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Sorry about my bad English, not a native language. When Kadri was a 6-7 year old child, she was shy. She already knew, what nudity meant and tried never to show herself naked in front of anyone except mother. But at the time of sexual awakening her attitude quickly changed. When Kadri was 11, she was in sauna at countryside, obviously with other girls and women, when some village boys peeked through the sauna window.

Women noticed this, they got very angry and boys escaped. However Kadri felt thrilled. She exactly noticed, that during of boys peeking she was maybe the nearest to the window and suddenly realized afterwards, that she was delighted.

Even she didn't understand why she was excited, but what happened, was for her only joy, while all the women were nervous and mad. Kadri learned quite early to satisfy herself sexually, I mean mainly to masturbate. But she also learned to excite herself, being often naked, when she was at home alone. Nudity was something interesting to her and she also searched from web for information about the topic.

After school, when father, mother and older brother were not at home, she quickly took all the clothes off and enjoyed, for example, that she ate soup and drank milk in kitchen naked. She frequently thought about it, how she could be naked anywhere in front of other people. At first she was cautious, however. She started to leave the apartment naked and went down the stairs.

As the house was a nine-floor building, there was also a lift and usually people used lift and not walking down the stairs.

It was very fascinating for Kadri, when she heard somebody to leave the door. If some person is starting to go down the stairs, Kadri would be quickly slid down to the elevator and escape through it. But if somebody walks down and also elevator is occupied? Then was only chance to run down to the cellar door, wait there, when people are leaving house through main door and then quickly return to the apartment.

Kadri did this very often, but never was catched. After this exciting „game" between stairs she usually masturbated in her room and faced the powerful orgasm. In the next summer, when Kadri was already 12, she got a first opportunity to be naked in a public place.

Her dad got a job abroad for three months, and mother joined him only for two weeks, but this spell spent at her aunt, 150 km from capital, where she lived. Aunt was happy, because Kadri has helped her to watch two small children, who were three and five years old. Beach at the lake was 2 km from aunt's home, but that was a quite remote place and not more than 40-50 people usually spent time on the beach.

As aunt's children were very small, they usually swam and played on the beach naked and when they went third time to the lake, Kadri took the opportunity. She finally dared to get naked also, leave other vacationers impression, that the kids are simply playing on the muddy beach and don't want to get their swimsuit dirty.

Kadri nursed little children very seriously, she checked that they does not run too far or does not go into deep water. Day was not very warm and sunny, therefore on the beach was not too many people, maybe 25-30, mainly families. Kadri was a little bit disappointed, that nobody paid to her special attention. When she built a sandcastle with kids, then one man passed them and later turned around and looked at Kadri.

She smiled modestly, man mumbled something, saying like: „OK!" and continued walk farther. This was maybe only reaction to Kadri's nudity. Then rain clouds gathered and people quickly left beach at the lake and Kadri with little kids also put clothes on and ran home. Kadri told to 5-year old boy not to talk parents about her nudity and he promised to keep secret. Kadri said: „If you will talk, then I will not come with you to the beach anymore." 3-year old girl was too little to understand about nudity and even when she speaks, Kadri can say, that little one don't understand, she only changed clothes and was naked at one moment.

Next day was also rainy, but then day after that very warm and sunny.

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It was Saturday and more people came to the beach. Now it was quite crowded, when Kadri and kids arrived.

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But she again did not hesitate to take clothes off. Now more people were close to them and Kadri noticed some wonder and astonishment by people, but this was only quiet reaction, nobody said anything, but Kadri noticed, how a man and woman whispering something to each other. Kadri was so excited of a big crowd, that even the nipples were hard.

Today she really felt herself like a princess. Very much people were looking at her and it made her very happy. When kids were playing at lakeshore, she laid on a towel and wondered, how it all worked out so excellently. After some time 5-year old nephew wanted ice cream. Ice cream was sold at the snack bar in the parking lot, which was about 150 metres from beach.

Kadri was slightly afraid to that the little kids can do stupid things alone, but she realized, that many people here can see, if they maybe will go to the deep water despite of warning and decided to go buy ice cream. She now took next step of her exhibitionism, going naked to the parking lot and snack bar. On the way to the snack bar Kadri got lucky to meet three boys aged about 14-15, who were arriving to the beach.

