Cockloving pornstars gag on a fat dick

Cockloving pornstars gag on a fat dick
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All you need is a pair of high heels Exhibition & Mild Bondage and is written for and about older women that think they have been passed by and have lost their attractiveness and sex appeal! Sharon was now almost 50 years old, an age that she had dreaded, in high school she had been a very skinny dark haired girl, her nick name was tooth pick, and she had never been looked at twice. She had a steady boyfriend did the prom thing, dated a lot, hugged and kissed some, but was never all that serious about marriage.

After graduation they had separated, he into the military and she, several years of odd jobs. Now in there early twenties there paths had crossed again. The fact that she had bloomed late and had become a very attractive woman, certainly had helped rekindle his interest. This was quickly followed by dating, marriage, children, and grand children.

They, over the years had shared a great and somewhat creative sex life.

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But now in her late 40s and feeling that her family no longer needed her, and her husbands interest more into cars and sports, had left her feeling old and very unattractive.

Her husband had come home one day, and had found her setting in the the kitchen wearing only a house coat, with her head in her hands and a very depressed look on her face.

He did what all men do, asked what was wrong. At first she said nothing, but after a little prodding started talking almost nonstop.

About getting old, life and that she did not feel very feminine or attractive. Her husband tried to assure her that she was still a very attractive woman and that any man in his right mind if he had the chance, would without any hesitation hug the stuffing's out of her and fuck her brains out, even the younger ones.

This of course was not very reassuring and she was not at all convinced.

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You know, never argue with a woman about the way she looks!, as you will always loose. He kept trying to reassure her that she was still a great looking woman but to no avail.

He then came up with several ideas to prove to her that she could still be a desirable, and very attractive woman. He said all you have to do is get dressed up in a skimpy cocktail dress and I will take you out to the local topless tavern and leave you alone at the bar, and that any number of men would quickly hit on you.

She said me!, I don't believe you, He said I will go you one better, all you need is a pair of "high heels" and I can prove it!.

Sharon had started thinking about the possibilities, as in high school she had fantasized about some very interesting and wild sexual situations, that had now returned, and at her husbands insistence she now blurted out that she had fantasy's about sex with other men, lots of them, and that she was the only woman to be used by all of them.

She had never told anyone before, about these most nasty and perverse thoughts thinking that she was a weird awful person and not normal, her husband was quite surprised at this admission, but assured her that this sort of thing was not that unusual, and that many women had the same feelings and thoughts but like her were afraid to share them with anyone.

She finally said to her husband okay, just surprise me I will do what ever you want, please don't tell me anything in advance.


I do not want to know, just make it happen, and when I least expect it. Sharon was surprised when almost a week had passed and nothing happened, and was more depressed thinking that nothing would. Fairly early one Saturday evening, her husband casually suggested that she take a quick shower. She thought that this would only end up with their normal dull bedroom love making, and was quite surprised when her husband entered the bathroom and asked to shave her pussy.

This was something that he had not done in years. She had fixed her hair with some Shirley Temple type long ring curls something she had done in her teens. After having her cunt shaved these two things had made her feel much younger. She came out of the bathroom nude, clean,and with a bare pussy, and was feeling quite sexually attractive.

The first thing he asked, was for her to just put on a pair of very high heel shoes, the special 4" ones he had bought, just for an occasion like this. She had put them on and was starting to protest as she was having a hard time standing and walking in them. He had asked her to do one more thing, and that was to put on make up and some very bright red lip stick. This was followed by covering her eyes with a blindfold and tightly securing it.

The next thing he asked her to do was to stick her hands out, this was followed by him snapping on her wrists a pair of handcuffs!.

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.She was now totally nude blindfolded and helplessly cuffed! Sharon was now starting to become very wet with the anticipation and the uncertainty, at the thought of what might happen, her husband took her by the hands and carefully lead her out of the house and into the attached garage, once in the garage she asked?, Is this all I get to wear? He said nothing, the passenger seat had already been folded down flat as he helped her into the car, in a very turned on voice Sharon said, are you sure you want to do this to me?

