Super steamy teenagers showing off

Super steamy teenagers showing off
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She was sprawled naked on her bed, savoring the after-glow of her father's 'good morning' fuck. He had just left her, disappearing into his lab, telling her that he had to get his birthday surprise ready for her. She was breath-takingly beautiful, with wide blue eyes, a small, slim nose and a wide, full-lipped mouth. Her long thick hair, glossy as the pelt of a healthy animal, flowed over her shoulders and framed her face, high lighting her even, regular features.

Her shoulders were wide and they needed to be, to support her lush, full 35D breasts. They stood straight out from her chest, sagged not at all, and were crowned with plump, cherry red nipples the size of her thumb. Her waist was slim, her father could just encircle it with his big hands, and it flared out into undeniably womanly hips.

Her ass was taut and firm, hand sized globes that begged to be fondled and caressed.

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Her legs were long and well muscled with firm, trim thighs that framed her sex, her bald beaver showcasing her prominent clit and her tight, well-defined cunt lips. She had well-turned calves, and small, almost dainty feet. She was his idea of a perfect woman. She was gorgeous, and, not to be crude, she was built for sex. She oozed sex from every pore and sex was what she lived for. She could orgasm while he nursed at her plump, turgid nipples.

She was wildly multi-orgasmic, and had once cum as he held her hands and fucked her mouth, without being touched anywhere else, before, during or after. It was the young girl's thirteenth birthday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He was ambivalent about the device he had built for his daughter.

He realized that he could not afford to ignore his financial affairs any longer, and that meant that he would be forced to leave his daughter alone at their mountain home during the day several times each month. He also realized that her appetite for sex could, and probably would, lead her into trouble while he was away.

The machine he had build for her was designed to sate that appetite, and hopefully, keep her close to home, instead of wandering the woods around their home. He regarded the machine thoughtfully, and then shrugged. He had no doubt that it would fulfill its function; after all, it was the most technologically advanced robot on the planet, the best that his genius and his money could build.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She looked at the machine warily.

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THIS was her birthday present? She had wanted the new X-Box, and her disappointment showed on her face as she looked at the small chamber in the center of her daddy's lab. "What's it for?" she asked, trying to hide her disappointment. "You'll see, baby. Go flip that switch by the door, and go inside and get undressed. It won't hurt you, in fact, you'll love it, I promise.

Go ahead." Walking forward, she did as she was told. She took off her blouse, and unhooked the sheer, lacy half-bra that supported her firm, full jugs. Her hands unhooked the simple denim skirt and it fell away, revealing her sheer, lace panties. She quickly stripped them off, sliding them down her long, slim legs and stepping out of them.

Nothing happened for several seconds, as the powerful computers that ran the device booted up. Infrared sensors, Ultra-sound sensors and cameras positioned around the small chamber took note of her presence and performed a series of precise measurements, perfectly mapping her magnificent young body and tracking her position within the chamber.

Silent, tentacle-like robotic arms slithered from openings in the walls, swiftly seizing her wrists, ankles, thighs and waist in softly padded jaws and slowly started to retract, suspending her in mid-air in the center of the chamber.

"Daddy!" she screamed, "Make it stop! I'm scared!" She fought madly against the clamps, to no avail. "It's ok, baby." her father said reassuringly. "Stop fighting it.


It won't hurt, in fact, you're going to love it." She continued to writhe against the clamps. "Stop it, I said!" he snapped, and his thirteen year old daughter slowly stopped her struggles, hanging limply between the tentacles, panting heavily, her lush, full breasts heaving.

"Just relax, baby. Do you really think that I'd do anything to hurt you? Do you?" "N. No daddy." she whimpered, her panic receding. "It just scared me, that's all." "All right. Now just relax. I'll be right here." he replied. The machine, continuing with its pre-programmed instructions, extruded a host of sinister looking arms from the walls and her skin crawled as they all advanced on her spread-eagled form.

Two foam-lined, articulated cups descended from the ceiling and captured her lush, ripe tits, a slight vacuum centering her nipples at the tips of the cups and holding them firmly. Two gossamer-thin filaments, their diameter measured in atoms, found and penetrated her flaccid nipples, carefully sinking deep into her breasts, and began to vibrate, the planned pattern sending jolts of erotic joy throughout her entire body.

Another probe prodded between her buttocks, seeking entrance to her anus. It easily breached the annular muscles and slithered inside, and slowly advanced up her rectum and into her bowels, cleaning and lubricating her back passage as it moved.

Her nipples hardened, and she moaned softly as the sensations in her tits and ass ignited her sensual nature. Nine more probes descended from the ceiling and grasped her head firmly, microscopic filaments penetrating her scalp and monitoring her brain waves. She drew in a ragged breath when a two pronged device carefully parted her cunt lips and probed for the entrance to her tight little box. A smaller copy of the cups that imprisoned her swelling breasts captured her clit while the rearward invader slithered along the coils of her intestines, the invasion of her anus not hurting a bit.

