Ava addams number one fan episode

Ava addams number one fan episode
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in these stories NOTE: THE RUNAWAY HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE FIRST MARCUS THE TAXI DRIVER THREAD.

Downbeat Stories STORIES: 1. THE COMA 2. AT THE MOVIES 3. THE ASSASSINS 4. CHINA DOLL 1. THE COMA 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 THE COMA: Benny is on his feet and bent over his beloved Beth in a softly lit bedroom looking down on his unconscious wife, caressing her soft hair and her smooth cheek and wondering how things could have gone so wrong.

They had been married only six weeks ago. And an emergency surgery on a here-to-fore unknown heart condition had been successful. Only she hasn't come out of the induced coma yet. And it has been a week that she has been under. The chief anesthesiologist let him know that there was nothing wrong with her.

The putting of her under was done per S.A.M.P. and there was no residue of the process left in her body. She had slight signs of some consciousness, but not enough to come to a partial or complete awakening. The heart surgeon comforted him with the assurance that her heart was functioning very well now, and would continue to heal and get stronger as time went on.

She just wasn't waking up!! And no one seemed to know what to do about it. There had been some research on this kind of condition following anesthetized surgery, but the sample size was so small as to prevent any definitive conclusions to be made. And no one wanted to do anything that would complicate the situation. So, here is Benny looking down on his beautiful and sexy 22 year old wife with no idea of what to do or how long this would last. He had been told that in some cases this situation cured itself by a spontaneous awakening evidently generated by the person themselves and not identified by any effort by outsiders.

Sadly, some went on for a long time. Of course Benny was most concerned about his beloved wife, but he himself was having a very difficult time also. They had just made such wonderful love the night before her surgery……… "Oh Benny," she moaned. "It is so wonderful being here with you in our own home! I want to make you so happy, my love.

Please, make love to me now and make me happy too." So he rolled over to his side and moved his hands to caress her soft and gorgeous face, bringing his lips up to hers. He lightly touched his to hers and murmured loving words to her interspersed among the touching of their lips. Then his hands went lower to caress her very perky size A breasts.


(She has been very self-conscious about their size, but he is just so in love with her that anything of her is wonderful to him, because it is hers.) The nipples respond to his touch and become very prominent and hard. With that he bends his head down and moves his lips about them caressing the underside and around the base of these two beauties. He then moves his lips up to the nipples and gently takes each of them into his mouth and lightly suckles on them.

She responds with a taking in of her breath and very breathy moans. He lingers at her breasts and get his full pleasure from them, leaving her flushed and anxious to have him move to lower climes. He gets the clue from her light hand signals and moves his lips gradually down her body, lightly giving attentions to all of the lovely skin along the way.

When he gets to her nether regions, instead of plunging right in to her sacred zone, he proceeds down to her toes on her right hand leg and kisses her feet and sucks on her toes. Then comes the part she adores, he works his way up her leg very slowly with insistent kisses and caresses. He delays at her knees and the insides of her legs as he moves up. When he gets up to his favorite crevasse, he diverts to above her mons, brushing through the light sprinkling of woman fur there and proceeds down the other leg giving it the same attention all the way down to her left leg toes.

By this time she is panting and wanting him to proceed to her sweet pink things and implores him to do so.

So he smiles and briefly teases her with gentle brushes on her skin around but not on her pussy. She starts to show fire in her eyes as she has become the female sexual fury, demanding climax.

He moves his lips to her pussy lips and begins to nuzzle and lightly kiss them, causing her flower to open revealing the open love port.

He moves down to give tongue attention to the red and warmly wet entrance to her inner sexdom. After getting it even wetter, he moves his lips up to her clit for loving attention while his finger probed and then entered her love tunnel. He was very gentle with her mini-penis at first but as their sex heat progressed he became more active with it, even lightly biting it a bit. With this he entered her with his lubed finger and began to fuck her with it giving attention to her G spot as he lovingly probed her.

The combination of the sensations in her vagina and on her clit put her on top of Everest in tension. Then with a sharp yell, she came up and then crashed down in a complete climax that left her in a state of near unconsciousness and emotional completeness. Benny moved over and laid on his back to give her some time to recover. He smiled as he assessed the full loving that he had given her and the obvious results.

After a few minutes to recover, Beth rolled on to her side and gently brushed his hair and cheeks in a mirror of his actions to her. She smiled at him and she proceeded to give him what he desired, too. She rolled up on his body, belly to belly and rubbed her body all over his while giving him deep and sloppy kisses. The kind that he loved the best. She then worked her way down his body, delaying at his nipples which she knew he adored, though his male ego would never admit it.

She shifted herself down so that she could give his love instrument its desired attentions. These began with a very light and gentle caressing of it, which led to an immediate response of a transition into the hardest steel. Or so it appeared. She then put her head down and lovingly kissed it and proceeded to give it an extended suckling, like he will do to her pregnant tits some day after she has a baby.

It was now red and leaking pre-cum into her mouth. She showed it to him and then plunged down back on it. While she was lovingly sucking his cock and he raised his body to meet her attentions, she slipped her moistened finger into her own anus. She worked it around unknown to him to give him the prize he adored the most. When she was ready she moved to the end of the bed, put a firm pillow under her belly centered under her pussy and motioned for him to take what he so desired. He was beside himself in sexual heat and gratitude for the beautiful experience she was inviting him to share.

He moved down to lick around her entry hole, and probed her inner bowels with his tongue. When it was sufficiently loosened he briefly entered her pussy for lubrication and then gently and patiently entered her anal cavity.

He waited there for a few minutes and then she signaled him that it was time to proceed as deeply into her as he was able. It felt great to him, and lightly pleasant to her, but she was in no mood to ruin his pleasure by mentioning the small but insistent pain that she also felt.

She braved it out for him and he responded by pounding into her compounding the discomfort, but not to an unendurable level. He briefly pulled out and remoistened his cock before entering her again and all of the pain disappeared. She then began to actively share in the movements promoting their responses.

As she started to play with her clit, all of sudden they both climaxed together. She and he couldn't have been any more pleased with the result. And as she collapsed back up to the bed and gathered him into her sweet arms for they proceeded to fall asleep full of their love for one another. There was no desire to get up and clean up the mess. That could wait until morning. That is what showers and washing machines were for, aren't they? Benny's mind comes back to the present, jarring his heart in fading memory of what love was like with her.

He again leans over to gently caress her face and gives a gentle and sweet kiss to her lips. He then rises to his height and with a heavy heart moves on to his own room to sleep alone without his dearly loved one.

As he lays in his bed, his head is having his mind resist him going asleep. It just can't let go of the situation with his wife. It is true that he is concerned about losing her as an active lover, but he cares deeply for her as a fine friend and companion, too. And he wonders if there is anything that he could do to tip the scales to her waking up.

Selfishly, it could be supposed, he wonders if communicating with her on an intimate level might tip the scales towards a higher awareness if not total wakefulness. Maybe he is just kidding himself and his horniness is causing him to seemingly justify doing something that many would consider serious abuse of his dear wife. But, he is at a dilemma over this. He has no desire at all to seek what he needs from other women, while he awaits his own 'sleeping beauty.' Nor does he want to abuse his wife.

And there is of course the nurse who attends her each day, who has shown outstanding sympathy and respect for how he has endured this. What would she think if she discovered that he had done something intimate with her comatose patient, even though she is his wife? Would she call him out, or even report him to the doctor and perhaps the authorities, who might seriously look down on him doing that. He would hate to test this out in court.

As he lays there and muses over all of this, with no small amount of self pity, he can see no relief coming in sight at any time soon.

The doctor said that she is likely to come out of this, but had no idea of when. And he had conceded the possibility of her never waking up and living for years in that state. Also, there is the possibility as seen in other cases where even if she wakes up there might be no connection between her and him anymore, due to a lack of communication and interaction between them, not to mention memory loss.

One of the ways that some persons dealing with this have tried to keep the feelings alive and to appeal to their minds is by reading to them. And discussing mundane facets of their lives. Even if the comatose person doesn't get the message, just having the voice repeatedly heard by them helped to reach their subconsciousness and helped to keep the bond between them at least tenuously unbroken.

In some cases he had heard that massages by the loved one helped to breach the gap, too. He didn't know if this helped to sponsor an awakening, but he had heard that it did help to keep the personal connection alive. After all, when bodies connect even in normal life, a lot more than sweat and pleasures are given.

Personalized Pheromones are passed on to and they help to keep the connection strong. He wondered if sexual connection and sexual arousal would have a positive effect on her state? He didn't know if he could bring this up to the nurse or doctor. Would they think him some kind of monster?

And perhaps move to get her out of his house, with the further separation anxiety that would inflict him with and the tremendous cost, too.

He went to sleep with a very troubled mind, and had terrible dreams in the night. Benny wakes in the morning to a start from muffled noises coming from Beth's room. As he begins to get up and find out what is going on, his mind clears and he realizes that it is Penny the LPN who is administering to her. With that he lays back into his bed to consider what he will do today. It is his day off, after all. Benny rarely interacts with Penny, because she has a lot to take care of with Beth and no time to carry on any kind of cogent conversation with him.

