Horny studs having a fucking good time

Horny studs having a fucking good time
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Chapter 1 - Movie Night Exhibitionist Ashley shows off in front of her sister. My name is Brian, and my girlfriend's name is Ashley. She has a sister who is a year and some change younger than her named Madison. Madison's has a girlfriend (Madison is bi) whose name is Alyssa. It was a Friday night in the middle of June, and we were all in my girlfriend's basement watching some random movie.

I was sitting on one couch all cuddled up with Ashley while Alyssa and Madison were cuddling on the other couch. Madison still lives with Ashley's parents (as does Ashley), but I'm not entirely sure what Alyssa's living situation is.

All I know is that Alyssa spends a lot of nights at Madison's house. We had been watching the movie for about an hour when I started getting horny.

I don't know what brought it on; I don't think there was necessarily any trigger. Y'all know how it is. In any case, I started to get a boner and I wasn't about to sit here wait this out so I took out my phone and texted Ashley, I'm horny. Ashley's phone buzzed, but it looked like she was just going to ignore it so I bumped her and gestured towards her phone. She looked at the message, smirked, and replied to my text, The movie is almost over, but do you want to go to my room real quick?

I saw her text and then nodded, not needing to reply. We stood up together and began walking towards her room. "Can you pause the movie real quick?" Ashley asked, "we'll be right back." We walked into her room (it's in the basement, as is Madison's) and shut the door. Ashley turned to face me, "Do you want a blowjob or do you want to fuck me?" "Just blow me for a little and then I'll fuck you." Ashley got down on her knees. She was wearing a sort of athletic black tank top without a bra.

She pulled her boobs out over the top of her tank top; she knows how much I love when she takes her tits out during a blowjob. She reached up and pulled my sweatpants and boxers down, and my cock sprung free, already completely hard. "Wow, you're ready to go, huh?" She said before licking my shaft from the base to the tip. She ran her tongue up and down along the underside of my cock before taking my balls into her mouth.

She gently sucked on them while stroking me off before licking her way back to the head of my cock. Ashley took all of me into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down my cock. "Get on the bed, and get on your hands and knees," I commanded. She did as she was told. I got up onto the bed and stuck her ass up in the air. I pulled her pants and panties down revealing her gorgeous pussy lips and her asshole. I aligned my now-wet, throbbing cock with her pussy and slid inside of her, holding onto her waist.

She groaned as I entered her. "Use me, daddy," she moaned, "use my pussy to make yourself come." I began to fuck her hard and fast. She stuffed her face into the bed to muffle her moans as I pounded her cunt. I squeezed her ass and spanked her as I fucked her, making her moan even louder.

It only took a couple minutes of this to put me over the edge. I enjoyed the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her before pulling out. I would've loved to come inside her, but I decided to do that after the movie. For now, I wanted to come all over her ass. Normally I'd play with her asshole while fucking her from behind, but since was a quickie, her ass didn't get the attention it deserved.

I decided to remedy that by shooting my load all over her tight, puckered hole. I stroked myself off and unloaded rope after rope of thick, white cum, most of it landing right on target.

A small amount of jizz landed on her pussy lips, but that was fine too. "Thanks for that," I breathed, "I'll make you come after the movie is over, alright?" "Sounds good to me," Ashley said, catching her breath. "Did you mean to shoot everything onto my asshole? Because that's what you did." "Yeah, of course," I laughed. "Hot," she said, giving a face of approval.

"Let's go finish the movie." "Are you not gonna clean up?" "No," she said, pulling on her panties and sweatpants, "I like having your come on my ass and around my pussy." She fixed her hair, using her phone camera as a mirror, and then we walked back out and sat with Madison and Alyssa again. We finished watching the movie and then said goodnight to Madison and Alyssa. Both Ashley and I were very eager for round two. As we shut the door to Ashley's room, I pushed her onto the bed and pulled her sweatpants off.

I then removed her panties which were soiled with my come. I was already hard and she was already wet, so we grabbed the vibrator and I fucked her with slow, deep strokes while she used the toy on her clit. Once she got off, I pinned her to the bed and fucked her with long and deep, bottoming out with each stroke.

"Oh my God, daddy," she cried as I buried my cock in her pussy, "you feel so good!". "You're such a good fuck," I growled, my hand wrapped around her neck, "your pussy is gonna make me come again." "Come inside me," she begged, "fill my pussy with your cum, daddy. Your little girl wants you to come deep inside her cunt." Her words send me over the edge, and I unloaded inside her, coating the inside of her cunt with my seed.

I pulled out of her and moved over, straddling her chest. She opened her mouth and I slid my cock inside. She used her tongue to clean our juices off my cock. "I'm still horny," I said as I began fucking her mouth. She moaned and submitted herself to the face-fucking. She took ahold of her vibrator and reached down to play with herself. She may as well get off again if I was going to. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. I told her I was going to come again and she reached up to play with my balls.

I pulled out of her mouth and began shooting all over her face and tits. I landed a rope of cum across each of her nipples before emptying my balls all of her face. I laid next to her and carefully kissed her so as to avoid smearing the cum everywhere. "That was amazing," she said, breathing heavily. "I'm gonna go clean up." "Okay, I love you," I said.

