. "God, Daniel! Look where you're going! Just…Stay away from me!" Laura cringed as she heard Caroline's screams at the younger Vega on the other side of the door.

"I'm sorry, I just…" Daniel muttered.

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"I don't want to hear it, you little freak!" Laura heard something being shoved and someone sighing heavily. "Come in." Laura yelled loudly. "I think I'm hosting a talk show today." Daniel opened the door, frowning heavily. "I think I should've had a white flag made for today." Laura patted her bed, seeing as her room was too small for any chairs.

Daniel quickly sat down on the edge. "She didn't mean any of that, she's just having a bad day." She really shouldn't have told Caroline about her and Derek. Daniel nodded. "You don't look so good either." "Always the smooth talker, aren't you?" Laura stated dryly. Daniel blushed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out like that. You just look tired, that's all." "That's because I am." Laura repeated quickly.

"Drinking the night away tends to do that." "Do you always drink that much?" He asked. "No, not really." She confessed. "Lately, I've just been feeling pretty inexperienced in life. I don't know, I just want to be a normal 25- year old for once. I never got to be a kid, so I guess I've been trying to make up for lost time." Laura sighed.

"God that sounded like a poorly written excuse." "Believe me." Daniel chuckled. "That sounds familiar. Ask Derek how he became the asshole he is today, you might be surprised by the answer." Laura furrowed her brows. "What do you mean?" Daniel shrugged noncommittally.

"That's his story to tell. Let's just say that things aren't as black and white as they appear." Laura nodded. "A certain blonde might have told me the same thing yesterday." "You should listen to her." Daniel smiled wistfully. Laura hesitated, before deciding to just go for it. "Why haven't you told her?" "Told her what?" He looked at her with wide, frightened hazel eyes. "That you're in love with her." Laura stated immediately.

"Never lie to me, I'm like a bloodhound." "That you are." He sighed. "I haven't told her because she doesn't like guys like me." Laura resisted the urge to strangle him.

"How would you know? You don't even have the guts to talk to her! Are you just attracted to her because of her looks? I'm starting to see the Vega family resemblance. You and Derek both are just so&hellip." "It's not just about how she looks." Daniel cut her off. "It's how she can control the whole room.

If she's smiling, everyone just lights up. If she's unhappy, no one's having a good time. Haven't you seen her? She acts like she's so tough, even though she's clearly more vulnerable than she lets on. How could I not want her?" Laura nodded grimly. "You don't have to tell me how amazing she is, I'm starting to see it for myself. Why doesn't you brother see it?" Daniel laughed darkly. "This might come as a surprise to you, but he does care about Caroline, even if it's not romantically.

If he didn't care, he wouldn't have allowed me to put her on our bus." "Yeah, I was wondering about that." Laura asked, licking her lips. "Why are we on this bus and not on the other one with the rest of the girls?" "Do you want to be on that bus?" Daniel raised his eyebrows.

"I'd rather have Sayid stick bamboo splinters under my fingernails." Laura stated seriously. Daniel looked at her blankly. "What?" "Lost?" she said, and as kept staring at her with those same eyes, she sighed.

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"Do you own a TV? Never mind, get to the point." Daniel shook his head, smiling. "The main reason Caroline is on the bus is because I wanted her to be. The main reason you're on this bus is because…" "Derek wanted it." Laura finished the sentence for him.

"Bingo." Daniel smiled, clearly amused. "Make of that what you will." She nodded, not sure what to say. "How's everything going with the gig tonight?" "That's actually why I wanted to see you, I needed to drop off your backstage pass." Daniel said before handing it over.

Laura turned the plastic-encased pass in her hands. "Thanks." "No problem." Daniel stood up and walked over to the door. "I hope you actually come this time." Laura gave him a small smile, before letting her head fall back on to her pillow as she heard the door click shut.