Hoping that he would say yes. Again he said nothing which seemed somewhat strange, she felt the car start, followed by the electric garage door open and the car leave the driveway and drive off down the street. Sharon tried to figure out where the were going by which way they turned and the amount of time that had passed, but after a short time was hopelessly lost, she was still wondering what was going to happen, and that who would want an older woman like her.

This question would soon be answered in spades. Her husband had made a deal with the topless bottomless Tavern owner who's establishment was just outside the city and just off the Interstate. About bringing Sharon there nude and in this condition, he said as long as no money changed hands for sexual services, other than that you could do what ever you wanted.

He also said that Saturday night was amateur night and that it usually draws the biggest crowd. They had driven around to the back of the Tavern and had parked in the back, 4 rows away from the building, he had deliberately parked that far away, and between two other cars that had several groups of people in them. At first no one paid any attention to them.

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Her husband then asked her, are you sure you still want to do this, because this is your last chance to change your mind. Once I take you out of the car I probably will not be able to stop what ever happens until it is all over. Without any hesitation and trembling with anticipation and excitement said yes!, as she was now feeling much younger and more adventurous.

He got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side opening the door and helping her out, the two couples in the car next to them had been arguing about weather or not they should take there girlfriends into such a place.

The sight of a nude bound woman that was blindfolded stepping out of the car, next to them had created quite a dilemma for them. As if this was not bad enough he told Sharon to bend over the hood of their car which exposed her back side to them and under the lights in the parking lot that left little to their imagination.

He had brought a 6 ' piece of 1/2" hemp rope you know the rough fuzzy kind, this rope had a bunch of knots tied in it every few inches. With Sharon bending over the hood he took the rope that had a big knot on one end and a piece of duct tape and taped it to the small of her back just above the dimples of her ass cheeks and let the rope dangle down between the crack in her ass.

He then had Sharon stand up straight and unlocked the cuffs, re locking them with her hands behind her back.

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This was followed by spreading her legs with his foot, and bringing the rope down between her legs and pulling the knots up under into the crack of her ass and in between her cunt lips. With this rough fuzzy rope now in between her wet and shaved cunt lips, and with one of the knots against her clit, he gave it a hard pull. The feeling she now had was quite sensually mixed OMG!

was it ever perversely stimulating!. As he lead Sharon off, he could still hear the couple in the car arguing even more heatedly as to weather they should still go inside, several horns were now honking as well as headlights being flashed.


As he lead her past the third row and then the second and finally the first, not taking a direct route and trying to make sure that anyone in the parking would know that she was nude, helpless and in a very uncompromising position.

Several guys had just pulled up on motorcycles as he tugged her between them by this crude leash both gave her lustful looks, so he stopped and said would you like to try some of her charms, meaning pinch her nipples or finger her?

The biker dude reached down between her shaved cunt lips and finding her clit gave it a very mean pinching twist, she yelped squealed and tried to pull away, this only made it worse as he had a very good hold of her very soft tender flesh. Sharon was so wet now from the pinching and with the rope between her cunt lips, it had become even more stimulating as it rubbed her slit with each step she took. The parking lot was paved, well lighted and fairly smooth, but with a blindfold on and her hands behind her back, plus the incredible high heels she was wearing made her helplessly stumble along on the end of the rope causing her full figured mature tits and ass cheeks to giggle quite noticeably.

By the time he had brought her around to the front of the Tavern and was leading her into the front door, past the bouncers and into the main part of the club. Sharon had attracted quite a number of male admirers. The person who owned the Tavern had designed it in such a way that there were three separate dance floors, and each had a theme. The first was for upscale business suits types, the Porsche BMW types and the girls were a little older and very classie, the second was for the young crowd and featured dancing girls that were just barely 18, and the third catered to the truck driver, construction worker bikers and black men, these dancers were older and had been around the block.

Most of them were tattooed pierced and were frankly quite raunchy in there demeanor and certainly not the girl next door. As Sharon was lead into the entry way the lights were quite bright, if you had seen her in the parking lot you would have thought she was much younger, but now under the lights you could see that this had been a very fine woman at one time.


Her 38" breasts were fuller softer and sagged a bit and her ass was not as firm as it once was. If you looked really close there were a few tiny wrinkles around her eyes and lips, and that her skin was white, and had not been out in the sun for some time. You could also see some stretch marks and some blue varicose vanes on her breasts an thighs.

