Este wey se coje a su vecina mientras el marido anda correteando la chuleta

Este wey se coje a su vecina mientras el marido anda correteando la chuleta
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CHAPTER 13 My meetings in Vegas were successful. I invested in a large parcel of land that would, in time, become a major player in the hotel and casino field. My partners were all experienced in both fields and had gambling licenses, as well. It was an excellent opportunity, and for only a hundred million I'd have forty percent of the venture.

The remaining funds would come in the form of a mortgage. We gambled at least four hours a day and in the end I won more than $150,000. Sheena and Bianca each lost about $800 and $1,500 respectively, but that was peanuts compared to all the fun we had. The Gulfstream took to the skies after we'd been there for a week en route to New York LaGuardia Airport.

LaGuardia is in Queens, a borough of New York City, less than twenty-five miles from my home in exclusive Sands Point, a tony bedroom community in Nassau County, Long Island. I sat in the back of the Escalade, my arms around Sheena and Bianca. Sid sat in the front seat; Tony, one of the estate's employees drove.

We were silent only a minute or two when Sheena asked, "Where do you live, John?" "Actually, we're going to my house. My mother lives there in a separate wing in the back. The house was built in the 1920's by a wealthy financier. Unfortunately, he lost almost everything when the stock market crashed in 1929.

I bought the house and the estate five years ago and had all the plumbing and electrical renovated, but kept many of the architectural features like the grand staircase, some marble floors, and the ornate woodwork which is almost impossible to reproduce today.

There are twenty-eight rooms, twelve bedrooms not including my mother's, and ten bathrooms plus two half baths. I have a staff of eight to care for the house and the grounds—four maids, a cook, and three gardeners/handy men. Tony is one of the gardeners.

There's a large pool and we should still be able to swim at this time of the year. The property is right on Long Island Sound, but the beach is really rocky.

One of these days if you two want I'll have the beach and water cleaned up." We arrived after a drive of almost thirty minutes, pulling up the long driveway to the front door.

Sheena and Bianca gripped my hands tightly. "Nervous," I asked. "A little," Sheena responded. "More than a little," commented Bianca.

"Not to worry; everything will be fine." I kissed each of them and led them in. They were surprised when I introduced them to Matilde who was dressed in a sweater and jeans.

"I see no reason why the staff should be dressed in those silly uniforms. I give them a clothing allowance each month to cover any wear and tear on their personal clothing. Come on, I want to introduce you to my mother." We found her in the solarium. After a hug and kiss I presented my lovers, "Mother, this is Sheena and this is Bianca. I know they've been looking forward to meeting you." "Hello, Mrs. Phillips," they said almost simultaneously. "My goodness, you two certainly are beautiful.

Now come over here and sit down and tell me the truth about how you met my son." She looked at Sheena who looked nervously in my direction until I grinned and nodded. "Okay, I was a university student in Edinburgh, you know…in Scotland.

I had gone to a pub and was home in my dormitory asleep. When I woke up I was on the other side of the planet on an island with a bunch of other women. All my body hair was removed and I was naked when John came to me and asked me to his suite. I came to enjoy being on the island and I loved being his sex slave. And now I love being in love with John and his fiancé even more." She finished with a smile on her face.

I hugged her, gave her a big kiss, and turned to Bianca. She faced my mother, grinned, and said, "What she said, except I was in my crummy flat in Kensington. When I was told that I would be John's sex slave and how he would care for me and pay me I was thrilled.

I couldn't meet him soon enough. I have always enjoyed being with John. I think our arrangement is perfect. I love him and I love Sheena, too." "I can't believe this, John. You must have brainwashed them." Sheena and Bianca laughed hysterically. "They're telling the truth, Mother. I had thirty-seven women kidnapped and taken to my private island to serve me, but just as they took care of me I also took care of them.

They lived in luxury, had gourmet meals, excellent exercise equipment and I paid well--$1,000,000 tax free U.S. dollars a year. You won't believe how many asked to stay on, one for seven years. She's now a rich woman. That none of them would ever think of charging me with a crime tells you a lot. However, that's all in the past. Sheena was on the island two months and Bianca just two days longer.

I spent several weeks with them and when I left I couldn't get either of them out of my mind. I couldn't believe it—I had fallen in love with two women. Luckily, they enjoy sharing me." Sheena stepped forward for a kiss and when she was done Bianca took her place.

