Spreading her delicious ass with his cock

Spreading her delicious ass with his cock
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This is a new series I'm starting. Hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback! I'll post some more soon! Hi, I'm Matt. I'm 16, white, about 5' 11" and fairly toned. I'm not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I have enough definition to feel good about my body. My cock's about 7 inches long, and a little thicker than average.

I'm also a virgin. Generally a regular 16-year-old guy. Apart from I have a little secret. I'm bi. I've been looking at porn since I was around 13. A few months later, I came across a gay video, and since then have been very interested in gay sex. I've developed a few fetishes along the way, such as pissplay, gangbangs, and black men. Those are a few things I want to try with some other guys! Like all teenage boys, I jack off at lease once a day. What I like to do is be really horny all day, and hold off until I get into the bath at night.

That way, I can cum loads and shoot quite a distance, nearly always onto my face and into my mouth. It turns me on so much seeing my face covered with my own cum in the mirror. Normally I wash it off afterwards by pissing on myself. I hold it for as long as I can so I pee loads. I love the feeling of hot piss splashing against my body, especially on my face, and a little in my mouth. What I also do a lot is playing with my asshole. I normally use the handle of my toothbrush, and my favourite way to do it is to ride it.

Hold it upright and push myself up and down it, wiggling from side to side. I quite often cum with it in me. Even though I'm a virgin, I'm sooooooooo desperate for some cock. I spend a lot of time looking at gay porn, and in gay chatrooms, which quite often leads to chatting on msn, trading pictures and stories or fantasies.

A few offer to meet me, but I'm quite nervous about doing something like that. I'm going to write stories about my sex life as I hope it will happen, so enjoy! There's this hot guy that lives opposite.


Carlton. He's probably about 19 with light brown skin (his mums white and his dads black). Not an ounce of fat on him, very toned body. It's just him and his mum in the house. One day, I was home alone. I turned on my laptop, ready to enjoy some porn, but as I went to open the Internet, the screen went blank. WTF! I tried all I could think of, like turning it on and off again, but I couldn't do anything.

Then I remembered mum said something about the guy across the street being a bit of a computer geek, so I picked up my laptop and went across to see if he could help. I was wearing some old jeans and a t-shirt. I knocked on the door, and after a few seconds, it opened. Carlton stood there in just a pair of boxers. He must have only just got out of bed. "Hey, Matt. Wossup?" he asked. It took me a few moments to compose myself, staring at this gorgeous body.

"Hey…um…yeah…um&hellip.there's something wrong with my laptop. My mum said you're a bit of a computer whiz, so I was just wondering if you could help." "Yeah, sure thing, I'll take a look. Come on in." He beckoned me inside. I let him lead me upstairs, and into his room. He took his laptop off his desk, and replaced it with mine. He told me to take a seat, so I sat on his unmade bed. As he was tapping away, I stared at his beautiful body.

My cock began to stir in my pants. He turned around to face me. "I think I know how to sort it, but it might take a few minutes. There's some beer in the fridge downstairs. Help yourself." I thanked him, and made my way to the door, trying my hardest to hide my growing erection. I went down, and returned to his room with a couple of cans. "I got you one too&hellip." I began. I stopped as I noticed the look on his face.

He turned my laptop around. On it, one of my pornos was playing. It showed a white guy licking a pair of black balls, licking up and down the huge charcoal shaft. "Carlton, please don't tell anyone! Please!" I begged. He just laughed at me. He closed the movie and put the laptop back on the desk.

"You gay, Matt?!" he asked.

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I shook my head. "I'm bi," I said. He laughed a little.

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"Please don't tell anyone about this! I'll do anything!" He smiled at me. "So, you like cock? You ever seen a real one close up?" I shook my head. "You want to?" I hesitated, then smiled and nodded. "Fucking queer!

You want my cock?!" He pulled his boxers off to reveal his limp cock dangling next to a huge pair of balls between his muscular legs. "Get naked, white boy!" he sneered. I did as he said. My 7 inch cock looked tiny next to his black monster, and mine was already hard.