Her head was still killing her, even more so after all the new information she head just acquired. The motion of the bus rolling along on a bumpy road wasn't helping. She heard the door open once more. "Did you forget something…" She raised her head and gasped in surprise, Derek waggled his eyebrows as greeting. "If I say I didn't get a proper goodbye kiss last night, am I risking certain body parts?" "Depends on whether or not you exit this room in the next two seconds." Laura growled.

"Hey, no need to be like that." He reprimanded her. "Especially since I didn't come empty handed." He threw her a water bottle, before extending a small white pill to her in his hand.

Laura frowned. "What is that?" "Oh you fuck's sake." He groaned. "It's Aspirin, you moron. Just take it." Laura nodded, taking a gulp of water and downing the pill. "Thanks. I'm sorry…I'm just…" "Ridiculously hangover?" Derek smirked.

"Yeah." She gave him a tiny laugh. "And thanks for helping me out last night." He shrugged. "No biggie. I need to protect our Ace Reporter from any and all threats." Laura shook her head, rolling her eyes. "I don't need anyone to protect me, least of all you." "Why?" He smirked.

"Because…" she sighed. Suddenly, he pounced on her, straddling her on the bed. "Could it be because I'm the Big Bad Wolf to your Red Riding Hood? Are you scared of me?" Laura looked at her side, desperate for an escape. She didn't trust herself around him, especially since she knew her will-power was fragile at best. She'd had a taste, and now she wanted more, no matter how much she tried to deny it. He smirked, his lips only a few inches from hers.

"That's it, isn't it? You're scared of me!" Laura pushed at his shoulders, though he refused to budge. "I'm not scared of you!" "Really?" He asked, trailing a finger down her arm.

"You're getting goose bumps, but you say you're not scared…Interesting. Could it be you actually want me?" Laura raised her eyebrows, suddenly amused. "You're awfully obsessed with me, you know? I'm starting to think you're the one with a little schoolboy crush." Derek growled, shoving a leg between her thighs, enjoying the way she gasped at their new proximity. "I'm not obsessed with you, or with anyone." "Really?" she grinned.

"Because I think different. Suddenly it all makes sense." "What makes sense?" Derek asked suspiciously. "You like me!" She laughed exuberantly. "It's kind of cute, don't you think?

You getting me drunk to have your way with me, blackmailing me to come on your tour, defending my honor like a caveman… You might as well have stomped on my sandcastle and pulled on my pigtails." Derek gripped her arms, pressing himself more firmly against her.

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"Seems like you're fishing, sweetheart." Laura shook her head. "You're such a sad little thing, aren't you?" "We both know there's nothing sad or little about me." He smirked, grinding his hips against hers. Laura gripped her eyes shut, trying not to moan at the contact.

"You can stop deflecting, I won't give in." "Really? Because I think you find me irresistible." He licked a trail down her neck. She rolled her eyes, before using all her muscles to flip them over, much to her surprise.

She straddled him as he grinned up at her. "This is a favorite position of yours, isn't it?" He smiled at her happily. Laura lowered her head until their lips were nearly touching. "Do you like it?" "Like what?" he whispered, playing along, his hot breath tickling her skin. "The way I ride you." She purred, bringing her lips eve closer to his. "The way my pussy squeezes your hard, aching cock…" She trailed a hand down his body, before brazenly lowering her hand into his black jeans.

She grasped his hot length in her hand, letting her fingers mold themselves around it lightly. He let out a shudder, growing even harder. "Because I think you find me irresistible." Laura grinned wickedly, throwing his earlier words back at him. She grinded herself against him slowly, getting more and more confident due to his reaction to her. It was flattering, not to mention fun. He had it coming. He tried to lift his lips to hers, she let them touch hers for about a few seconds, only for her to pull herself up.

She smiled at him innocently. "Sorry, Derek, I'm all out of, how did you put it…Oh that's right! 'Pity fucking the needy and mentally unstable'!" Laura jumped off the bed, making sure her t-shirt still covered everything it was supposed to cover.

He was still lying on her med, looking more stunned than ever. She grinned. Despite her hangover, she felt pretty fucking smug. "The next time you want to impress a girl, try not being such an asshole. You know, we've slept together twice and you haven't even wondered if I'm on any kind of protection!