"I still can't believe you actually forced women to have sex with you." "But he didn't, Mrs. Phillips. When I first met him I had my doubts, just as you have so he asked two other women to come to his suite.

Neither was forced and they didn't know anyone else who was either. I know that I was willing when we first made love and I'm still more than willing." "Me, too," Bianca added. "I was always willing and I know everyone else was, too. Maybe willing isn't the right word, though. I think 'eager' is better and righter…um, more correct." I pulled her to me, hugging her and then Sheena. "I think you should see Dr. Robinson, John.

You're insane. You're crazy." "You're right, Mother—I am crazy. I have only one regret—proposing to Bianca first. I made Sheena cry, but that will never happen again. Now I want to show them the house. We'll see you at dinner." "John, that's five hours from now." I grinned wildly. "I know, Mother. I think we'll find a way to fill the time." I took my lovers' hands and led them away as my mother shook her head.


We walked through the main hallway to the ballroom between the twin arches of the grand staircase. Beyond that was the large eat-in kitchen where much of the security staff was enjoying a late lunch. They rose, but I told them to remain seated and enjoy their lunch. "Feel free to come here whenever you feel the need. Janet will make whatever you want." "Of course, Mr.

John; it will be my pleasure. It's so nice to meet your women at last." "Thank you, Janet, although I'm quite sure that you don't approve." "If it's okay with them then it's okay with me." "Trust me, "Bianca commented, "It's more than okay with us." Sheena agreed, smiling broadly. Our final stop was upstairs—the huge master bedroom.

It had been adorned with fresh flowers and would be every morning we were here. I showed them to their large walk-in closet with their surprises, neatly wrapped in gold foil paper just inside. "Is this some kind of special occasion," Sheena queried as her fingers tore into the wrapping paper. "Of course," I replied laughing, "every day with you two is a special occasion." Sheen gasped when she saw the diamond and emerald earrings with matching necklace and ring.

Bianca had a similar, but slightly different set. They jumped up to the mirror to try everything on. Even with their simple tops the necklaces were stunning. They looked at me with love and lust in their eyes. "Before we get into that you need to look a little deeper in your closet." They walked together to check. Bianca's clothes had been placed on the left side; Sheena's on the right. There was still plenty of room for more—lots and lots more. They walked in through the wide door together, unsure of what they were seeking.

They recognized everything until they reached the end where a garment bag was placed over a hanger. "What's this, John," Bianca asked.

I remained silent as their fingers found the zippers. "Oh my God; I'd ask if this was real, but I know better. She emerged wearing her new mink jacket followed just a second later by Sheena. "Now my mum will really be amazed. Wait 'til she sees my new jacket and my new emerald necklace." She had tears in her eyes when she turned to face me. "Thank you so much, John.

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I love you and I would if you never bought me anything." She rushed into my arms. Her hands gripped my head as she initiated a long deep kiss.

"Not too long, Sheena; I want to thank John, too." Sheena giggled as she released me to her co-lover. Bianca's kiss was just as long and just as loving. She broke the kiss turning her head to wink to Sheena. The next thing I knew I was sprawled across the bed and my slacks were around my ankles. My shirt was soon pulled over my head. Bianca and Sheena then treated me to a sensual striptease as they threw their clothing across the room.

They slinked rather than walked to me. Sheena slithered up my body, stopping to kiss me before straddling my face. At the same time Bianca fondled my balls and teased my cock with her tongue. She eased herself down my pole once I was hard. I licked Sheena, starting at her anus and ending once I had covered her clit with my tongue. She groaned when I tickled her butthole, looking down at me with yearning in her eyes and face.

I licked that sweet pussy from bottom to top, plunging my tongue into her incredible tight tunnel in search of her G-spot. Rubbing it brought Sheena to her first, but definitely not last orgasm.

She shook wildly, but held her position as I continued my assault on that sensitive tissue. I felt tiny tremors running up and down her body as I clutched her tight ass cheeks.

Her second orgasm was just beginning when I removed my tongue. She groaned with her disappointment until I took her clit between my teeth. She exploded. I had to hold her by the arms to prevent her from falling and it was all I could do to control her, so powerful was the orgasm that gripped her. Finally, she collapsed; I set her down gently, kissing her breasts, her neck, and her cheek. Now I concentrated on my other lover. Once I was seated deep within her Bianca rotated her hips moving her cunt around clockwise first then counter clockwise and back again.