The two probes in her hot, young cunt were joined by a dozen more, and they banded together and expanded, exerting pressure in every direction, measuring the elasticity and volume of her vaginal vault. She moaned again as the delightful sensations caused her cunt to start leaking, her juices coating the probes.

She made little sounds of complaint when the probes were withdrawn from her hot little twat, the mass of them gleaming wetly. Then she gasped hotly as a much larger device prodded at her cunt and forced its way inside. It expanded to completely fill her and heated to match her own body temperature.


Her delirious response was beyond her ability to control. She was totally enraptured by a machine. To put it in terms a layman could understand, a metal cock was buried deep within her copiously leaking cunt, and was fucking her brains out.

This sounds sinister, but in reality, it was beautiful. The totally helpless and delighted young girl was being machine fucked by a mechanical lover that varied its temperature between 90 and 105 degrees. Her whole body trembled as that inhuman lover started shuttling in and out of her melting cunt. She screamed and spasmed as she orgasmed, then orgasmed again as the probe buried deep in her bowels exited her body.

Meanwhile, at the rate of one hundred and twenty times a minute, the massive metal probe, ensconced deep inside her cunt, pounded in and out of her drooling channel, oozing a thick lubricant as it moved to keep her tight young cunt tube from becoming chaffed.

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Its actions now were accompanied by obscene slurping sounds and her moans and cries of ecstasy. Only when it seemed that her body could stand not another second of such exquisite sexual torture, did her belly explode in a super orgasm.

Her mind reeled under the force of the massive orgasm, as readings were taken from the probes monitoring her brain, and adjustments were made, so she would not pass out during the incredible orgasms she was having. A tiny filament extruded from the massive metal cock buried deep in her belly and entered her cervix, the chemical compound it exuded dilating the entrance to her womb.

The young girl's womanly body hung exhausted in the middle of the chamber, her lips curved in an ecstatic smile.

All of it had been mechanical, and all of it formed the best and most erotic overload she had ever experienced. There was a long, long pause as she drifted down from the best orgasm of her short life, her taut, and supremely feminine body sagging in complete relaxation. She felt like a puddle of warm wax, her universe soft and pink.

Then it started again. She felt the needles begin to vibrate.

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They pulsed away; deep inside her breasts as the articulated cups holding them began to manipulate her breasts, feeling uncannily like her father's big hands mauling her tits. All the sensations in her incredibly ripe tits melded together, bringing her higher and higher as the huge, monolithic metal cock once again began shuttling in and out of her stuffed, wet cunt, pounding into her spasming belly one hundred and twenty times a minute.

When the machine monitoring her brain recognized the signs of her impending orgasm, it sent the proper commands to the massive metal cock plundering the thirteen-year-old girl's pussy, and it 'came', pumping almost a half a pint of 105 degree 'cum' into her belly.

The sensation of that 105-degree cum flooding her womb and spurting past the mammoth cock plugging her cunt pushed her over the edge, and she reached another peak of absolute sexual pleasure, her orgasm smashing through her willingly imprisoned body.

And again, she collapsed, or would have but for the padded metal clamps that held her spread so wide. And again, there was the pause while she came down and adjustments were made. The vaginal probe adjusted, shrinking a few centimeters and it's twin dropped from the ceiling, nuzzling, entering her relaxed anus. And it all began again.

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Her taut, sweating body writhed and bucked with the metal intruders, her breasts swelling inside the cups that cradled them and caressed them, her screams of absolute ecstasy echoing through the house as she flashed into orgasm.

Again the pause, and the overwhelming sexual stimulation was applied again, and again, and again, until her whole world was the chamber and her cybernetic lover giving her orgasm after orgasm, until the probes monitoring her brain indicated that her magnificent young body was finally and completely sated.

Her father, on the other hand, was aroused beyond belief, the sex-drenched air in the lab making his cock harder than it had ever been. As the robotic arms slowly lowered the semi-conscious girl to the cot in the corner, he said the commands to bring up a new routine. The arms halted their decent and repositioned their burden for his pleasure. She remained spread-eagled on her back, but the tentacles that had supported her head now allowed it to fall back.

The needles imbedded deep in her firm, ripe breasts started their magic again, and minute electric currents were send through selected probes into her brain. As he positioned himself next to his sexually sated daughter, the cameras and sensors noted his position and made small adjustments to the position of the thirteen-year-old girl.