She pulled on just her sweatpants and opened her door cautiously, checking down the hall. When she saw that the coast was clear, she made a dash for the bathroom and shut the door behind her. I heard the shower turn on. ------------------------------ Ashley looked at herself in the mirror. She had ropes of cum hanging off of her nose and chin. Brian's seed was plastered around her mouth and on her cheeks, and she had a good couple of ropes on each tit; each of her nipples had cum hanging off of it.

Brian had given her a huge load considering he had already come once earlier that night. Ashley could also feel Brian's jizz slowly running out of her pussy and down her thigh. "That's you in there, right Ashley?" Madison said through the door. "Yep, just me," Ashley said, quickly hopping into the shower, closing the shower curtain behind her.

Madison walked in and shut the door behind her. She got her toothbrush to brush her teeth.

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"You guys waste no time, huh?" "What do you mean?" "You just showered before the movie," Madison laughed, "so there's only one reason you'd be showering again." "What are you implying?" Ashley said, laughing. Ignoring her, Madison asked, "What the heck did you guys do in the middle of the movie then?" "Brian was really horny tonight--" Ashley started to say before Madison cut her off. "Jesus," Madison laughed. "So we just had a quickie to hold him over until the movie ended." "Yeah," Madison said, "I thought you guys may have been fooling around, but you came back so soon, I wasn't sure." "Well, I just gave him head before letting him do me from behind.

We were just trying to get him off." "Oh my God, Ashley," Madison laughed, groaning, "I get it, you guys had sex. You're so shameless." "What is there to be ashamed about?" Ashley giggled. "You just give so many details," Madison said, also giggling. Ashley had always been like this, over-sharing when it came to sex and boys. Madison was, for the most part, used to it at this point.

"Can you hand me the face wash, also?

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I think I left it on the sink." Ashley said. "Sure," Madison said before grabbing it and turning back towards the shower. Ashley moved the shower curtain and peaked her head around. "Thanks," Ashley said, taking the face wash from Madison. Madison saw Ashley's face and rolled her eyes. "I hate you," Madison said, laughing and shaking her head.

"What?" Ashley tried to hide her smile. Madison turned the light above on so she could get a better look. "Wow. Holy-- wow." "Dude, what?" Ashley said, stifling a laugh now. "There's jizz all over your face." "Oh shit, I didn't wash that off yet?" Ashley said, feigning shock.

"God, that's a lot of cum," Madison said. Madison could feel her nipples beginning to harden. As much as she didn't want to admit it to herself, seeing Ashley's face covered by Brian's cum was hot, even if Ashley was her sister.

Ashley took notice of her sister's now-hard nipples and decided to show off a little more. "That's actually not all of it," Ashley said. "What do you mean?" Madison said, a little hesitantly. Ashley moved over, holding the shower curtain over just her lower-half now. "Oh, my God," Madison said.

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She stared at her sister's big, cum-covered tits. The little ropes of semen were still hanging off of Ashley's nipples, and there was cum all over the rest of Ashley's boobs.

"All of this came from one orgasm," Ashley said, "and it wasn't even from his first orgasm of the night." "Oh, my God," Madison laughed, "there's freaking cum hanging off your nipples. That's all from the same orgasm?!" "Yep," Ashley smiled, "Brian's loads are always huge. I love it." She paused for a second before asking, "What do you think?" "What do I think?" Madison hesitated. "About what, exactly?" "How does it look?

Do you think it's hot that he shoots all over me?" "I think, for one thing, you're my sister so--" "Oh, come on," Ashley rolled her eyes, "I can see that your nipples are hard, Madison. I know you're turned on." "Uh-- erm," Madison stammered, turning red, embarrassed at both the fact that she was caught being turned on and her sister seeing her hard nipples.

"Fine, yes, it's hot. I haven't been with a boy in forever obviously, but…" she paused. "I've always loved cum." Ashley grinned. "Me too, and Brian always gives me plenty of it if you can't already tell." "Oh, I can tell alright," Madison laughed. "Speaking of Brian's huge loads--" Ashley started. "Oh boy, here we go," Madison laughed, rolling her eyes.

"Brian actually got off three times tonight. And don't worry about me, I got off at least two or three times as well--" "I wasn't worried," Madison kidded. Ashley ignored Madison's teasing. "The first time was during the quickie. Like I said, he was doing me from behind--" "Let me guess, he finished on your butt?" "Sort of," Ashley said, "I mean, yeah, he came on my butt, but he aimed for my asshole specifically." "On it?" "Like, he pulled out of me and just ejaculated all over my asshole.

We weren't doing anal; he wasn't inside my butt or anything. He just came on the outside of it." "I don't think I've ever had a guy finish on my ass, let alone my asshole," Madison shrugged. "Well, if you ever sleep with a guy again, you should try it.

It's hot." "Will do, sis." Madison laughed at the ridiculousness of her sister telling her she ought to have a dude cum on her ass. "Anyway, after the movie, he finished inside me." "Wait, so all of that," Madison gestured towards her sister's face and tits, "was from his third orgasm?" "Yep.

