Broken young slut face fucked hard

Broken young slut face fucked hard
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Gambling debts mounting James was still driving his BMW to work and his wife still had a Benz. I couldn't believe it as I sat in the front seat of my Honda Civic Charlie snoozing next to me. Still as he pulled out the driveway and headed off to work leaving his wife and daughter behind for the day I was more determined to get what was due me and with interest. I jabbed Charlie with my elbow and got out the car.

It was around eight and the two remaining members of the household would probably be soon on their way out as well so we had to be quick to stop that. With a grunt Charlie was up and out the car slamming the door as he did. I winced at how much noise the man made but he was a big man. Black and at about six nine and three hundred and some pounds he was an intimidating sight.

I met him when I did a stint in the local prison. We shared a cell and I suspected when he saw me he was sure that I was going to be his new bitch for the length of my sentence but I turned the tables the first night.

He tried to make a move on me while I was taking a piss. I turned and grabbed his nuts, a handful they were and pulled and told him who was whose bitch. I think that's all that was needed because after that or relationship had no sexual overtones. When I got out I told him to look me up on his release. He did and became one of my best collectors because of his size. That's one reason he was with me walking across the lawn with a small one foot sign from the lawn service advertising their service to others.


It was a nice lawn well kept and pissed me off knowing James owed me money and for three months was stalling. I knocked on the door. His wife answered. She was wearing a black dress that hugged her hour glass figure nicely and accentuated her ample bosom.

"Can I help you," she had the door opened a crack probably ready to get her day going. It was the right time to catch her. I bullied my way in. Her eyes widened with fear and she was about to scream when Charlie clamped his massive hand over her mouth and dragged her into the living.

I closed and locked the door. Pulling the curtains and then turning the light on I sat next to her on the couch. "Do anything silly and it's not going to be good." I said. "Where's the kid?" Her eyes rolled towards the stairs pretty blue eyes like the ocean. I liked those and I liked her lips full and glistening with freshly applied lipstick.

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"Call her down stairs?" Charlie removed his hand. "Honey come down please we have to go." She said her voice shaky. "Alright mom," a voice responded. A door slammed and footsteps on the stairs followed.


The girl that entered the living room was an exact version of her mother only younger. I guessed she was fourteen. "Hello," I said. "Come here and sit next to Uncle Jack. "Mommy," she said looking towards her mom for help. I nodded to Charlie to move his hand again.

He did. Her mother said, "It's okay." The girl slowly came towards us. "What's your name?" I asked. "Kimberly." "That's a pretty name. Do people call you Kim?" She nodded. She had the same blue eyes and lips though no lipstick only lip gloss but it had a similar affect. Her figure was as her mothers with small mounds not like her mother's under her blouse but with plenty of time to develop. "Do you know who I am Kim?" She shook her head.

"Well I'll tell you. I'm a friend of daddy. He has been playing some games with me avoiding me and now he owes me some money and I'm here to collect the interest." "We have no money here," her mother said. "I'm not here for money today." "No." her mother said weakly. I turned to her. "Oh yes." I got up and walked towards Kimberly placing my hand on her shoulders. "Has anyone ever told you you're a pretty young girl?" Her mother began to cry. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt her in fact she might like it." I glanced her way.

"And so might you." Charlie laughed. I slid my hand down between her little breast, they were firm and warm then down her stomach and between her legs and squeezing her crotch. "Mommy," she said pleading. "Please stop!" her mother said fighting tears.

"What would you do to make me stop?" "Anything." "Anything?" "Yes." "Stand up and strip." I said I pushed Kimberly onto the couch.

"Have you ever seen mommy naked." She nodded. "Did you like what you saw?" "You're disgusting," her mother said. "You don't know the half of it.

As she peeled each layer of clothing off I felt my shaft grow harder and harder. Her nakedness was sweet to behold and I felt sure Charlie was anxious to get a piece of her but I wasn't in the mood for seconds. "Get on your hands and knees and crawl over here." She did as I asked. I unbuckled my belt and let my pants fall to the ground.

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"Kim you should watch this. It's good education." I turned her mother to face her daughter. Then getting on my knees I moved my dick towards her puckered asshole rubbed it across it and felt it tightened but settled on her pussy. She was surprisingly wet and I slid in easily.

Her insides felt as if they were on fire. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her onto me even more and then let my hands move all the way down her front to her breasts and squeeze as I began to slowly stroke her. They easily overflowed in my hands her breast and like her daughter's were warm and firm. At first the only sound was her soft whimpering then unintentional moans of pleasure began to slip out each time my head hit the sweet spots inside her.

