Mfanyakazi wa ndani akiliwa nyuma

Mfanyakazi wa ndani akiliwa nyuma
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I held off publishing this final segment because of the opportunity to sell the entire story on line. However, in response to several PM's and numerous comments I have changed my mind. Here is the finale--enjoy!

CHAPTER 1 I stood there, my arm around Hosi for what seemed forever, my fingers lightly caressing the soft skin of her back, ribs, and breast. We watched the water flow in a graceful arc into the fountain. I was…what can I say.overjoyed…elated…thrilled…ecstatic? Hosi had told me I was going to be a dad again. I had Kela who I loved to pieces and Davy who was just a helpless infant, and now another was on the way.

It reaffirmed my desire to make sure the valley would last as it was forever. I realized, not for the first time, how rich I really was. I had clean clear air to breathe, fresh delicious water to drink, wholesome food in quantity, a community where people lived in harmony, helped each other, and loved each other both physically and spiritually, and most of all a beautiful sexy wife who loved me unconditionally.

What else could anyone ask for? Now that we had handled the challenges of the slavers and the poachers it was time to get back to our daily lives. We would still maintain our patrols—there was no substitute for vigilance although I had some thoughts on how we could discourage interlopers. It was gory, really a disgusting idea, but I was pretty sure it would keep trespassers away.

I'd take the necessary steps later in the week, but first we needed to have a meeting of the men and their lovers. I gathered all the new men in the dining hall. We'd already had some meetings to discuss how they were adjusting to life here, but Hosi wanted to know how they were doing sexually.

She considered that to be a critical part of their adjustment to life in the valley. I tried to explain that they were unlikely to go into much detail—it just wasn't something that was done in our society, but Hosi was not to be deterred. I called the meeting to order, asked the servers for some juice and fresh rolls and began my explanation, "Umm…uhh…I don't really know where to begin so I think I'll just repeat what Hosi told me—she wants the details of your sex lives here in the valley." "What?

If I tell you that I'll probably kiss my lover good-bye." It was Harry who, after a life of kidding and joking had finally become serious. His explanation was simple—"I was always insecure, especially with women. Here I'm actually in demand and I have my pick, although I don't think I could ever find anyone who could beat Sila. She's incredible." "I have to agree, David," Gene added, "I know everything here is pretty open, but Tama would break my head in two if I blabbed about what we do in bed.

Shouldn't that be private?" All the men agreed. They'd speak candidly about anything…anything but their sex lives. I laughed and laughed. "If you can keep quiet…really quiet, just follow me." We removed our sandals and tiptoed down the hall toward the throne room. The women, all the lovers, were meeting there with Hosi and their conversation was anything but chaste. "Oh, my Queen," Tama began, "I just love it when Gene makes love to me.

We always bathe first. I wash his body and I pay extra special attention to his penis and his ass. I love to watch his face when I stick my finger in there. Gene squeals like a pig, but it makes him so hard. Then I lead him back to our house. I usually hold his penis all the way." The other women were giggling non-stop at Tama's remarks.

"When we get home I pick him up and lay him on the bed. I lean down and let him suckle my breast. He is just like a little boy.a little boy with a great big penis. I stroke his penis and rub his testicles. He also loves to put his finger into my vagina. I tell you, my Queen, he makes me so wet down there. Eventually, I can't take any more and I cover him with my body. I rub his penis into my slit and when it's nice and wet I slide it into me.

I am a big woman, but I am very tight town there and I love how Gene stretches me. I feel all tingly and then I begin to ride him. Gene holds on to my hips and drives that big penis into me with incredible force. He may be a small man, but he is very strong. Sometimes when he spurts he will actually lift me this much (she spread her hands more than a foot apart) off the bed.

I lie on him until we are both rested and then I love to lick his penis until it is clean." I turned to Gene who was just as red as red can be. He stumbled forward into the throne room before I had a chance to stop him. "Tama! How could you? I thought you loved me." He fell, crying unashamedly, to the floor.

Tama reacted immediately, her hands flying to her face. "Oh, Gene! I am so sorry!" She rushed to his side, caressing him to her breast. "Oh, Gene…oh, Gene," she repeated over and over.

It wasn't long before she was crying as much as he was. I looked at Hosi; she was clearly upset. I shrugged my shoulders, telling her I knew it wasn't a great idea. She walked to Tama and Gene, "Take him home…make love to him. I know you still love each other. This was all my fault." Tama picked up Gene, carrying him in her arms as he cried into her large firm breasts.

She soothed him with her words and kisses. Hosi dismissed the remaining tribeswomen; they paired up with their men and walked slowly out of the palace still stricken by what they had witnessed. I took Hosi by the hand, looked her in the eyes, and kissed her.

"I tried to tell you. In our society people just don't talk so openly about sex. They all but refused to talk to me so I thought I'd bring them up here with the women.

I'm sorry. I didn't think&hellip." "Hush, David. We both know this was my idea and it was a bad one. Let's go back to our quarters. I need something from you." She grinned and reached into my pocket, finding my flaccid cock. She grinned even wider when I began to harden immediately under her touch.

"I'm glad you're not angry with me." She pulled my by the cock to our bed. Hosi stripped off my shirt and shorts; I'd given up wearing underwear long, long ago. She removed my shoes and socks (these I did insist on wearing) and pushed me back onto the bed. "Pushy today, aren't you?" I teased. She gave me a smirk as she removed her skirt and the undergarment I now referred to as a G-string, something Hosi never understood, but to be honest, neither did I.

She slipped out of her sandals and slid next to me. We held each other, me savoring the incredibly warmth of her skin, she loving the feeling of the hair on my chest rubbing against her naked swollen breasts. Hosi kissed me briefly and pulled away to nuzzle my ear--lick and nibble my lobe—while her hand explored my body.