I am, but what stuns me is that you really don't give a shit about anyone but yourself. Am I supposed to fawn over you?? Laura crossed her arms, raising her eyebrows. "Grow up, Derek. I am never going to sleep with again, not matter how much you truly charm me. You're blackmailing me, remember?

I'm not some puppet that's here for your amusement. I'm an actual human being, and I won't be treated this way!" She huffed, taking a deep breath. Derek raised himself on to his elbows, "I may be just as disgusting as you said I am, but that still doesn't change the fact that you just had your hand down my pants. I get you hot and make you feel alive.

There's nothing wrong with admitting that." Laura chuckled dryly, before shaking her head. "Likewise. Except I'm not trying to make your life a living hell.

You know, you can screw around with my future as much as you want, but you know what? I have a brother! I'm the only thing he has for a role model and a caretaker, and I sure as hell won't let you take that away from him!" He looked at her, stunned, before lowering his eyes.

Laura glared at him. "We had a deal, remember? You weren't supposed to touch me, and now you've really gotten on my bed side. If you'll excuse me, I need a shower. I'd appreciate it if you'd be gone by the time I return.

She shut the door, leaning against it with a sigh. Somehow, she felt as if things between them had just shifted. More than that, she felt as if she finally had the upper hand, and it wasn't a bad feeling.

Not bad at all. (Later that evening) "Okay!" Caroline clapped her hands together.

"They're just about to start their set, which gives us a full…two hours before anyone will be coming back. I'm gonna look backstage and in his dressing room, you take the bus." Laura took a deep breath, "Are you sure you wanna do this?" Caroline smirked.

"Have you met me? I live for anything that requires me to dress in something skintight and black." Laura raised her eyebrows, amused at her antics. "You do realize that the cat burglar outfit isn't necessary?" "You're stealing my thunder." Caroline pouted. "Though I have to say, I do dig your ensemble, Laura." Laura looked down, nodding in approval.

She was wearing a black skintight top with grey skinny jeans and her converse sneakers from earlier. Shopping with Caroline had paid off after all. She didn't look trashy, just more youthful. "Was that a compliment?" She gasped mockingly. Caroline glared at her.


"Hey! I give credit where credit is due." Laura simply smiled. "I really do appreciate you doing this with me." Caroline rolled her eyes. "Look, just make sure to be subtle about it in case someone comes back early from the after party. I'll stay at the club to avoid suspicion.

We'll meet up tomorrow, okay?" Laura nodded. "Good Luck." Caroline waved at her before skipping out of the bus. Laura sighed and turned around to inspect the bus. If she were a small, rectangular decide, where would she be? She growled in frustration. Too many possibilities, too little time. She headed straight for the ER.

As she entered, she had to will herself to stay calm and not panic. The room was messy, to say the least. Empty beer cans littered the floor, alongside dirty clothes, instruments and other items. With the plush couches and chairs to boot, it was the perfect hiding place.

Laura bent down and started lifting random objects off the floor. Little by little, she scoured every inch of the room, with very little success. Much to her dissatisfaction, she had nearly used her allotted two hours by the time she was done turning the ER upside down. Luckily, she knew the after parties of The Immortals were somewhat legendary and would keep the rest of the crew occupied for a long time.

She entered the common space again, turning over random bean bags, rolling her eyes at her behavior. Of course he wouldn't hide what little leverage he had so sloppily! It had to be somewhere secure, where no one would accidentally get their hands on it. She bit her lip, hesitating.

Could she actually enter his room? That was a line she wasn't sure she wanted to cross. After all, it was where the devil slept! She shuddered. No good could come out of getting more tangled into his web, yet she had to.

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That recorder could finally give her the leverage she so craved. Laura opened the door, leaving it open, as she stared in amazement at the room before her. It was completely black, with only a small lamp warming it up. Not much was done to furnish it. There was a bed, a small desk, and bag of clothes, as fast as she could tell. Laura browsed the surfaces with both her hands and eyes, looking for her recorder. She walked over to his desk and smiled, picking up a picture of two young boys at the beach.