So whatever he shot up inside me was probably even more than all this." "Oh my God, Ashley," Madison laughed. "His balls must be empty." "I'm sure I could coax a few more drops out of him if I really wanted to," Ashley grinned. "Anyways," she began after a brief pause, "I'm horny again. I think I'm gonna get myself off real quick." "Well, I have a girlfriend waiting in my room whose gonna do all that for me. You have fun with yourself there, though," Madison teased.

"Oh, like I said, Brian got me off plenty earlier. This is just 'me' time. " Ashley said, "Goodnight, I love you. Have fun with Alyssa!" "Love you too, and thanks," she said.

Madison paused and took in the sight of her sister's face and tits covered in cum one more time before Ashley gave her a wink and closed the shower curtain. Ashley didn't wait for Madison to leave. She was too horny to wait, and she didn't really care if Madison was in the room anyway. Ashley began to play with her clit, moaning softly, but loud enough for her sister to hear her.

Madison stood in the bathroom for just a second longer, just long enough to hear Ashley's moans, before walking out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Madison paused outside her own bedroom door to calm herself down just a little. Her nipples were rock-hard and her pussy was wet. After a moment, she walked into her room and within minutes, Alyssa's head was buried in between Madison's thighs, and Madison was well on her way to a lovely orgasm.

Chapter 2 - A Shared Experience Ashley, Madison, and Brian share a fun experience together in the bedroom. The next weekend, Ashley and I were in her room. It was about 11 o'clock at night. I was sitting on her bed propped up against some pillows while Ashley was running her tongue up and down the length of my cock. She took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, teasing the underside of my cock as played with my balls with her right hand.

She grasped the base of my cock and pumped it gently with her left. "Good girl," I said softly, brushing the hair out of her eyes. She looked up at me, holding eye contact as she took most of my length into her throat. I closed my eyes and sighed. I loved a good blowjob. Unfortunately, I could only enjoy getting my cock sucked for another minute when Madison knocked on Ashley's door, "Ashley, are you in there?" Ashley took my cock out of her mouth and began stroking it slowly so as not to make too much noise.

"Brian and I are in here. What's up?" "Nothing," Madison said through the door, "I just got off work and I'm bored." "Oh, well you can come hang out with us," Ashley said. She let go of my cock and got up to open the door as I scrambled to throw the blankets over myself so as to hide my erection. Ashley looked back at me and giggled while I glared at her.

"Oh relax," Ashley said, "I'll make her go away in a moment and you'll get the rest of your blowjob." I rolled my eyes. Ashley opened the door and let Madison in.

"Hey Brian," she said, smiling. I returned her smile and greeted her back. Ashley came and sat next to me on the bed, though I had her scoot over a bit so we weren't in the middle, giving Madison more room if she wanted to sit on the bed as well.

Instead, Madison walked over and sat in the desk chair next to Ashley's bed. "How was work?" I asked her. "Fine, it was a good night, I made a hundred bucks," she said. Madison worked as a waitress at a popular burger joint downtown. "That's great!" Ashley said. "So what are you guys up to?" Madison asked, apparently oblivious as to what she had just intruded upon (not that I blamed her, although perhaps she should have known better).

"Just hanging out," I said. I could feel myself turning red, but I was hoping that Madison wouldn't notice and get suspicious. "Honestly, I thought you guys would be having sex, but I didn't hear anything like I normally do when y'all are going at it." Ashley stifled a laugh.

"What? Were you actually having sex?" "No," Ashley giggled again, "we weren't, seriously." "So then why are you laughing?" Madison said, turning towards me.

I could tell my face was red, but I just shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know what's wrong with her," I said. I knew there was about a ninety percent chance that Ashley would outright tell Madison that she had been in the middle of giving me a blowjob. And sure enough, "we weren't having sex," Ashley said, "buuut I was in the middle of sucking Brian's dick." "Oh Jesus," Madison rolled her eyes, "like, just now?" "Mhmm," Ashley began.

"He's naked beneath those blankets," she said, gesturing towards me, "and he's probably still got a boner." "Hey, no I don't," I lied, though I doubt Madison would be bothered if she knew I had a boner. "Why'd you tell me to come in then?!" Madison said. "Well, you said you were bored." "So?" Madison said, a little exasperated. She shifted her gaze to me, "Also, I'm, uh, sorry for intruding or whatever, Brian." She laughed a little awkwardly. "Ain't your fault," I laughed, "Ashley's just being ridiculous, as usual." "Okay, well how about I leave for a bit and once you two are done, we can hang out." "I mean," Ashley said, "that's fine.

You don't have to leave, though." "I'm not gonna be the reason Brian gets blue balled." "Awhh, thanks Madison," I said jokingly.

"No, I know," Ashley said, "Brian isn't going to get blue balled. I meant you don't have to leave while I finish up his blowjob. It will only take a couple of minutes." "Are you serious?" Madison said, her eyes widened.

I wasn't sure what to say. The thought of Madison staying in here while her sister sucked me off got be back to a full hard-on, though. Ashley looked at me, "I don't mind.

Brian, do you care?" Well, now I had to say something. "Uhh, I mean, I don't really care one way or another I suppose." "Brian doesn't mind either," Ashley said. Madison sat for a moment, apparently unsure at how to react to Ashley's offer. "You can always leave if you feel uncomfortable," Ashley said, standing up. "Do you want me to stay?" "You said you were bored," Ashley shrugged.