I slide my hands down to her hips and around her mound and down her wet slit to her clit and with my middle finger found it and teased it as I increased the speed and force of my thrusts into her.

I had my other hand back on her shoulder for additional leverage.

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She was moaning now uncontrollable enjoying being filled by my girth and the added sensation of my finger rubbing her clit. Kimberly at first wasn't looking but when her mother started moaning louder she couldn't resist.

"Stop it.

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You're hurting her." Kimberly said. "I'm not hurting you? Am I?" "No uhhhhhhhh!" "You like it don't you? Don't you?" "Yes yes I'm…?" I felt her pussy tighten around me and she gasped just as my load escaped into her.

As I stood her mother still on her hands and knees panting from pleasure and exhaustion in spite of herself I nodded to Charlie ever eager on the side stroking his shaft through his pants. I sat next to Kimberly my shaft still firm glistening with her mother's juices and still oozing cum.

"You can look," I said. Her mother was about to say something but gasped as Charlie unexpectedly filled her pussy with his meat. I must admit. Longer than I was at nine inches and thicker the black man was sure to be stretching her pussy. "Do you want to lick it," I asked Kimberly. She made to get up. I seized her hand. "Lick it," I said. Her mother was crying either from the pain of Charlie burying his dick into her sweet juicy pussy or from what I was forcing her daughter to do or maybe pleasure it was just raw pleasure that rolled from her throat.

Kimberly was slow as her head went down my shaft. "If you bite me I'll kill both of you." She paused but then continued down her lips moving around my head first taking stock of the taste of my cum mixed with her mother's juices. My hand was on her head in her brown hair forcing her down so I was completely in her little mouth.

"Suck it slowly like you would a popsicle. Hmmm just like that." Charlie had her mother moaning and at one point I swore she said deeper but by then I was enjoying the girl's blow job and felt myself approaching another climax as I encouraged her to pick up speed. No doubt I came sending my cum oozing down her throat. "Go ahead and swallow." She did. "Why don't you take you clothes off like mommy." A dribble of cum was on the corner of her mouth. "Please no. You promised." Her mother said as Charlie pulled out of her pussy and glance at me.

"I lied." I nodded. Charlie's bulbous black cock head was on her puckered ass hole. "No!" She exclaimed. "You're too big you'll…ahhhhhhh!" He was in. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you and your mother is enjoying it." As if on cue she was moaning again like she was earlier pleasure higher than the pain of having Charlie's dick now drilling into her ass. Kimberly was slow but eventually I got her naked. She had a beautiful alabaster tone with not one blemish on her.

My gaze fell to her pussy. The V of it was covered with wispy brown hair that did little to hide the pinkness of it or the sliver of juices that had her slit wet. "Come sit on it." She stood over me on the couch lowering herself down onto me until she felt the pain of my head pushing against her.

She was a virgin. I smiled at that. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her down onto me. Her gasp was followed by a groan as I began rocking her. Blood oozed from her deflowered pussy and helped lubricate my invasion of her body. Hearing her mother moan must have aroused her because she was ready and willing.

It wasn't long before her hips were rolling on my shaft. She held it inside with a grip that was like wearing gloves two sizes too small. While she rolled her hips to get me deeper inside and winced occasionally at the pain I pulled her down even more as I pushed up into her.

It wasn't long before I needed more leverage to increase my pleasure and change positions. I leaned her over the arm of the couch. She took me inside a little easier than the first time I ripped her. With the extra leverage I increased the ferocity of which I stroked her. She seemed to be taking it better than her mother moaning and wanting me deeper inside.

Having already cum twice before it took two shuddering climaxes from her filled with multiple gasps of pleasure before I finally emptied myself into her once virgin pussy now bloodied and I knew soon enough sore.

When I pulled out and told her to clean me off like she did before Charlie was getting the same service from her mother. I considered letting Charlie have a go at the girl, her father deserved having his wife and daughter ripped open by the man's monster meat but decided she was my jewel and he'd had enough. My pants were on after Kimberly was done polishing my shaft with her tongue.

Charlie was also dressed. Kimberly's mom was at her side holding her trying to cover her even though she was naked herself. "Tell your old man that this cover's the interest but I still expect the principal or we'll be back and I'll bring some of Charlie's friends." At the door I glanced back at the two.

Kimberly her mound and the inside of her left thigh caked red with dried blood and her pussy juices and her mother her mound caked with Charlie's cum and mine before. She reached over to her daughter and covered her pussy with her hand.

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I smiled because from the look on Kimberly's face her mother had touched something sent her eyes rolling with pleasure. Her cheeks flushed and her hand went over her mother's. As I left my impression was that more would be brewing at least if Kimberly had her way.