One of the boys whistled and said: „Wow! Naked girl!" Kadri smiled and said „Hello!" Boys were stunned to see naked girl so relaxed. And one asked: „Hey, are here all girls naked at beach?" „No, only me," said Kadri and left.

At the snack bar five people were in queue. Some of them ordered hamburger and had to wait. All five people, two of them women, now turned to look naked girl walking toward the snack bar. Kadri summoned carefree and indifferent expression on face. She was like saying: „Nothing to worry about, this is my normal outfit".


And people stayed quiet, only two of them were together, others alone. And even this two, waiting for hamburger, were not talking to girl. Soon one man was standing behind Kadri in the queue. It took maybe 3-4 minutes, when Kadri reached to the stand and asked two ice creams.

Salesperson smiled and said: „Is it really so hot, that you don't wear even panties?" Kadri answered: „It really is!" Both were laughing and man in queue also. Then he asked: „Can you really do not feel weird?" And after that asking salesperson: „Have you ever seen naked girl here?

„No, it is first time," said she, but added. „Never mind, I will sell to everybody." Kadri got her ice creams and left, but man asked only cigarettes and quickly followed girl. „Please, don't afraid, I wanted to ask something," he said. „I am not afraid," said Kadri. „But ice cream melts away, I have to return quickly." „I just wanted to say that I am impressed. Even my wife praised you. She said: she must be a special person, if have the courage to come naked to the crowded place." „Nothing special," said Kadri.

„We have here just kind of prejudice that nakedness is terrible, but I wanted to prove, that it can be normal." That was until then, the best day of Kadri's life. She was later also talking to boys, whom she met earlier on the way to the parking lot. And Kadri felt so relaxed, but talking to boys was sexually so arousing, that she was close to orgasm. In rare cases, orgasm can happen without genital stimulation, but in this case, maybe Kadri touched herself a few times carefully and got orgasm.

Suddenly fluid shooted out of the vagina and first time Kadri experienced female ejaculation, which is not so common for women.

All boys have their cocks hard, but they have obviously panties. „You are really cool girl," said one of them. Kadri suddenly realized, that she have been some minutes on her own world and now remembered about kids. She quickly ran out from boys and started to play with her nephew's. Next time of interesting experiences came in the fall, when Kadri already studied in school.

She attended the third year in a football practice, but was clearly better than other girls. Women football (it is not American football, but European, named soccer in USA) was not very popular in our country, and if somebody was talented and developed rapidly, she didn't find anymore equal team-mates and coach decided to try once a week her to practice with the boys, who were mostly one year younger than Kadri.

Then followed one friendly game between this boys team and one countryside school team, which was clearly weaker. And coach decided to try Kadri's abilities in this match.

She was mostly sitting on substitutes bench, but when score was 5:1, coach put Kadri in 15 minutes before the end. Kadri was good player, but nevertheless among boys she was not outstanding. Somehow Kadri managed to give accidentally assist to goal, when she only hit the ball not even looking direction, but happily ball landed in front of the goal, opposite defenders were scrappy and Kadri's teammate scored!

Match ended 7:2. After match there was suddenly a problem. Hosts had only two dressing rooms, each for the one team. But Kadri was a girl. She itself didn't guess how will coach fix the problem, but it was a real headache for coach, because the bus was ordered only for four hours and there was only 15-20 minutes left to take shower for all team and no time for Kadri to go after boys are ready.

„What we can do?" he asked Kadri. „You do not want to leave unwashed as I understand. But you also can not go with boys," he discussed with himself. Kadri again saw the possibility.

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„If you don't mind, then I can go with boys. One time I was naked at lake, there were also boys and I was not disturbed," she said. „I see," said coach thinking. „Maybe you can do it, but one problem remains: no one must know about it, otherwise I may lose a coach job. I believe, that you don't tell to parents, but boys?