"We don't mind if you hang out with us. I just need to finish Brian's blowjob. It's up to you." "I guess," Madison started hesitantly, "I guess I'll stay. Should I look away or.?" "You can look if you want," Ashley said, grabbing the blankets, "or don't. Again, it's up to you." She threw the blankets off of me, and my rock-hard cock sprang up and pointed straight at the ceiling.

I turned bright red again. Being exposed in front of Madison was a lot to handle considering I had no idea this would be happening tonight. "I knew you'd still have a boner," she said to me, laughing. She got back on the bed and sat on her knees in between my legs. She spit into her hand and took ahold of my dick, stroking it up and down gently.

I looked over at Madison who was staring at my cock. She looked back at me and we made eye contact. I shrugged. She looked back at Ashley's hands running up and down my shaft. "Do you like it?" Ashley asked her sister. "What?" "Brian's dick. Do you like it?" "I mean," she began but her voice trailed off, "are you comfortable with me talking about your dick?" she asked me.

"If I'm being honest, I'd love if you talked about it," I laughed. "Say whatever you want." "Okay," Madison said, "well, it's-- you're very big." "Thank you," I said, smiling.

She glanced beneath my dick and looked at my balls, which were smooth and shaven. They bounced in rhythm with Ashley's hand pumping my dick. "And it's nice that your balls are shaved," Madison said, "they look nice too." "Thank you," I said again, "I'm glad my effort doesn't go unappreciated." "Hey," Ashley said, "it's not like I don't appreciate them." She bent down and took one of my balls into her mouth, running her tongue around it and sucking it gently. I moaned softly. She switched to the other ball and sucked that one too before taking my entire sack in her mouth.

She stroked my cock faster and it made a lot of noise. I leaned back and closed my eyes, moaning. "Does it feel good when she does that?" Madison said, "sucking your balls, I mean. Or does it just look?" "Yeah," I said, taking my eyes off of Ashley to look at Madison, "I love it when she sucks them; it feels amazing.

And looks amazing." Ashley popped my balls out of her mouth and ran her tongue slowly up the length of my shaft. I groaned again and my toes curled. Madison glanced down, noticing this. "Have you ever sucked on a guy's balls?" Ashley asked her sister. "Uh," Madison said, "Yeah. My last boyfriend didn't really shave though." The idea of Madison sucking on anybody's balls made my cock throb. I wonder how good it'd look if she sucked on mine.

"That's too bad," Ashley said, stroking me again, "they feel great in your mouth when they're nice and smooth." Ashley kept running her tongue up and down my dick before finally taking the head into her mouth. She sucked it gently before lowering her head down, taking my entire shaft into her mouth. She got all the way down until her nose was pressed up against my pelvis.

She held herself there for a few seconds, probably just showing off for Madison, before coming back up. She came off my cock and gasped, breathing heavily. "Holy shit," Madison said, "how can you deepthroat him like that when he's so big?" My ego soared every time Madison complimented my dick. "Lots of practice," Ashley breathed.

She took my entire cock back into her mouth, this time bobbing her head up and down. "Oh fuck," I said, watching Ashley deepthroat me in front of her sister. "Oh my God, holy fuck." "Wow," Madison said, her mouth hung slightly agape. "Oh, my God," I moaned, my back arching, "you're fucking incredible, Ashley." At this point, I just let loose and let myself moan.

I groaned and arched my back. My toes curled. Ashley kept bobbing her head all the way up and down my cock, twirling her tongue around the head at the top.

Ashley came back up for air. Strings of saliva stretched between her mouth and my cock as she backed away. She was wearing a black tank top. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric as she wasn't wearing a bra. She reached down and grabbed her tank top. She pulled it off and threw it on the ground behind her. She arched her back and ran her hands up her tummy and over her now-exposed tits. Her nipples were clearly rock hard.

She bent back down and took be back into her mouth, this time using one hand to massage my balls while she used the other to pump the lower-half of my shaft.

The feeling of her lips bobbing up and down the top half of my cock combined with the sight of her gorgeous tits (and the fact that she was topless giving me head in front of her sister) was enough to push me right up to the edge.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Madison said. She usually didn't swear so she was obviously very impressed or very turned on. Or both. I only lasted another twenty seconds. "I'm gonna come Ashley, oh my God." Ashley took me out of her mouth and began stroking me, aiming my cock at her face.

She wanted Madison to see the cum shooting out of my cock, no doubt. She hadn't forgotten that Madison said she loved cum. As Ashley stroked her hand furiously up and down my throbbing shaft, the first rope of semen erupted out of my cock, hitting Ashley across her nose and lips. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my balls were emptied.

Ashley massaged them gently, coaxing as much cum onto her face as she could. After the third rope of cum shot onto her face, she took me into her mouth and sucked on the head while she stroked the rest of my pulsing cock.

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I clenched the bed sheets as I finished ejaculating down her throat. Finally, my orgasm subsided. Ashley opened her mouth and showed me a mouthful of my semen. She turned towards Madison and showed her too before swallowing it. Ashley reached down and delicately squeezed the base of my cock, moving her hand upwards. Another big dollop of jizz came out of the tip.