She knew her way around very well, finding my hard erect cock in only seconds. She rubbed up and down the shaft, enjoying the soft, smooth skin in her hand. Cock in hand she climbed onto my body. Hosi rubbed me into her moist slit; I gasped from the elation I was feeling—the hot wet soft smooth tissues of her vagina as it stretched around my shaft. She released my ear, shifting her attention to my open needy mouth. Her tongue felt like it was half-way down my throat as her mouth clamped over mine.

I raised my hips, driving myself into her core. Now it was Hosi's turn to gasp. She backed off from my mouth to gain freedom of movement; she was always active on my cock. Hosi bent my poor penis into shapes I could never even imagine. However, her motions always did the job for me, just as I always seemed to be able to take care of her. We started out herky-jerky—uncoordinated--but in minutes we were moving together, our actions forcing me deeper and deeper into her.

I could feel it—a tiny tingle deep within me. It grew more rapidly than I could ever believe. I looked up at my wife—my lover—my Queen. I could see the rapture in her face. She looked down at me and nodded. I knew then that she was close. I increased my pace, moving wildly until I froze—stock still for almost thirty seconds—until my body exploded in a massive spasm of ecstasy that shook the two of us. Hosi growled as her orgasm struck.

It was a low guttural moan that lasted for almost a minute as we shook and shuddered together until she fell onto me, or sweat mingling and pooling on my abdomen. I held my dear wife and kissed her hair…her neck…her shoulder. I looked up at her and whispered, "I love you so much." Hosi laughed, "Sometimes I think you just love the way I fuck." "Well, I do love that, too." She laughed, and then I laughed.

We laughed together until we cried. At one point early in Hosi's reign the guards would rush in whenever they heard us, concerned for their Queen's safety. Now, after more than a year they knew it was just a part of our love making. Hosi slipped off me and my cock popped out of her pussy. She leaned against me and closed her eyes, falling swiftly to a relaxing sleep. I lay there thinking…wondering about the men's reactions to what they had seen this morning.

In time I too closed my eyes and found slumber. CHAPTER 2 Tama held Gene close as she carried him to their home. She was an Amazon in every sense of the word. At six feet three inches and 180 pounds of rippling muscles, she possessed incredible strength.

She could carry a lightweight like Gene who only weighed 140 pounds nonstop for a week. However, she had a soft tender side that loved Gene deeply and completely. She had only spoken about their relationship because she was commanded by her Queen; she would never intentionally hurt Gene in any way. They were several blocks from the palace when Gene stopped crying.

Tama immediately drew his lips to her teat. She knew that Gene loved to suckle almost as much as she loved the sensation of his lips tight on her nipple. She was able to hold him in one arm so she stroked his head to calm him as he suckled.

Tama lived on the edge of the village. Strong as she was her skills with bow and spear rarely exceeded mediocre and she knew it. As such she had no ambition to ever move beyond her copper skirt and bracelet, furthermore she loved living on the edge of the open grassy plain. Her house overlooked the fields and gardens. The scent of flowers and the other plants filled her house and she found it much more pleasant than the odors that surrounded the plaza—the odor of human and animal sweat and feet and dust.

She strode purposefully; she wanted to have Gene to herself to heal his wounds within her vagina. She knew the power her vagina held over Gene.

He had admitted it freely—he loved fucking her. He loved dipping his long tongue into her tunnel. At last they passed the final corner and entered.

The dim light of the large room was welcoming after the heat of the village streets. The paving stones kept the dust to a minimum, but they were hot in the sun.

Gently she laid Gene onto the bed. She leaned down to kiss his neck and cheek. "I love you, Gene. You know I would never hurt you. My Queen commanded me to speak so I had to. Let me show you how much I care for you." She stepped away, dropped her skirt and the triangle that covered her sex. She could see that it was wet and sticky much more from her arousal than the miniscule effort associated with carrying her diminutive lover through the village. She returned to her lover, caressing his face as she delicately removed his shirt and shorts.

His shoes and socks fell to the floor as Tama covered his body with hers. She held his head in her hands and kissed him as she wrapped those muscular arms around his body. In a second she had rolled over, bringing Gene over her, his head resting on her massive breast. Gene sighed as his hard thick eight-inch organ was led to Tama's tight pussy. It was reflex only that told Gene to press forward.

His fears were gone—evaporated the very instant that his organ entered her wetness. He pressed forward, driving into her and as he did she knew he was still hers and that he would be forever. Tama rose to meet him, her muscular cunt convulsing with pleasure, squeezing him as only she could. Gene had never experienced success with women in the outside world. That's why he wanted to come with his brother Harry, the jokester—the prankster. He had met Tama almost by accident when she was the only Amazon left to deal with him and his brother.

Tama had volunteered to serve the two of them. The assertive Harry had dominated the threesome, but left her unfulfilled.


Once Harry had his orgasm he had fallen deeply asleep. Gene took Tama into his mouth and brought her to her very first orgasm. It was the beginning of a long and loving relationship, one which they both prayed would end in their being declared mates.

The two danced together, their bodies intertwined and connected by their sex. They were lost in each other as their heat grew—as their love for each other flowered. Suddenly Gene arched his back, ramming his cock deep within Tama's inner being. Hot white semen shot from his cock repeatedly and forcefully as it filled her cunt to overflowing.

So much was there that if flowed down her legs to the sheet, drenching it in the slick fluid. Gene's ejaculation was more than enough for Tama. She would have been more than satisfied just to have him cum, but, as usual, his eruption pushed her over the edge into that abyss she loved so much.

Her entire body shook and tingled with the ecstasy of her orgasm—what she fervently hoped would be the first of many this memorable day. "I love you, Gene. I hope you know that now. I hope you will always know it." "I knew it before, my love," he replied, "I was just so shocked to hear you, but now it makes sense.

David wanted all of the men to tell about our love lives, but we refused. In fact, I told him you'd break my head in two if I talked like that." Now it was Tama's turn to take offense. She feigned injury until Gene's face expressed his concern. Only then did Tama smile and laugh drawing Gene into the mirth.

