Horny Threesome Of Two Girls And A Guy

Horny Threesome Of Two Girls And A Guy
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She wakes up in a small cell, her eyes adjusting to the dim light.

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Her breathing quickens as the panic sets in. She'd met Lucy for dinner, she had walked alone back to her car, and then her memory just stopped. Desperately she tried to cling to that final memory of pressing the unlock button on her car, but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't remember passed that.

She closed her eyes, and counted to 10. She was smart enough to know her predicament, but willed the chains around her hands and ankles to disintegrate, to just be a vivid nightmare.

"I know you're awake" the voice cut through the silence like a knife. She started to cry, cursing herself internally, she knew there was no point crying yet. He was calm, collected, as he sat watching his new toy acclimatise, he loved how each one reacted differently.

His hopes were high that she would be his favourite so far, the quiet panic was far preferable to the hysteria he normally had to endure from his play things before he trained them. Of course once they were too obedient, when the fire had left their eyes, that's when they were no longer of interest. Some men preferred the well behaved objects so he sold them along and took his time to plan for his next conquest. He took a deep breath and started his introductory speech, watching intently as the words hit her, as realisation crashed upon her.

"I don't care who you were. There is no point threatening me, you are not my first, you will not be my last and I will not get caught. From now on, you are mine. You are my toy. My whore. My slave. You have no name except for the ones I give you.


You will please me. You will entertain me. Disobedience will not be tolerated, and the consequences will be harsh. Nod if you understand." He knew from experience that they couldn't always speak and giving them the opportunity to use their mouths usually led to screaming.

She opened her eyes, he was pleased by the fierce resistance behind them, and nodded once. "This is your cage. It has all the necessary equipment to keep you clean and allow you to perform bodily functions." She looked around her as he spoke, a shower in the corner, a jail cell style toilet and sink, the large dog bed she was laying on.

There was a problem with his words, with her restraints, moving from the dog bed would be impossible. "If you promise to behave I will remove your restraints, you may be free inside your cage, would you like this?" He saw the glint harden in her eye and held his expression, as though he had no idea what she was planning. "Yes please." She said quietly, demurely, years ago she would have fooled him. He slowly rose from his chair outside the cage, unlocked the heavy door and entered, he didn't close it behind him.

Carefully deliberately he removed each chain, first from her wrists and then each ankle. He caressed her hair gently and then turned to leave. She lunged, attacking him like a vicious animal.

He swallowed his chuckle. As her hands clawed at him, and she put her kickboxing skills to practise, he blocked every attack, endured a few scratches, he wanted his rage to build. Eventually, he got bored of simply blocking, and knocked her legs from under her in one swift movement, she fell back hitting her head hard. He was on top of her, straddling her, his hands around her neck.

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He watched the panic build as she desperately tried to suck in air through her blocked throat. She clawed at him, trying to bat away his hands, but her swipes were pathetic.

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He waited for her to give up, and then waited until the exact moment before she passed out, he was well practiced. As he relinquished his grip and rose from on top of her, she curled into the fetal position clinging to her neck as her ratchety breaths finally allowed oxygen to her lungs. "Tsk tsk tsk, punishment so soon, huh?" He gripped her long blonde hair in one hand and dragged her to her feet.


Hunched over, still recovering she followed him, trying to cause herself the least pain possible as he led her. She knew she should be paying more attention to her surroundings, but her vision was still blurry, as he led her out of the small room her cage was situated in to what could only be described as a torture chamber.

He chucked her to the floor dismissively, grabbed some handcuffs and had her hanging from the hook in the ceiling by her arms in no time at all. Taking his time he picked up the large kitchen scissors and cut her clothing away, leaving her bare in front of him, the way she would always remain.

He took a step back, and looked her up and down, as she babbled apologies and promises. Her long blonde hair was knotted now, hanging loosely passed her shoulders. Her face was simple, plain but attractive with large green eyes.

Her full lips continued moving, he blocked her out easily. He smirked as he looked at her perfectly round breasts, greater than a handful and pert, her large nipples stood to attention in the centre of her light brown areolas.

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The contrast between them and her pale skin was wonderful. His eyes continued travelling happy to see that her pussy and legs all looked freshly waxed. He stepped closer. "Enough, hush now". He cut her monologue off, and swiftly pushed a finger inside of her with no warning. He fucked her g spot with his finger skillfully.

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Her head hung down whether in shock, shame or pleasure he was unable to tell, nor did he care. She was out of breath again by the time he walked away to the wall behind her. He picked one of his favourite whips.

It left pleasant red welts but did not cause bleeding. He would prefer if he didn't have to scar her to gain her compliance. He stood back in front of her, her toes just touching the floor as she hung from the ceiling, her arms already aching.

Her eyes started to leak before the first blow even hit her. Tearing across the front of her body, she screamed as the whip bit into her nipple. He started to count, as he assuredly placed the whip exactly as he desired criss crossing her body.

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After the fifth strike she was already disconnected from the screaming as though the pain belonged to someone else. Surely, she wasn't truly getting tortured in the hands of this psychopath? He stopped at 10, took a few steps and repeated the pattern across her back.

She was gasping for breath between screams her face streaming.

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The pain was unbearable but unfortunately endurable and she knew she was nowhere near the relief passing out would provide. "Beg me to fuck your worthless pussy, or you have 5 more front and back. I have all the time in the world." She steadied herself, opened her mouth to plead but her resolve had other stupid ideas. "Go fuck yourself".

He laughed coolly and brought the whip down across her arse cheeks without hesitation. The red welt increasing his satisfaction, he could swear his already impossibly hard cock was swelling further. She cursed herself as she struggled and screamed with every lash of the whip, but she knew she would take more, she would not comply for as long as she possibly could.

She was ready to refuse his command again until the 10th strike hit her body. It was different, he deftly cracked the whip up between her legs, perfectly striking her clitoris and pussy lips.

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The shriek that came from her did not sound human as she crunched her legs up to her stomach in pain, her whole weight hanging from her wrists. "5… 4…" Her mind raced as she desperately tried to form words but no sound would come from her lips "3… 2… 1…" "Wait please!" She desperately spluttered.


He paused staring her straight in the eyes as she took a deep breath. "Please fuck me, please fuck my worthless pussy." She could see in his deep brown eyes that it wasn't enough, that he was going to continue her torture.

The words fell out of her mouth, as she stared down at his massive cock, her eyes wide in fear and hope that she could stop the pain. "Please Master, please let me have your massive cock inside of me. My pussy wants you so badly Master. I want you to fill my hole with your thick meaty cock. I'm just your slave, your toy, please fuck me." She sighed in relief as he dropped the whip. "Well since you asked so nicely, my little whore." And with that he took a step closer, his penis throbbing, smirking as he knew he was on the way to breaking this strong independent woman down into nothing more than his fuck toy.