Ashley reached down and swiped it off with her index finger, which she then held out to Madison. "It's sweet," Ashley said, "try it." The cum slowly ran down her finger. Madison looked at me. I gave a slight smiled and nodded, indicating to her that I was fine with it if she wanted to.

In reality, I was hoping she would. Licking my cum off her sister's finger? Incredible. And she did. She opened her mouth and leaned forward, sticking her tongue out slightly. She took Ashley's finger in her mouth and sucked it briefly. She held my come in her mouth. "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out," Ashley said, "I wanna see it on your tongue." Madison complied and showed us my jizz on her tongue. She held it in her mouth for just another second before swallowing it.

"Yummy," she said, laughing a little. "It's sweet. I can't believe I just tasted your jizz, Brian." "Me neither," I said, "but it was super hot." Ashley caught her breath for another second before saying, "So, what'd you think?" "Of what exactly?" "Everything." "Well," Madison said.

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"You're very obviously really good at that, giving head." I nodded in agreement. "And," she looked at me and blushed, "Brian, you have a very, uh, nice dick." "Thank you," I said, laughing to try to diffuse any awkwardness. "What else?" Ashley said. Clearly Ashley was getting turned on listening to her sister talk about this. "I guess I'll also admit that you look really hot with your face covered in his cum," Madison said, turning red as the words came out. "I second that," I said, "you look so fucking hot." Ashley grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped most of my jizz off of her face.

She left a little bit remaining which she used her finger to scoop up. She held out her jizz-covered finger to Madison. "You want it?" she asked. Madison hesitated before nodding. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue again, leaning towards Ashley.


Madison took Ashley's finger into her mouth and sucked it gently. "Show us again," Ashley said. Madison stuck out her tongue which now had a fair amount of my cum on it. I started to get hard again. Madison swallowed. "Mmmm," she said, sighing. Almost immediately, I was completely hard again. "I think Madison likes cum," Ashley giggled. Obviously Ashley knew for a fact that her sister had a knack for semen.

"What can I say?" Madison said, shrugging. "You're not wrong." She then noticed that my cock was hard again. "Is that because of me?" she asked, gesturing towards my erection. "Yeah," I admitted, "watching you suck my cum off Ashley's fingers is so sexy." "Well, sucking it off her fingers is sexy too," Madison said, biting her lip a little.

"I don't know about you guys," Ashley said, "but I am incredibly horny." "I know I just came, but I am too," I said. "Yeah," Madison sighed, "I'm horny too." "I have an idea," Ashley said, grinning, "though I don't know if you'll like it, Madison." "What is it?" "Well, we're all horny, right?

How about we all masturbate together!" My cock lurched at the thought of that. "Once Brian finishes again, you'll have another chance to swallow some of his cum," Ashley said. Madison thought for a moment. "I don't know," she said, "I'm not sure if Alyssa would want me doing this.

I probably already went a bit too far." "You didn't touch Brian," Ashley said, "not even to get his cum. I did that for you." "That's true," I agreed.

"And you don't have to show us anything. Besides, we're all so horny it will only take a couple of minutes, I bet." "Yeah, I already feel like I'm gonna explode as soon as I touch myself," I said. Madison hesitated again. "Well, you can think about it," Ashley said. She rolled onto her back and pulled her sweatpants off. She was wearing a pair of pink, lacey panties underneath, which she left on. She scooted back and spread her legs so that the three of us made a triangle of sorts where we were all facing each other.

I followed suit and spread my legs as well, bending my knees. I handed Ashley a couple of pillows so she could more easily prop herself up. Ashley began rubbing her clit through her panties. She reached up and held onto her right boob and gently stroked her nipple, moaning softly.

I watched her, still refraining from touching myself. Madison watched her sister pleasure herself. Then she looked at me. "Are you gonna touch yourself?" she asked.

"I'm sorta waiting to see what you do," I said, "I don't want you to feel pressured." "I don't feel pressured," she said. "The only thing I really feel right now is horny." She sighed and leaned back in her chair. She unbuttoned her work pants and slid her hand inside. She began rubbing her clit. Almost immediately she started moaning.

I watched her for a second, trying to process that this was really happening. "Come on," Madison said softly, snapping me out of my trance, "you can look at me all you want while you stroke that thing for us." "Wow," Ashley said, chuckling, "Madison with the dirty talk!" "I'm sorry if that was too much," Madison giggled, "I mean, he's your boyfriend and all." "Oh no," Ashley said in between moans, "it was hot.

I wouldn't complain if you spoke like that way more often." "Yeah, although I'll come way too fast if you keep talking like that." I grabbed ahold of my cock which was wet with precum and began stroking myself slowly. I made sure I was angled so that Madison had a good view. The three of us continued to play with ourselves. Ashley had moved her fingers underneath her panties, and Madison appeared to be getting close to her orgasm. The only sounds in the room where of me stroking my cock and the two sisters' moans of pleasure.

As I began to stroke myself faster, Madison said, "I love the way your balls bounce as you stroke yourself like that." "It's so hot, isn't it?" Ashley said in agreement. "Ah Christ," I said, feeling myself about to hit the point of no return.

