Smutty mature lady Hana enjoys hardcore double penetration

Smutty mature lady Hana enjoys hardcore double penetration
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A.N. All the events are a first for me and this story is unfolding right now so if you like it, rate it up, and I will post more about what happens. 10:09 p.m. Charlie: hey, whatcha doing Ty: flipping through netflix for a movie. you?

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Charlie: my friend is gone now, feel like chilling? Ty: of course!


where are we going? Charlie: um.idk, where do you wanna go? can't stay out too late, but it'd be nice to see you Ty: ok, yeah it'd be nice to see you for a bit too. how about we just meet up around the park and figure it out after that? Charlie: Alright see you in a few :) Ty: ok :) A sensory overload of thoughts and heart pounding in my chest were gearing up in me right then also causing my hands to shake.

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After being with Charlie on that first night, I kept playing everything over and over in my head an inumberable amount of times. Every time I think about his hand on my leg, or holding hands with him, or leaning against him.look, I'm not one for the sappy stuff normally but every time, I feel butterflies in my chest. Never have I felt like this about anyone and I don't know what to do with these feelings and.ugh shut up Ty, you're blabbering again.

Anyway I quickly ran to find my shoes, throw on my jacket, and grab the keys to my car. A major point of pride to me, I drive a 13 year old, ruby red mustang covertible with only 36 thousand miles. Among others, one of the first things I learned about Charlie is that we both share a love for cars. Having something I love in common with a guy like that.I've watched my parents separate and re-marry and separate their second spouses again so one thing I know without a doubt is aside from having personalities that click, you have to have common interests to have something to spend time on together.

Driving to the park, I once again had a big smile on my face. What can I say, going to see him even for a little bit excited me, my face lights up even when I simply see a text from him. I won't lie, I was really hoping for more than him just holding my hand this time. Thoughts ran wildly through my head, I'm not ashamed to say that I am a virgin and my knowledge of sex is limited.

I mean, yes I understand the basics but I haven't been physical with another person before so I wasn't sure exactly what I could expect. Jarring me from my thoughts was my GPS telling me when to get off the freeway. I'm usually good at directions, but I operate by landmarks more than road signs and it was dark out.

Just then my phone dinged also. Charlie: hey, meet me at the store accross the street. i want to get a drink Ty: ok, i'm almost there I pulled up next to him, and gave him a quick hug (I still can't get over that feeling) before we ran inside.

The store was about to close, which I usually hate running in when stores are about to close becasue people run in when I'm at work, right before we shut down for the night and it drives me mad. But we quickly grab something to drink and then Charlie spied a bottle of wine on our way to the checkout. "Hey look what we have here." "Are you sure that's a good idea?" I asked.

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"What? It's half for me and half for you. You aren't that much of a lightweight are you?" "No, I'm not just, I don't think we need it do you?" I replied with a questionable look.

"We don't even have a corkscrew and I don't feel like trying with my teeth". "Yeah alright, another time I guess", he said a little defeated. Trust me, the defeated part didn't last long for him. Like most people, though I know I am underage, I've had a few drinks before.

I mistakenly didn't pace myself one time, ending up with a monster of a hangover on a day my family decided to go on a boat tour in the Virgin Islands, which I did learn from, so I knew it probably wasn't a good idea and we might end up fooling around without needing to loosen up anyway.

Back outside we jump in his car and start driving around for a little bit. This is where my innocence began to show.

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We were just driving around chatting and killing time (so I thought). After going down the road a ways he pulls into a subdivision and parks at the far end. "Well I guess this is good", he started. I was still thinking about the conversation we were having a moment before, completely missing his cue. I finish my train of thought and he leans his hand over to my leg again, this time placing it on my thigh. My mind stops for a second and I start to get hard quickly. He undoes his seatbelt, then mine.

I look at Charlie, he looks back and then goes for it. He leans in and wrapping his arms around my back, pulls me into him, full on kissing me. We keep making out for the next couple of minutes and the next thing I know he has his hand on my dick through my jeans. I moaned into the seemingly endless kiss we were sharing, caught off guard by the first hand to feel me aside from my own, I just kept kissing him and holding onto him for a minute before I moved my hand down his chest (remember how I said he looked good in that picture?

his chest felt awesome!) and onto his dick also. I usually have other things on my mind than measuring myself when I'm hard, but I guess I am about 7 inches or so.

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Feeling Charlie through his jeans also now, I know he must be bigger than me, but the car is parked in the dark so I can't tell. We keep kissing and feeling each other for another minute or so before I made up my mind. Breaking the kiss, I say "maybe we should try the backseat" "yeah Ty lets go!", he eagerly replied.

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We are both pretty tall so even the back seat didn't turn out to be very spacious with both of us trying to lay on one another. He leans back onto me and I slowly fall back until I am laying down completely with Charlie on top of me. I keep feeling his body and goddamn he really is fit. We begin moving our hands down eachother until he undoes my belt, lifting up my boxers, and placing his hand directly on my dick.

I jumped for a second and then simultaneously melted completely at that point. If someone had knocked on the window of the car to see why it was parked at the end of this neighborhood, I would have kept on going. He started to jerk me off slowly at first and then faster than I had ever done myself.

I have to feel him at that point so I undo his belt and place my hand on his cock also, begining to jerk him at the same time. Then he gets up, leans down onto my torso, and starts sucking me. Cloud nine be damned, this was pure exstacy!

I hold on to his head gently while he takes my cock in and out of his mouth. The feeling of his warm mouth on my dick right then was about to make me burst but I held back as best I could for a little longer, I wanted this to last. He stops after a minute or two and lays back down, jerking and kissing me again. "I'm not going to last much longer!", I said urgently though it probably sounded very quiet due to my hand jerking his much larger cock indeed and him giving me pure bliss.

Before I knew it, he was kissing my neck making me moan audibly. "UGH.FUCK, CHARLIE!!", I half moaned and yelled into his kiss. I shot I don't know how many times and froze, but he kept jerking me making shiver uncontrollably. I then turned my attention to him and jerked him off with all I had. In no time he moaned "I'm close Ty, keep going!" I pumped him fast as I could for another minute.

"Keep going.ugh, keep going.FUCK!!". I thought I blew a lot but he shot everywhere!


I leaned into kiss intensely again before we got and found a rag to clean up our mess. I pulled my pants up again and we stepped out of the car to get into the front. I was a little dizzy and stumbled slightly. Riding back to my car, I couldn't find any words to say so I just smiled and looked at him. I gave him one more kiss before we parted for the night and looked in his eyes again. "I had a lot of fun, I loved that", I told him.

"So did I! Was that your first time?" "Yeah haha, was it obvious?" "A little, but it's cute", he said smiling. "Thanks for coming." "Dude you don't even have to ask, just tell me to shut up and kiss me if I keep talking and miss your cue next time", I replied laughing.

"Haha alright", he said. We said goodnight and both headed home. I slept like a rock and woke up the next morning with a text from him saying "I had a ton of fun last night, let's do that again soon ;)" That's it for now, Thank You again for the positive reviews and the many "good luck" wishes last time.

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