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Gorgeous gina valentina licks hot darcie dolce wet pussy
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Part 1 Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don't, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions.

What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures for me and she as accepted that I show her off on websites like this one, I'm convinced she is an exhibitionist.


Jackie is a size 10 and is still very desirable, she gets lots of comments when I post her pictures and lots of men would love to have her which turns me on immensely as I have fantasized about her being fucked in front of me for many years.

When we're on holiday in Orlando a couple of years ago and having a great time just chilling and shopping whilst we were out one day we called into the old town area as we were getting fed up with just window shopping we stopped at one of the bars where it was a1950s sought of themed bar with an old jukeboxthere was just a couple of tourists in the bar as it was only mid-afternoon and a couple of young lads who looked like they worked on the roads or something as they still had high vis bibs onthe weather was boiling hot and I must say the beers were going down great I had gotten Jackie a couple of large cocktails which she was downing no problems.

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At this point I must tell you Jackie as always been a beer girl she never really liked shorts and of late had not been out drinking for ages, another point of reference is when Jackie gets pissed her prudish defences diminish somewhat as was proven a couple of night prior to this event when she had a few beers in the afternoon and I drove us to Mc Donald's for dinner we went through the drive-through and I dared her to show her knickers when we got to the window when I looked at the young lad who served us he was just starring down towards Jackie's legs it was only when I looked did I realize whyshe had pulled her dress up so you could see her knickers and then had pulled them to one side to reveal her pussy hair in all its glory, when the lad returned with our order he had a mate with him so they both had a good look I think it made there night and mine.

We were having a great time in the bar when Jackie said she was going to the toilet which was over the far side of the bar near the juke box, as I watched her walk away I noticed the two lads at the juke box check her out when she went passed themher summer light skirt swaying from side to side, when she came out of the toilet a Motown record was playing and Jackie half danced and half walked back towards me she stopped a few yard in front of me and danced by herself ,Jackie and I are big fans of northern Soul and Motown music, looking past Jackie I could see the two young guys in work gear looking in our direction their eyes fixed on Jackie, after a while Jackie sat next to me and had another cocktail by which time she was feeling no pain and was begging me to dancesaying sorry I declined when from nowhere one of the young boys said go on show the lady a good time you're on vacation aren't youI explained that the climate made me breathless and said why don't you dance with her, before Jackie could object the young lad had old of her hand and said my pleasure mam, they danced for a couple of records when the other young lad asked his mate if he could cut inJackie didn't care she loved dancing after the next record a very slow country song came on and when I looked at them dancing the young lad was squeezing Jackie's bum with both hands then the other lad went and put his arms around both of them and danced with them which made it difficult to see anything I later found out one of them was touching her up.

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After a few slow records they all came over and sat with me at the bar Jackie hand went straight on my upper leg and started to rub up and down ,she was obviously feeling Horney, the lads Paul and Mike ordered drinks and we spent the next hour or so getting to know each other, they told us their names Paul and mike I noticed Pauls hand kept touching Jackie's leg and she seemed to like it on a couple of occasions he kept it there at the top of her leg and I noticed Jackie opening her legs a little thus allowing his hand to touché her pussy on the outside of her skirt, when this happens she would close her eyes for a second or two which is a tell-tale sign she's getting in the mood.

It was late afternoon when I said we better make tracks, Jackie said you can't drive we will have to get a taxi to which I agreed, Paul said that they were in the motel opposite and they had a taxi number in the room who were reliable and cheap and a free phone plus we can have one last drinkwhat a great idea I said, me and mike set of with Jackie and Paul behind uswhen I turned to see where they were I noticed Paul had is hand up the back of Jackie's skirt and was feeling her arse Jackie was offering no resistance to this in fact she was giggling away to herself, when we got to the room all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind I was nervous as hell my stomach was full of butterfly's a feeling I hadn't had since school before I got the canethere was a settee facing a double bed in the room, me and Jackie sat on the settee while mike got us two beers out of the fridge Paul went in to the bathroom, mike was making small talk with us asking what's it like where we are from ect ect then he started to complement Jackie on her hair and nice cloths and how sexy she was, this is when Paul emerged from the bathroom wearing just some sports shorts no top or shoes he was in good shape for a 25 year old very tight stomach he add had a shower so his hair was still wet, we had finished our beers and before I could get up Paul had given us two moor ,I didn't care I had an idea were this was going and I was getting very turned on ,mike had gone for a shower when Paul asked me could he have a dance with Jackie to which i replied it's a bit small in here isn't it we will make do he said.