They laughed together for many minutes until she looked into his eyes with fire and lust and he knew it was time for round two. CHAPTER 3 Harry and his woman Sila left the palace shortly after Tama had carried Gene out in her arms. Harry was understandably upset over his brother's reaction. "Explain again, Sila," he asked, "exactly what was going on that Tama was telling all about their sex life?

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"It was on the Queen's command, Harry. Tama had no choice. I was very glad that she went before me. I also had to listen to Rini tell about her and Scott. She is very much in love with him, just as I am very much in love with you. But, Harry, I don't understand what the big problem was." "I suspect it all started with the Puritans. I've read that they were real prudes." "Who? How could they be prunes? Isn't that a dried fruit?" Harry had to chuckle.

Sila was beautiful and oh so sexy, but she knew nothing of the outside world. "The Puritans, Sila, and the word is prude, not prune." He explained about colonization and the search for religious freedom in the New World. "There are still many who are reluctant to talk about sex and love in our society. Some women even dress and undress in a closet and that's also why making love is usually done in the dark and behind locked doors, although young people tend to ignore those so-called rules." Had Sila not known Harry she would have been sure he was lying.

"What is the point of all that, Harry? Do they not make love naked? Why would they be afraid or ashamed of their bodies?" Harry kissed her nose. She could be a bit dense at times, but she was just so cute—and she was head over heels in love with Harry.

"Sweetie, not every woman looks like you or has a body like you. In my country many women are fat—they weigh too much. Often they are really sloppy looking." He cupped her breasts, a solid C-cup, and continued, "Their breasts sag and sometimes hang down to here." He pointed to her belly button. "But, they are married to men who love them so I don't know what the big deal is either." Sila thought for a minute, "I wonder what Tama and Gene are doing?" She sounded serious, but there was that twinkle in her eye—the one that always told Harry that she wanted to be fucked.

"Hmmm…probably the same thing I want to do with you." He took her hand and led her down the lane to her house. Like David and Hosi years ago Harry had his own house across the lane, but, like David, he only used it when he had to fuck the other tribeswomen. Hosi provided laundry services in the form of fresh towels and sheets.

Harry was more than willing to fuck the tribeswomen—he felt it was his duty, something he and the other men did to thank the tribe for taking them in and welcoming them to the valley. However, he only made love to Sila. He knew she was gorgeous—in the U.S.A. or Europe she could have easily been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, earning millions.

Surprisingly--to Harry anyway--Sila didn't consider herself to be anything special—just one of the girls. At just under six feet in height and 135 pounds she had a slender frame with a waspish waist and narrow hips to go with her broad shoulders and large symmetrical breasts. Despite being a breast man in his previous life he considered Sila's best feature to be her tight firm ass—he just loved to stroke and caress her butt.

Once in her house he turned and pulled her to him.

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She tilted her head down and kissed the shorter Harry passionately, her tongue finding his and wrapping around it sinuously.

They kissed, holding it for many minutes, edging to the bed inch by inch until the back of Harry's calves struck the frame. This was Sila's cue to lean forward, using her weight to force Harry back until she bounced on him several times playfully. She giggled as she opened his shirt and worked her way down Harry's body, kissing every inch of the way.

Harry had introduced Sila to oral sex, going down on her first and making her cum several times as an inducement to blowing him. He could never have guessed that she would love it so much—sucking his lollypop, that is.

She was more than open to having Harry suck her, but she absolutely loved swallowing his cock, having it pass her tonsils and then pull out slowly until just the head was in her mouth. Like many in the tribe she had incredible muscle control. Not only could she contract and vibrate her vaginal muscles, she could do it just as well with those in her throat. Harry came in Sila's throat often.

His only concern was that—as a result-- he had less access to her delightful pussy. Back in New York Sila would have been classified as a slut. She loved to suck; she loved to fuck; hell, she loved to take it in her ass.

She masturbated Harry occasionally with her feet, wrapping them around his shaft and squeezing as her feet ran up and down his shaft. She'd have him shoot into her lap where she could scoop it up and lick it eagerly off her fingers. Three, even four times a day weren't enough for Sila. She wanted sex even in her sleep. Today, though, she wanted Harry inside her. The thought of Tama and Gene fucking at the same time made her pussy tingle with delight.

She could see them in her mind, the big Amazon and the tiny man with the big penis. She wanted—no she needed—to emulate them in her mind and her body. Whatever Tama could do she knew she could do better. She opened Harry's shorts and pulled them down to his ankles.

Her skirt and G-string followed as she fell to her knees and took Harry into her mouth. Harry always groaned when her lips circled his cock and again when he bottomed out, her lips kissing his pubic hair.

He pulled out slightly before pushing in again. He loved to fuck her mouth almost as much as she loved receiving, but not today. She pulled back and jumped onto the bed, pulling Harry over and between her legs. She moved the slimy cock into her slit and wrapped her legs around his butt. She used those strong legs to pull him into her. Sila looked up at Harry and wondered if he would consent to be her mate.

They were together almost all the time either here in the house or in the baths. They played a lot, but they also worked together. They had been on patrol when they found the poachers and brought Paulo back. Now she pushed up every time Harry drove his thick cock into her.

Harry knew something about Sila that she didn't even realize herself—she was a rarity--able to have vaginal orgasms, and anal, too. Harry was 35 and single. He had dated a lot and hung out at a load of clubs back in the City. He fucked a different woman at least once a week so he knew how unusual and fortunate he was to find a woman who could cum just from having a hard cock in her.

Rarer still was finding a woman who could cum from a cock in her ass. Damn! He loved this woman. They moved together grinding into each other as their skin rubbed and mixed their sweat despite the coolness of the room. Their eyes were locked on each other as their breathing grew ragged and shallow as they came together—Sila squirting all over Harry, he drowning her tight cunt with his slick white juice.

