Brunette Bimbo Nina Noxx Getting Fucked Doggystyle POV

Brunette Bimbo Nina Noxx Getting Fucked Doggystyle POV
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I work night shift on a trucking dock. there aint a lot of, what you might call, Pussy, around betwee n10pm and 6 am. but there was one girl I saw every day. a pretty hot lil brunette.

I saw her waiting for the bus everyday whe nI come home from work. She lives just across the street. We are out ina very rural area, so theres not to many people around. She sometimes bummed smokes off me. I was nice and gave her some. Hell, people bought em for me when I was under 18. Her name was Megan. Pretty cute lil girl. Her tits were smallish, id say about 32 b, maybe a. I dunno. small waist and long legs. and the cutest face. She always seemed to flirt around with me when I'd talk to her, I had thought I saw her checkin my package once or twice.

I always tried to avoid flirting back with her. She told me she was 16, but she didn't have a liscense, so I wondered.

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I always thought she was a pretty girl, but never looked at her in a sexual way until one week I had to quite interesting incedents. I came home from work monday, and she was outside in a white button up shirt with short shorts and sneakers on, showing her very firm legs.

she stopped me and asked to bum a few cigs. I grabbed a couple out of my pack and whe nI handed them to her I noticed a button was undone on her shirt. At the angle she stood, I had perfect view of her left tit. a nice perky nipple pushing the fabric outward. small, but very nice indeed.


I broke my stare and and Looked upat her and she was look behind the truck, so I had thoughtI got away with it. I drove off after sayin good bye, and as I looked in my mirror to check her out, I saw her button that button.

Later that week, on thursday, I came home from work early at 5. I pulledi n the drive and got out and saw the light click on in Megans room across the street. her blinds were down, but I know that is her room. I went inside and made some coffee, and was smoking a cigarette when I looked out the window. Her blinds her open. I stood there for a moment, and then she appeared in the window.

She was bare ass naked. I about shit. I went and got the scope off my rifle and sighted in her window. I could see her dancing around her room, obvously listening to music. she was stark naked. Beautiful. a small patch of pubic hair over that lil pussy. I wondered if she had ever been fucked? I wondered is she liked to play with it. I started thinkin I would like to. thats when I realized my cock was about to rip my zipper. I free my cock and it flew out of my pants, standing full mast.

at 8in. and thick enough I can touch index finger to thumb when I jerk off, it doesnt like being cramped up. I Looked through the scope again, this time to see her look at me in the window.

she turned and walked away, and I did the same thing. scared shitless. shes gonna think Im a pervert. some kind of peepin fuckin tom. but wait. she had her blinds closed. she opened them and got naked. or was naked and opened them. She wanted to be seen. I went back to the window but she had put on clothes and was getting ready to go wait for the bus. I wasnt aboutto go outside, so I went to bed and jerked off.

The Following night, Friday, I went out drinking. I ended up get pretty drunk and a lil bit hi, and started Howling at the moon. I have been known to get a lil crazy. I used to be in the Military, and even those guys said I was fuckin crazy. My buddies dropped me off and I went inside. I laid down and got to thinking about megen. those legs. Those thighs. That nice hard lfat stomach. Her perky nipple pokin her shirt. i got hard, and I got an Idea.

I know her parents leave a 4 to go to work.

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They ridetogether. (LAME) she's home all alone. I looked at my clock. 3:45. My cock jumpedi n my pants at thethought. I pulled out my old tactical gear and slipped into my all black assault suit. topped with sunglasses. I saw her parents drive off and I paused. I needed a drink. I went back to the kitchen and took a long pull of whiskey, then set out across the road, checkin for sign of anyone. They had left a window unlocked into the bathroom, so I slid into the house easily, and silently.

I crept up to her room and peeked in. There she was wrapped up in a sheet sound asleep. I stripped off my pants and shirt, keeping my boxers and balaclava on. I pulledher sheet down and saw absolutly the best sight I had ever seen.

Her naked body there in all its glory. so perfect. so pure. my cock stood full mast throbbing asI drooled. I spread her legs for a closer look at that sweet pussy, and as I wa gettin in there, Megan woke up. she drew upand screamed, but I jumped on her and covered her mouth. "Hush MEgan. You have teased me too long. I want to see what you've been flaunting." I released her and she looked at me. "John? What the hell?