Besides, much of the morning labor is of a very personal nature and he likes to let Beth have some privacy when treatments that would be highly embarrassing to her are being carried out. Beth was no prude at all. He could wander in and out of the bathroom or bedroom while she was doing anything, even peeing, pooping or changing her tampon and made no issue of him seeing it.

But, this is different.

Fur pie licked and fucked

Beth isn't even aware of what is being done for her now, so some respect for her privacy under these conditions is called for. By her contract, Penny was to remain with Beth at least up to 2 pm until she was free to leave. This was to allow Benny to leave on his work days, since Beth's mom would come in and watch over her until he got home, or on weekend days, it would allow Benny to take care of tasks that took him away from home, like grocery shopping, before he would take over for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Beth was okay at night, since her sleep was very peaceful and she remained very still during her rest. Beth's mom, Moira, is very sympathetic to Benny's plight along with her natural worry over her only daughter.

She is long-divorced single and a true beauty in her own right. She is also a dear soul and does light clean-up around the house unasked for and leaves him a hot meal for when he gets home from work each work night. She also hangs around till the dishes are done to give him an alert and adult voice to talk the day's events over with. You couldn't have a better mother-in-law. Once in a while, Moira and her younger son would come over and kick Benny out to go and do something fun, while they would tend to and associate with the asleep Beth.

They would talk between themselves over family gossip, and discuss the day's news. They would give her back rubs and listen to some Beth's favorite T.V. shows in silence. Beth's younger brother is also a very fine reader and would read a couple of chapters out of Beth's favorite books. And Benny would come back home somewhat refreshed from his time out on his own. The years pass by and nothing changes except for the passage of time and a very slowly evolving, but undeniable downward slide in Beth's condition.

She lasts twelve years and then quietly in the night passes away, to whatever awaits us all in the beyond. She only had a few weeks with Benny, no children, accomplished nothing significant in her life. Benny ached in his heart for some years over this and felt a quiet fury over a lovely and potentially significant life.

What a terrible waste. The doctors and all the other staff who worked with her were quite devastated over this too, since they had wanted so very badly to help her. Benny never interacted with Beth in her coma, except to massage her in the night when her muscles would bunch up and hold her in his arms sometimes as they infrequently slept together. There had never been any kind of recognizable response on her part. He never made a run at Penny, who would have welcomed it.

Nor to Moira, who would have loved to help relieve some of his intimate heartache. He was absolutely faithful to Beth for the rest of her life. He was true in his love for her and for himself. Everyone in her family thought that he was a saint.

He wasn't, but as to his love for Beth, he was damn close. It was just one of the god-awful tragedies that so many of us have to endure. The loss of a husband, death of a child, a beloved parent's mind lost, so many gut-wrenching agonies in life. After the very solemn memorial service, where everyone grieved perhaps more for Benny than even for Beth, he walked away from the end of the service, with Moira's arms about him.

Both in tears. They walked to a small grove of trees there and cried their hearts out in grief stricken agony and held on to each other tightly. The pall over Benny's life gradually eased off, and he again began to find some joy and pleasure in his life. Beth's family never let him go, as he had a firm place in their respect and love for how he had taken care of their beloved daughter.

Moira might have made a play for him herself, she thought so highly of him. It wouldn't have replaced Beth, but she would have made him very well taken care of in every way. But, she was well beyond child bearing years, and they dearly wanted him to have children, to make up for the ones that Beth never had. They would be accorded full family membership, no matter whom the mother was to be. As the turn of life often happens, he was at their yearly family get-together when he met an obscure cousin of Beth's who was born in the same year as she had been.

She had been out of the area for many years and had just come back to reconnect with her relatives after having divorced a true jerk of a husband. She had never known Beth very well, but in some ways resembled her. A family kind of resemblance. But Estelle was her own woman. She was not as nearly beautiful, aggressively friendly nor as mentally astute as Beth. But, she was a fine looking woman with a very gracious manner about herself. Moira must have clued her in on Benny, though she would have known the general story about what had happened to Beth and Benny's response to this tragedy.

The whole family clan massaged them together with a very light hand, and it took. They married a year later, to the whole family's delight, and lived a long full life together. They had four children together, she had none from her previous marriage.

Beth was never forgotten in the heart of anyone that had known her, especially in a very private place in Benny's heart. But, Estelle never had to look over her shoulder, either. Benny was a fine man to her fine woman.


Years later when he was on his death bed, he got his last kiss and hug from his youngest daughter named, Beth. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2.AT THE MOVIES: I love to go to the movies and do it about once a week if there is something I want to see.

I usually go in the early afternoon, to miss the crowds and so usually get the middle seat in the lowest row in the top section. Perfect seating. I dream like a lot of guys of having a blowjob in the theater, but have not had one before. This day things were different.

I had arrived about forty minutes early like I usually do so that I can get something to eat and a good seat. This movie, SIN CITY (2), was not getting good reviews and so I expected no seating difficulties. I didn't feel hungry so I moved right into the theater and proceeded to endure the movie theater ads and news. Some of it was actually interesting. As I was making myself comfortable, I noticed a group of women walk into the theater showroom that I was in, right in front of me, to the end of the row and then back to right next to me to my left.

It didn't bother me, but with a whole theater of seats to choose, it seemed curious that they chose to sit next to me. I just shook it off and waited for the movie to begin. No response at all from them. Then the theater lights went out and we had to endure the reminders about cell phones and unnecessary chatter during the showing.

Of course then we had to wade thru a number of previews, a couple of which looked very promising. Next began the introduction to the movie we were here to see. Everything was similar to the first movie of this series.

As I settled into the story, I felt the right hand of the lady next to me settle on my upper leg. Since it didn't bother me, I made no fuss over it. She hadn't put up her right hand arm rest and the seats were not roomy, so I just thought that she was using a convenient hand rest while she watched the show.

But, then I felt her hand begin to lightly massage and caress my upper leg. Still no problem on my part. As far as I was considered, she could play with anything that she wanted, as long as she didn't damage it.

She stopped her actions for a moment, evidently waiting for my response. I laid my hand over hers and gently caressed it and then moved my hand away. She then started to caress my upper leg again, with somewhat a more vigorous activity.

We were only 15 minutes into the movie and she had already progressed to my lap for her attentions. After a minute or two more she was fiddling with my zipper. I helped her with that and she reached in to inspect the instrument, I guess. It was noticing! I decided to reciprocate some of this attention and so lifted my left arm over her right one and reached down to caress her nether regions.

I found her skirt already lifted under her light jacket and NO PANTIES. My hand began to massage all of her womanhood that I could reach. She was getting very wet, and I was beginning to produce pre-cum. I turned and whispered into her ear, "Up above." Then I rearranged my clothing and moved up to the second row from the top. There was already a young couple up there with the girl doing the guy. I just nodded and moved above them.

He looked very relieved with my acceptance. Shortly thereafter my lady moved up next to me. She raised the armrest between us and next to her other side, giving her more room to rearrange herself for whatever she had in mind. Just then the employee with the flashlight came through and didn't even notice us, or the young couple just below us. Then I pulled my pants down, I had no underwear on.

I usually don't. She also, lifted her skirt and low and behold, she still (ha ha) had no panties on. She cuddled up to my shoulder and placed her hand on my 'package.' Just resting it there at first.

But, soon she began to use her hands to activate my sex muscle for her entertainment. I was also awkwardly reaching for her goodies to stimulate them, too. But, she was the one having the initial success. I was rising to the occasion, as it were. She then bent over and took me into her mouth and proceeded to give it the 'heaven on Earth' treatment.

She evidently was totally enjoying this. She seemed dedicated to giving me the maximum pleasure from her attentions. Up and down, probing deep within her mouth and throat, licking, sucking with her eyes dead onto my eyes. I lasted about ten minutes and shot my message deep into her throat, which she delivered to the proper 'mailbox.' She then proceeded to cleanse me and rearrange my clothing to continue watching the movie.

She was very surprised when I moved down onto my knees and proceeded to give her pussy the same degree of attention that she have given to my equipment. She just laid back and took my tongue to her tits, slit, clit, up into her pussy and even onto and into her asshole.

She did her best to contain her vocal enthusiasm, but the young couple looked up to us a couple of times and smiled broadly at what they knew to be going on.

Soon enough, she came and we settled in for the rest of the movie. But, a half an hour later, she was obviously looking around and seeing no attention to us at all, she reached over and pulled my pants down again. She leaned down to harden my tool and then proceeded to move over and sit on my lap facing towards the screen.

As she got comfortable, I felt her direct my tool up and into her love port. Then she began to rock forward and backward, working my dick into her pussy. I couldn't take much of this and then shot a large wad into her love channel setting off her vigorous response. As soon as she was done, we cleaned up with my handkerchief and the napkins she had with her and broke up and left the theater separately. I had to visit the men's room on the way out, and when I left the theater, she was sitting on one of the concrete decorations, evidently waiting for me.

She approached and hugged me and whispered into my ear, "How about seconds!" I nodded, but told her that I needed to get something to eat first. I pointed at the BOB'S BURGERS AND BREW, across the street and she nodded. She took my hand as we walked in silence.