Harry fell onto his lover drained, but knowing that he'd be back in the saddle again in a few hours. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

CHAPTER 4 I woke the following morning with Hosi's breast in his mouth. I gnawed a bit as Hosi laughed, "I guess you liked my morning gift for you. I'm afraid that's all I can give you for now. We have a mission right after breakfast." She pulled me from the bed. We walked to get Kela and took her with us out to the toilets and baths. It was wonderful sitting in the cool flowing water from the river.

From our position we could see the fresh pure water arcing into the fountain. We'd made quite a few improvements in our few years here in the valley. I just hoped they were enough. We returned to the palace for breakfast—scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes along with ketchup which Kevin had made from our gardens' tomatoes.

I had to admit the meal was delicious. We dropped Kela off with Scott and Rini—a play date with her buddy Sama. Hosi walked at a fast pace, determined to catch Tama and Gene at home. They both kneeled but Hosi motioned them up. "I wanted to see how you were doing this morning. I am really sorry, Gene if you were hurt or embarrassed yesterday. It is never my intention to hurt anyone in the tribe." Gene and Tama told her that they were both OK and that they attributed the whole situation to a misunderstanding.

"That is very kind of you—both of you. Now, Gene, I am told you wish to ask me something." Gene began to shake, "Uh…yes, my Queen.uh, that is…I…I mean…I think…we…Oh, jeez what's wrong with me?" Hosi giggled, but rested a hand on the nervous man's shoulder. "Gene, David has told me that lawyers are very good public speakers.

Why are you having a problem? Would you like me to help you?" The bewildered Gene nodded, physically unable to respond. "Very well, then…Tama…Gene you have my permission. I hereby declare you to be mates. I will instruct Dennis to remove your implant, Tama. Would you like to have a child?" "Oh, yes, my Queen," they replied simultaneously as they smiled, obviously relieved that Hosi had granted their unstated request.

We all hugged and chatted amiably until Hosi decided we should leave. We went straight to the hospital to give Dennis the news about Tama. Hosi told me we could relax now; I steered her to the pool. We shed our clothes and walked into the cool water.

A guard brought Kela and Sama. They ran into the water.

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I knew we didn't have to worry about them—they swam like fish. We relaxed until lunch then walked naked and dripping wet to the palace to eat.

I had an important meeting shortly afterward. Hosi and I met with Paulo and Harry's patrol team which included Paulo's twin lovers. I explained what I wanted to do. "Would you mind terribly if I threw up?" It was Harry and he was giving voice to everyone's feelings. "Listen…I know it's disgusting, but I think it will help keep trespassers out. You did leave the bodies near that big ant hill, right?" "Yes, I wondered why you wanted that, but now I understand.

I just hope the ants are finished. I really don't want to tangle with them and the idea of picking up a skull with all that…stuff oozing out…ugh!" it was the leader of the team that had disposed of the bodies who had taken the initiative.

"OK, I know you are supposed to patrol tomorrow. That's when we'll look. Also, Paulo, I want to bring back as much steel as we can carry so you'll go in that direction toward your camp. Hosi is scheduling another twenty warriors to carry.

I want you to be careful. Someone might be looking for the poachers by now. I don't want anyone here injured or worse. Everyone understand what we're going to do?" There were no questions so we adjourned until dawn tomorrow morning. Hosi and I spent the afternoon relaxing. We went for a long leisurely walk up to the forges with Kela and Sama tagging along—running and playing tag and hide-and-seek. They were much better at hiding than I was at seeking although I'd have to be deaf not to hear their giggling every time I came near.

That was always my cue to turn and walk in the other direction. We took much longer to reach our destination, but my reward was a giant hug and a great big kiss from Kela who told me, "Funny…Daddy…I love you." "I love you too, Dumpling." That was my pet name for her, although how I could call a warrior princess something as sappy as "Dumpling" was something I could never explain even to myself.

I found what I was looking for—five old spears with bronze heads. They were strong enough for the task I had in mind.

I took them in hand and we returned home. I held the spears on one shoulder, my other arm wrapped around my beloved as our daughter scampered with her friend. The following morning came early. We were up before the sun had risen. I dressed and retrieved my gear from my knapsack in the corner. I strapped my web belt with the machete around my waist, grabbed a piece of fruit and walked out to the plaza where the patrol waited patiently. We walked out of the valley at a brisk pace and were soon in the jungle.

I sent Paulo and the twenty warriors to the poachers' camp, reminding them to be careful. I had little reason to worry; these were seasoned warriors who could steal through the jungle without leaving a trace or strike down any threat with arrow or spear. Harry's party and I headed in the other direction.

We found the ant hill. It was hard to miss, being more than four feet high and roughly eight in diameter. The ants had done their work—the poachers' bodies had been completely consumed, leaving only the bare bones of the skeletons.

I shook one of the skulls; it was still firmly attached to the neck and body by the cartilage. I severed the bond with the machete and moved to the next one. Brave warriors all, they cringed at carrying the skulls. It was only the stern orders from their Queen that made them comply. We walked to the border of the tribe's property. I dug the old spears into the ground almost two feet so they wouldn't fall in the wind or rain.

I jammed a skull on each spear. They would serve as a warning to any who came this way—the only way into the valley.

We turned and followed the other group. We caught up with them in the poachers' camp. They had gathered all the steel—fenders and doors from their Land Rover, pieces of the cages, pots, pans, and assorted knives and other cutlery. We bagged up the small pieces and carried the large ones on our shoulders as we made our way back to the valley. On to the forges we walked carrying what seemed to be a ton of steel.

We could make many daggers and sharp spear heads from this load and there was even more still in the broken camp. That would have to wait for another trip. It was now afternoon and I had to rest before tomorrow's trip to the city. I would go in my "missionary" role to purchase some of the necessities we needed to survive.