They were hugging each other fiercely, smiling at the camera. She felt her heart grow warm at how innocent they looked. She put the picture back down, returning to her task.

Where could he had possibly hid it? She looked at his bed. Maybe it was under his pillows?

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She rolled her eyes, before crouching down and starting to crawl on her hands and knees on the bed. She reached the end of his bed right as she heard someone clear their throat behind her. "Well, I was planning on ditching the party and trying to get you to have a naked slumber party with me, but you're one step ahead of me, aren't you?" he smiled. "Message received, though you could've gone with a little more subtlety." Laura blushed, realizing that he was currently staring at her perky bottom, and sat down quickly.

She turned around, crossing her arms. "What are you doing here, Derek?" she asked. "Are you seriously asking me what I'm doing in my own room? After I caught you snooping around?" he raised his eyebrows, kicking the door behind him shut. As he used one hand to lock it. Laura shifted in place, trying to come up with a reasonably believable lie. "I wasn't snooping. I was just looking for…" "Don't eff with and effer." He smiled at her dangerously.

"You wouldn't happen to know why Caroline was doing the exact same thing in my dressing room?" "No." Laura lied smoothly He raised his eyebrows, before drawing a hand to his back pocket and pulling out her beloved recorder. She gasped as he waved it in front of her.

"And you're positive you weren't looking for this?" she wanted to rip his stupid, perfect face off. He couldn't be that cocky all the time. It wasn't fair! Laura sighed. "Derek…" He tossed it on to the bed.

"Take it. It's yours." Laura quickly grabbed it, putting it into her pocket. "Look I don't know what kind of a game you're playing at here, but…" He rolled his eyes. "I'm not playing a game. I just want you to have it." "Why?" She desperately wanted to know.


Derek shrugged, before smirking. "Because while you didn't call my bluff, I've decided to call yours." "What?" she asked nervously. She started feeling uncomfortable, not liking the way he was scrutinizing her. "You said I was blackmailing you, right? And that there was no other reason for you to be here?" He stared at her coldly, almost challenging her. "Here's your chance. Get back to your boring old life. No one's stopping you, I'll even call your boss and make something up" She looked at him, stunned into silence.

The choice should've been obvious. Yet strangely enough, she found herself hesitating. "Why are you doing this?" Laura asked. Derek shrugged. "What do I have to lose? You're…intriguing, but that's about as far as it goes. On the flipside, we both know you like being here. I see you with Caroline and Danny, you're having fun. Possibly for the first time ever. I have nothing to lose, but you're risking a few awesome friends and grand fucking time." Laura nodded.

While she knew there was more to what was going on between them than just 'intrigue', she didn't have the energy to fight him on it. Especially since he was right about all the rest. She was having fun. Strangely enough, the more time she spent on the bus, the less it became about him and the more it became about her.

Not even about her work, but just her. It was relazing, not having to be the responsible one for once (Also, she and Caroline quickly deduced Daniel to be a much bigger workaholic than she was). As selfish as the thought made her feel at times, she loved not having the burden of real life on her shoulders. Laura sighed. "Fine. I don't want to leave." He grinned at her victoriously. "And she finally admits it. Now tell me you want me." "No." she replied as a reflex to his question.

Derek laughed dryly, shaking his head. "One step forwards and a gazillion back. That's how you like it, right?" Laura stood up with the intention to leave the room and never return. "Don't tell me what I like and don't like.

You don't know me. Thanks for the recorder, Derek." Just as she was about to walk past him, he pushed her into the adjacent wall, encasing her with his body. He grabbed both of her hands. Laura glared at him.

"Now, now, there's no need to be rude." He whispered soothingly, breaking into a smirk. Laura groaned. "Yes, because you're the definition of decorum, aren't you?" "Say whatever you want about me, but I'm not a liar." Derek stated. "Really?" she laughed. "So you feel nothing for me?

