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Aubrey Sinclair fucks for easy driver licence
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It was just past one and Lydia was tired of the club scene. College guys had been hitting on her all night and she was tired of listening to their pathetic pick-up lines.

She had danced with a few of them for fun, but she wanted nothing more from their raging egos. After all, this was supposed to be a night of relaxation with her girlfriends.

Lydia had just finished her first semester of college and was excited that winter vacation was approaching. She would be able to get some well deserved rest and head home to see her family for the holidays. On this particular night, Lydia was satisfied with the way she had dressed.

She wasn't going for super sexy, but she also wasn't trying to dress like a grandmother. She had chosen to wear a pair of hip-hugger jeans that accentuated her curvy shape and a sleeveless pink blouse. Her straight, shoulder length hair flowed and brought out the olive green of her bright eyed gaze. Lydia's friends were wearing a little less than she was, but it was starting to grow colder outside and she did not want to freeze to death. The population of the club grew more intense within the hour and Lydia sat alone at a table.

Another helpless moron was staring her down from across the club and was slowly inching his way toward her. Lydia decided t was time to jet. She looked for her friend, Beth, who had given her a ride earlier that evening.

Lydia searched the dance floor, but didn't see Beth in the crowd. She made her way to the back of the club, wandering the short hallways until she reached a small lounge. Lydia's jaw dropped and her eyes rolled. Beth was knelt before some random guy on a couch, sucking his cock in a frantic manner.

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Lydia stormed back down the hall and retrieved her leather jacket from the coat room. She pushed through the exit door and out onto the street. Her dorm room was only a mile away from the club and while it wasn't the best idea for her to walk alone, she had done it several times before.

The atmosphere downtown always started to deteriorate after midnight because bars were no longer able to sell alcohol on Sunday morning. There weren't many people on the streets, just the occasional group of guys still looking for a lay, or the streetwalkers who made Broad Street their home. The quickest way for Lydia to get home was to cut through Perry Park, which had a path that was well lit. She entered the park and followed the trail, keeping her eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

She spotted a couple making out on a bench in the darkness, which was not unusual. She continued to walk, when she noticed a man standing on the small bridge that crosses over a creek in the middle of the park.

The bridge was part of the path and Lydia hesitated to continue. She could go back and walk all the way around the park, but that would add almost six blocks to the route and she would have to back track. She decided to take her chances. Lydia approached the bridge and kept to the side furthest from the man. "You gotta pay a toll," the man said in a phlegm filled voice.

He began to cough wildly as he stood in the center of the bridge, blocking Lydia's path. He was dressed in rags and covered with dirt. He had on tattered jeans and an oversized wool jacket that was full of holes. Lydia could smell him from several feet away. Lydia considered turning around, but she was curious as to what kind of toll this homeless man required. Did he want money? Did he want food? Lydia had neither. "How much is the toll?" Lydia asked with an inquisitive expression.

The man looked her over and smiled a toothless grin. "I want to see your tits," the man answered.


He continued to gaze awkwardly at her body. Lydia was shocked. This man wanted her to show him her breasts. Lydia had flashed her breasts once on a spring break trip, but never did she think she would have to do it for something as stupid as crossing a bridge.

"You want across or not?" the man shouted. "Such a jackass," Lydia snapped. She took the ends of her blouse in her hands and pulled it up quickly. She exposed her black bra to the homeless man and immediately yanked it down. The homeless man marveled at the quick peak he had seen of her covered C cup breasts.

"I need to see more," he demanded, keeping his ground in the center of the bridge. "I didn't see no tits.

All I seen is bra." Lydia had expected the man to be satisfied with just seeing her bra, but she knew that a flash was usually synonymous with flesh. She rolled her eyes and held the ends of her blouse again. She pulled her blouse up past her slim mid-riff and hooked her fingers under the cups of her bra. She grasped the wiring and pulled everything up to her neck. Her round breasts were exposed to the cold night air and she could feel a chill strike her small nipples. She held the position for two seconds and then covered up.

The homeless man's expression was overly animated and Lydia found it humorous. She made a slight giggle.

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"There's a lot I could do with them tits," the man stated. He didn't move from the bridge. "Can I cross now?" Lydia asked growing annoyed with the man's game. "Sure," he replied with a cough. Lydia stepped forward and the homeless man moved to the side. She walked hurriedly past the man, avoiding eye contact. It was then that she noticed a shadow take shape on the other end of the bridge.

A figure jumped out of the darkness and forcefully grabbed Lydia's arm. She screamed and felt an oily cloth shoved into her mouth. It was disgusting on her tongue and Lydia tried her best to spit it out while fighting off her attacker. Another set of arms reached around her waist and lifted the young girl off of her feet.

Lydia kicked violently, but it was no use. She was lugged off the path and shoved to the area under the bridge. A barrel was on fire and lit the hidden home of the homeless.

A dirty mattress was against the wall and many porn magazines were littered about the garbage under the bridge. "Everything's gonna be alright girl," the man said between deep breaths.

