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Riesen muschi bilder
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I kept slamming the A button on the controller, but damn sonic was moving around to fast to hit princess Zelda. I growled to myself, my thumbs still pressing the attack button over and over until finally I got a hit. She went flying off the field and exploded into a green tinted blast. In big letters shown "GAME" and I gave a smile. I looked over to my roommate in a cocky smirk. I've never played super smash brothers brawl before, and I was beating him at his own game.

"Lucky shot" He said as he got up and turned off the wii. "Luck had nothing to do with it, my friend." I crossed my arms and gave a soft chuckle.

He grabbed his backpack and looked at the time.

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"Well I guess I should be going." Such a sore loser, he was going to leave for his home around five. It was four twenty. I gave a small shrug and told him to have a good weekend, and he was gone.

I looked around the dorm; it suddenly seemed bigger now that I had it all to myself for the weekend. My name is Damien. I'm a college student and it's only my third week here. I have shaggy brown hair, which should be curly but I straighten it every day, hazel colored eyes, and a nice round shaped face. I am about 5'6 and a bit on the cubby side.

No, I wasn't fat or anything, but I'm not a twink either. I'm gay. Yes. Whatever. I don't really like it because of what happened between me and my parents, but it's something I came to except. I have both my ears pierced to a fourteen gage. Not too much later my friend called me, she wanted me to come over to her dorm and watch true blood.

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Vampire movies. She always said she was a vampire, and I said I was a werewolf. Okay, we are nerds. We know this. But we are cool nerds.

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I got dressed and headed out to her dorm, which was all the way a crossed campus. I was walking out of my dorm, and I turned to lock it. Once I slid my key into the hole, I heard another door close. Out of my curiosity, I looked. My heart started to pound.

It was the most beautiful jock on my dorm floor. I still didn't know his name, even though I could look on his door and find out, but I decided it would never happen and I didn't want to get my hopes up.

He just kept walking past me, and I just did nothing but lock my door. I started to walk behind him, my mistake, and I yelled at myself to stop looking at his butt. He had very short brown hair, a well chiseled face. I had no clue what color his eyes were because I wasn't brave enough to get a close look. I could only imagine that big buff jock body of his.

He looked like someone off of the basketball team or a foot ball players. One of the people who ran and threw the ball… I have no clue what they are called. I don't like sports. I just like the guys who play them. He had a nice butt too. Nice, toned, firm. All the stuff the sub boy would want his dom to have.

He kept going straight and I turned to go down the stairs. I got pissed at myself for wishing to be with him, because I knew it would never happen.

I went to my friend's dorm, her room was bigger and her roommate was gone as well. Not to mention it smelled nicer. I didn't mind the smell of my dorm (which smelled of boys), but she hated it. We watched a couple of movies for a while, and watched little nemo. One of both of our childhood movies.

After it was around mid-night, I had to get back to my dorm or spend the night there. I packed up my computer and said good night. Now here is when my story really gets interesting. I was walking back, and right outside my dorm was him. Drunk. And just about passed out. He waved at me, and I was thinking 'what the hell?' "Dude." He said with a drunken slur, "I lost my key." He waved his hands out and stumbled around, as if was suppose to know where he keys were.

I gave him another 'what the fuck' look and just nodded. "I need in." He said again. I thought a while. It's a dry campus so he would go straight to jail if he was caught drunk. I couldn't let that happen. Whose butt would I look at when I walked down the hall? "Stay here." I ordered as I slid my card key through the slot, unlocking the door. I peeked in, finding no one in the lobby. "Come on." I grabbed his arm and yanked him in.

He nearly fell down but I caught him. That's when I realized that I had one hand on his wrist, another on his chest. "Thanks dude…" He mumbled lightly. I took this second to feel up his chest, a huge blush on my cheek. Yup, strong and muscular, like I knew he would be. I walked him up the stairs, keeping him quiet, and then looked around. It was a clear shot to my dorm. I was guessing since he lost his keys, he couldn't get into his dorm. Unless he had a roommate in there. I had no clue.

I didn't want to risk his roommate getting pissed and calling the cops on him either. So, I leaned him on the wall and unlocked my door. He just walked in, kicked his shoes off, and fell onto my bed. I blinked in shock, but quickly closed my door and locked it again. Why I locked it a second time, I don't know. I looked over to him again; he was still awake for some reason. "Oh, shit son. I don't know what I was thinking." He started to giggle a bit, and I thought he'd gone crazy.

I took my book bag and set it down somewhere, still looking at him.

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I sat at my desk, he taking up my bed, and thought a while. Now what? Well he answered it for me. "Uhh… didn't even get laid." This set up and alarm in my pants.

I looked over at him, and my jaw dropped to see that his hands were down his pants. "Dude…" He said, sounding half way sober. "Your gay right?" My heart started to pound. This wasn't real, was it? But when didn't we question great chances in our lives? "Yeah…" I started out. I waited for him to say something else, but that was it.

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He started to rub himself over his jeans, it caused me to shutter. What was I suppose to do? Just sit there? He asked me if I was gay, I said yeah, and he rubs himself. I bit my lip out of nerves, and walked over to him. I got on my knees and placed my hand on his crotch. He moved his hand away, giving me more free room to work. I froze, looking up at his body. God I needed to see under his shirt. It was pulled up just a small bit so I could see his stomach and treasure trail.