Nothing at all?" He smirked again. "We have great sexual chemistry and I do think you're a riot, but feelings? Get over yourself." "You're so full of shit." She couldn't help her tiny smile. He was unbelievable. "Prove me wrong then. I dare you to try, but prepare to be mocked." She gave him a smirk of her own. A month ago, she had been a different person. A person constrained by routine and responsibility. Who she was now…She hadn't even come close to figuring it out yet.

And neither had he. "Not that I care or anything…" Laura shrugged callously. "But challenge accepted." Laura leaned over, crashing her lips against his. He returned the kiss fiercely, pressing her further into the wall. She hooked on leg around his waist, using it to maneuver so that he was the one pressed against wall. Violently, she pulled his pants open, tugging them down his hips. "Eager, are we?" He asked, leaning against the wall. "Shut up." Laura gritted out.

Laura sank down to her knees, rolling her eyes as she saw him going commando again. She wrapped her hand firmly around his cock, smirking as she felt him grow hard. He grabbed on to his desk for support, as the warm wetness of her mouth engulfed him.

Derek sank his hands into her hair, pulling on her hair hard, and only further spurring her on. She sucked on him hard, using her left hand to get a better grip. She rolled her tongue around his salty skin with indented cheeks. Laura looked up at him and smirked around him, he was leaning against the wall with his eyes shut, breathing raggedly.

She couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her. He groaned out as the vibrations of it hit his cock… "Fuck…" he moaned out. He thrust into her mouth, lost the sensations she was bringing him.

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Laura sucked on him harder, causing him to whine out pitifully. She opened her mouth further, taking him in as far as she could, until she felt him hit the back of her mouth. Relaxing her jaw, she swallowed around him. She held him in her mouth, squeezing him with her throat, until he pulled out abruptly.

Derek grabbed her by the shoulders, looking feverish to say the least, "Sorry, princess, but I have bigger plans for us." Laura rolled her eyes as he pushed her back against the wall, immediately beginning to undress her.

"Eager, are we?" Derek cursed under his breath, trying to work the buttons of her jeans. Eventually, he relented and opted to push them down her legs, along with her black panties. "Shut up!" "Ooh, original." Laura smiled.

He pushed her by the shoulders mores firmly against the wall, enjoying the way she sighed. He glared at her, his eyes filled with pure ice, before kissing her hard. Dominating her with his tongue, he conveyed to her his desperation. After a moment's hesitation, Laura returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his waist. As he finally came out for air, he simply stared at her longingly. "I want you. There's no need to complicate things." Laura nodded breathlessly. "This is just sex.

It doesn't mean anything." "Oh, look, we actually agree on something." He laughed. Derek kissed her again, tugging hardly at her tank top until the material simply gave out. And he was also rewarded with a slap. "I just bought that, asshole." She yelled at him. He threw the torn cloth away, before returning his attention to her round breasts encased in a black bra.

He kneaded the flesh with his hands, before lowering his head and sucking on the skin. He bit her, grinning as she whined lightly. Derek looked back at her cockily. "I'll get you more." Laura glared at him, before attacking his lips again. As they were kissing heatedly, he grasped her ass, pulling her up. Laura wrapped her legs around his waist, straddling his hips. She moaned out as her naked back hit the wall again. He ran his hard length down her really, really wet slit.

As he positioned himself at her entrance, he grasped her hips roughly, looking at her. "Look at me." He said fiercely. Laura looked at him, the chocolate in her eyes turned molten, and held her breath. Slowly, nearly excruciatingly so, he slid into her. When he was finally seated fully inside of her, she let out the breath she'd been holding, her eyes wide with expectation and trepidation.

He began thrusting into her hard, pushing her into the wall each time. Laura started lifting her hips up and down in sync with his, pulling him deeper inside of her. He teased her, first going fast, then going slow, as she lost herself to the different sensations. "Harder…" Laura moaned, beads of sweat gathering on her forehead.