She was driving me wild. "You little minx…you're driving me crazy." "Good…now you'll fuck me even harder." I laughed, "Like I need an excuse; you know how much I love making love with you." "Hmmm, I certainly do. Just lie there and relax; let me do all the work, okay?" She went to work grinding her hard clit into me with ever increasing speed and strength.

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I reached up to massage her large firm breasts. They felt so natural. Mal was right—Dr. Thad did amazing work. I found her nipples rock hard and pulled her down to suckle. My unused hand found her anus. I tickled her hole, rubbing in small circles, but not entering. Even my single finger could, without lubrication, be painful. Bianca shuddered slightly and arched her back, increasing the pressure on her clit and bending my unbendable cock within her.

I couldn't help myself. I pushed back, lifting Bianca from the bed. We met each other frantically until I felt my orgasm coming. I lifted her more than a foot above the bed as we came together. It was beautiful and so satisfying. I pulled my love Bianca to me. Our lips met; our tongues wrestled and we were the only two people in the world until… "Bravo…encore, encore." We looked over to see Sheena on her side with a big grin on her face.

"I'm still not a lesbian, but if you'll scoot over my mouth, Bianca, I'd love to lick John's semen from you." "Dear God, what have I done to you?" "It's simple, John. You've liberated me. I know now how much fun sex can be and how much I can give and take. I love both of you, but right now I need a taste, so…Bianca?" My other lover just shrugged her shoulders, rose from my body and crouched over Sheena's mouth, her cunt only an inch or so over her mouth.

Sheena sucked everything from Bianca.

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She sighed contentedly once she was done. I pulled Bianca over me and extended my arm to Sheena. They snuggled close. I was almost asleep when Sheena whispered, "Thank you, John." "You're welcome, my love. I'm glad you like your presents." "I was talking about the job you did on me, but thanks for them, too." "Yes, John, you're going to spoil us rotten.

You're too generous." "No, I'm too much in love." I kissed each of my lovers and lay back for a quick nap. These two could really be exhausting, but I loved them all the more for it. We slept for more than two hours until Alonzo phoned to wake us. I pulled my lovers into the shower.

It was big—big enough to hold six or more people with twenty-four shower heads on four walls. We washed each other, laughing and having a great time, especially when I washed their hair. That was now a ritual we all enjoyed. I blew their hair dry and we dressed for dinner. We always dressed for dinner.

They wore dresses and their new jewelry; I wore a suit. We walked into the study just before 6:30 where I made drinks. Mother joined us a few minutes later. She commented on how nicely they were dressed. They showed off their new necklaces and earrings. We walked into the small dining room at 7:00 when Alonzo announced that dinner was served.

Matilde and Marie served the various courses. Our entrée was poached salmon and all agreed it was outstanding. Crème brulee finished the meal as I poured brandies for all. Sheena made a face when the strong liquid hit her tongue, but that only lasted for a second. We retired to the study for drinks and conversation. I was pleased to see how easily Bianca and Sheena related to my mother. More importantly, they had adapted well to my standard of living.

I thought it was time to go public with our relationship. A major business magazine had been after me for an interview. I agreed to meet with the reporter and photographer once I had been home three days. They came to the house; we met in the library. I was asked about my career and all the companies I had started. I answered everything until I was asked about my two companions. "This is my fiancé Bianca and this is my fiancé Sheena." I continued once their shock had passed.

"I met both of them and invited them to be my guests on my private island in the South Pacific. After spending a month with them I found I was hopelessly in love with both of them. I couldn't decide and…truthfully, I didn't want to. They were together when I proposed to both of them. Even I was surprised when they agreed—to marry me and to share me. I've never been happier than I am right now. They both come from modest beginnings, but I know that they love me for me, not for my money." "That's right," Sheena chimed in.

"I wouldn't care if John were totally broke like I used to be. I never expected anything more than what I had so if I had to go back to that I'd be fine with it so long as I had John and Bianca to share my life." "What she said," Bianca added. I finished the interview by agreeing to several photos to accompany the article, provided that Bianca and Sheena were included. We headed to the gym for a workout once they had gone. We had a wonderful visit and a week later we were back on the Gulfstream and on our way to Scotland.

