Strip e enfiando os dedos gostoso

Strip e enfiando os dedos gostoso
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Chapter 1 Madeleine felt her cheeks slightly blushing red while she kneeled down in front of a stranger in New York remote alley which was known of street hookers to work. She had charged $10 for a blowjob.

She shouldn't really do this, but old habbits are too strong. It's already two years since she had been unloyal to her boyfriends and she had even promised to marry her unloyal boyfriend before she had to kick him out under public pressure after his affairs had been revealed.

However freedom to choose new boyfriends refreshed her to be a dirty princess again. Just one hour ago she had returned to her hotel from a gala in Mandarin Oriental Hotel and exit without attention from back door of the hotel to wander to this area of New York.


No-one could had quessed that she was not sleeping in her hotel room's wide and soft bed, but kneeling instead in rough ground with her black suede high heels and sexy black and white, partly seethrough dress from the gala.

Madeleine opened the buttons and zipper of trousers of the stranger and pulled gently his bulking dick to front of her gorgeously maked up face. "Please, call me trash whore and degrade me while I suck your cock, sir", she said and started to suck his dick while caring his balls.

She closed her eyes and, while he called her familiar degrading names, reminding to her mind her numerous similar - and many more extreme - adventures in cities like New York, London and even in her home city of Stockholm. What would world say if they would know her addiction of whoring her royal body and that she got real orgasms only if she was handled as trash instead of a princess, no matter if she would be fucked or sucking a dick. She already felt her pussy wetting while the man in her mouth was quickly nearing his orgasm.

At last moment she allowed him to force his dick to embed into her throat and she deepthroated him while taking even his balls into her experienced mouth while her nose touched his stomach and pubic hair.

Man's dick had growed to its biggest size ever while he got his best ever blowjob from this blonde whore in thirties. Several spurts of cum shot down her throat, which she swallowed, and her air was blocked for more than a minute before the man pulled her from his dick by her hair and spat on her face while shouting to her that she is just a white trash, shit whore.

- How correct he was. After she got her first customer done she felt urge to continue her work, because she had not yet got her own orgasms which she would need multiple times before she would be ready to return back to the hotel.

The princess would change in this night to trash hooker if it was needed to reach her orgasms. Finally Madeleine collected the coins the customer had thrown into street in front of her.

She smiled herself that her skills was still the same though she never gave blowjobs to her boyfriends, well at least not after her teenage years.

She wiped her face and checked her makeup and straighted her dress and continued to look for next customer.

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Chapter 2 Soon the gorgeous princess had found two black young men who negotiated to get some discount for proper fucking.

Only one of them had $20 which she asked for sexual peneration while another had only $10 which would be enough only for blowjob. She knew from past that rejecting their demands for discount would cause them to be more rough with her while fucking.

She would need it. And some unpolitiness from her would surely be rewarded with degrading names and comments which would help her to vanish from her mind that she is a royal princess and to feel being a cheap street hooker what she really wanted to be in her now excited state. She had many times played with idea of disappearing and staying just as a prostitute in some small city, but there were so many advantages she liked in being a royal princess as well that she had never taken the possibility seriously.

"Ok, then, whore, we both will just take blowjob by your much used whore mouth.

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Be ready to do your best, slut." The other guy didn't want to get more than his friend and was getting visibly angry. Instead of fucking the gorgeous, but at least 5-years-older-than-him hooker he would be only getting blowjob from her.

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He did not like loosing face in front of his friend by begging for discount without result. The other one had also been wishing to be able to use this good looking blonde street whore which was not too common to see in this big city. Even Madeleine was not satisfied to the end result. Her planning of having viciously fucked from both end had been changed to vicious throat fucking.

In London the black guys would had made different decision, but here these had some loyality towards each other. In London she had enjoyed endless black dick in the Southwark or Croydon alleys or during her occasional day works in local whorehouses.


A 19- year-old blonde student earning money for university fees got so easily a working room for a day from these small, illegal bordellos and an young blonde beauty got quickly customers for whole day from the black and coloured men living in those areas. She had had always customers for whole day though she never bothered to wash herself between the fucking sessions.

It caused all the cum to wet the bed under her properly fucked pussy.

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Now she missed those times. She couldn't start to change her mind to let the young men to fuck her with total of $30, so she started to wank their black dicks. She served one of them men with her experienced mouth and skillful soft hands while another started to call her with different degrading names.

He also squeezed her breasts at same, which she did not mind, and engouraged his friend to fuck her throat roughly.


Her mouth was deepthroated and her hair was roughly pulled while the young man made his long dick going all the way in and out of her sucking canal. Then the other one reached his hand under her dress and found out that she was really wet.

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"This fucking slut is enjoying herself. She must be some rich sex addicted freak, not a common whore would wear expensive designer shoes. I am sure that these designer shoes costs $1000 or more per pair", he said while taking her left foot shoe into his hand. Madeleine was shocked of possibility be revealed so she quickly told: "Yes, you are right that I am freak and enjoy hooking myself, but I really need all the money to pay my cloth buying addiction costs.

Guys, I am willing to let you both fuck me with the remaining $10. Is it OK for you?" She continued to suck the dick while the men agreed to the offer.

Another man pulled her panties away and pushed heel of her high heel pump into her wet pussy and fucked her with it while other enjoyed of the blowjob. She could only think the dirty which must have attached to the heel of her shoe while she had walked from hotel.

She couldn't thank him enough for his inventive shoe sex. She can feel her cunt juices flooding. ---- Please give proposals for her next customers and adventures in NY or what kind of experiences she could remember from past.