This had only given her the look of a real mature woman, both of these blemishes if you wanted to call them that only seemed to add to her appeal, making her even more helpless and seductively attractive. There were a lot of people in the Tavern, as he lead her passed the bar, she was now getting fondled and felt up by several of her admirers, and by just about every one else she passed, some of the patrons after drinking a little to much had become more aggressive and were now starting to grope and pinch her breasts and bottom more forcefully as he guided her towards the back, where the rest rooms were.

He had passed one of the young dancers who had been admiring Sharon, and the fact that she would allow herself to be put on naked display in such a compromising position. Her husband had asked this dancer if she had any lip stick, the dancer was back in a moment with some gaudy purple lip stick, and was wondering what he was going to do with it?

He bent Sharon over,and asked the girl to steady her, this half naked girl with out any hesitation quite eagerly put Sharon's head between her legs, bent over, reached around and tightly grabbed both of her big breasts and held her in this position thinking that he was going to do something other than write some words on her bare bottom, and then proceeded to write on each of her ass cheeks in big bold purple letters. U S GRADE A CHOICE BEEF PLEASE TAKE A BITE, after this he lead her into the men's rest room and told her to get down on her knees.

With Sharon on her knees and totally nude, her hands cuffed behind her back and quite helpless telling her to open her mouth wide, he then asked the nearest guy who now had a raging hard on to come over and stick his dick into her open red lips, he then told her, that the only way to get out of here, would be to suck or fuck all of the men in the restroom who wanted to use her.

He only stayed around long enough to make sure that plenty of men were lined up and ready, and to have someone pull on the rope that was still between her slit, so that this would remind her, she was only there for one thing, and that was to be used, and by any man in the building who wanted her. He then told her, I am going to go watch the girls dance, and I will be back later to see how your doing, she could not answer as the first man had been holding her head down on his cock while he quickly face fucked her and shot off a big load of cum into her mouth, she could only gurgle a muffled response as the cum dripped from the corner of her beautiful red lips.

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She had never been much of a head hunter but under the circumstances and with her hands cuffed behind her back had no choice but to suck each man that thrust his dick into her mouth. The young men seemed to cum very quick, the suites would take there time and had been more gentlemanly. But the ones she liked best, were the real men, truckers, construction workers bikers and especially the black men with enormous cocks! These were the guys that would grab hand fulls of her curly hair and roughly hold her head all the way down so that she would almost choke each time they would blast there load leaving red lipstick at the base of their shaft and kinky pubic hair!

There was a rumor quickly going around the Tavern that a nude woman had been sucking guys off in the men's restroom. The results of which quickly lead to a long line of men forming in front of the restroom. The more guys Sharon sucked off the more she seemed to like it. One of the men had gotten carried away pulling on the rope between her legs and had pulled her up on to her feet, but the other guy still had been holding her head with his cock in her mouth.

Now with her bottom up and bending over the rope and duct tape was quickly removed and tossed out of the way followed by an enormous black cock being rammed all the way into her bare wet pussy. For Sharon this was so wonderful, the feeling of a big man stuck deep in both ends of her. When one was done another would quickly take his place. She lost track of time and the amount of men but did not seem to care.

All she wanted was more cock, she could hear the music and the noise of the crowd whistle and cheer for the dancers in the other room, as one man after the other enjoyed themselves, and at her helpless expense. She was nude bent over with her hair and curls really messed up, and what was left of her lipstick and makeup was smeared all over her face!

There was cum lots of it all over her and dripping off breasts. Just when she thought it could not get any better her husband appeared and unlocked the hand cuffs and told her to stand up turn around and stick her hands up on the wall, the man who had just finished getting a super blow job didn't seem to mind, however several of the men who had been in line waiting, started to grumble thinking they would miss out on there turn with her.

She was now up against the wall with her ass still sticking out and the purple lipstick writing still quite prominently and vividly proclaiming the quality of her ass.

Sharon's husband said not to worry, every man that still wanted a piece of her ass would still get his chance. He then said to the dozen or so men that were still crowding around Sharon, what do you guys think, is this not a hot piece of ass or what, and isn't she a very desirable woman.

