Real life hidden camera gay sex and emo boy porn videos first time We

Real life hidden camera gay sex and emo boy porn videos first time We
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Let me introduce myself. My names Cindy and i'm twelve years old. I'm just shy of five feet and have shoulder length auburn hair, Green eyes, and a very slender figure. My breasts are small and barely fill my 32b. I just moved out of a training bra. I also have the beginnings of pubic hair on the mound between my legs. I'd like to tell you a story of something that happened to me just yesterday. It got me so excited all i want to do now is tell the world. I was at my friend Jenny's, who's similar in appearance to me, except for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly larger breasts.

Playing as we usually did, putting on make up, watching TV and talking about the boys in school. When something odd happened. We were in her room, i was in a pair of pink cotton panties and a long white t-shirt, putting mascara on in front of the mirror on her chest of droors.

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She was on the floor in the middle of the room, I never thought sexually of her, didn't even know much about sex, except for masturbating, which she had told me how to do a while ago.

She was painting her toenails yellow.

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Her t-shirt was riding up her legs, and i could the yellow panties she had on. Her dog Bruce started scratching on the door. She got up and let him in, closing the door behind him.

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He was a fat Rotweiller, with sweet sulky eyes. She sat back in the middle of the floor to finish her toenails, but Bruce wanted some attention, so she was stuck petting him.

Then i heard her ask, "Cindy, you ever see a cock before?" I simply answered "no" and went on with my make-up. She said "Come over here, i wanna show you somethin." I was kind of excited, thinking she might show me a cock.

So i put the make-up down and walked towards Jenny.

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"If i rub him here" she said, holding on to the fur where Bruces dick was "it makes his little pink dick stick out, wanna see?" I was curious, i'd never thought of dog's cock before, and here was Jenny holding onto Bruces.

"ok" i answered. She started running her fingers up and down the fur of Bruces penis. Kind of slow, long strokes. While she did this, i saw this little pink point start coming out of bruces fur every time she pushed her hand forward.

"see that!" she exclaimed. "that's his cock". I just stood there, in awe at what i was seeing.

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She continued rubbing his fur till Bruces cock got longer, and didn't go back into the fur anymore. Then she grabbed his cock and started rubbing on it.

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"it's really slimy" she said, a funny smile on her face. Bruce just stood there the whole while, letting Jenny rub his dick. Bruces cock started to get bigger so that Jenny had to hold it with her hand now, instead of her fingers. She pulled her hand away from it and looked at me with a big grin, "wanna try?" she asked, then put her hand to her mouth and started licking it. "I don't know" I replyed shyly. "oh, come on Cindy, remember how much you liked masturbating, and you didn't want to try that either." she smirked at me.

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"oh ok" i finally gave in. "Good!" she said as she finished licking her hand. "just hold onto his cock with your hand and move up and down on it, he really likes it." She sat in front of Bruce and started rubbing and kissing his head. I sat down next to Bruce, and reached my hand out.


I took hold of his cock, it was really slimy and not as hard as i thought dicks were. I gripped it firmly and started rubbing up and down on it. It grew and grew, till finally there was a large lump towards the back of it.


I asked Jenny "what's this?" and she told me "it's his cum, i told you he likes it." She just kneeled in front of Bruce, hugging his head and letting him lick her face. "keep going" she told me. I was really enjoying myself, i could feel myself getting hot like i did when i started to masturbate, the way i felt when i'd rub between my legs with my clothes still on. I jerked hard on Bruces cock now, and he was moving his hips back and forth while i pumped.


Next thing Bruce started cumming, leaving a large puddle on the floor beneath him. I let him go and so did Jenny, he knelt down in front of the mess he'd just made smelling and licking at it. Jenny was watching him intently, as i was her. My hand was all wet and i remembered Jenny cleaning hers with her tongue. So i did the same. The taste was overwelming, but good.

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She noticed me and asked, "Like it?" I just nodded.