You smell like whiskey" I grabbed her ankles and pulled her down on the bed. "I might have had a drink. but now I wanna see more of these tits you were showin through your shirt on Monday" she looked at me and smiled. "So you did like that. that explains why you were look at me yesterday." "Megan" I said" You been asking for this for a while. You opened your blinds. you unbottoned your shirt. and now your gonna get fucked, and your gonna like it." She was startled by that, but not as startled as when a spread her legs as wide apart as I could get them and buried my face in her young twat.

I thoguth to my self, if IM gonna do this, Im gonan fuckin enjoy it. Her twat smellled so sweet. she was wet. I lick her lips and tasted the honey from her lust. I knew she wanted some dick. She fought back, but I pushed her legs farther apart, and sucked her clit into my mouth. she squeald and went limp. I continued sucking her clit and lick up and donw it for 5 or ten minutes as her hips slowly pushed back into my mouth in waves.

I couldnt stand it any more.


My cock was absoultly bursting. I had never seen it this big. I stripped my shorts and stuck my gigantic throbbing member right in her face. "Take a look at that son of a bitch. Can you take all that??? I bet you can. Im gonna try anyways" her eyes were locked on it, as she gawked in amazment.

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"Whats wrong honey, aint you ever seen a real dick before?" " she lookedu p and said"No, I havent. Im only 14." I about shit.

"wait, your a virgin? you cock teasing little slut! YOUR 14! your a fuckin virgin." she reached out and grabbed my hard cock. "I dont wanna be" she said.

I Pushed her down and spread her legs apart. i saw her brace her self as my massive shaft work its way around her velvety pussy lips.

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she wanted it, Im gonna give it to her. I found her entrance, and it was quite small. I pushed hard, but only her head popped in, and Megan squealed, almost unable to catch her breath. I grabbed her shoulder and rammed my cock the rest of the way in. It felt so fuckin amazing as my cock rips up her virgin cunt, her pussy walls gripping my cock every inch.

I felt her hymen let loose, then the tip of my cock hit her cervix, bu t I still had some more to get in her.

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I pulled out and she sighed, but before she could say anything, I rammed my rod back down her tiny hole and started pounding her brand new twat. she started to moan and breath heavy, and I knew she was loving it. she got wetter as I stroked. "You liked that big fat cock up your cunt?" She opened her eyes and begged "fuck me harder." I grabbed her legs and spread them apart and pushed them all the way back.

I pinned her chest down with her legs and began pummeling her sweet lil honey box so deep I thought her pussy would rip in two. I could feel my cock pushing her cervix up into her stomach. It was stimulation she loved, because she began to cum over and over again. Her tiny pussy spasmed aroudn my girth, making it difficult to push, so I just tried to fuck hard and harder.

she was cumming so much that it made it easier to slied with all her cum around my shaft. I could actually feel her cervix contract on my cock with each deep thud of the head against it. It was amazing. She moaned and asked for more. writhing in pleasure beneath me.

We fucked like that until the sun came up. I could feel my hot cum building up in my balls, which were pretty swollen bythis point. I put her thighs against her chest and hooked my arms under her knees so her feet were on my shoulders and started to pound away. she Screamed in extascy as a violent orgasm ripped through her cunt. I almost came, but was able to hold on fora few seconds longer. she told me to push deep. push very deep. I bored my log down into her twat Pushing back her cervix.

We rocked back and forth. It was so amazing. I was sooo deep in side this girl, she she was tightened up around me, hodling me into her body as we rocked I couldnt take it much longer, and about that time she Fired off a earth statterign orgasm. Her pussy clenched my cock, her legs and arms pinned me againsed her, my cock so deep in her little boddy that when her cervix contracted, my cock push throgh and the head of my cock popped in side.

she screamed in pain, but the contractions still going on in her pussy sent me into an utter frenzy of orgasmic pleasure. Her pussy milked all of my cum out, and Spurt after thick white spurt shot directly into her womb.

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she was still rocking into me, get me further into her whewn I came to and the last of my cum was dribbling out. we laid holding each other for some time, until I got soft and pulled out. We pulled apart andI asked if she was ok. "That was the most amazing thing I have efer experienced. You were completly in side of me.

I must have came 15 times!" I looked at her " yeah and I cam once. Inside you. very inside you." she looked down at her pussy, and rubbed it a bit.

"I dont see anything". "Honey, its a lot deeper than that, remember than thing that happened at the end?" I asked. "Oh god. What do I do? Im for sure to get pregnant. You came RIGHT in me!" I sat her down and calmed her, told her everyhting will be allright. AfterI had her calmed we laid and kissed for a while and I enjoyed looking over her gorgeous body. We had sex once more that day before her parents got home.

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