he put his phone in the docking station and slow country music started playing he took Jackie In his arms and began to dance Jackie's head was on his chest I could see her running her hands up and down his bare back when he looked at me I just smiled which he took as a sign of approval god I was turned on, mike returned dressed like Paul I said jokingly I feel overdressed Paul said feel free to join usI think he meant undressed. Mike went behind Jackie so she was sandwiched between them as he slowly grinded in to her suddenly she threw her head back as I looked moor closely I could see Paul had his hand up the front of her skirt and was clearly playing with her pussy mike was sucking on her neck she was loving it they just seem to take it for granted that it was ok I didn't mind which I really didn'tJackie had her eyes closed and I saw her bite her bottom lip I think Paul had just put two fingers in her ,Paul told Jackie to take of her skirt and then he kissed herthen she said in a very unconvincing voice no she was breathing fast and deep he then said you might as well we have seen your kickers and I have felt your pussy so go on show yourself to usshe turned to look at me and said do you want me toI told her whatever she wanted to do I didn't mind ,in a vain attempt to keep her modesty she agreed to just the skirt carefully she unbuttoned it giving me the odd glance I reassured her it would be okthe skirt fell to the floor where she stepped out of it she was there in just her see through pink mesh knickers you could plainly see her pussy hair through the mesh fabric you could also see that the gusset was soaking her pussy was soaking Paul must have put is fingers inside her when he had is hand up her skirtwhen Jackie bent down to pick up her skirt mike put his hand between her legs and felt her pussy Jackie stayed bent over to allow him to carry on I heard her let out little moans and her breathing became louder and louder ,mike suddenly stopped rubbing her and got hold of her knickers and pulled them down pretty quickly just in case there were any objectionsJackie stood up and stepped out of the soaking wet knickers, Paul as quick as a flash was on his knees in front of Jackie his tongue was licking Jackie's clit she was in heaven and moaning very loudly ,mike was still stood behind her with his hands up the front of her t shirt were he had full control of her tits he was also kissing her neck and telling her what a slut she was which she seemed to be liking, it was about this point I couldn't resist any longer I took my cock out and stated to stroke it mike told Jackie to take her top and bra of in stern and abrupt voice to which Jackie complied ,there was my wife naked with two young guys one licking her pussy the over playing with her tits and nipplesPaul stood up and pulled down his shorts as did mike there cocks were about the same length and they both had nice hardons which I would guess at 7inchJackie took hold of Pauls cock and started to stroke it, once again she looked at me I was in heaven my dreams were coming true, mike moved Jackie the 2 steps to the bed and said to Paul first or second he just said go ahead he guided Jackie on the bed were he got on top of her ,I could hear her say in a faint voice no please please mmmm he was inside my wife slowly and strongly he slid in an out of her picking up speed as he pumped away at her deep inside her paul stood at the side of the bed and guided his hard cock towards her mouth she took it inside her wet warm mouth ,looking at this and listening to Jackie moaning with pleasure I was going to shoot my load, that site will remain with me forever my wife on a bed naked holding her legs in the air with a young lad pumping away at her driving his hard cock into her wet pussy and Paul having her suck his cock, boom I came and came ,I was just recovering when I heard Jackie say in shallow breaths come inside me inside me ahhh ahhh she was coming again saying don't stop please don't stop mike was still calling her a filthy slut when I heard him come ,he slowly got of her has his dick fell out of her I could see his come running down the inside of her leg god I hope there clean I thought Paul told her to get on all fours which she did I remember saying fuck her as hard as you want mate she fucking loves itPaul entered Jackie we could hear his balls making a slapping sound against her bum Jackie was holding on to the pillow very tightly he was really fucking her hard both me and mike were cheering him on ,go on lad fuck the slut ,it wasn't long before Jackie was moaning I'm coming I'm coming this must have had an effect on Paul he started to com Jackie was screaming don't stop keep it in come inside me inside me Paul let out a large ahhhh he was done so was Jackie, I could see Jackie's pussy was swelled and red it looked well used after we cleaned up a bit we ordered a taxi and went back to our apartment.

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as we watched tv later that night I asked her if she enjoyed herself she looked at me and said we have not to mention it ever again and blamed it on the drink and me being a perv, I have no idea why she wouldn't just admit she liked it and it was fun.