"We ain't gonna hurt you, long as you do what we say." Lydia continued to struggle, but found that the other man had bound her wrists together with a thick rope. She was breathing through her nose, which proved difficult due to the horrible odor of the stale air and sweat of the two men. "Did you get a look at them tits, Jim?" the man asked with a giant grin on his face.

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Tears were running from Lydia's eyes. "Not really, Butch. This bitch only kept them out for a few seconds. She must not like sharing her goods," Jim answered. "I thought she was really gonna have a stick up her ass and only show me her bra, but I convinced her otherwise," Butch said as he used a calloused hand to wipe a tear from Lydia's reddened cheek.

"But she's going to cooperate if she knows what's good for her," Butch added with a wheezing cough. "Let's start by getting them tits out," Jim exclaimed. Jim reached over and pulled Lydia's blouse up, letting it rest on her ample bosom.

He groped her chest, letting her covered breasts fill his large, dirty hands. He searched for her nipples on the outside of the fabric, and let out a joyous sound when he felt the protrusion on his thumb. "Must be cold," Butch laughed. "Must be," Jim replied. He ran his index finger over the flesh that was exposed to the cold air, making an invisible outline of Lydia's cleavage.

He dipped his finger between her breasts, feeling the smoothness of her velvety skin. "It's warm down here," said Jim. Lydia turned her head away from the men.

She did not want to watch them violate her body in this manner. The nasty cloth in her mouth was starting to make her gag and she was beginning to feel nauseated. Butch retrieved a kitchen knife from a pile of junk near the mattress and handed it to Jim. Jim took the knife and held it in front of Lydia's gaze. She followed the metal object with her eyes. Jim ran the icy steel under her bra strap and drew it forward.

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In one quick motion, he cut her bra straps and her cups fell forward, exposing both of her breasts. She felt Butch's rough hands unsnap the back of her bra, causing the entire piece of clothing to fall to the ground. Butch took her blouse and began tearing it at the neckline, ripping it in two. Lydia stood there, bound and gagged, naked from the waste up. Butch began fondling Lydia's breasts, squeezing them gruffly. He rolled his thumb over her hard nipples, smiling at the way they reacted to his touch.

Jim stood behind Lydia and kissed her neck, his putrid breath condensating on her skin. He would occasionally reach around and knead one of her unoccupied breast. Butch stuck out his tongue and licked her stiff nipple. He took it in his mouth and Lydia could feel his jagged teeth biting into her pink flesh.

He created suction around her areole and sucked hard. Lydia felt an unexpected pang of pleasure. "What was that?" Jim asked with her breasts in his mouth. "Are you liking this?" Lydia protested with a muffled scream.

"Stop the noise," Butch commanded. "We'll take the gag out if you promise to be quiet. If not, then we'll cut you up," he reiterated with a flash of the rusty metal weapon. Lydia shook her head "yes" and Jim pulled the nasty cloth from her mouth." "Now that your mouth is free, might as well put it to good use," Jim said with a grin.

Butch pushed down on Lydia's shoulders, forcing her to fall to her knees. Jim stepped forward, causing his crotch to be inches from Lydia's face. She sniffled as Jim undid his shoelace belt and let his raggedy pants fall to the ground. He took his flaccid cock in his hands and flayed it back and forth. "Now be a good little girl and open up," Butch commanded while running the knife through Lydia's hair.

Lydia closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Jim stepped forward and motioned his cock into Lydia's small mouth. Instantly, Lydia gagged. Jim's cock was sickening, tasting of sweat and filth. It had a fishy smell, that grew more intense as he slammed his member deeper into her orifice. It wasn't quite erect, which meant Jim's matted pubic hair was brushing against Lydia's nose. She could feel his balls slap against her chin with each motion.

His member grew larger as he pumped her face. Lydia had no control, since her hands were tied and Butch was holding her shoulders. With each thrust, she could feel Jim's cock filling her throat. At one point, Jim pulled his dick out of her mouth and she could see it was drenched with saliva.

He stroked his six inch cock and slapped it against Lydia's cheek, before reinserting. At one point, Lydia felt a thud against the back of her head. She couldn't see it for herself, but she knew that Butch was waving his cock through her hair. "I have to get in on this," said Butch as he removed the restraints from Lydia's wrists. "Don't even think about doing anything stupid." Butch stood next to Jim, keeping Lydia between the two of them.

Lydia couldn't believe her situation. She was knelt naked in front two homeless men, about to suck them both off. Butch smacked Lydia's elbow, insinuating that she needed to jerk him off while she sucked Jim. Butch spit on his hand and rubbed his member, giving some lubrication for Lydia's grip.

Lydia began pumping Butch's cock, moving from the base, all the way to tip. As she approached the bulbous tip with her fist, Lydia could feel Butch react instinctively. Jim pushed Lydia onto the mattress and she began to whimper. Jim stood on the mattress and hovered over her. Butch positioned his cock near her head and Jim lowered himself, his wet ass sitting on her fit stomach.