Anybody can talk, if not to parents, then to friends and story spreads…" Then coach entered to the dressing room with Kadri and said: „Boys, please don't tell to anybody, but we have no choice, Kadri will take shower with you." Some boy's faces were happy, but part of them were scared.

Kadri quickly took her clothes off, took a towel and went to wash. Whole situation was like reversed: lone girl felt herself comfortably, but bunch of boys were face-to-red and hiding one certain „thing", walked into the shower. Kadri was again overexcited, when she washed herself between the legs. But she forcibly was holding back an orgasm, otherwise it would have been too big scare for boys. Returning to the dressing room, Kadri didn't hurry to put clothes on, but went front of the mirror to comb hair.

Boys were already dressing and naked Kadri front of the mirror, when coach enetered. Of course he was embarrassed. He quickly turned around and said to Kadri: „What are you looking at, five minutes after we have to sat on the bus." „Oh, sorry," said Kadri, „but I have longer hair than boys, dries slowly." Nevertheless she quickly put clothes on and they came back to the city exactly at time.

When Kadri was next time in the football training, coach asked Kadri to come after training to his office. „Excuse, that I shall talking about this, but it seemed, that you even enjoyed being naked at boys dressing room. Correct me, if I'm wrong," he said. „Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it didn't bother me," answered Kadri.

„But you should have been dress quickly. Now the boys were even more stunned and somebody can talk. You acted a bit provocatively. When I faced the problem of the common dressing room, I was convinced that you just leave the unwashed. But you were not even nervous, like this is normal, that girl is in the boys locker room. Please, say honestly, did you like it?" asked coach. Kadri thought a moment, what to say.

„As I said already, I have to been naked in front of boys also before that case. If you asked about shame, then I can really say, I don't feel this." Now coach reached to the point.

He tried to choose words, if asking: „But, for example, don't take it personally…, if you have not other possibility, than to go under shower,&hellip. for example with… me, then you also will do it?

Sorry, if this question is too offensive." Kadri now realized. She began to laugh. Coach frightened. He thought that the girl understood the background of the proposal and thought it was ridiculous. But Kadri only said: „This will be interesting." „Oh, interesting," repeated coach. „Maybe this was a bad idea, but I wanted to notify, that in the coaches locker room we have also sauna and jacuzzi. You, as the best footballer deserve better conditions." „Maybe then next time," said Kadri.

„Oh, yes, I will remind you then," said coach and let Kadri to left home. Next time, when training was finished, coach said to other girls, they can leave, but added: „Kadri will try some more shots, I will be the goalkeeper." It was conspiracy, that other girls could not understand anything. Outside was already end of the October and weather was quite gold.

When they finished hitting, coach said to Kadri: „I will prepare for you hot tea." Kadri took her clothes from girl's locker room and came to the coaches rest room, which was connected to the sauna and washrooms by back door.

Kadri immediately took off training clothes and stayed naked at coaches room.

When coach came back with cup of tea, she was already sitting on the couch, legs under its belly and clearly enjoyed the situation.

„You know, I can now answer honestly, I am really pleased for this opportunity," she said. Coach also now took his clothes off and obviously his cock was hard as stone. Kadri was not shocked about this view, but tried not to show her interest also. She thought, that maybe she is too young for sex, but the situation was out of control anyway.

When she felt a strong excitement, she was no longer to able hold back herself. Because Kadri was already technically no virgin, because she did broke her hymen while masturbating, then penetrating was not painful anymore.

„What a soft skin you have," moaned coach.


Because he was quite ready and Kadri got orgasm also quickly, they finished both at the same time. Kadri was surprised, how nice this all was. After they both took shower, were sitting at sauna and in yacuzzi, Kadri took initiative to fuck one more time. She helped coach to get ready again and now they fucked longer and stronger. In this time coach finished to her face and Kadri's face was completely covered with white juice.

She looked at the mirror and laughed: „Wow! This is everywhere!" „If you like it, then don't wipe your face clean. We can drink here another tea," said coach. And that was really a horny view, when young girl was drinking tea, face covered and all the time laughing: „I had so much fun, thank you, coach!" And now the last story about Kadri's interesting year.