This of course was met with a very resounding yes! followed by clapping and whistling. She then proceeded to accommodate the rest of these horny men who had expressed interest in her by showing her their hard cocks.

When no other men were left her husband lead her out into the main part of the Tavern and took the blindfold off, she now new where she was, she had suspected so because of the noise, and especially the men, she suddenly after hiding behind the blindfold became embarrassed turning red, as she realized, standing there she was totally naked, and in only her black high heel shoes.

This had only lasted only a few minutes, especially after what she had just been through. He had tried to sign her up earlier for Amateur Night, but was told that only the contestant could sign the entry form. So this was where he had taken her.

She started to protest saying that she would not have a chance dancing against all the young pretty girls who had already signed up. He shut her up by saying I told you that this is my way of proving, that you are still an attractive woman.

Besides look at what has already happened to you, especially in the restroom, you would still be in there enjoying yourself with all those men they certainly thought you were young and pretty enough?

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She could not argue with this perverted logic and sighed the entry form. There were about 25 girls entered some were pretty plain and had been encouraged by there boyfriends or husbands and others were young attractive adventurous and just wanted to show off there tits. But most were only looking for the $1000.00 dollar top prize award. The dancer that had loaned her husband the lipstick had also offered her the use of some skimpy outfits, and the use of a quick shower.

The latter was the only thing she took the girl up on, as her husband insisted that she came there wearing only high heel shoes and that was all she needed, and nothing more in order to dance!

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Each dancer would get a chance to dance at each of the three different theme dance floors and after three rounds they would chose three finalists, from there it would be a dance off and the girls were told they could do anything short of fucking the judges on stage to win. Sharon had been a pretty good dancer when she was younger, and as she went from dance floor to dance floor was surprised by how quickly her sensually provocative dancing ability returned, starting her dance nude and ending it the same way, also did not seem to hurt.

Plus the fact that she still felt hot and horny even after all those men she had sucked or fucked in the rest room!.

She was still a beautiful and sexy woman and in the soft colored lights coupled with the way she danced, seem to make each man think that she was dancing only for him, and that she only wanted to have sex with him.

The fact that she had probably already done so certainly didn't diminish her appeal. She was surprised at the money she made in tips. Lots of money, almost $ 500.00 dollars, and at every table the men who watched her dance were quite taken and very attracted to her style of dancing,and her soft full figure only added to her appeal.

As it alone seemed to convey the allure that she was having sex as she danced. Again the fact that she had already fucked most of the men in the place gave her a better than even chance of winning. The contest was coming to a close and she still could not believe, that she, was one of the three finalists. For her last dance she was at the construction, truck driver biker and black men theme stage, the amount of people now crowding around this dance floor had swelled to twice the number as before.

Her dance again was very erotic and sensual ,she had finished this last dance by kneeling on the bar and shoving her cunt into the face of the biggest meanest ball headed black man she had ever seen, he did not protest. She was still so hot that as his mouth closed over her clit she had an uncontrollable orgasm holding onto his head with booth hands and collapsing onto the stage floor with his face still buried in her muff, with those watching loudly clapping hooting and whistling !

She had easily won with her last dance, and although the other two dancers were younger and prettier neither could top what she had done with the big bald black guy!. He did not seem to mind or want to stop, and continued sucking on her until some of his buddies were able to finally pull them apart, so that the awards could be made. With the crowd still whistling clapping and cheering and Sharon now on her feet the Tavern owner awarded her the trophy and the $1000.00 dollar check.

Her husband got up on the stage with her and was hugging kissing and congratulating her. The fact that she was still nude and only in her high heels left her no place to put her tips. She had been stuffing bills in his pockets, as he snapped the cuffs on one wrist and pulled the other behind her back and locking them, with money in his pockets the trophy under his arm he took a firm hold of one of Sharon's nipples and pulled her off the stage by it.

Followed by leading her out the front door and around the building to their car. As they drove home he remarked to her see! I told you, all you need is a pair of high heels, she feeling very attractive and sexually fulfilled could not argue. Some of what is written is true and actually happened, but most is fantasy!