When we got there we were seated and then I got my first really good look at her. She was evidently in her middle to late thirties, undistinguished looks, usual kind of body, medium height with modest makeup. Just a regular girl, like we all know: our sisters, workmates, the ladies at the stores.

But, from what had just happened, I knew that there were fires burning deeply within her. Her lovemaking was anything but plain. I nodded to her and we enjoyed our meal. She was an enthusiastic eater, and a light drinker. I drink no alcohol, but love root beer.

She sampled mine and pronounced it wonderful. She then ordered one for herself and ignored the beer that she had previously ordered. She won a lot of points with me on that. Evidently I had won a lot of points with my attentions to her at the movie house.

Anyway, we seemed very comfortable with each other. The only conversation between us shyly started with, "What is the usual charge for what happened?" I ran it through my mind and said off of the top of my head, $60." She looked at down at her hands and said, "I only have $40 with me." When the shock wore off, I asked her very considerately, "Do you want to be friends?" She looked up at my face and very deliberately said, "I would love that, is that what you would want?" Would I want a regular sucking and fucking from a decent looking lady, who thought that she should pay me?

You have to be kidding! I (ahem) forced myself to say yes. "You don't owe me anything!" She smiled and put her hand on top of my hand and squeezed it. That was one of the most sensual and trusting things that I have ever experienced from a woman. I squeezed her hand back, very gently. It was dark when we left the restaurant and I asked her if there was a place to drop her off. She asked very tentatively, "Can I just stay with you for a while?" "Of course, I answered." We walked hand in hand to my vehicle.

I opened her door and seated her, making sure that her seat belt was on. She was very impressed by this. Then I got into my side and belted myself in.

She asked how far was my place away? Evidently we had settled on for her to spend at least the rest of the evening together. I replied, "20 minutes." Since we were using the backstreets she asked me to pull over for a moment. Then she proceeded to ask me to lower my pants and push the driver's seat as far back as possible, with the steering wheel as high as possible. She then took a small pillow from the back seat and laid herself out to my penis which was now out in the open and raised on high.

She then instructed me to continue on driving. I enjoyed this very much, and when we got to my place I parked on the street and asked her to get into the driver's seat for some attentions to her, too.

She smiled and did so, lifting her skirt to reveal her mons and clit. She opened her legs so that the rest of her was available to my attentions, too.

I availed myself of the proffered goodies and gave them the appropriate attentions they deserved as she drove around my neighborhood. When circled back to home again, she took my hand and walked up with me to my condo, like she belonged to me.

Her actual intentions became more apparent as the evening wore on. During the trips in the car, I thought about the advisability of letting her know where I lived. I didn't know her name yet, and also nothing about her background. She seemed a little backward, but not seriously so.

All I knew was that she was shy, affectionate and seemed to love sex like no other woman that I had ever met. I wondered, who were the ladies that she was with at the theatre? Why was she so forward with me, a stranger? Why was she in no hurry to go home? What were her intentions towards me? What should I do about all of this? This was in between pleasure surges as we played? When we entered the condo, I settled her on the couch and asked what she would like to watch on the T.V?

She said anything, but if she could she would like to watch the cartoon network. I turned the channel to that network and busied myself in the kitchen preparing some snacks.

She smiled at this when I came into the living room loaded down with nearly every type of goodie that I had in the apartment. She helped by clearing a space on the coffee table as I set the items down. She remarked that she wasn't hungry yet after the dinner we had, but would sample some of the items as the evening developed.

Nothing wrong with her vocabulary. I sat down on the couch on the opposite end to give her some space upon her first foray into my 'Man Cave.' But, she immediately pulled me up next to her and cuddled right up to me.

She began to be kissy and handsie right away. The T.V. was being ignored and my body was her total attention getter. She moved to help me remove my clothing and then had me help remove hers. Nothing particularly sexy amongst her clothing, just run-or-the-mill working class woman's duds.

But, the body underneath was curvy, ripe and willing. Every attention I gave her was appreciated and returned. And she initiated a lot of our sexy activities.

We put some large bathroom towels beneath us to intercept any evidence of our enthusiasms and cuddled with continual affection under a large comforter that I kept in the living room just for that purpose. She felt, tasted and smelled just fine to me. And she continually stimulated every sexy spot on my body, even working her way to my asshole that she gave special attentions including with her tongue probing to the inside.

Her fingers followed her tongue, while I sucked with enthusiasm on her breasts. I even got a little of momma's milk along the way.

Finally, we were so worked up that all safeties were off and we moved the comforter and ourselves to the floor. There we used up every sexy act either of us could conjure up, ending up with her on her knees, bent over with her head laying sideways on the comforter and me deep up her ass. At her insistence, I just pounded her rear side until we both came like bolts out of the blue. We then collapsed together onto the comforter and relaxed to get back our breaths and senses.

As we laid there, she asked about me. I told her that I was just your usual sixty something year old, living alone with a decent life and no money worries. I still worked part time, though. Just for the fun and extra play money, you know. I asked about her. She told me that she was thirty five and single. She was newly in town and living at a women's group home as she became acclimated to Big City and looked for a job.

She said that she wasn't usually that forward with men, but she had so much appreciated my responses that she had just ridden with them. At that she kissed me. She said that she was having trouble finding a job that would support her, since she didn't graduate from high school and hadn't gotten her G.E.D.

yet. She then became very shy as she explained that her mother had died when she was twelve and that she had replaced her in her father's bed, because they lived so far out of town that they had little or no contact with others. She didn't mind, since her dad was a fine lover, but it ruined her chance to finish her education.

She let me know that she hadn't been that great a student anyway. She admitted that she was a little slow, but not enough to be unable to cope domestically and especially in bed, which was her main joy in life. She had had one child that had been taken away from her for unspecified reasons. She was unable to bear anymore since. She broached the subject of staying with me and becoming my lover/companion giving me all of the sex that I could want. She said that she was a fine cook and housekeeper and wouldn't interfere with my other interests as long as I took care of her and fucked her regularly.

As I was thinking about this, very positively, she moved over to take my dick into her mouth again. She was terrific at all of the usual sexy things. And my 'thingy' was duly noticing this by its elevated response.

When I was fully elevated, she rolled onto her back and pulled me to between her legs and inserted my dick into her love canal. She then took my face up to hers and deep kissed me like I had never had been before while her hands wrapped around my back and her hips pushed up to meet my down strokes.

Despite all of my climaxes already, I came fully and deeply into her again and then was fully spent. When I pulled out she moved to fully clean my love appliance and the helped me to bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I told her that I would check out things tomorrow and we could decide together if she might like to stay with me. She nodded, went to the bathroom to freshen up for the night and then I felt her join me in the bed.

She snuggled up to me and laid her arm over me to hold me tight. I never woke up. Three days later there was an article in the Big City Herald: **************************************************************************************** RETURN OF THE 'PREYING MANTIS MURDERESS? [MMI]: Are we seeing the return of Mary Bella Portygin, murderess? A local police report offered the following details on the apparent murder of a local 70 year old gentleman, Frank Olderman.

He was found dead in his bed with his head detached from his body. Except for that detail, he was lovingly arranged on the bed with ample evidence of recent sexual activity. His wallet was emptied of anything valuable and a number of readily fenceable items were missing from his condo.

Mary has been reported in the area living in a halfway house for the last 30 days after her early release from incarceration for a multiple murder spree ten years ago.

She had been under mental treatment and was assumed to be restored to sanity by documents that are on public file. According to the information produced during her trial, she had been pretty much a normal little girl until her mother died from breast cancer concurrent with Mary's twelfth birthday. It was alleged that her father then forced her to take her mother's place in the household and in his bed with all of the intendant duties that that would be placed on her.

No one made any attempt to deliver her from this nightmare for her, despite many suspicions by those who were aware of the situation. Her school grades collapsed and at the age of 16 she ran away to enter a life of prostitution, first on the streets of Big City and then as an 'incall' escort which engenders more money.

Everyone pretty much left her alone, since she was coping the best that she could and seemed to be no danger to the public domain.


She remained free from drugs and the drug trade and had no reports of abusing her clients. However, she evidently had been abused by a couple of her older customers towards the end and was mentally unhinged by this, beginning to prey on these types of men and then executing them while they slept in her signature way.

She perpetrated this at least nine times before she was caught when evidently number ten woke up while she was readying to 'off' him also. Her trial elicited considerable notice in Big City and all of the near areas. It was suggested that it offered perhaps some kind of moral lesson. The local ministers had a field day with this episode. It is evident that she presents very little danger to society at large, just older men who come under her sexual spell.

She can be very hard to identify, since she can portray herself as either a man or woman of several different age groups, and can manipulate both men and women with her prodigious sexual talents. If you see someone who resembles the included picture, please inform law enforcement and take no personal actions towards her. *************************************************************************************** 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 3.THE ASSASSINS: Maurice gets off the airplane at Rio's airport and is greeted by the embassy's long black limousine with a young driver in the Marine uniform of a corporal.