He sniggered when he saw it. "What the fuck is that little white thing? Poor you!

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It's ok though, I got a big black one here for you…" He straddled me, his legs clamped around my chest as I laid on the bed. He shuffled forward until his cock dangled right above my face.

"You know you want to…" he said. I opened my mouth and he leaned forward, his floppy cock finding its way into my awaiting mouth. Straight away, it started to grow. He began to fuck my mouth slowly. I gagged as the head of his now fully-erect 11 inch black cock hit the back of my throat.

He cracked open a can as he fucked my face, and began to knock it back. I felt so dirty, so humiliated, laying here with a black cock in my mouth while its owner drank a beer, but it felt so hot! He pulled his cock out of my mouth for a second. "Open wide!" he said. He began to dribble into my mouth, a mix of his saliva and beer.

I coughed as it hit the back of my throat, but he screamed at me to swallow, so I did. He put his cock back in, and finished off the can. I began to get into it, moving my head back and forth over his cock. I rolled my tongue all over it. Suddenly, he pulled out again. "I'm not cumming yet, white boy. I want your pussy!" he said. It took me a while to realise what he meant.

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"I've never had a cock though! You'll split me in two with that thing!" I shouted back. "Shut the fuck up, white boy!" he shouted. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them to either side of my head, effectively folding me in two. He roughly pushed his cock into my asshole, and laid on top of me so his face was inches from me.

I winced as he sank deeper and deeper into me. "You ready for me to fuck your little white boipussy with my big black cock?" he whispered. I shook my head, and told him to wait a minute. But he ignored me.

He began to ram his cock back and forth into me.

"Jesus Christ! Fuck&hellip.aagghhh!" I screamed. But very quickly, I began to enjoy it. I'd waited for this for so long! I was turned on even more by the hot faces he was pulling as he fucked me, and the loud moaning coming from him. "Oh fuck! Mmmmmmmm yeah! This is a fucking good pussy! I'm gonna cum! You want it in your mouth, white boy?" I nodded and grinned. He pulled out, I opened my mouth and he shot his load straight into my mouth.

I quickly swallowed it, trying to keep up with his seemingly-endless supply of cum, but I failed. My mouth overflowed, and a little dribbled down my chin. He wiped his cock over my face, leaving the little cum left on his cock across my face. He climbed off me. "Looks like you enjoyed that, white boy," he said, pointing to the mess of precum dribbling from my hard cock and onto my stomach. He scooped some up with his fingers and fed it to me. I licked his fingers clean.

He grabbed the other can of beer, and drank it in one go. I stood up and started for the door. "Where you going?" "To clean my face." "No need to go anywhere else for that.

I've just drank 2 cans of beer, and I haven't peed all morning. I gotta full bladder!" I smiled and kneeled in front of him. He held his limp cock over my face, and began to piss. The hot stream of yellowly liquid splashed over my face, until he found his aim, and it splattered into my mouth.


Like his cum, his stream of piss seemed to never end. Eventually, it did. I licked his cock clean. "One more thing to do&hellip.Lay down now!" I laid on the floor. He squatted over my face, and lowered himself down onto me. The stench of his sweaty asscrack was so erotic. "Lick my hole, bitch" I pushed my tongue into his crack, running over his puckered hole.

I focussed on it, flicking my tongue over the closed hole. He was moaning softly. The ring of muscle around his asshole began to relax, and my tongue finally found its way into him. I could feel my cock pulsating, and I groaned into his arse as I came. It shot out of my cock, and splattered all over Carlton's sexy body. He rolled off me, and allowed me to lick my cum off him. My tongue ran all around his toned body, his rock hard 6-pack and pecs. We both stood up.

"Shit, Matt! You're a fucking good white boy! I guess its true what they say about white boys&hellip." he said. "So&hellip.your laptops fixed.

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Run off home now." He smiled at me. I threw my clothes back on, and walked back (a little awkwardly) to my house.