"I'm about to finish." "Quick, come here," Ashley said. "Finish on my stomach, and make sure Madison can see." I got up and walked on my knees over to Ashley. I stood on my knees to her left and began pumping my cock like wild. Ashley reached up and held my balls, stroking them gently. "Can you see?" Ashley asked. "Yes," Madison groaned, "I can see everything." "How's it look?" "Amazing." Ashley turned her head towards me. "Come on, daddy," she cooed softly, "come for me and my sister.

Madison wants to watch your nice, big cock explode all over me." "Oh my God," I groaned. "Here it comes." A thick, white rope of cum exploded out of the head of my dick, landing next to Ashley's belly button. As my cum landed on her, Ashley immediately cried out, "oh FUCK, I'm coming." "Holy fuck," Madison cried, "I love watching you come Brian, I'm about to too, oh my God." Everything was more or less as blur at this point, but I could at least tell that Madison stared at my cock as her orgasm tore through her body.

Madison's toes curled and her back arched, and at one point her eyes did roll back into her head. Ashley basically did the same thing. Finally, I finished my orgasm and looked down. Ashley's stomach and tits were absolutely covered in semen. Somehow I managed to not get any on the bed. Madison and Ashley came down from their orgasms, both breathing hard. "Come here," Ashley said, "quickly." "What?" Madison said, standing up, not bothering to button her pants.

"You want his cum, don't you?" Ashley cooed. "Help yourself." Madison got onto the bed and walked over to Ashley on her hands and knees.

"Are you sure?" "Yes," Ashley said, "it's nice and warm, go on." Ashley and I watched as Madison crawled partially on top of Ashley. I was standing a little behind her, but I could still see for the most part.

Madison bent down, sticking her ass up in the air in a "face down, ass up" position. Her ass looked like it was even bigger than Ashley's. Madison slowly licked from just above Ashley's panties up past her navel, stopping right below her sister's tits. She held my cum in her mouth for a second before swallowing it. "Oh, my God," she said, her voice shaking. She went back for more, this time circling her tongue around Ashley's navel before sticking her tongue in Ashley's belly button.

Ashley made a sound that was a cross between a moan and a giggle. Madison kept licking my cum from her sister's stomach until only the cum on Ashley's tits remained. Each time she swallowed, she made a faint moaning sound, almost like a whimper.

She was practically shaking by the time she stopped. "Would it be too much for me to say you have a gorgeous ass?" I asked. "It runs in the family," Ashley said, chuckling.

Madison rose up and sat back down, not talking for a moment. Finally, she spoke. "No, it's not 'too much'" she giggled, "I'm glad you enjoyed the view." "Do you not want any of this?" Ashley asked, gesturing towards the cum on her boobs. "No," Madison said, "well-- yes, I do. But I don't think I should lick it off your tits." "Fair enough," Ashley said. She got up and grabbed a couple more tissues with which she cleaned herself off. "You really do love cum," I said. "Yeah," Madison said, "I almost came again just from licking your jizz off of her.

If I had touched myself, I think I would have." "Well, you should've touched yourself," I laughed. "It would've been hot to see you touch yourself and orgasm from that angle." Madison shrugged.

"I couldn't really think straight; it was a bit overwhelming to say the least." "Well in any case, that was one of the hottest things I've ever witnessed," I said. "Me too," Ashley said, sitting back on the bed. Her nipples were still hard. "Yeah," Madison said. She was still breathing hard, as was Ashley.

"I haven't come like that in a long time. Not to say Alyssa doesn't get me off really well, but that was on a whole 'nother level." "I think we all came extremely hard," Ashley said, "no question about that. My panties are absolutely soaked." "Mine too," Madison said.

"Touching myself in front of you guys was exhilarating, especially since you're my sister, Ashley. It felt so dirty and wrong, but in a sexy way. Watching you suck Brian off was the same." "Yeah," Ashley said, pinching her left nipple, "I loved blowing him in front of you. That was incredible. I felt like such a slut sucking my boyfriend off in front of my sister." "You're so bad," Madison laughed. "Somehow, though, sucking Brian off in front of me is a very 'you' thing to do." I started to get hard again, "you guys are gonna make me hard again." "Sorry," Madison giggled.

"I'm very open about my sexuality," Ashley shrugged. "You could say that," Madison said, raising an eyebrow, "or you could just say that you get off showing off." "I think it's a combination of both." "Fair enough," Madison replied. "I'm getting sleepy. I think it's time for bed." "I am as well," I sighing, "that sounds like a good idea." "Me three," Ashley said. "Do you wanna go to bed?" she asked me. "Yeah, I suppose so. I'm still a little horny though." "I am too, actually", Madison said.

"But I'm too tired to touch myself again, otherwise I probably would. I'm sure the orgasm would be wonderful." "There's always tomorrow morning," Ashley said with a wink. "Do you actually want to?" I asked. "I mean, I would," Ashley said, "I'd never turn down an opportunity to come. Madison?" "I don't know," Madison said, "I still feel like Alyssa wouldn't be too pleased that I'm masturbated with my sister and her boyfriend once, let alone twice." "We didn't even see your bra or panties," Ashley said.

"Besides, I'm your sister. We're family. We're just having fun." I didn't necessarily follow her logic.