'So much for coming in secrecy,' He thought. The handsome Marine took his bags and guided him to the car. They took off with all the subtleness of a walk on the red carpet at a movie showing. Could have run the siren on the way out and not caused any more any attentions on themselves. M. sat in the back just shaking his head. A government assassin on assignment and he might as well have had a brass band, too.

Victoria Monet Jumps From Cock To Cock

Oh well, here in Rio, both sides know almost everything about each other's personnel and their whereabouts and current missions. That helps a lot to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings and the possibly tragic consequences of them. Despite the movies and books about the competition between senior assassins, they rarely shoot at each other, despite all the James Bond movie's depictions.

They are simply too valuable to allow for that, and the vicious retributions that they would cause moderates the actions between them.

Sometimes the whole issue is handled in a face to face conversations and balanced concessions to attain the real objectives of the two sides without the dirty necessity of actual death of either of them or the intended target.

This would be the first time that Maurice would meet Anastasia, his female counterpart from the USSR security forces. He was of course very familiar with her work. Very precise and with as much gentleness as an assassination could entail. She always left enough of the victim for an honorable funeral and burial.

Evidently, she had never missed or failed in taking her target down. This time, the negotiations proceeded very slowly. Both sides had a considerable stake in these talks. There were issues that simply couldn't be ignored or even materially compromised in whatever agreement was produced. M. and A. worked very hard from very hardened stances to make this work and surprisingly after many tiring hours came to an agreement that both sides could live with. Not, be happy with.

But, the agreement would continue to sponsor the shaky balance that was in order by two of the world giants to the relief of all the other nations.

With the talks over and the agreement finalized they were both absolutely melted down in fatigue and mental strain and agreed to share a delivered dinner to save further time and energy on each of their parts.

With the more relaxed air about them, they got to see each other as people now, each a very attractive version of a man and a woman.

Maurice was by American standards, six foot-two, about two hundred twenty pounds and in excellent physical shape.

He had the manner of a Wall Street businessman. Very focused, intense and prepared in any conversation. Though he was thirty years old, he was unmarried and evidently uninterested in changing that status. While not a roué in the flavor of famous spies real or imagined, he did have his female admirers and he didn't need to be alone any time he wanted intimate attentions.

Anastasia, was of the best of her people. By the same standards as Maurice, she was five foot-seven inches, dark hair, ripe body and a whole lot more physically able than first appearances would tend to indicate. Many of her targets learned that to their chagrin. As the face-off finished along with their meals, they broke up to report to their respective handlers and knew that they would meet again.

Both of the security services had the same thing in mind. It happened again in Hong Kong, about three months later and this time they had the same target. The two security services asked that they work together on this one, acting as they were on a holiday together to confuse the target and his protecting security service.

They were booked into the same hotel room for appearances sake and took to the deception with more than a little enthusiasm each. As they settled into the rented condo, and parked their clothing on hangers and in bureaus, they made small talk about nonconsequential things.

To throw off whoever might be listening in on their conversations. Without saying it, but by pantomime gestures, they got the message off to each other, that they would have to 'lovey dovey' it up and either fuck or make a very good appearance of having done so.

This would help to definitely throw off the target and his men. The shoot was planned for the next morning, so to while away the time, they availed themselves of the dining room attached to the condo complex. They acted very proper and civil with each other, like they were trying to hide how involved they were with each other. Just letting a little slippage of affections show through a couple of times.

And then when dinner was over they took the nearest elevator up and showed that they were losing their reserve with a very hot ride up to their floor. When they got to their room, they undressed immediately and moved to the bathroom and the shower.

This was the first time that they had seen each other nude, and was of considerable interest to each of them. With the hot water washing down on them from the front and back, they moved up to each other and began an even hotter interaction with each other.

Their hands were everywhere and very actively pursuing each of their particular interests. His began on her lovely breasts with his hands and then his mouth. They finished with him suckling on her nipples, which caused a notable reaction on her part. Her attentions started with enthusiastic kissing, moving down to nibble and suckle on his nipples and then with her moving down to her knees to first inspect and then service his cock.

Anyone watching the video or live feed of this would themselves need emergency servicing themselves. They then moved out of the shower and very quickly toweled each other off and moved to the opened bed. They kissed and hugged, then caressed each other. With the obvious evidences of each being turned on, they then turned to the 'dance of new life' with each other. His cock found a very warm and willing place in her love vault and the reciprocal pumping was accomplished mutually.

Very soon they both climaxed and laid into each other's arms to sleep the night away. The observers of this sensual drama, both of their security forces and the forces of the target were all pretty well believing this was real, despite the obvious setup in it all. In the middle of the night, they woke up for a while and began to murmur under their breaths with each other. Do, we really need to kill this guy? Isn't there some middle ground on this? What does each of our nations really need here?

They talked for over an hour and then went back to sleep. In the morning, they again took a shower and then called in their flunkies stationed outside of their rooms with matching position papers to be immediately passed up to their superiors in charge of this mission.

Within an hour they got their mutual agreements on the course that the pair wanted to pursue. It involved them meeting with the target on his turf and discussing with him an alternative to him being offed. When faced with two very attractive hit persons with stone eyes and a determined but reasonable approach to the situation, the target gave in and moved on to an island that he owned to live out his days in luxurious seclusion.

Again the two security services congratulated themselves on a job well done, with passing mentions of the good work of the two agents involved. At this both services mutually decided that these two agents would be automatically assigned to the most dangerous and difficult to resolve international challenges. They did this three more times in Johannesburg, Oslo and Istanbul. Each time they acted as lovers to throw off the local security forces.

They did a very good job of it, too. And when she allowed him in full sight of the spy eyes, to enter her behind, the forces there completely bought into them as a real lover's couple. Only once in these collaborations, did one of them have to follow through with the hit.

Seven months after that, they were both assigned to Budapest for competing assignments. But, it was just a cover for the Russian security offices.

A new 'hard-liner' official took over for Anastasia's Department and was shocked to see the interplay between her and Maurice. He determined that Maurice knew just too much about the Soviet Security services and so ordered him hit by Anastasia. To deflect any possible resistance on Anastasia's part on this order, which was expected because of the very close working relationship that they had had, the Russian superior officer had her near relatives shipped off to Siberia until the hit was done.

The threat in this was unmistakable. But, there was no chance of that. Anastasia was a real warrior and would carry out her orders no matter how distasteful they might be.

Even if her family had not been threatened. So, they joined each other and booked into the shared rooms together just like they had done several times over the past couple of years. She was especially beautiful and the typical solemn during dinner. When they got back to the room a very affectionate shower ensued and then to bed in the greatest lovemaking that they had ever shared.

After sleeping for a couple of hours, Maurice was awoken to the feel of hard and cold steel against his temple. "I'm sorry, my love but I have to do this!" "It is okay, darling.

I am just glad that it is you to give me the mercy shot. I always feared that it would be a big bad ugly that would do so." She smiled at that and then pulled the trigger. With him dead, she arranged him in a very respectful pose on the bed and afterward cuddled up to him, kissed him on his still warm lips and then put the gun to her head and finished off herself. When the word got back to the two security forces, there was a terrible outrage at the loss two of the best agents that either force possessed.

And the consequences were marked with a greater effort to coordinate the two forces to avoid anything like this again. They each were awarded their nation's highest honors. And the ordering official, did not live to see those honors given just a few months after their deaths. Twenty four years later a tall imposing figure of a man entered into the headquarters of the CIA to take up his daily duties as an analyst in foreign intrigues.

He had a remarkable resemblance to a man who was held in the highest honor from the past, as he walked by his picture each day. He had noticed it in passing once, but then paid it no mind after that. Anastasia during a seven month absence from working with Maurice had delivered a baby, their son. He never knew of it, because of the ruin that it might have made of their working relationship.

And Anastasia was made to believe that the baby was born stillborn for the same reasons. The baby was put in with the best family situation that the service could find, with him learning all about Russia, including its very difficult language to learn along with English. Upon his thirteenth birthday, he was turned over to the U.S.

security services with the understanding that he would be eventually trained to man the Russian analyst's desk. William finished his education in the U.S. and was snapped up by the CIA to man, the Russian desk. The Russians were advised of this and enlisted him to serve much as his father had, but with no guns at all.

They had found a young girl who more than slightly resembled Anastasia, and both services like expectant fathers watched to see if the magic would happen again! Each night, William would return to his bachelor's 'Man Cave" and as he went to sleep he looked over at a twelve inch by twelve inch picture on the wall of two people who were obviously deeply in love.

A yellow sticky note that came with it remained. It said only, 'Your Parents.' 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 NOTE: I got a haircut one day and was very impressed with the Chinese lady who did it. I had also read on an internet site about some very unsavory eventualities of American men marrying Asian women much younger than themselves.

Thus this story. 4.CHINA DOLL: I arrived for my haircut at my favorite hair-slicing emporium after parking my monstrous black Suburban in one of the tiny parking spots so graciously pro-vided by the mall proprietors. I managed to leave no paint nor dents on any of the nearby vehicles. That should make everyone involved very happy. When I entered the shop, I knew to walk up and log in with one of the la-dies. No need to add another step by immediately taking a seat and then having to be called up to go through the rigmarole that was going to happen anyway.