I often took Hosi with me, having promised to never again spend a night apart, however we had an infant, Davy, who required his mother's milk.

Yes, Hosi had placed him with the Amazonian equivalent of a wet nurse on occasion, but this had proved to be less than satisfactory. On both occasions Davy had been extremely hungry the following day—he hadn't had anywhere near enough to eat. He needed Hosi's plump milk-filled breasts. I decided to go alone. All the men were involved with one project or another, Sean with melting and forging the recovered steel into bars that could be used to manufacture daggers, knives, and swords; Kevin, with Gene and Harry, expanding the gardens and installing fences to keep the livestock out; Dennis, of course, with the hospital; and Paulo—well, Paulo had dates to inseminate three of the women.

It was easier to go alone. I retrieved my chain and wooden cross from the shelf and headed down river. I docked the boat and made arrangements for a room at the hotel before beginning my shopping excursion. I had a lengthy list to fill, including some tasty treats for the many children in the tribe. I had just returned from my second trip back to the boat when I was approached by a man. He looked to be maybe late twenties, tall and lanky, dressed in the most ragged t-shirt and shorts I'd seen in many years—black hair and a long wispy goatee.

I was on the defensive at first, expecting a robbery attempt or worse, but he was unusually polite and respectful, "Senhor," he began in Portuguese, "I have been told you are a missionary and that you live in the deep jungle with the savages." I nodded and he continued, "I am Benedito.

I search for my…cousin. His name is Paulo. I am ashamed to tell you…his parents sold him to some bad men. I am sure they have hurt him. I try to buy him back—his family now has money--but I cannot find him. They went into jungle months ago and they not come back.

I hear that you live in jungle. You know or hear of anyone like Paulo?" I was taken aback; I didn't know what to say. How could I even be sure that this guy was Paulo's cousin? I didn't like the way he hesitated before saying "cousin" as though it was an afterthought.

"I will return to the jungle tomorrow and I will check with the natives to see if we can learn anything. Are you staying here in the city?" "Si, Senhor, I have job. I wash dishes and help in restaurant.

It not much but I do not need much. I worry about Paulo." "I will return in another month and I will bring whatever news I can get. How will I find you?" "I come here every day at three o'clock.

I am between shifts. No work until dinner." I agreed to meet him in exactly four weeks. By then I'd have confirmed his story. I finished my shopping, acting the role of the innocent missionary. I checked the reflection in a window of a store I entered; Benedito was speaking animatedly to a small group of hard looking men. I finished my shopping and returned to the hotel. I showered and went out to dinner.

There were restaurants in the city, but they weren't anything special. I picked one that looked clean and walked in; I was surprised to find Benedito bussing a table.

I ordered and waited, enjoying a "chopp," a draft beer in local parlance, cold with the glass sweating in the humid evening. I enjoyed many of the local beers, especially Brahma, locally brewed and pretty good. I only drank occasionally and primarily in the city.

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There was wine in the valley and I enjoyed it occasionally, but there was nothing like a nice cold draft—a "chopp!" I ate a decent steak and another Brahma before returning for a boring night of watching TV.

I already missed my Hosi and my children. I went to bed early, falling asleep almost immediately, and woke early for the return up river. I docked the boat and had the goods lifted up to the village. Then I had an errand. I could hear the grunting as I approached Paulo's house. He was taking his reproductive duties seriously. I could see him plowing a tribeswoman's cunt with his long thick tool.

His partner's legs were wrapped around his neck, his cock burying itself deep into her cunt with every thrust. She looked over toward me, "Oh, hi David…I think we'll be done soon…oohhhh, I don't want it to end…oohhh, I don't, but…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…unnnggghhh!

She came hard and Paulo followed only seconds later.

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She moved her legs down to his waist and held him inside her for another ten minutes. "Paulo, I need to speak with you. No…stay where you are. It looks like you're having so much fun and I'll bet it's a lot better IN there than OUT. Do you know someone named Benedito…late twenties…tall and thin, funny looking goatee?" "Mother of God!

He is the leader of the group that bought me from my parents. I pray you did not tell him I was here!" "Not to worry…he tried to tell me he was your cousin and that your family now had money to buy you back." "Ha!

What a lie. My parents could never get that much money. They are barely surviving. Can you tell me what happened?" He extricated himself from his lover, pulling his slimy cock from her vagina. She rose and kissed him before kneeling to clean his organ and pull the last few drops of semen into her mouth. "Is this 'duty' or 'recreation'?" You two seem to be having an awfully good time together." "David, I think you know Lina, one of the twins who have taken me in." I looked closer in the dim light.

Yes, it definitely was Lina.or was it Lita? I never could tell the two of them apart. Just then I heard another voice from the rear of the house, "Hi, David what brings you all the way out here? I would have thought you'd be home with Hosi by now.

Did you have a good trip?" I explained all about the trip and meeting Benedito. I suggested we meet tomorrow to plan a strategy. I was afraid these men might be a threat. I kissed the twins good-bye and trotted off to my Hosi. I walked into the throne room, but it was empty. I looked in the dining hall; it too was vacant. I walked into our quarters to change out of my filthy sweat-laden clothes; Hosi was there reclining on our bed, "What took you so long?

I've been waiting here ever since you were reported back." I leaned down to kiss her and explained what had happened. She tugged at my clothing, opening my belt and dropping my shorts.

"I'm filthy," I told her. "I've been sweating all the way up the river." "I don't care…I missed you all last night and today. I need you inside of me and I need you now." What could I do? I certainly couldn't disobey the Queen.

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I'd have to make the sacrifice and give my body to her. I stripped off my shirt and fell next to her. She pulled me to her lush body, wrapping a leg over me as we embraced and fell into the most delicious kiss. Hosi's tongue entered my mouth, enfolding itself around mine as she teased me and prepared me for what was to come.