I was very much enjoying this, but I didn't want Madison to fuck up her relationship. "Maybe you could talk to her about it somehow?" I suggested. "Just casually ask if I can masturbate with my sister and her boyfriend and lick his jizz off my sister's stomach?" Madison laughed, "oh yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine with that." I shrugged.

"I don't know, but I would love to do this again." "We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning," Madison said. With that, Madison returned to her room to sleep. Alyssa and I laid down and went to bed. Chapter 3 - Bathroom Encounter Madison is reminded of her love of facials. Ashley and I woke up at around 9 o'clock the next morning. We went to the bathroom to brush our teeth. "Do you still wanna masturbate with Madison?" I asked Ashley. "Yeah," she said after spitting out her toothpaste.

"Last night was awesome, I would do that every night if Madison was down." "I would too," I shrugged. "Do you think she'd ever show a little more skin?" "Probably," Ashley said.

"She did sort of show off her ass when she licked my jizz off of your stomach yesterday," I said. "But she still had her pants on." "Well, if she was single, then I think she'd definitely at least show us her undies. I'm not sure how far she'd go given she's dating Alyssa though." "Speaking of which, didn't she kind of, you know, cheat on Alyssa when she masturbated with us? And tasted my cum?" "Ehhh," Ashley said, "I mean, yeah, but I'm her sister, not some stranger.

And you're my boyfriend so you're sort of there because of me." "Does that really make it better?" "Maybe not," Ashley said, "I don't know. Hey, maybe Alyssa would do it with us!" "Now that would be wild," I smirked, "masturbating with three other girls. I'd be a legend." "Except you wouldn't be able to tell anybody since two of those girls are sisters," Ashley teased.

"I could fudge the details a little," I shrugged. "Hey, quick thought, do you mind if she and I play with ourselves even if you aren't here?" "I don't care," I said, "but you have to tell me about it afterwards. Do you think she'd do it with just you?" "I don't see why not," Ashley grinned. "I'd love to have a little one-on-one bonding session with my sister personally." "Well, if y'all ever do that, then please do tell me." "Would you care if we played with each other?" "No, but do you really think she'd do that?" "I'm not sure," Ashley shrugged, "but I wanted to make sure you'd be okay with it in case she was." Just then, we heard the door to Madison's bedroom open up.

"Sounds like she's awake," I said. Ashley immediately dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down (I sleep in shorts). "What are you doing?" I said, surprised. "She's definitely coming into the bathroom," Ashley said. "I'm gonna have your dick in my mouth when she walks in." "That's a little brazen," I laughed, "but I'm not gonna complain about getting a blowjob." Ashley pulled my boxers down and immediately took my entire mostly-soft cock into her mouth.

She reached up and massaged my balls with one hand and held my ass with the other. Within a few seconds I was completely hard and she was running her tongue up and down the length of my erect shaft. I reached down and grabbed her hair, bundling it up into a messy ponytail while she began to bob her head up and down the length of my dick. The door opened and Madison walked into the bathroom.

She jumped and let out a small yelp upon seeing us. "Jesus Christ, guys," she said, bringing her hand to her chest, "you scared me." "Sorry," Ashley said, her voice muffled by my dick. Madison shut and locked the door behind her. "Thanks," I said. "No problem," she laughed. "Starting the morning with a blowjob? You're a lucky guy, Brian." "I'm well aware," I said. "And of course y'all had to do it in here," Madison said.

She pulled her pants down to just above her knees and sat on the toilet to pee. "We didn't think you'd mind," I shrugged. Ashley hummed in agreement, still slurping and licking my cock and balls eagerly.

I let out a moan, "Jesus Christ, that feels good." "It sure looks like it feels good," Madison smirked, staring unabashedly at my dick in her sister's mouth. I heard Madison begin to pee. "How long have y'all been going at it?" "Just for a few minutes," I lied, not admitting that we had started just seconds before she walked in. Madison grabbed a few pieces of toilet paper with which to wipe herself off.

"How long until you come?" she asked. "Uh," I said, "pretty soon. I can't really last too long when Ashley's blowing me." "Alright," Madison said, standing up and closing the lid before flushing the toilet, "well I'm gonna brush my teeth. Try to last until I finish that." "You got it," I said. I looked back down at my girlfriend, which was a big mistake because watching her suck my cock, especially given her sister was just casually in the bathroom with us, almost made me finish.

"You should hurry," I said to Madison, moaning softly again. Madison nodded and quickly brushed her teeth. I focused on trying not to finish.

Finally she spit into the sink. "Okay, I'm ready. You can come whenever," she smiled. "Thanks for the permission," I groaned. Ashley took my cock out of her mouth again. She stroked me slowly, still rubbing my balls as she did so. "I'm assuming you want his cum, right?" she said, looking at Madison. "Uh, yeah, if that's alright," Madison said a little sheepishly.

"Of course it's alright," Ashley smiled, "my sister can have all the cum she wants." Madison's nipples were visibly hard through her t-shirt. Ashley took notice of this and giggled. "You liked that, huh?" "Well, yeah," Madison grinned, "but I also just like watching you play with him." "I'm glad it turns you on," Ashley smiled again.