It was a long trip and we were tired when we arrived. The time difference meant it was too late to see Sheena's mother. We'd do that first thing the following morning. We drove by limo to the Edinburgh office of U.K.

Supply, Ltd. Jack was somewhat surprised to see us, but greeted me warmly. "Jack, this is Sheena Reynolds and Bianca Risolli. Sheena is Beth's daughter. Would you please call her to the office?" Using the intercom he asked his secretary to have Beth Markley come to his office when her sales call was finished.

She walked in about ten minutes later. "That was a great lead, Jack…oh my God…Sheena!" She rushed to hug and kiss her daughter. "But, how…?" "Mum, I want to introduce my fiancé, John. Now don't get too excited. This is John's other fiancé and my best friend, Bianca." I rose to shake my future mother-in-law's hand and give her a hug.

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She was obviously shocked. Sheena patiently explained what had happened, downplaying the kidnapping aspect.


When she was done she told her mother, "John is one of the richest men in the world, not that it matters to me one bit. I was working for him on the island just as you're working for him now." "What do you mean, Sheena?" "John owns this company. He had Jack&hellip." Jack interrupted to say, "Meeting you in the tea room wasn't an accident, Beth.

John telephoned and told me to hire you. I must say that has worked out well on two fronts. You're an excellent employee and I've really enjoyed seeing you socially, well…quite a bit more than enjoyed.

That's strictly between you and me. John never mentioned anything like that and I doubt he'd ever even consider it." "But, Sheena how can you possibly think this could work? It's bizarre." "Mum, we all had to share John when we were on the island. I love John and I love Bianca. We've been sharing him for the past month and I don't see any reason why we can't in the future.

I know Bianca feels the same way." "Ms. Markley, I spent a month on the island with both Sheena and Bianca and when I left I couldn't get them out of my mind.

I tried my darnedest to put one of them ahead of the other and I couldn't. I agonized over the decision until I finally realized that I wanted and needed both of them. I know it seems strange but it works for us. I know you have to get back to work. I'm glad that's working out for you. We'd like for you to be my guest for dinner. I'll have a car call for both of you." We rose to leave, Sheena and her mother hugging again.

"Like my new breasts, Mum? They're a gift from John. He's given us a lot of gifts, but that's not why we're in love with him. Oh…we'll explain everything at dinner, won't we, Bianca?" "Yes, gladly." I took their hands in mine and we left.

Beth spoke again once we had gone, "Bizarre, Jack…absolutely bizarre." She was shocked when she turned to find Jack on one knee. "I had planned on this Friday night, but since we're celebrating…Beth, they're not the only ones to fall in love in a month. I've fallen in love with you…head over heels in love with you. Will…will you marry me?" He held his arms out to her. She took them in hers. He rose and they embraced, a long lingering kiss followed, then another and another.

Finally, Jack reached into his pocket, pulling out a ring. "It was my mother's. It means a lot to me. I'll buy you another if you want." "No, Jack, it's beautiful. I love it." Jack slipped it onto her finger and they kissed again. Jack suggested they deserved a day off. Beth gave him a sly look and agreed. She had indeed allowed him to have his way with her almost four weeks ago. She'd done it again and again and again and that was just the first weekend.

They'd been lovers on a daily basis ever since. "I hate to say this, Beth, but I'm going to have to fire you. I wouldn't want my wife to have to work; shame, too—you're one of my best employees. I'm sure you'll be even better as my wife." He pulled her to him again for another kiss before she whispered, "We'll never get our celebration underway if we stay here, Jack.

Let's go to my place; it's closer. I can't wait to have you within me." She gave him another kiss, just a quick one before leaving. "Damn," she thought, "Sheena engaged! Me engaged! What a day!" CHAPTER 14 Alonzo made dinner reservations for The Ship on the Shore, an elegant harbor-side restaurant that specialized in excellent seafood.

We were given a private room with a table for six. We were standing while we enjoyed our first drink when Beth and Jack entered. Sheena went to hug her mother, but before she did she stepped back, "MUM! OH, MUM!" She took her mother's hand to look at her ring then raised her hand so her mother could look at her ring.