Gets me into my own place in the 'Q' for priority which is firm and progressive with each successful haircut on the others, unless I am bumped down by someone who had the good sense to go online to make an appointment before coming.

Just a few people waiting for their turn, and four ladies very busy reducing the 'Q.' As I am sitting and awaiting my turn, I notice a new lady working very earnestly in the chair farthest from me. I have never had a bad haircut here, and have seen all of the gals that are here today except for her. I was hoping to get her, just to meet her. She was evidently Chinese, tall for a woman (about 5'9"), slim, cute (not beautiful), and also evidently shy.

She had a rather small head, but it seemed to fit in with her willowy body just right. Hers eyes when I caught sight of them had a warm but reserved expression. And she was dressed very modestly in a very fine looking Chinese influenced full length dress. I estimated where my turn would fall and it looked like I would get her after all, if there was no email pre-appointment to interfere.

And yes, she motioned for me to come back and sit at her station. There was just the slightest smile as I made myself comfortable. Her gentle and respectful voice and hands lightly guided me to the position in the chair that would be most comfortable for me, but allow her the needed access for her trade.

It is such a pleasure to interact with young people who have a genuine regard for older persons. And I totally love the attentions to myself by women under almost all situations. As we settled in, she asked me how I wanted my hair cut this time. I informed her that I wanted to make a few changes which would mainly mean for it to be much shorter than I had been wearing it for some time and trimmed up a little higher than before, also. She acknowledged my choices and proceeded to prepare her equipment for the process.

"May I inquire as to why you are changing your hair style at the present? It is late in the summer to be adjusting to the hotter temperatures and it looks very handsome as it is?" "Sure, I will become 70 years old in a couple of months, and I have decided that I should present myself more in line with my age now." "You are surely jesting as to your coming age!

I would have thought that you are in you middle 50's or younger." I smiled and replied, "Well, I get a lot of that. I guess great genes and a gentle life without tobacco can have its benefits." "Also, despite my now single status, I have been for many years been exceptionally well taken care of by the women in my life.

I am very grateful for that." I could see her smile in the mirror as she replied, "Yes, as you very much should be." I smiled back and nodded, which caused a mild reproof from her as she was involved in cutting my hair.

She asked me if I ate a lot of meat. I thought that this was a very strange question, but I answered, "No just in very modest amounts. I eat a lot of pasta, fruit and drink a lot of water.

No alcohol, nor any beverage with caffeine in it." "Why not the caffeine?" "It causes very unpleasant reactions in my digestive tract. Means I can't have chocolate either, which I love." She nodded and replied, "That would be a big sacrifice for me, as I too love chocolate." After pausing in our conversation for a few minutes while she was busy in the part that called for a lot of close attention, I further picked the conversation back up.

"I think that I haven't seen you here before." "I am new in town. I am taking advanced English language classes for aliens here at the university to advance my abilities for living in this country." I honestly advised her, "You should do very well, since your usage is very well done even now." She smiled at the compliment. She was now finished and I paid her, and slipped her a ten for a tip which she acknowledged with another smile.

I then left feeling that I had 'dropped the ball' with her. Oh well, I would definitely look for her and request her the next time I went in for a cut. When the next month came around for my haircut, I arrived with high expectations of seeing her again and having her cut my hair. I didn't see her as I logged in with one of the other ladies. I took my seat with just a couple ahead of myself and while I waited, she walked back up to her station and just barely registered her notice of my presence.

When it came around to my turn, I asked if I could wait for Ming, and the lady standing before me politely said, "But, of course. She will be with you shortly." I saw barely a concealed smile as she went about taking the next one in line below me on the 'Q.' It was soon after that, that Ming motioned for me to come to her station and to take my seat there. She was still very shy and reserved, but I felt that I was very much at home with her and she acted and talked like she was too.

"How are you today, Mr. Frank," she warmly inquired. "I am very fine, and glad to see you again," I earnestly answered. "How are you, Miss Ming?" "I am fine. You may address me as Anne, if you like. It is my American name." "Thank you, but would you allow me to address you as Miss Ming to honor your heritage and family?" "I would be honored for you to do so," she replied with a very warm and sincere smile and nod.

With that success, I let her toil over me, and just enjoyed the view in the mirror of a very fine looking young lady fussing over my gray hair. She noticed, of course. But, she showed no irritation at my admirations. Finally, I re-engendered our conversation with, "How are your classes progressing, young lady?" "They are going very well, but my instructor encouraged me to find a fine native English speaker to help me fine tune my colloquial speaking." She raised an eyebrow with this opening for me.

I chose to pass over it for a moment, to not seem too anxious. With that she was just a little disappointed, and maybe even a little miffed. It was hard to tell through the very polite façade that she presented in conversing with me. "You know, that the last time I was here, that I inquired about the possibility of shaving off of my mustache and Van Dyke beard. (Actually, I had done no such thing, but was looking for a chance to redirect the conversation. The opening could be addressed later.)" "Oh, you shouldn't do that Mr.

Frank. You are so handsome with it intact on your face." Then she looked a little stunned and said, "Pardon me if I spoke out of turn about that matter." "Nothing you have said is any problem at all. And thank you for your re-affirmation to keep my mustache and beard. I guess I might have been just using you to help me make a decision that I was mostly settled on anyway." I got a big grin from her with that.

We were then finished with the cut and went up to the console to do the payment. Along with the tip, I gave her my personal card, and in a low tone said to her, "Perhaps we could meet over coffee at your leisure and discuss the provision of a native English speaker," said by me with a twinkle in my eye.

"Please, leave a cell phone text message for me as to when we could meet. I have Tuesday thru Thursdays off." I saw a warmth in her eyes as I turned to leave. The next day I got a text message, "Wednesday at 5:00 pm at Downtown Bob's." Return message, "See you then." I drove to the meeting through the first rain that we had had in weeks.

It seemed to be trying to make up for lost time, or in this case 'depth.' But, I was dry in my 'sub' and on the way to meet with a pretty young lady for lunch. Even a lot of rain wasn't going to dampen my spirit over that.

As I entered, I saw her in a rear booth sitting prettily and quietly. She saw me and raised her hand, 'just like in class.' I acknowledged her attention with a nod and motioned to the hostess that I was going back to join the lady. She turned back to her station in recognition of my gesture. When I arrived at her table, I requested permission to seat myself across from her. She smiled at that and said that if I had said it any better I would have found myself sitting in her lap.

Oh, oh, where was the shy and retiring young lady gone to? As I seated myself and looked, she was right there, only with a returned very sly smile. The waitress came up to us, with a radiant smile and asked what we might want to drink. I asked for my regular MUG root beer, and Ming asked for the same.

I informed her that I would be having my regular 'patty melt' and that she could have anything she wanted on the menu. She said that a light salad would be enough.

I nodded and when the waitress came back with our drinks, I passed on our orders. "So, Miss Ming, how are you doing today?" "I am just fine, Mr. Frank," she replied. "Have you thought about the issue that you mentioned to me, since I saw you last?" "Yes, I have. After talking with my professor, it becomes apparent that I need to enter into 'immersion mode' to make real further progress. I need to be in an environment of complete English speaking to build the mindset to be natural in my English language speaking.

And he advised me to find a native speaker with some higher education and who speaks with mostly very correct non-slang usage." At this she looked very closely at me through slightly squinted eye lids. Yes, I got the message. But to test the grounds, "Do you have anyone in mind at the college?

There must be a number of students there who could help you." "There are a great many students there, but they are very busy with their own studies and relationships. Several of them were very kind about this, but informed me that they couldn't spare the time and attention to help me to the degree that I had indicated that I needed. Several of the young men insinuated that they could help me with more personal needs (she again squinted as she looked at me) that I might need attended to.

I informed them that I had no such needs that they might be of any use in regard to that." She looked at me very keenly and asked, "Did I state that well?" "I would say that you covered the subject very well indeed!" I added, "Have you thought of posting at the school or perhaps searching online for someone to help you with this?" She raised her head, turned it a bit obliquely, looked down her nose and said, "I think that I have someone very suitable in mind already." I didn't ask.

Right about then our meals came and we entered on enjoying them with a bit of sharing thrown in. After we finished, she sat back and looked at me very intently.

I was a bit intimidated by this, because I am usually the one who stares. "Would you be willing to try to fill in for this, Mr. Frank?" "I would love to help, but how would the immersion work out?" "How about us spending a whole day together, starting at say 9:00 am and see how it works out?" "That would be lovely, when would you like to start?" "How about tomorrow? I believe that you said that you had it off, didn't you?" "Yes I did, and I would very much enjoy that. Where should we meet?" "You can pick me up at the hair salon, if that would be convenient for you." "Very well.

I will see you then." "Okay, I will have to leave now, since I will have to prepare for our day tomorrow." With that she rose and came around the table to lightly pat my arm, smile and leave.