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He took both of her tits in his hand and slid his cock through her large cleavage. When his cock wouldn't slip in, he spit on her chest. Lydia was disgusted. Once again, he attempted to glide his member between her breasts. They smothered his erect cock, hiding it completely.

Jim stimulated himself with her breasts, while Butch took this opportunity to occupy her mouth. His cock was larger, but smelled and tasted about the same. He forced himself in and out of her mouth, fucking her throat in an animalistic manner. The idea of being fucked by two men was causing Lydia to become aroused. She was not necessarily enjoying it, but her sexual instincts were forcing her to feel as though she should. The men continued to have their way with her breasts and mouth, until Jim reached behind himself and undid Lydia's pants.

He let his hands roam, causing Lydia to lash out with her hands. Butch grabbed her wrists and held them over her head. Jim ran his hands through her trim pubic mound and placed a coarse finger into her slit. He rubbed the wet area, letting his digits massage her labia.

He slid his finger back and forth, purposely stopping at her clit. Each time he came to her clit, she would feel a twinge of pleasure rush over her body. She knew that he could sense it, because he started teasing her. He would move his finger to the small spot, and then run it all the way down her slit. He pulled his hand out of her pants and coated her nipples with her own wetness.

He then licked it off while making a slurping sound. After several minutes of assaulting her breasts and torturing her clit, Jim rose off of Lydia and grabbed the waist of her jeans. Lydia pulled her legs close to her body, but Jim wrestled with her and won. He pulled her jeans off and threw them into a heap on the floor. Lydia was wearing a black thong, which was her usual undergarment. Lydia loved thongs and felt that they made her sexy. This night, she regretted it.

Jim let out a whistle and pulled on the crotch of her panties.


She could feel the thong rise up into her ass and along her slit, causing an intense feeling of pleasure throughout her body. Butch reached over and cut the straps to the thong, letting it fall free. Lydia was now completely naked under the bridge. Butch was still pumping her mouth, but her throat was starting to become dry. At times, she had to gasp for air, which Butch did not appreciate. He would quickly replace his cock and scold her for stopping.

Jim pushed Lydia's legs to the side, causing her to lay spread eagle. He looked at her wet pussy and the trimmed bit of black pubic hair that rested above. With a swift motion, he slammed his throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy. Lydia let out a cry over the cock in her mouth. Jim thrust in and out, building into a continuous motion. At times, he would rub his thumb against her clit, causing an enormous sensation in her loins. Butch pulled out of her mouth and pulled the head of his cock against his stomach.

Lydia was confused as to what he was doing, but she quickly realized the next repulsive act she would have to perform. Butch placed his hairy balls on Lydia's mouth and demanded she open up.

She shook her head "no" and Butch placed the knife against her throat. She opened and let the sac fall onto her tongue. It tasted like a bag of salt water and felt like a bag of worms. He wiggled around, causing his testicles to squirm around in her mouth.

She hated it and was thankful when he pulled it out. She would have rather sucked his cock for the rest of the night then have had to put his nuts in her mouth again. Lydia could feel her pussy begin to tighten around Jim's cock and she knew that she was about to orgasm. She didn't want the men to know that this was causing her excitement, but her body began to spasm and it was impossible to hide.

She spit out Butch's cock and wailed as an intense sense of pleasure engulfed her body. She gripped the dirty mattress, attempting to control herself. Her body tensed, and then it was released. Sweat was dripping from every pore of her body. "I think this bitch is liking the fuckin we're giving her," Butch hollered. Lydia grabbed his cock and started sucking strongly. Something had come over her and she had every intention of pleasing these two strangers.

She sucked hard, letting his cock touch the back of her throat. She moved her tongue and used her to hand to pump his pulsating member. Jim continued to fuck her hard and she could tell that he would cum soon.

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He pounded her slit in a rhythmic manner, using her tight stomach to keep his balance. Butch's cock swelled and she felt an explosion of cum rush down her throat. He howled, forcing her to swallow every drop. He was completely flaccid before he pulled out.


Butch pulled out and told her to get on her knees. Lydia did as she was told. Butch slid his sopping wet cock between her breasts and began abusing her tits once more. He told her to lean forward and try to catch the tip of his dick on the end of her tongue. Within seconds, cum gushed out his member. It covered her breasts and face, oozing into her cleavage and dripping from her chin. He told her to remain still and he drained every last bit of semen from his cock.

When all was over, the two homeless men put on their pants. They both walked to the creek and lit up cigarettes, staring back at the young girl lying on their mattress. Lydia stared at the graffiti under the bridge and tried not to think of the cum that was drying on her silky skin. After several minutes, she stood and retrieved what was left of her clothing.

She shimmied up her jeans and affixed her blouse in a manner that covered her breasts. The homeless men watched her dress and it made her feel dirty. She left the bridge and returned to the path, making her way back to the dorm.