Once done, she hugged her mother while she told her, "Oh Mum, I'm so happy for you. I'm so happy." Sheena turned to me, tears in her face, but a smile on her lips. I moved forward to hug her. This was an unexpected, but much welcomed surprise.

I turned to Jack and congratulated him. We certainly had a lot to celebrate. I was seated with Bianca on my left and Sheena on my right. Beth was next to Sheena with Jack in the far seat.

I turned to Bianca and whispered, "I'll make sure you're not ignored." "That's okay, John, this is Sheena's night. She should get the attention. I know you'll take care of me later." I called for the waiter and ordered several bottles of champagne—the best in their cellar.

We feasted on seafood and shellfish. There were toasts all around, ending the meal with cognac toasts—several until we were all more than a bit drunk. Only Sid and Amanda and our drivers were sober when we returned to the hotel. Sheena was crying again when we entered our room. "Oh John, I've never been so happy." Oh, God I'll never understand women. Bianca hugged Sheena as we prepared for our shower. "It's okay, John—we know you don't understand; it's a girl thing." She smiled at me then at Sheena.

They came to me, kissed me and removed my clothes. They held my hands as they led me, confused as ever, into the shower. Sheena wanted to stay over the weekend and, of course, I agreed. She wanted her mum and Jack to come to the island for our union. Of course, I agreed. Then she convinced her mother to get married on the island—with us! I agreed just as I had with her other requests after consulting with Bianca. She was as much a part of our union as either of us.

Had I any doubts that she would willingly share me they vanished during our visit to Scotland. She obviously loved Sheena as much as she loved me.

We spent most of the weekend with Beth and Jack, but left them alone after dinner. As a recently engaged couple they needed some time alone and, to be honest, so did we. We made love each and every night, even when they had their periods. In the case of Bianca—especially when she had her period. Something—maybe her hormones—made her absolutely insatiable.

Even Sheena had to laugh, but after she did she always hugged and kissed her friend. We said good-bye to Beth and Jack Sunday after dinner, going finally to a good pub for some great pub fare.

All the fancy five-star restaurants were fine, but I much preferred good basic food like that found in almost every pub in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Our flight to Naples left the following morning at 8:00 for the roughly 1,300 mile trip, a journey that would take us just under three hours not including time spent circling the airport waiting for a landing slot. Moving within the European Union made things relatively simple even though we'd have to change our thinking from the Pound to the Euro.

I wouldn't change money. My staff would see to it that we all had plenty of pocket cash; everything else we'd charge. We were on the ground only a few minutes when Bianca asked if we could stop for some fresh flowers for her mother. "You never have to ask about something like that, darling. You know I would do anything for you or for Sheena." We stopped en route and Bianca ran into a florist shop while Sheena and I remained in the limo.

Amanda accompanied her; Naples was well known as a city controlled by La Cosa Nostra—the Sicilian Mafia.

She emerged ten minutes later with a big smile and a huge bouquet. We proceeded to her parents' home just south of the city. Her mother answered the door, shocked to see her daughter who at last report was working at some distant undisclosed location. Bianca hugged her mother then turned to introduce us. Speaking English she said, "Mamma, I want to introduce my fiancé John, and this is his other fiancé Sheena." If Signora Risolli was shocked to see her daughter she was even more shocked to receive that news.

"Mamma, let us go inside and I will explain everything." Mamma placed the flowers into a large vase, thanking Bianca for her thoughtfulness. "Don't thank me, Mamma. John is really responsible. He is the most wonderful person I've ever met." She related the entire story, even the kidnapping. That caused Mamma to give me a stare that would have made my blood run cold until Bianca told about her experiences on the island.

"I was initially a bit upset, but only a bit.

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Then I learned what he was paying me--$1,000,000 U.S., tax free and the suite where I was to live was like a palace compared to my tiny flat in Kensington.

I prayed every night, not to be rescued, but that I would be able to please my master. John was nothing like anything I could have imagined. He was polite and considerate. He never made me do anything; I was more than willing. Even then he showed himself to be a most considerate lover. One of the things I learned was to share and it's a good thing I did. John had to leave for business.

While he was gone he realized that he loved me…and Sheena. I'm sure he tried to pick one of us over the other, but he couldn't. Rather than disappoint us he chose both of us. I love Sheena like a sister. Hell…I love her more than my sister. We were together in his suite when he sent all the other women home and came to propose to both of us.