The waitress came with a very concerned expression on her face, but I put her at ease by saying, "Everything is fine. The lady just was in a hurry for an appointment." I then paid up and left in high anticipation of the date for the next day. She was right on time and was impressed by my 'sub.' I decided to start with a walk on the waterfront. It would give us a chance to become better acclimated to each other and to begin the 'immersion' therapy.

I explained that I moved back and forth from colloquial English to rather proper English with ease and that she would likely be able to tell the difference by my facial expressions and tone of voice. This would also help her to wade through the slang conversations of the students at the college. As we walked along, I told her stories about the town, about my experiences driving here and some of my backlog of short stories that I tell in the cab. I kept a constant dialog for her to get used to the rhythm of our language and the pronunciation of the words.

It helped that she enjoyed my stories so very much. I get a lot of that since I have practiced them many times in the cab and have refined them to a point that I am quite proud of them and my ability to tell them.

Over the time in the morning, I could feel her move in closer proximity to me as we walked and talked. She also began to share the barest bits about herself and her life. About her family back home in China and the farm that they lived on. We stopped for lunch at a small Italian restaurant in a very cheerful district in the south part of town renowned for its brick buildings.

It was formerly a town of its own years ago, and still keeps its own identity despite joining in with three other small towns to become Big City. The restaurant was basically just a small hole in the wall, with extra outside seating. But, it had an amazing ambiance about it with a very competent wait staff and very good food. She was very impressed by it. As we sat awaiting our food and further root beers, she asked me, "Frank, may I ask you a question?" "Sure, anything.

But, I reserve the right to decide if I answer, though." Said with a very large smile. She nodded and smiled back, "Frank is this the way you are typically? You have been very enjoyable to be with today." "I tend to be like this or perhaps a bit depressed at times. But when I am 'down' I tend to just withdraw into myself and become very quiet. It usually only lasts for a few hours at a time. I can't take medication for it, since I drive for a living and they are mood altering." "I see.

Not a lot to worry about there. What I have in mind is the staying with you over night to further see how being around you might help me. Would that be okay?" "I have no problem with that, Ming. But you should know that I have only one bed in my apartment, and I don't like anyone to sleep on my couch.

I won't try anything that you don't make perfectly clear to me that it is welcome. And I would certainly enjoy having someone to share with at home." "Now you said that you have tomorrow off, too?" "No, I return to work tomorrow at 2:00 pm." "May I stay tonight, anyway? I have an overnight bag stowed in my car." "Sure.

You really plan ahead, don't you?" "Yes, I do." After picking up the overnight bag, we drove to my modest condo. When we entered she brazenly looked the place up and down and then ruled it habitable. She moved to the kitchen to check out the supplies there and rendered another verdict, sufficient eatable fixings.

She then stowed her overnight bag in the bedroom and I showed her around the apartment letting her know where all of the necessary supplies were. I then went into the bedroom and changed into my normal lounging wear, a short pair of khakis and a blue patterned short sleeve shirt.

No socks or slippers. I lent her the makings of a similar outfit for herself and she was glad to comply. I then made a list of television shows for her to watch that had a reasonable level of language in them. They included many shows from METV channel 12 like: Perry Mason, Dragnet and Adam 12.

I asked her to write down any words that she didn't understand. I then excused myself to do my five pages of writing for the day. I told her to make herself at home if she got thirsty or hungry.

And she settled in for the evening. She also watched a couple of the news shows, but complained about the obvious American bias in regard to the international news. I asked her if there was any bias in the newscasts back home? She turned away from that question. After my daily writing quota was completed, I finished a couple of other weekly chores in my office (the second bedroom) and then rejoined her in the living room watching T.V.

with her. I was directly able to answer her questions then about some of the words used. I pointed out that in the shows that I had picked out, the language used was quite proper and at a higher level than generally used in our time. I then read to her one of my stories. I chose one that was rather low on the sex index and gentle too.

It was the story, THE ARCHITECT AND THE BIKINI. She seemed to enjoy it. By then it was rather late for her. I am used to staying up quite late, till 4 in the morning sometimes, because that is when I go to bed on work days often. But, since I know how hard it is to sleep when someone is bouncing around the apartment especially with the T.V.

on even at low volumes, I came to bed with her to let her get to sleep. We slept in our lounge wear and all that happened was that she snuggled up to me and treated me like I was some kind of giant stuffed bear. I liked it very much. Interestingly she didn't mind my rock hard bed at all. When I awoke in the morning I could smell delightful odors coming from the kitchen which is right next across the hall from the master bedroom.

As I gathered myself up to investigate, I found that Ming had already made a trip to the supermarket, just three blocks away and had green tea and ramen prepared for us. She also had bought some kiwis and sliced them up with a half a banana each from my 'hand' sitting on the counter.

All together a very fine repast to start the day with as I cheerily announced to her. She said that she had to leave to go to school in an hour and asked if she could return that afternoon to stay another couple of days.

I thought about it hard for a few minutes, because I would be at work when she returned. But factoring everything together I didn't see how she would present any unbearable risk to my few possessions and so handed over a spare key to her. I also brought out from storage a towel that I had purchased for the use previously of a very dear soul that I had loved in the past.

It was white with slim light purple bands at each end. She could tell that it meant a lot to me, and so said that she would be honored to use it while she was in my condo. With that, she showered, dressed and left for school. As soon as the door closed, I wondered what I was letting myself in for and was I crazy to trust someone I barely knew. After a few minutes of quiet contemplation, I decided that I wasn't crazy after all.

Just extraordinarily optimistic about people and life in general.

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She seemed definitely worth the risk. When I returned to the condo for my extended lunch, which can last anywhere from one to five hour or even all nite in some cases, she was sitting on the couch doing her homework, evidently. As soon as she saw me enter through the door, she jumped up and raced to the kitchen to prepare me something to eat. It was simple and very gratefully welcomed by me. I then informed her that I usually take a nap of an hour or so before they called me back to work.

She turned off the T.V. and said that she would continue on with her homework assignment. I usually did this on the couch, but this time I moved into the bedroom to give her some room.

When I entered the bedroom, I tripped and nearly fell over something in the dark. She ran in with deep concern on her face and turned on the overhead light. What I tripped over was the largest trunk that I had ever seen.

After ascertaining that there was nothing structurally wrong with me she informed me that two very nice young men from the end apartment on this level had brought it up for her. I said that I wasn't surprised. The other units on my level are all taken by young people who have been unfailingly polite and helpful to me upon my few times of need. They are all very private, too. Adherents of the M.Y.O.B. admonition, which I explained to Ming. She understood perfectly.

I awoke an hour and a half later and sat with her as we watched a movie with more modern diction, in other words a lot of swearing. I could not come up with a logical reasoning for the deterioration of our language. I could see that she considered it just as sad as I and a lot of others do. After a bit, I was called back to work, since it had gotten busy again and it was very late when I got home. For this night I forgoed my usual late night computer hijinks and went directly to bed.

But, this time in my nothing at all, like usual. If she was going to stay for a while, she might as well get used to my lack of sleeping apparel. During the next week she continued in residence and rearranged her working days and class schedule (which was very flexible) to spend as much time at home with me as possible. I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy the attentive attention of a lovely young woman.

And she showed her intentions by modestly adjusting the decorating of the condo, with due respect for my efforts. Very nice touches by her. We were arm's length affectionate still. Just a few pats on the arm by her and me. I had no significant problem over this up to this time. She did request the privilege of repainting the aqua wall in the dining room, though.

She said that she appreciated the courage that it took to make that color decision, but if I didn't mind she would like to choose and install a more appropriate color scheme for that wall.

She also inquired of the adventuresome trimming of the colors around the walls. I informed her that due to my use of bifocal glasses and a slight loss of dexterity due to age, I am not longer able to trim around the outside like I used to be able to do.

But, that I still am able to paint quite well the main surfaces. She acknowledged that and said that she would also repair that with the cans of paint that I still had in my closet.

I acquiesced will no reluctance at all. She also repainted the main bathroom with the aqua paint that had originally been bought just for that purpose. The aqua wall in the dining room became a very dark green, which meant that a number of the accessories in the dining room and living room had to be repainted or replaced.

It wasn't expensive or heart damaging to me. And it looked very grand when she completed it. She had been with me now for several weeks and had made no inference of a desire to leave at all.

Everything that she said was of the nature of her remaining. Nothing said directly, though. And when I went back to get my regular haircut, there were many smiles among the staff aimed at me.

She had been with me now over a month, and I was beginning to wonder if there would ever be any physical affection between us. Just pats so far with an occasional light kiss to my cheek. The hugs in bed at night were very earnest, but evidently completely non sexual. I was getting very turned on at times, which she would have had a hard time not noticing.

But, I was being completely respectful to her person despite the very strong desire to move on to more advanced shows of affection. I began to wonder if my age was a barrier to anything else happening, and I was wondering if I could take this for very much longer. Over the next few days, she evidently noticed the looks from my eyes, my body language as related to her presence with me and other obvious signs.

Very little acknowledgement on her part. The next night that we were both off (she had adjusted her work and schooling so that we had the same days off) when we went to bed, she turned the light off before she entered under the sheets. I usually do that after she has settled in. She then entered the bed very strangely, with her head towards the foot of the bed under the covers, and her feet towards the headboard. She motioned me with her hands to move farther down in the bed and then moved her head towards my aroused equipment.