Derek kissed her shoulder blade, slamming into her hard. Laura wrapped her legs tighter around him, trembling wildly. "Is this what you want?" He asked her gruffly, pounding into her repeatedly. "Yes!" She yelled without reservations. She didn't care anymore, she just wanted more.

Laura ran her hands down the smooth planes of his back, sinking her nails into his skin. She was losing control, slipping further down the rabbit hole. He as not better off, breathing raggedly against her shoulder. Derek grasped her hands, lifting them above her head, as he continued thrusting into her.

Over and over, their hips collided together, both of them wrapped up in the feel of each other. She whimpered as she felt the familiar tingles of her orgasm in the pit of her stomach. Soon enough, she was breathing rapidly as she continued sinking down on to him. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her inner muscles contracted around him, milking him for all his worth.

Spent, she draped herself further around him, as he came with a harsh growl only seconds later. Supporting her weight, he carried them over to his bed, both tumbling down in a tangled heap of limbs. Laura found herself straddling him, though she wasn't surprised. Somehow, it seemed, that they always ended up that way. She raised her head from where it had been resting on his chest and looked at him, noticing that he had his eyes closed.

"Derek?" She asked. He had his eyes closed, even as one corner of his mouth curved into a sexy half-smile. "Yeah?" "Where were you keeping the recorder all this time?" Laura asked, genuinely curious after hours of searching for it.

Derek smirked. Opening his beautiful cerulean eyes. "In my pocket." She was confused. "But aren't there better places to keep it at? Why carry it on you?" He let out a low laugh. "Remember your little speech about personal space? I hid it in the one place I knew you wouldn't look for it. Though…I guess that little arrangement is over since someone really can't keep her hands to herself." Laura groaned in disgust, using her hands to push herself up against his chest.

"I should go." She was startled by a loud knock on the door, stifling the gasp about to escape her lips. "Derek! We're gonna move the party over here, are you coming?" Tyler yelled through the door. Derek looked at her pointedly, signaling for her to keep quiet.


"Fuck off, man. I'm trying to sleep." Laura let out a sigh of relief as she heard Tyler's footsteps move further away from the door. Only to curse under her breath as she heard a dozen more people enter the bus. "Looks like you're stuck." Derek smiled at her happily. "Unless you wanna tell everyone we're going steady." Laura glared at him, swatting at his chest. "I don't want anyone to know about us, not that there's an 'us' to begin with." He snickered.

"Of course there's an 'us'. Can't you see us? I think we look pretty fucking good together." She rolled her eyes and moved to the other side of the bed. Swiftly, she wrapped the covers around her lithe form and turned her back on him. "I'm sleeping here tonight." She stated. "Keep your hands off me." Laura could almost sense the smirk gracing his handsome face.

"Likewise, I wouldn't want to get raped in my sleep." She sighed. "What will it take to get you to shut up?" "I do believe I was robbed of a goodnight kiss last night." Exasperated, she threw the covers off her and rolled back on top of him.

Cupping his face, she attempted to peck him quickly, only for him to pull her in for a smoldering kiss. She tried to fight him, only to give up after two seconds, sighing happily as his tongue entered her mouth. After what felt like only a moment, he pulled away, caressing her cheek. "See now that was a proper kiss." Derek smiled at her crookedly. Laura worked to steady her breathing, staring at him with wide eyes.

Who was he? She'd thought she had him figured out, yet the more time she spent around him, the more confused she became. She moved back over to her side of the bed, not daring to look back.

As he burrowed deep into the covers, looking for security, she could still feel his eyes boring into her back. "Goodnight, Derek." She mumbled. She felt the bed shift as he moved over to her side. He grasped her shoulder, bringing his mouth close to her ear.

His hot breath tickled her skin, causing her to shiver. "Goodnight, Princess." He whispered, before kissing the top of her head and moving back over to his side. Laura shut her eyes tightly, still feeling his lips on hers. The more she tried to convince herself to stay away from him, the more she felt drawn to him.

And worst of all, she liked it.