I always marveled at the sensation of Hosi's body. How one with such powerful muscles could have skin that was so soft and smooth amazed me.

There were few things that I enjoyed more than running my hands over her back and hips and, well…everything. She was impatient today, showing how much she did miss me last night. We made love every single day…usually multiple times. Hosi rolled me onto my back. I put my hands behind my head; it was obvious that this was going to be her show. She ran my erect phallus up and down her slit several times until she was ready.

She was wet and slick; I oozed pre-cum; I entered her easily and suddenly I was enveloped in her warmth. I could feel the heat of her core and I was lost to the world.

Hosi was my life—everything else had vanished…disappeared. She was my world…my universe. I began to thrust. We met each other, slowly at first, but faster with every second. In no time we were fucking like rabbits. Her sweat dripped from her nipples onto my chest. Suddenly, she leaned down and we kissed again. I could feel the tension in her lips disappear as her body prepared for her orgasm.

She began to shake just a little as she neared the edge and then she was over. Her body was smothered in a massive spasm of ecstasy. Exhausted she may have been, but she continued to move with me until I felt a torrent of magma erupt from my cock into her tight cunt. I felt like a volcano, so massive was my ejacuation.

I pulled her to me as we rested. I could have stayed there all night, resting with my love in my arms, but we were interrupted by my other love. Kela ran in yelling, "Daddy…daddy!" I withdrew from Hosi as I reached down to hug and kiss my beautiful daughter. She reminded me of another job I had to do. I shrugged on my shorts and a pair of sandals, grabbed my bag of sweets and walked with Kela to the plaza.

I had the guard ring the bell once—the signal that I had candy for the children. Every one who could walk or crawl found their way to the plaza, some still dripping wet from the baths or the pool. I gave each five pieces of salt water taffy—peppermint, strawberry, cherry, grape, and chocolate. I made sure they knew to throw out the paper wrappers responsibly.

We burned them along with other combustible garbage. To avoid detection we only burnt in the middle of the night and only under the strictest supervision. Hosi and I ate our dinner and retired to our rooms. I began to prepare for bed, but Hosi stopped me. I could see the wheels turning in her head. "What trouble are you brewing now," I asked.

"Well…I was thinking&hellip." I knew this was going to be a disaster. I could tell just by the tone of her voice. "If we can't get the men to tell us, we could go and find out for ourselves." "What you mean is…spy on them…absolutely not! If you thought they were upset about talking just imagine what would happen if we were caught peeking in some window.

No, Hosi…not a good idea…in fact, terrible." I stripped and climbed into bed. Reluctantly, Hosi joined me a few minutes later. CHAPTER 5 There was a big group meeting with us in the dining hall the following morning. Hosi, of course, chaired the meeting, but she turned the reins over to me—I had met Benedito and I had seen the group of hard cases he was with.

I was especially careful on the way back upriver even going so far as to pass the tributary and double back to make sure I wasn't followed. "I need to explain about what may be a new threat to our safety," I began looking out over the group of men and warrior leaders. I explained my meeting with Benedito and his interest in finding Paulo and his men.

I described the others he had met with once I returned to my shopping. I could see the agitation in Paulo's face so I asked him to speak. "This Benedito is the devil for sure. He is the cruelest man I have ever met." He removed his shirt and pants turned around to emphasize his point. His lower back and butt were covered with scars from severe whippings and burns from cigars. Lina hugged him to her body in an effort to console him.

He showed us his fingers. Several were bent and crooked. "He broke them just for the fun of it. Also," he continued, "he is very stubborn. He will never give up until he finds his men…and me. I have never feared anyone as much as I fear him." I thought for a few minutes before commenting, "OK, if he wants to find his men, why don't we help him? Here's what I'm thinking&hellip." There were several comments and a few suggestions which made the plan stronger.

We began with our preparations as soon as we broke up. We planned carefully. We didn't know how many men he would have with him so we needed plenty of warriors, outstanding with the bow, all of them. I wanted at least three for each of the enemy and I wouldn't know how many that would be until I was on my return from my next trip to the city. I worked out a code I could use on the boat's radio. The next step was to find a place where I could stop the boat on the Amazon, tie off to a tree, and trek directly to the abandoned camp and then to the border of our property where I had placed the skulls.

Once we found that we were ready. The days passed quickly. Soon the day before my departure had arrived. "I hate this, David," Hosi told me with a frown. "I worry about your safety…oh, why lie? I have done nothing but worry since you came up with this crazy plan.

Why do you do these things? Think of me and our children!" "That's exactly why I'm doing it. I want to make sure you're safe and the only way is to take this guy down. I'm pretty sure I'll be OK. Your warriors will pick us up at their camp and we'll ambush them at the skulls.

They'll believe me when I tell them I'm going to help. They think I'm just an innocent missionary. I'll be OK. Trust me." Hosi shook her head and pulled me into a hug.

She wouldn't kiss me; she didn't want me to see her crying, but I could feel her body shaking. My left hand reached down to her thighs and I picked her up. I carried her to the bed and laid her down gently, nibbling her ear. She hated when I nibbled her ear. It was the one place where she was ticklish. It was only seconds before she was squirming under me. I pulled back, looking her in the eyes. "I love you. You're going to be stuck with me for a long time—longer than a long time.

I promise." This time she did pull me into a long passionate kiss, her soft full lips pressing into mine. I removed my clothes and hers, too. We lay together, our arms and legs intertwined as our tongues danced a dance of love and devotion. She pushed me onto my back and slid down my pole, engulfing my cock with her hot tight tunnel. Her movements were slow—very, very slow—as though she wanted this coupling to last forever.

I swear it must have taken her thirty seconds to rise and another thirty to slide back down again. She leaned forward to rub her nipples over my face. I reached up to grab one intending to suckle, but she was too quick. "Sorry," she laughed, "but I need to save that for Davy. I have something else you can suck on though." She rose off my cock and sidled forward until she straddled my chin, her delectable, but sloppy, pussy right over my mouth. I rose up to sample her sweet musky nectar.