At the same time she laying on her side, opened her legs and moved her love area up to my face. I felt her breath and then lips on my organ. I reciprocated with my lips on her nether region lips. After a few minutes of this, I was totally torched with desire for her. My lips and tongue were totally engaged with her clit, pussy lips and vaginal opening.

She was responding with murmurs and love juices, despite her mouth being on and totally engaged with my penis. My penis was similarly responsive. Our bodies were belly to belly, as our heads moved back and forth on each other's genitals. I couldn't remember ever being this turned on. Despite the urgency they we both obviously felt, we were neither in any hurry to climax. The buildup was just too much fun. But, in less than 20 minutes of this activity, we both came together, with both of us filling the other with our love juices.

I was boneless and muscle less from our sexting and when she reversed her position to cuddle up to me, front to front, I could only hold her and thank her with my hands, mouth and heart.

Even in the dark, I could see her smile of satisfaction and affection. I could almost read her mind, 'The old man had very much come through after all.' I had no idea of the long range consequences of that reality. Over the next three months we continued on as before with sex incursions about every three to four days.

We did everything that I had learned in my considerable experience, and a number of things that she introduced from hers including water sports and urination on each other. There was no penile entry into her birth port however.

But, we did repeatedly practice anal, which I absolutely adore. She showed some low level of enjoyment of it too and insisted on it being practiced more often than I would have chosen because of her knowledge of my enjoyment of it.

She also showed her submission to me by addressing me as Master, and insisting I spank her bare bottom for any slight on her part, imagined or real. I grew to enjoy this.

Despite her voluminous tears and wailings on these occasions it was obvious that she enjoyed it too.

The strangest thing that she insisted on was for me to weekly urinate into her mouth. There was no sex involved, and she drank it up, too. She said that it was to show her total trust in me and submission to my will. Since I would never have thought of this nor regularly insisted on practicing this, I figured that it was a way for her to make me take my proper position in relationship to her, too. When we had been together for eight months, she finally gave me a real kiss.

On the lips and into my mouth. It happened on a Tuesday morning and she asked me to take one half of a 'blue pill' each day through Thursday night, since she had something special in mind for us then. I knew what I hoped that that would be. Over the next couple of days she was very kissy-faced and hands on affectionate, but no active sex. She was especially submissive and insisted that I pee into her mouth each morning.

She then would be wildly affectionate each time I had to leave her immediate proximity, even to just go to another room. She was evidently working herself up to something prodigious for Thursday night. I took one of my long walks each day for the three days preceding the 'event.' She accompanied me on each one.

These walks are not only good for a person, but instead of tiring a person out, they actually energize a person. They also helped to nurture the powerful closeness that we were feeling at the time. I wouldn't have surprised if we had simply sunk into each other and became one body and mind, we were feeling so close. When Thursday evening came, we had a very formal and quiet dinner, with her being even more submissive to me.

I wasn't totally comfortable over this, but her whole manner demanded it as she continued to address me as Master and insisted that I address her as My Servant. I did get used to it, especially since she seemed to think that this reflected the proper relationship between us. She was convinced that she was my friend, companion, lover and love slave. There was no arguing with her over it, and she showed completely this attitude when we were with others.

She felt that she was bringing honor to me by this, but all I read in the other men was envy. The other ladies seemed to understand that Ming was not being abused by me in any way, and so saw some humor in the arrangement. When bed time came around she asked me to sit and await her in the living room with the lights dimmed and T.V. off. She excused herself to the bedroom and after several minutes came back into the room to show herself off to me.

She was wearing a Chinese costume with a lot of bright colors and beautiful stitching. Her hair and makeup were impeccable. If there has ever been a more gorgeous woman on the Earth, I would be very much surprised.

She approached in front of me, for me to be able to admire her display, and after a few minutes she pirouetted in front of me and did a brief sensual dance. My eyes were agog and my heart was exploding out of my chest. Just then she approached and took my hands very daintily and led me to our bed. She laid me out on the bed and fluffed a couple of pillows beneath my head to be able to observe what came next.

She very slowly removed her clothing in layers, accentuating the beauty of each article and the part of her body that it highlighted. She started each operation with a sober expression and ended each little operation with a dazzling smile.

When she became naked, she moved up to on the bed and began removing my clothing. She left the light on this night so that I could see her loveliness in totality. As she struggled to get all of my articles off (much of this was magnified by her to maximize the fun) I could see all of her love parts in their glory.

Her clit was engorged as was my penis. And her anal entrance was slightly open to my prospective entrance, if that became available later this evening. Her body was slightly perfumed with some fragrance that removed any sanity that I had left and entered me into the ultimate female fantasy world. With me naked and totally engaged with her, she signaled for me to move down in the bed and with a, "Here is something that you love to enjoy!" she moved her body up facing the headboard wall and gently laid her pussy onto my mouth.

I sniffed the fragrances there and then gently and lightly began to use mouth lips and tongue on the proffered love zone that was already in a high state of excitement. My efforts accelerated and began to be more insistent.

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With that she withdrew down my body to give my nether regions similar treatment. With my pronounced murmurs and the rock-hard state of my six inch penis, she knew that the time was right. So she moved her body down to my cock and led it up to her love port and she sat down on me progressively as she rocked on me. The sensations coming to me were almost beyond my endurance. She motioned for me to bend up and helped me to use the pillows to brace me as she brought my lips up to her breasts as she rode me.

Very soon under that sensual assault, I came very deeply and completely into her. She quickly rolled over on to the bed and signaled for me to move down to her vaginal opening and to use my breath and tongue to keep my semen in her. She had me put a couple of pillows stacked up under her bottom to facilitate this. We stayed in this position for about a half an hour, while I totally enjoyed the process to which I added a few fun wrinkles to.

She seemed to enjoy this also. Plus, it gave me the chance to get some bone back into my legs and strength back into my muscles after the explosive climax that I had had.

She then guided me up to lay on my back with one of the pillows under my head. She raised up to my face and gave me the gentlest kiss that I could ever imagine.

She then rushed to the bathroom and was gone for a few minutes. When she came out I could see the string from a tampon sticking out next to her clit. She also had a warm wash cloth in her hand which she used to wipe me down. Then a towel to dry me off with another very sweet and gentle kiss. She then laid down next to me and pulled a comforter over the two of us and quickly she fell asleep with me very soon afterward. When I got up in the middle of the night for my sojourn urination, I noted that the tampon string was gone.

She must have removed it during the night. I was still so stoked over the night that none of this meant much to me at the time. I went back to sleep cuddled up to the back of her sleeping form. She nuzzled back to me at my touch. Other than her suspending any active vaginal sex for the next few weeks, everything seemed normal between us for the following several weeks.

After the initial several weeks she now allowed vaginal sex almost every time we played. However, during dinner (while I was on break from work for lunch) she looked me up in the eyes and said, "Frank, I need you to now address me as Dear Ming or as My Dear Ming.

You see, I am going to have our baby in about seven and a half months." "No problem," and then it hit me, "We are going to have a baby, Ming?" "I mean My Dear Ming." "Yes, we are.

And I am sorry Frank, but our love making will have to be reduced in variety to protect the young one. But, I will still make sure that you are taken care of, my dear man." "I am so proud of you my dear lady!" "And I of you, too. My dear man." I rose up and kissed her fervently on the lips, which she returned in like fashion. And then we went about the continuing of living together and preparing for another loved one in the home. A couple of weeks later, we were sitting down for dinner and Ming was a bit low, and I saw a few tears I her eyes.

Her head was down when I inquired, "My Lady Ming, what is troubling you?" I thought it might just be from the hormonal assault that women go through in the process that changes them from pre pregnancy women to prospective mothers. "I don't want to trouble you Master with my concerns." "Not at all, My Dear. Your troubles are my troubles." "Please share your current concerns with me." "I am concerned about our baby's future. As you know, I am here only on a student visa.

(news to me) So, when our baby is about one year old, I will have to return to China. I could leave the baby behind with you until I can return after a time that is unknown at this time, or I could take our child back with me to an undefined future in China. As you might know, women are not as far advanced there in employment and educational opportunities." (I wasn't sure of this assertion, but she had my attention anyway.) "I see, my love.

What other options do we have?" "None that I know of, my Master, except marriage." "I see. That is a serious decision for each of us.

Would you feel secure in a marriage to an older man such as me? And would you feel that you could continue the rest of my life giving me the intimate sexual attention that I so desire. I have heard that oriental women lose interest in sex after they have their families." "Age is not a serious factor in my decisions, My Master. And it is true that many oriental women lose interest in sex as they mature.

But, even they make sure that their masters are taken care of.

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There are many ladies who are available to render that needed attention." "That is well and good, My Lady. But, it is you that I would be marrying and it is you that I will always crave." "I promise that you will always get regular attentions from me, augmented by other younger women at times to honor your prodigious sexual appetite, that you have so honored me with by showing considerable control of." "I believe that I can work with that, My Ming." "Okay, you can start plan-ning a small inexpensive wedding for us.