A slim probe located her nostril and quickly slithered inside and through her sinuses to her lungs, a small door opening at the tip and pumping fresh air to her on demand. Another probe grasped her jaw and opened it, while a third probe invaded her mouth and throat, making sure the passage was straight and clear, and withdrew. At the sound of a soft beep from the computer, he stepped forward and crammed all eleven inches of his straining cock balls deep in her gaping mouth, his large nut sack draping over her nose and covering her eyes.

She began to suck her father's cock, the computer arousing her once again, the massive metal spike in her soaked cunt slowly pumping her ravaged pussy. He moaned loudly as her lips and tongue went to work on his huge cock. She groaned as the second massive metal cock started thrusting into her bowels in sync with the gigantic spike that was slowly fucking her drooling cunt. She swallowed again and again around the cock that was imbedded deep in her throat, her throat muscles squeezing and massaging his throbbing dick.

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The cups and needles covering and stimulating her swollen breasts withdrew, and he seized the quivering mounds, squeezing them until the flesh oozed between his fingers.

She groaned deep in her chest as he abused her ripe tits and orgasmed, her softly rounded belly fluttering as her muscles clenched on the relentless metallic cocks fucking her cunt and ass. He gasped as she sucked madly on his cock, fighting to stave off the orgasm that was threatening to overwhelm him.

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Reluctantly, he withdrew his aching dick from her mouth, and stepped back. The computer registered his change of position, and as he walked around the wildly orgasming girl, the massive cock that was fucking her spasming cunt withdrew, and the robotic arms holding the young girl's twitching body slowly changed her position until she was sitting in mid-air, her long legs spread wide, her metallic lover's mammoth cock now shuttling slowly up and down in her stretched anus.

He stepped forward and aimed his cock at her leaking pussy, and slammed it home in one thrust as he leaned over and kissed her, his tongue entering her mouth as his cock entered her cunt. She screamed into his mouth as his cock bottomed out in her dripping honey pot, and convulsed into another orgasm, sucking his tongue like she had sucked his cock only moments before.

Her hot, wet cunt spasmed around his buried prick, and it felt like he had it in a velvet meat-grinder, so powerful were her contractions. He started moving then, forcing his cock in and out of her orgasming cunt, fucking her brutally as the robotic spike in her tight rectum sped up to match him, stroke for stroke. The machine stimulated certain nerve centers in her brain, allowing the thirteen-year-old girl to stay conscious and aroused as the savage double fucking continued.

As he strained to keep from blowing his load into his young daughter, he gasped out a command to the voice interface on the machine he had built. A series of probes came down from the ceiling and fastened themselves to his head, painlessly monitoring and stimulating the proper nerve centers of his brain. As the probes worked their magic, another arm extruded from the wall of the chamber and found it's way into his ass, traveling up his rectum to his prostate. Several things happened at once.

As the filaments in his head stimulated his brain and the probe in his ass massaged his prostate, his pleasure increased ten-fold, and he exploded into orgasm, his hot, steaming cum hosing out his thirteen year old daughter's cunt, flooding into her womb and triggering another orgasm in her. The mechanical cock in her ass expanded and a cover irised open in the tip, and it too 'orgasmed, ' flooding her rectum with bursts of hot, then cold, then hot 'jism.' Her eyes bulged in her head and she screamed as if she'd been shot, as the un-natural stimulation overloaded her mind, her orgasms crashing in on her one after another so quickly that she fainted dead away, the machine unable to compensate for the speed of her reaction to the double fucking she was getting.

Lost in the most explosive cum of his life, Tom continued to fuck the unconscious girl, her magnificent body shaking from his manic attack as he had a second orgasm, his huge cock pumping more of his incestuous sperm deep into the convulsing cunt of his thirteen year old daughter's limp body.

His knees buckled, and he would have fallen but for the arms that shot out of the walls and grabbed him when the computer sensed his imminent collapse.

Finally, it was over. The machine slowed and then stopped fucking her hot, tight rectum. The probes withdrew from monitoring her brain and the arms drew her off her father's drained cock, placing her in a slight head down position, to allow her to recover consciousness on her own.

He was lowered to the floor, where he lay gasping, as the probes withdrew from his body. Minutes passed, and he roused himself when he heard his baby girl speak. "Daddy?" she croaked. "Daddy, are you there?" "Yes, Baby, Daddy's here." he groaned.

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"Daddy? Thank you, Daddy." she whispered. "This is the best present ever." "I'm glad you liked it, princess." he panted. "Daddy?" she said again. "I love you, Daddy." "I love you too, honey." he said, slowly climbing to his feet. He walked to where his daughter hung from the clamps and tenderly kissed her on the mouth. Her tongue leisurely licked his lips as they kissed, and he gathered her into his arms and ordered the computer to release the clamps holding her.

Her arms encircled his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist as they kissed again, her lush, ripe breasts pressed against his broad, muscular chest. Slowly, he carried his thirteen-year-old daughter to his bed.