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During winter break Kadri was again at countryside on her aunt's house. Aunt lived almost in the middle of the forest, where only went one-way narrow road. Kadri had a lot of sex with her coach and such way, that „poor" man was tired already and therefore happy, that Kadri had to left for two weeks.

One day aunt left with her family to the city and this particular day Kadri stayed alone at big sole house and was thinking about doing some interesting things, maybe even sex. She knew, that behind the lake was 7 km long ski trail loop, but not much people used this trail, because this place was too remote.

Some other trails were more popular, but at least some skiers have to be in the forest, thought Kadri. And she again got excited and suddenly on her head arosed crazy idea. She was laughing alone at kitchen and decided to try it first time: to go naked outside in winter and find some skier, who maybe is ready to fuck her.

Kadri took all clothes off, went out, locked the door and hid the key under the woodpile. She had to go some 200 metres through the thick forest in order to reach to the forest trail, which will lead to the lake. Then she had to walk straight across the icy lake and in the other side ski loop already ran.

Snow fell from the trees on the Kadri's body, but she stepped forward in excitement and didn't even think about of -5 degrees (23 F) and cloudy weather.

After some time she realized, that feet are sore. She briefly stopped for a moment and thought to go back and put at least boots on. But then she abandoned this idea and moved on. She was like snow princess, when reaching to the forest trail and wiped herself clean from the snow.

Kadri remembered, that lake situated about 2 kilometres from aunt's home, but now journey seemed longer. Now she also felt cold on her body and hands, but bare feet were most painful. She persuaded itself not to return and walked heroically towards the lake. She didn't even know, how much time it took, but there was now left about 700 metres across the lake and then walk to the ski trail. When Kadri stepped on the ice of the lake, she noticed lone fisherman almost in the centre of the lake.

This was again thrilling and she forgot about cold. Also fisherman noticed her and stared to the approaching girl in amazement. Kadri welcomed the first: „Have you catched many fish today?" But fisherman didn't answer, she only said: „What the hell! Where did you come from?" „I am walking here in forest. Nice weather today," said Kadri. „You are walking like this? Not even boots?" „Yeah, I didn't put them.

Feet are a little bit sore," said Kadri. „But I am trying to withstand the cold. This will improve the health." „You already must be very strong, if you are walking naked in winter. How long you have been outside for now?" asked fisherman. „I don't know, maybe about two hours," lied Kadri, who knew that right time must be about 30 minutes. „Oh, it is really impressive," said fisherman. „I can't offer vodka to you, but maybe hot tea?" „Yes, thank you.

But you didn't answer about fishing." „Nothing," said fisherman. „No luck today." Kadri realized, that she has no need to look any more skiers on the track, because fisherman can also do the „thing".

„I brought you luck," said Kadri slyly. „Maybe I can try to catch the fish." „Of course," said fisherman. „But you are freezing out here sitting." „Don't worry," said Kadri. „If I am already been two hours and not even feeling cold, then I can also spend here another two hours." Kadri was a little bit frightened about her promise, but she had good time now with man watching her and she sitting a fishing pole in her hand.

Now she had also possibility to lift her feets and change the position, not keeping feet on the ice all the time. „Let me rub your feet," said fisherman suddenly.

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„It is starting," thought Kadri and put her feets in turn into his lap. But fisherman didn't put his hand to more inappropriate place and Kadri continued to fishing. She completely forgot, where and how she is sitting. Outside in the middle of the winter naked girl trying to get some fish under the ice. They changed many times and man also held fishing pole for a while, but no luck. Kadri didn't even noticed, that outside was darkened, she was so involved in this weird fishing.

Maybe it really had too dark to return, but finally Kadri had a luck and she pulled the bass out of the lake. Fisherman was now happy and asked: „What you want in return?" „I am all yours," said Kadri and then man realized, what he have to do. He didn't withstand the cold so well, but was able to come at least one time. „Thank you very much," said Kadri and started to walk home. She find traces in the place, where she had come to the forest trail and entered to the house.

She look at the clock and paled: „Oh, my God, three hours and 45 minutes!" She boiled the water and put feet on warm.

„What a pleasure!" she moaned.