Just let me know the details before any of my money needs to be spent. And you should proceed to get the papers from both of our governments that need to be in place before the wedding." She smiled and said, "I will proceed immediately as you have suggested my Master.

Is there something that I can do for you before you go to work? Some little fun thing?" I smiled back and suggested one of my favorite things, involving the lowering of her panties in the back and she nodded and got on her knees to prepare me. Three months later, my delightfully round bellied lover and I had our wedding. She had done an amazing job of providing a very nice program at a very small cost.

The ladies from the hair salon were simply delighted at the turn of events. The few friends that I knew were simply stunned at the young beauty that I had won. Some of them had been rather unruly with me, and rude.

With this, that was a thing of the past. I had a new and much higher stature with them. Another two weeks (of unquestioned marital bliss!!!) there occurred another of the down-faced meals. She proposed that we would need more room for the baby than we had in the condo. I had been afraid that this might come up and I already had prepared myself to hinder this line of desire on her part.

But, she mentioned that she had connections with a U.S. Chinese real estate agent, who could get very high returns on American properties through sales to wealthy Chinese business men looking for properties in the U.S. especially for American lovers. She insisted that she could get at least double what I paid. And furthermore she asserted that the same agent could get us a sizeable home for much less than half of its usual price, through the mortgage default program at a bank, also manned by a Chinese American.

"Sounds good, My Lady, but then why doesn't the business man just pass through buying my place and buy the house thereby getting a more valuable property for less money?" "Because the business man wants to contain what he provides for his lovers, so that they do not get to thinking that they can be too independent of him. And the buying of small condos here attracts much less attention from the legal authorities here, also." I thought that all of this made at least some kind of sense.

So, I entrusted her to give the agent the go to put a deal like this together and then run it by me. But, I insisted that the new payments needed to be right around what I was paying now.

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And also, I insisted that we prepare papers to protect both of our interests in these and all of our further financial dealings.

To this she readily agreed. We had already done a prenuptial agreement. She insisted on another celebration before I went to work and I suggested the same as last time.

She smiled and prepared to serve that to up me again. Again her heartfelt desires and suggestions worked out just fine. She helped to get the condo ready for sale, it sold at what I considered an exorbitant price, and the new house miraculously appeared for our purchase.

It was a very nice three level home with a master bedroom and four other bedrooms. This should have been a clue as to what she really had in mind. But, Asian friends of her showed up regularly for three weeks helping with the minor reconditioning that the home required for comfortable residence. No mention was made of any payment to them and they were unfailingly cheerful as they worked hard to get the home ready for occupation. Despite advanced pregnancy, my lady was a bundle of energy as the many tasks advanced to completion.

When we moved in and had had a few weeks of occupation and rest from our labors, not to mention much very energetic and enthusiastic love play, the next downcast dinner display from her arrived.

She was pensive and unaffectionate for several days and then the hammer was dropped. "My Master, you have done so much to give me happiness. I am so grateful to you. But, one thing remains that you could help me with." Not unkindly and with great patience I inquired, "What is in your heart My Dear Ming?" "With the baby coming, I would like to have my mother come to stay from China." I guess that this was not totally unexpected.

What came next was a bit beyond that though. "I would like to have the rest of my immediate family come over, too. I would make me so happy to have them here and a great comfort to me. Times have changed in China. It is getting much more expensive to live there and the younger people are much less able to take care of their parents due to the limited numbers from the 'one child per family' law. With them here they can not only be taken care of, but can actually help with taking care of mother as they work here.

She would be of very little bother, and a great comfort to me as I start with our own family." I said that I would have to investigate this and think deeply on it. That night, she took me into her arms and with great enthusiasm began kissing and caressing me. She then again preformed the face to face on our sides 69 with great vigor. Her pussy was very sweet and wet with her internal juices and she used exceptional motion and sucking on my member, resulting my spilling a very large load into her mouth.

She swallowed it and then reversed herself to cuddle up to me holding me very tightly. Of course, I became very determined to get her family over here. The 'friends squad' showed up again as did many pieces of furniture to prepare our house for the family invasion of seven people, mom, four daughters, a son and a cousin who somehow got invited for this exodus. They prepared one bedroom for mom, one for sister, one for the son and basement was remodeled for the three other daughters.

Interestingly, the solo bedroom upstairs went to the youngest daughter who was twenty at the time. She must have had some kind of stature in the family that I wasn't apprised of at the time. Or there was some kind of plan in place that I was ignorant of. No problem for me, though, since none of this seemed to be costing me anything and I wouldn't dream of interfering in family politics for my life.

The pregnancy was moving forward and we made love the last night before the family arrival by airplane, presumably the last time until she healed up after childbirth. She was very affectionate with me that night and had a very pensive and wistful expression on her face as we fell asleep. When the time came to pick up the family, we arranged for a cab to accompany us for the pickup to transport the family members. They each only carried hand carries for the trip.

Their other belongings were coming by surface shipping later. There was the usual kind of tearful greetings and hugs along with introductions to me. Everyone was very polite and respectful, though the cousin held back from engaging me very much at all. We arrived at home sometime after the cab, in which Ming rode in, since she had asked me to stop and purchase some last minute supplies for the families' new residence. The family members who rode with Ming were already settled into their rooms.

The ones who rode with me were shown to theirs by me. I noticed that Ming was nowhere to be found. Neither was the cousin, who we had seemed to have forgotten to assign living space at our home. Maybe, she was helping him find another location, I thought. After a couple of hours, I began to be concerned of the taking care of the family, since I didn't speak Chinese and the English spoken by them was limited. I discovered that Flora (aged 20), the youngest daughter who had one of the solo bedrooms, spoke very good English.

So, I asked her if she could take the family's needs under her care. She readily agreed to do so and carried out that assignment very well. I gave her some money and took her to the local Asian Market to get supplies to feed her family food that they would be familiar with. With their care assigned to worthy hands, I then had the time to deeply worry about where my wife was and if she was okay. I inquired of Flora as to whether I should call the police over this, but she assured me that the cousin, who was an adult male of about 35, was well able to protect Ming.

So, I decided to wait to see what would happen. I worked all weekend, which helped me to keep my sanity. Ming never returned or communicated with us. At least not with me. I slept alone, lonely and frightened as to what this meant for her and myself. The not knowing was horrible. And the family was very concerned, as they were in my hands as to their presence in the U.S. They didn't know if I might become so upset that I might pull my sponsorship of them.

And I had no idea of how much they knew of what was going on. Monday morning, soon after I woke up, there was a ringing of the doorbell and when I opened the door there was a FEDEX delivery representative there with a very large envelope. I signed for it and with a heavy heart full of dread opened it. Contained within was a cover letter, written by Ming, and a stack of sheets which proved to be divorce papers. It occurred to me that the timing of this would have necessitated that this had been planned for some time gone by.

That told me all I needed to know about how she had felt about me and how callous she had been in using me. The letter was the usual insincere apologies and 'bull-shit' excuses for smashing my heart. There also included a plea for me to continue to help her family. She promised to ask nothing from me, including all that we had gathered together, if I would continue to sponsor her family.

And she said that she would let little Blossom come to stay with me upon her third birthday, since her cousin/ boyfriend didn't want any reminders of what had gone on between her and me. I was terribly hurt and magnum angry with the presumptuousness inherent in this missive. I looked the papers over, and they all seemed in order. But, of course, I would have my lawyer look them over before I signed them.

All that I remember from the divorce hearing was her cold eyes the only time that I looked her way. Despite all of this, the household managed to function very well. The young people all managed to find jobs within a couple of weeks. And the girls, except for Flora, all moved out to digs of their own. The son did so, also in a few more weeks beyond that. That left Rose (Ming's mother,) Flora and I alone in the house.

But they didn't let me be too lonely. After about a week, Rose began to sleep with me every night. This was despite the fact that she had her own bedroom.

We did eventually begin to have sex, but it was irregularly and very gentle and sweet compared to Ming's attentions.

But, the difference was well made up by the attentions that I got from Flora. She was a fireball, and seemed completely uninterested in any one else. Later I learned that she had had herself fixed so that she would never have any babies of her own. Eventually, Blossom came to live with us, and that brightened things up very much for me and for us. She was very sweet natured and took to us very quickly. Especially to Flora who became like another mother to her.

In fact Blossom didn't see Ming for many years, though she did send regular letters to Blossom. Flora finished her education in the U.S.

and became a renowned lawyer specializing in the affairs of immigrants. She never moved from the house and our intimate relationship continued until my death. Rose and I eventually married, and she was a very great comfort to me. Blossom did well in her studies and got a master's degree in microbiology and got a position with the local CDC extension research station.

We continued to be a happy household. I continued driving a taxi until I turned 83. And lived on until I was 95. When I was on my death bed, all of my loved ones came to visit. The last of which were Rose, Flora and Blossom. When Blossom, the last to comfort me came into my room, she had an envelope with a card inside from Ming. I couldn't bring myself to open it. It laid on my pillow as I breathed my last breaths before going the way of all men and returning to the dust that I had come from.