Lascivious white cutie has interracial pounding with black male

Lascivious white cutie has interracial pounding with black male
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Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days. While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle. These stories are true and not embellished but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later … Patricia I was going through some old photo's the other day and came across a pic of Pat in her bikini, probably the only pic of her I have as she hated getting her photo taken but it sure brought back some memories.

I first met Pat when I was about 18 and she was 17 I think, she turned up at my place on the arm of my mate Bazz who was very similar to me in that he was short with a well toned body and a defined six pack from an active lifestyle … also like me the head was a bit rough but unlike me he loved a blue and was always getting in fights and getting in trouble.

Bazz only cared about himself and went through girlfriends like the rest of us went through tissues so it was not unusual for him to introduce a new girl into our little group every week or two. His method was pretty simple, he asked any type or age of female he came across for a root, most walked away, some hit him, some laughed and got in a conversation with him and some went straight to bed with him.


Funnily enough his main source of sex was middle aged married ladies and his main source of fights was husbands and boyfriends. Most of the girls he turned up with were scrubbers and all of them dumped him a short time later due to the way he treated them. Pat was different though, she was a brunette with long hair, a nice rounded shape covered up by demure clothing that matched her quiet personality.

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Despite the mid thigh length skirts and roll top jumper she wore she couldn't hide those large, heavy breasts that swayed slightly with every move and the horizontal stripes of her jumper only served to accentuate that curvy figure. Pat had a small overbite and a beautiful face but seemed very shy and modest, not at all like the loud lairily dressed ugly fat sheilas he usually managed to score. Pat had recently moved into the area from England, was living with her older sister and brother in law and worked as an apprentice hairdresser.

We welcomed her into the group and after Bazz and Pat left I turned to the others, I grabbed my package and stated "Fwooaar wouldn't I love to be coming home to that every night" every single one of my mates totally agreed and we started taking bets on how long it would last with none of us giving Bazz more than a week until he was dumped.

Bazz loved to embarrass her and would quite often slide her dress up at the back as he hugged her giving us a look at her shapely panty covered bum as he winked at us over her shoulder until she would shriek and slap at him while he laughed his head off.

It wasn't long before she gave up trying to stop him and started wearing nicer knickers instead of the daggy worn ones we were used to seeing.

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The weeks turned to months and she was still putting up with his behaviour and he was still rooting anything he could talk into it. Because it was a country area there was not much to do so we spent a lot of time in my car driving around aimlessly with a car full of teenagers just going here and there during winter and heading to one of the many river swimming holes in summer, Pat had a dark brown bikini that covered everything although it was a really fine material that showed everything, you could just about count her pubes through the thin material and was always the favourite perve amongst the various girls that hung out with us.

Bazz's latest trick was when we were driving around at night he would be pashing on with Pat in the back seat and would slide his fingers into her in the dark then reach over and wipe his finger across someones top lip while laughing his head off causing deep embarrassment to Pat who I could see in the mirror. When he tried it on me one night as I was driving instead of yelling ewww like the others always did I grabbed his hand and sucked his finger into my mouth while letting out a low mm mmmmm.

Of course all the other guys yelled Ewww and Bazz was speechless for once but Pat gave me a really curious look instead of her usual embarrassed redness then everyone erupted into laughter except Bazz who yelled at us all "don't think anyone else is getting a taste of her !! " Later on as we dropped her off at home Pat whispered "thank you" in my ear "I don't think he's going to do that any more", I just said back "my pleasure … really" and grinned at her.

Over time Pat figured out that if she didn't react to his embarrassing tricks he would soon lose interest so if she bent over and he pulled her knickers to the side or pushed her knickers in between her lips giving us all a flash she would just wait until he moved his hand then calmly pull her knickers back into place.

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We were always getting some new fantasy material from him. One weekend we decided to drive to the beach for the day and arranged to meet up early Sunday morn for the 3 hour drive.

I picked up Bazz, Russ and Shane then we drove over and picked up Pat and Jenny then headed off into the dawn arriving mid morning. We had a great day and not long before it was time to leave I noticed Bazz was rooting Pat out in the surf; the other headed back to the car and Bazz finished off and walked out of the surf with Pats bikini bottoms swinging in his hand leaving her out there on a beach full of people.

I walked out and gave her my T shirt which she thanked me profusely for, it was a bit short but covered her enough to hide her pussy from the beach goers and I followed her back to the car to help shield her bare bum peeking out at the back. As we climbed the dune to the carpark I couldn't help seeing her pussy from behind noting her pink lips poking through the dark tangled mat of pubes and must have made a bit of a strangled moan because she turned and noticed where my eyes were just as I tripped over a tree root landing on my erection.

I grabbed my pain filled crotch as I lay on the ground and Pat squatted beside me with a look of concern but giving me a close up view of her pussy from the front. My poor old penis didn't know whether to go up or down and when Pat noticed where I was staring she turned to the side and said 'that will teach you for perving" as she giggled softly making me laugh. At least my erection had disappeared so we made our way back to the car to find Pats Bikini bottoms hanging on the CB aerial, as she reached up to grab them the Tshirt rode up showing off her bare bum to hoots and hollers from Jenny and the guys.