I kept looking down and that's when I realized what I was holding. His cock! It was hard too. "Keep going, dude." He ordered, and I nodded as if he could see me. I kept rubbing slowly through his jeans as he lifted his arm and put it over his eyes. My hands reached up and started to push his shirt up; he helped by sitting up and taking it off completely. I just looked in awe as I looked over his nicely toned chest, his well developed abs, and his buff arms. He leaned back, putting his arm over his head again to give me a good look at his armpits.

I started to rub his thick member again before I unbuttoned his jeans. Was this going too far? Well what was too far? Obviously he wanted to cum I doubt he wanted to make a mess in his pants. I slowly unzipped his fly, as if I was scared to get caught doing it. He thrust his hips up and his hands were pushing his own pants down. He didn't stop until they were down to his knees. Oh god. That cock had to be eight inches. It was thick too, and hairy. Some liked it shaved.

But I'm a man's man, so I loved pubic hair. His balls weren't tight to his body, like most guy's are when they get a hard on. They were loose and droopy, and reacting to every breath he took.

They too were hairy. I grabbed his legs and lifted them up, I got a nice view of his ass too, but that's not why I did it. I slipped into the small hole between his legs, crotch, and jeans.

Like emerging from underwater, my arms slipped through first fallowed by my chest. I felt trapped by the jeans and the mean looking cock. And I loved it. I grabbed it with my hands, feeling it's warmth as I started to slowly stroke it.

I couldn't take looking at it any longer, I had to taste it! I stuck out my long pink tongue and gave it a lick from the base to the head, earning an approving grunt from him. Oh god did it taste good! I started to lick it again and again. Over and over my tongue slid over that smoothed surface of that large cut cock. It's going to sound cheesy to say, but now I understand why the songs say 'lick it like a lollypop'.

That's just what I did. I licked and lapped at it as if it was my favorite candy. Hell, it was my favorite candy! I licked all around the head, sliding my tongue around the top of it.

This made him grunt like wild. With a deep breath, I took the whole head in my mouth and started to nurse from it as if I was a babe again. I took in another inch, stuffing my mouth with his dick. I was going slowly, but if I went fast I knew I wouldn't be able to deep throat it.

My tongue slid and rubbed the underside of the cock.


Again another inch, and then a minute later another inch was accepted in my maw. After about five minutes of working, I had my nose deep in his pubic hair, and my throat was constricting around his thick meat. "Oh fuck!" He panted as he gave a small thrust. He had nothing else to push in, so all he did was move my head around a bit. "Suck that dick. Fuck yeah girl." I felt a sharp sting in my stomach when he called me that.

But I didn't care. He was straight, right? And I had my lips around the most perfect cock in the world. So I started to bob my head up and down a bit, making sure my lips were tight around his shaft. I went back down, letting his hair tickle my nose. "You like that? You like your nose with my dick hair? Ohhh. I bet you do!" He was moaning with a drunken slur still.

I had no clue where his mind was.


But I knew he was in extreme pleasure. I felt his cock start to throb, and that's when I pulled it completely out of my mouth. I didn't want this to end so quickly! I could see he was about to protest, so I quickly pushed my lips up on his hair sac and gave them long hard kisses. "Mmm… that's right. Kiss my nuts." He grabbed the back of my head, wrapping his fingers around as if I were just a mere basketball to him, and shoved me into his sac.

"Oh yeah. Make love to them, bitch." And I did just that. My tongue slid out and licked over the rough but yet smooth surface of the balls.

They rolled around over my tongue until I sucked them into my mouth. Yeah, I was a nut sucker. After another minute or so, I could tell he had enough. He grabbed my hair roughly, and brought me back up to his fuck stick. He jammed it into my mouth, shoving inch after inch down. I gagged hard but that didn't stop him. He just kept his hold around my face and fucked it wildly.

I was chocking and gagging, not being able to deep throat unless I go slowly. But he didn't have time for that. He needed to cum and he needed to now.

He was grunting and giving soft moans as he shoved his love shaft in my face. Over and over again until, he stopped. He just let go, fell back, and went limp. I pulled away quickly, catching my breath before looking at him. He was passed out. Purely just passed out. I took this opportunity and started to lick his cock like my candy again.

It had to go on for at least an hour before I moved on to suck his nuts. I went back and forth between sucking his dick, licking it, and sucking his cum filled balls. I knew I was going at it for at least four hours, because the sun was finally coming up. His dick was red and angry at me for not letting it explode yet.

I felt a bit guilty, and I thought I should finish up before he woke up sober. So, I spent a couple of seconds sucking on his head and pumping the shaft with my hand. Finally, I tasted a hard shot of cum in my mouth. His balls were contracting and his dick was throbbing. The guy was moaning in pure bliss, and now awake. His eyes are one thing I'll never forget.

Angry, pissed, and pleased. He couldn't talk; all he could do was moan. Finally after my mouth was full of his seed, I swallowed. "I'm sorry!" "What. The. Fuck!" he got up, pulling his pants up. I could tell he was pleased. This had to be the most satisfaction in his life. He quickly zipped his jeans up and grabbed his shirt. "I don't know what happened. But you're lucky I don't fucking kick your fag ass." I just sat there on my knees, feeling an all time low with the taste of his cock and sperm still in my mouth.

He grabbed the rest of his shit and left my room, slamming the door behind him.