"So how do you wanna do this?" "I'm not sure," Madison said. "Honestly," Ashley said, "I'm fine with Brian coming directly into your mouth if you want. That's the easiest way." I just about fainted upon hearing those words.

I would love to come into my girlfriend's sister's mouth. "Uhhh," Madison said, "I don't know about that…" "You're not gonna suck his dick" Ashley said. "I mean, like, he gives you a facial but aims for your mouth specifically instead of your whole face." "Oh," Madison said, "I thought you wanted me to actually blow him." "I mean, I'm okay with that," I said, grinning at Madison.

"I bet you are," she said, winking at me. "But for now, you'll have to be content with just coming into my mouth." Ashley grinned at me.

She knew I was in love with the idea. She gave me a wink. Madison got down on her knees next to Ashley. "Alright," Ashley said, "I'll suck you off until you're about to come, then you take over and jack yourself off into her mouth." "Sounds good to me," I said.

Ashley took my cock back into her mouth. She braced herself against me by holding onto my thighs and began to deep throat me slowly. She slid her lips up and down my cock, twirling her tongue around the head as she slid my cock out and then back into her mouth.


"I could watch you suck him like that for hours," Madison said. She looked mesmerized. Ashley reached her hand down into the waistband of her pajama bottoms and started playing with herself.

Madison took notice of this and giggled, rolling her eyes. I could feel myself getting close to coming. "I'm almost there, Ashley. I can take over whenever." Ashley gave one last lick from the base of my shaft to the tip. "Come for me and my sister, baby," she cooed. I took my cock in my hand and began to stroke it, uses her spit as lubricant.

"Hey Brian," Madison said softly, "it's okay if some of it misses my mouth. I haven't had a facial in forever so, y'know, I wouldn't complain." "Noted," I said, giving her a wink.

Madison smiled at me. I fully intended to paint her face with my cum. Ashley sat down on her butt and turned to face us.

She was still playing with herself. "Here it comes," I said, stroking wildly. Madison smiled and opened her mouth up wide, sticking her tongue out. She reached up and held onto my thighs, just above my knees, to brace herself. "Oh my fucking God," I groaned. My hand flew up and down my shaft as the first shot erupted out of me. It landed across her cheek, darting down across her lips, a decent amount of it landing on her tongue.

I bucked my hips as the next shot flew out, landing in between her eyes, falling down her nose before veering off to the right, finishing on her cheek. The next two shots landed on-target, falling right on her tongue. The fifth and final rope of cum hit her tongue before falling down her chin. Madison held my cum in her mouth for a moment, savoring the feeling and the taste before swallowing it. Her breathing was shaky and harsh. I sunk down to the ground and sat back against the wall, breathing hard and admiring my girlfriend's cum-covered sister.

"Oh fuck," Ashley cried, rubbing furiously at her clit. Her body tensed up and her eyes shut hard. She gasped and curled her toes as a powerful orgasm tore through her body. Madison reached over and held Ashley's free hand as her sister came. Ashley locked fingers with her and rode out her orgasm, moaning wildly. Finally, her orgasm subsided.

"Oh my God," she breathed. "I think it's my turn to come," Madison said. "This won't take long." She sat down and scooted back against the wall.

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"I love how your cum feels on my face, Brian." "I'll happily give you a facial whenever you'd like," I chuckled. Madison winked at me and then closed her eyes and began to rub her clit in a circular motion. "Fuck," she said quietly, "oh my God." Ashley scooted over to me and snuggled up against me. Together, we watched as her sister, whose face was covered in my cum, got herself to an orgasm in about a minute. Once it was clear Madison was about to finish, Ashley scooted across the floor and cuddled up next to her sister, returning the act of affection that was Madison holding Ashley's hand as her own orgasm hit.

Ashley put her arm around Madison's back and laid her head on her sister's soldier. "Come for us, baby," she said softly. "Make yourself come nice and hard. Don't forget that your face is absolutely covered in my boyfriend's cum." Madison's orgasm hit her like a truck. She gasped and arched her back, jetting her legs out in front of her. Ashley reached up and put a hand over her mouth so she didn't make too much noise, as we weren't home alone.

Madison whimpered and cried as she bucked her hips, riding out wave after wave of intense pleasure. "Oh my God," she sighed, breathing heavily. "Holy shit. Holy fuck." Ashley hugged her. "Did you feel good?" "Yes, fuck yes," Madison said. "Oh my God, wow.

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Thank you, Brian." "My pleasure, really," I laughed. Ashley and Madison chuckled. "Watching you play with yourself while covered in my cum is easily one of the hottest things I've ever seen." "I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

God, I nearly forgot how much I love facials," Madison said. "Fucking hell. Wow." I grabbed some tissues and handed them to her. She wiped her face off, getting almost everything. Ashley pointed to the spot she missed and Madison wiped it off. She handed me back the tissues and I threw them in the trash. "That was great guys," Madison said. "I haven't come like this in forever. Last night and this morning were absolutely insane." "That they were," Ashley said.


"Like Brian said, if you ever want a facial, just ask. I don't think he'd ever turn down the opportunity to come on such a pretty face." "Okay, thank you," Madison giggled, "I will genuinely take you up on that offer." We all went upstairs to eat breakfast.