It was spread all over her pussy from our brief interrupted fucking, but that was more than OK with me. I loved the way she tasted and the more delicious nectar she produced the more I loved it. I started at her asshole, teasing her there with light touches of the tip of my tongue. She squirmed in a combination of anguish and ecstasy. My tongue covered her pussy as I licked all the way up to her clit. Over and over I licked until her pussy was completely clean…on the outside anyway.

My tongue penetrated my woman. I cleaned her tunnel—a futile effort, she could always make more, and I knew she would, especially with my tongue in there. I tickled her clit with my nose; she jerked in response, so of course I did it again and again.

Giggling, she implored me to stop. I looked up to see she was begging, "Please, David…why don't you fuck my cunt instead? I really want you in me now. " I would have jumped up in shock had she not been sitting on my head, "Where did you learn to talk like that? It's bad enough to say 'fuck,' but 'cunt' is really terrible. I should wash your mouth out with soap." Relenting a bit when Hosi looked apologetic, a tear forming in her eye, I continued, "OK, c'mon…there's no reason to cry.

You made a mistake—we all do—and to show you I forgive you I will…fuck your cunt, that is." I laughed as I lifted her body up and moved it down, bringing my cock to her sex. I dropped her slowly…gently… onto my organ. She was the mother of my children and she would be a mother again.

I rose up, savoring once again the tender torture her pussy gave me—tender because of the soft smooth texture of her silky tissues, torture because every second I was in there made me want so terribly to cum and cum again. I could tell from her eyes that the fooling was over.

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She was getting down to business. We loved to fuck each other—had right from the very first time and we loved to make each other climax. The sensation of her sweat mingling with mine, of clutching her to my chest to rest after a vigorous workout was nothing less than fantastic.

We began our rhythm, the tempo we always used when we were joined together. It created more than enough friction for both of us, but was not hurried. We weren't in a rush; this was how we showed how much we loved each other. We rocked together, Hosi squeezing me while rubbing her sensitive clit against my pubic hair. My hands gripped her hips, my fingers digging into her flesh as we moved, eyes locked on each other, mouths silent in concentration as we worked together. We usually increased our pace steadily, but tonight Hosi obviously wanted our union to last.

We made love for almost an hour. She told me that her pussy tingled wildly for the last half. Finally, it began to hurt.

She endured the pain to bring our coupling to a wonderful conclusion. I couldn't recall ever cumming with such force or as much intensity. Hosi finally came, her body shaking, having lost all semblance of control.

She literally collapsed onto me. "You'd better come back to me. I don't know what I would do without you." She cried again, this time until we fell asleep. CHAPTER 6 I rose early, ate a hearty breakfast and walked with Hosi to the waterfall. We kissed briefly; I was afraid that a lengthy embrace would cause her to cry once again. I hugged Kela and kissed my infant son and I was gone.

I had decided to take no weapon. They would be armed, of that I was sure however I was supposed to be a peaceful missionary.

I had to play that role to perfection, therefore—no gun. The trip downriver was uneventful. I passed my projected landing area, carefully marked with three hatchet slashes on the side of a tree. It was just before three when I docked and tied up the boat.

I climbed onto the dock carrying a worn map of the jungle. I ambled along examining several store windows en route to the square where I was to meet Benedito.

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I fingered my cross as I approached the fountain. It was old and filthy, covered with grime and algae and pigeon shit, but it was a popular meeting place. I could see Benedito and two comrades waiting, but not too patiently. I greeted him, "Ah…Benedito, how wonderful to see you again.

I bring news of your cousin. I can't say if it is good or not, but I know where he has been with those horrible men. Come…bring your friends. Let us join together for a cup of coffee while I show you this map. It is old, but still quite accurate. The natives have located a broken down camp that may have belonged to those men. Here, let me show you." I hoped I wasn't laying it on too thickly.

I ordered four coffees and spread the map on the table. "Here is where the tribe has found the camp. We can bring my boat to the river's edge here." I pointed to an area along the Amazon which was less than fifteen miles from the camp. "You can see it is much shorter this way. We will have to cut our way through the jungle, but it will still be much faster than going overland from here.

My boat is big enough to carry all of us and the gear we will need for a short trek. I hope my tribe will meet us there, but I cannot guarantee it…they are very shy and nervous." I babbled on as I thought a naïve theologian might.

They agreed to go with me early the following morning. We met at the dock and stored all the gear. I was expecting some weapons, but this was ridiculous. I had no idea how they were going to carry all this stuff. They each had an assault rifle and two pistols and a ton of ammo. I backed off the dock and headed out.


I told them I had to make a radio call at 10:00, just to let the other missionaries know that we had met and that I would be delayed. I picked up the microphone at ten sharp. It was set to channel 16, the international call channel. 'Brother Scott…Brother Scott, this is Brother David…over." "Brother David…this is Brother Scott. What news do you have?" "I met the man and we are headed back, but it may be many days before I am able to return to you and the tribe.

Over." "Roger…Brother Scott out." "Brother David out." The message had been sent. The use of the term "many days" meant that there were two in addition to Benedito. We'd have plenty of Amazons to handle them, probably many more than needed. I drove along the left bank looking for the three slashes. I told them that one of the natives had made them to guide us.

That was one of the few actually true things I told them. One of the natives—Tama—had made the marks only three days ago. We found them four hours after leaving.

I pulled the boat to the bank. One of them jumped out with a line that he fastened to the tree. I retied it more securely, knowing that Sean would pick it up in a couple of hours and return it to the waterfall. I'd be walking back. They'd be staying. We trekked through the jungle. It was tough going.

Even I had a machete. It was needed to cut our way through the thick brush. We walked until the sun began to set. I helped make a quick meal and settled in to my sleeping bag, reminding myself to pray before sleeping. I knew I had no reason for concern. Hosi and her warriors had picked us up at the river.