As my T shirt was now wet Pat threw it into the boot after pulling on her bikini and she slid into the centre front seat with Bazz by her side and we headed off into the growing dusk. An hour or so after dark Pat was nodding off and laid her head down on my lap with her bum on Bazz's lap and rested her head on her hand which was on my thigh, I was only wearing speedos but my cock was hanging up to the left so the head was only about an inch from her fingers.

Russ Jenny and Shane were leaning against each other asleep in the back seat already so it was all quiet apart from the radio and road noise.

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A few minutes later Pat started squirming a bit and I got a whiff of pussy so I looked over and could see by the faint light of the CB that it appeared that Bazz had pushed his fingers in beside her bikini and into her pussy, my cock twitched at the thought and I thought "no … don't get an erection, don't get an erection" but as time went on the smell and certain knowledge that he was fingering her right there on the front seat beside me was too much and my cock slowly lengthened and wormed its way under Pats fingers until I was rock hard and throbbing with the knob only an inch from her face, I could actually feel her hot breath on my cock through the thin nylon material of my speedos.

Pat had only made a few squirming movements up to now with no sign of feeling my cock under her hand, I was trying not to move at all but the odd bump was moving my cock and her hand and I was trying very hard to will my cock to go down with no luck.


Luckily Bazz couldn't see what was happening in my lap. Bazz was still working away on her pussy and I could now hear the faint squishy noises as his fingers drove in and out relentlessly, Pat was starting to squirm even more and her hand had tightened even more on my cock and thigh taking me close to the edge.


Suddenly Pat started to orgasm griping my cock tightly and turning her head into my thigh to try and quieten her moan which placed her lips on the end of my cock, she jerked back in surprise then a couple of seconds later turned her head again and mouthed my knob as she pushed back on to Bazz's fingers, I couldn't take any more and came quietly but strongly into my speedos pushing my sperm through the thin material and into Pats mouth giving her a strained taste of my cum.

Pats orgasm escalated and she was pushing hard onto Bazz's fingers as she sucked my wetness through my speedos. As Pats orgasm started to subside Bazz pulled her upright into his lap and quickly pushed his cock up into her sopping wet pussy grunting into his orgasm seconds later Pat twisted round pashing him furiously with Bazz not noticing the taste of my cum in her mouth as she rolled into an even bigger orgasm slamming her pussy down on his cock hard time after time.

As she came down from her peak Pat slapped at him a couple of times calling him all the names under the sun as he laughed at her. I said out loud "Oh get a room you two, now I'm all horny" Pat turned towards me and winked saying "sorry, He's such an asshole sometimes" Bazz grabbed her arm and tried to push her hand into my lap saying "why don't you give him a hand, the poor bastard hasn't had a root in 6 months" He was obviously not pushing very hard as she pulled back her hand easily saying "what do you think I am" while she secretly smiled at me.

Everyone was asleep by the time we arrived home so I woke them all up and dropped them off, Jenny gave me a kiss on the cheek saying thanks, Pat also gave me a kiss on the cheek saying "thanks, I really enjoyed today", I replied, "yeh I really enjoyed it as well" as I gave her a sly wink.

No more was said about the drive and things went along as normal for several weeks until Bazz had to go to court on another assault charge.

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We were hanging out at my place when Bazz walked in and we quizzed him on the details, Bazz told us he was fucking mrs M, Shane said "no way … shes gotta be like 50 … ewww" Bazz just replied with a big grin "the older ones are the best, they are so damn kinky you can do just about anything with em " He continued on "anyway, I had her bent over the end of the couch fucking her from behind and rubbing her bum hole until I dumped a load in her, she was moaning and pleading to keep going so I picked up one of those 4D battery torches from the side board and stuck the handle end in her cunt and pumped her with that.

She was loving it and told me to stick my finger in her bum so I did that for a while until cunt got sloppy, I turned the torch around and she took the lens end with a bit of work" he said laughing "I got hard again and replace the torch with my dick but now it was like fucking a bucketful of custard so I whacked the torch back in her and straddled it with my legs and then slowly pushed my cock up her arse … she was going apeshit so I clamped the torch between my legs and had both my dick and the torch pumping in and out while she just kept cumming and cumming … next thing Mr M walked in on us, Mrs M screamed and tried to pull away but I was so damn close I held on and kept pumping and just as I let go he reefed me round to face him and I blew a couple of wads down the front of his leg.

His face went bright red and he started laying in to me so I punched the crap out of him and broke a few teeth." I noticed Pat had walked back in from the toilet and had heard him talking so I poked Bazz and pointed but he took one quick look and kept talking, Pat just looked really really sad and walked of to my bedroom slamming the door. Bazz continued "Mrs M was standing there with the damn torch hanging out of her cunt which was bobbing up and down as she yelled at me to leave him alone, it was so funny … but then she rang the cops so I grabbed my pants and took off.

The cops grabbed me down the street and chucked me in overnight … stupid damn slut !!" Bazz headed in to see Pat and a couple of minutes later I could hear the bedhead hitting the wall … dunno how he can manage to talk her round so bloody quick.

This time he ended up with six months in jail so Pat and I would go down and see him every few weeks; Pat and I hung out together sort of like a couple, going to parties etc with our mates.