We woke with the sun. I remembered to pray again before we resumed our hike. We found the abandoned camp just after nine. "I am sorry to tell you that the natives have taken much of the poachers' gear. I hope we can find them so you can get your cousin back." "What? Oh, yeah…we definitely want to get Paulo back, don't we, guys?" "Yeah…we're doing all this for our old buddy Paulo." They chuckled as I led them out of the camp along the trail that had been marked.

I stopped just before reaching the line of skulls. They were less than fifty feet ahead in the brush. I removed my hat and ran my hand through my hair.

This was the signal to get ready. I could imagine Hosi and her warriors nocking their arrows in their bowstrings. I walked another twenty feet before turning and facing the men. Their rifles were slung on their shoulders, their pistols holstered. "Well, gentlemen, we're almost at the end of your journey.

Your friends are just ahead…what's left of them anyway." Hosi and twenty warriors stepped out of the jungle; arrows flew at the startled poachers killing the two, but only wounding Benedito—one arrow in each bicep. I knelt as he bled into the dry earth. "You know, Benedito, pausing before describing Paulo as your cousin was a huge mistake. It put me on guard and then when Paulo told me who you really were I knew we'd have to take care of you…and your buddies, too.

These are the 'natives' with whom I live. This gorgeous creature is not only my wife, she's also the Queen. Trust me, she'd have no compunctions about killing you and neither would any of the others. These two over here are Paulo's lovers so I think they'd look forward to killing you slowly, especially after seeing how you tortured him.

Paulo told us all about you—how mean and sadistic you are, how much you enjoyed making him suffer. We all like Paulo; he's very polite and caring so we were shocked to see those marks on his butt and his crooked broken fingers. He told us you did that just for fun so we have a special fun thing to do with you. "You were looking for your friends and now you've found them." I pointed ahead and stepped aside so he could see the mounted skulls.

"Just think, you'll be able to spend eternity with them in hell, but first you're going to suffer like you've never suffered before." Tama lifted him easily, carrying him away. His dead friends soon followed.

Tama laid him on the ground, tying his wrists and ankles to the vines we had attached to pegs last week on our last visit to the jungle. "See that big mound over there, Benedito? There are maybe ten million ants in there, maybe more—who really knows?

They'll find your friends soon and they'll smell your wounds. Pretty soon they'll be paying you a visit, too. These are army ants—big and mean. They'll eat anything that gets in their way—living or dead." I stood, joined Hosi, kissed her and turned away leaving the ants to do their work. CHAPTER 7 I hadn't allowed Paulo to join us in the jungle. I thought it might be too much for him emotionally. It was almost too much for me and I had no connection with the loser Benedito at all.

We picked him up by the stone steps. I remembered Hosi guiding me so gently down each step when we first met that bright morning years ago. So much had happened since then—most of it really good. I knew I was a changed man and it was all because of Hosi.

I wanted her to know so I stopped, pulled her to me and kissed her madly. She was surprised, but she didn't resist. Instead she kissed me back as the tribeswomen hooted and laughed. "What was that for," she asked once we had broken the kiss.

"Just for being you," I replied making her even more confused than she had been before. She batted her eyes at me, her face showing the confusion she felt. I didn't speak. I just pulled her into another long and wonderful kiss, our tongues searching in what is now very familiar territory for yet undiscovered areas of pleasure and ecstasy.

My hands went to her heavy breasts. I hefted her huge milk-laden mammaries, still firm after two pregnancies. I broke the kiss and when her eyes questioned me I responded immediately, "I want to get you back home where I can take care of you properly. I hate to admit it, but I've been terrified for weeks." Hosi gave me a look that could kill, but said nothing. She took my hand and led me away. We walked into the village with the other members of the ambush team.

She turned left away from the palace and I found myself with her at the pool. Now I was confused—didn't she want to…?

She removed my clothing, stepped out of her skirt and G-string, leaving the sandals at the edge of the plaza. She took my hand again and led me into the cool water. We ducked under—it did feel great to remove the sweat and the stench of those men from my body. Hosi positioned me near one of the stone blocks, "Watch me float," she said. I was so intent on what she said I lost track of what she was actually doing.

She was floating all right, but her legs were open so we were crotch to crotch. Before I realized what had happened she had maneuvered her pussy around my hard cock. She held my hands and was using that leverage to actually fuck herself on my cock, making little wavelets in the pool. I was about to complain, but she shushed me, "Take a good look around you, David. What do you see?

Tell me." I looked right and my mouth fell open. Paulo stood near the pool wall with Lita (or was it Lina?) sitting on his cock and fucking herself slowly while her sister licked alternatively at her nipple and his.

Farther down was Sean with his two. Misa looked like she was swimming, but her ass was holding her still, clamped down around his dick. She raised her head periodically, showing her ecstasy. I turned left to see Harry and Sila. Just one look told me how much in love they were. I'd have to speak to Hosi about declaring them mates. They made no attempt to disguise what they were doing.

Sila had her arms around his neck as she rode his cock. I doubted that they even knew anyone was watching—they only had eyes for each other. I glanced at Hosi. She had seen them, too. She mouthed the words, "Mates, for sure!" I grinned and nodded my agreement. Harry had finally made it. I looked all around the pool. All the men and their partners were actively fucking right out here in the open where they could and would be seen by anyone who was here or passing by.

Hosi wanted the sex to be an open book and she'd gotten her way. I asked her about it; she replied without hesitation, "Don't I always? I got you, didn't I?" I leaned down and, placing my hands behind her breasts, pulled her vertical, my cock remaining in its place. I brought her up in front of me, kissed her neck as we continued to fuck.

I nibbled her ear lobe and whispered to her, "I will always love you." We kissed then and as we did the world around us disappeared into a mist. We were the only two people on earth.