I didn't have to accept and neither did Sheena, but I know we're both glad we did." "Can you afford two wives, Signore?" Bianca and Sheena laughed. "Mamma, John is one of the richest men in the world. He's worth billions and he's so nice. He even had Sheena's mother hired for a well-paying job. That worked out even better—she's now engaged to the company's general manager. I know it seems strange, but I've never been happier." "I want you to be happy, Bianca so I'm happy for you, but I don't know what to say to your papa." "I do, Mamma; I'll just tell him the truth like I did with you." Mamma shook her head in dismay.

Sheena and I struck up a conversation with her and I could see the ice begin to thaw little by little. She was actually friendly toward us by the time papa returned from work.

Then we went through it all over again. Papa ranted and raved, even threatening me until Bianca yelled, "Papa! Stop! Nobody is hurting my arm…oh, what is the expression, John?" "I think you want 'twisting your arm." "Yes, thank you; nobody is twisting my arm, Papa. This is what I want. It is my life and I know you want me to be happy. Do you think I was happy while I struggled to get by in London? I was living paycheck to paycheck and I was alone in a miserable one-room flat.

Now I have John and I have Sheena. I love both of them—John as a lover and future husband and Sheena better than any sister." Papa shrugged and sat back down. He obviously still had concerns, but as Bianca had said it was her life. Ultimately my concerns proved to be unfounded.

Bianca's happiness was their primary concern and she had convinced them that she was sublimely happy, happier than at any other time of her life. I was also sure that my wealth had a lot to do with their decision.

We stayed for a week, returning to my home in New York to plan for our ceremony. Our union would be a legal contract in which we would pledge our love and loyalty to each other, but it would not be a marriage due to the legal concerns. Eventually we decided to have the ceremony on a Wednesday six months from now. Both women wanted wedding gowns so my mother agreed to shop with them. They went into Manhattan several times with Sid and Amanda. The gowns were wrapped in opaque green covers when they were delivered.

I already had several tuxes, but saw my tailor for a tartan vest and bow tie for Sheena and made exclusively of green, white, and red—the colors of the Italian flag—for Bianca.

We agreed to invite our parents, siblings and all the women who had been on the island with Bianca and Sheena. Sheena was an only child, but Bianca had a sister and two brothers.

I insisted that all travel arrangements would be fully paid by me as part of the invitation. U.S. residents would fly first class to Honolulu; European residents would fly, also first class, to Auckland, New Zealand. All were given the option of a brief stay en route in the city of their choice. From there they would fly to the island on my plane.

All would be invited to stay with us for at least a week, longer if they wished. Together we worked on the invitations which read: You are Cordially Invited To Celebrate the Union of Sheena Elizabeth Reynolds And Bianca Maria Risolli To John Scott Phillips On Wednesday, May 17 at 10:00 a.m. RSVP and travel information were on a separate sheet. All told I estimated the ceremony would cost me almost $400,000.

It would be worth every red cent. We contacted a printer and had everything done in a week. I turned over all the invitations and the guest list to Alonzo.

He would mail the invitations and make the travel arrangements here in New York while we returned to the island. The renovations I had ordered to transform the hotel into a haven for the ultra wealthy were already under way. I wanted to insure that they were completed by the date of our union.

I had also arranged for a minister to be present to formally marry Jack and Beth. We went to my attorney who had the formal contract prepared for us. All the terms we had discussed were included. I signed willingly than passed the documents to Bianca. Sheena signed last and our signatures were notarized by the attorney's secretary.

He kept one copy; the others were for each of us. We hugged and kissed before returning to my house.

We already knew that we were committed to each other. The contract formalized our relationship. The ceremony would let all present know of our love and commitment to each other.

We flew to San Francisco then drove up to the Napa Valley to buy some premium wines for use at the island. Our next stop was Honolulu where they had an appointment with Dr.

Imanuma. He examined their breasts and asked if they had been experiencing any problems. "I would like John to suck on them a little more often," Sheena commented.

I shook my head, but smiled. "I'll see what I can do, darling. They do look great, Thad; just like the real thing." "Yes, John—they're the latest technology.

The only thing more realistic would be real, but few women have breasts that are the exact same size and perfectly symmetrical. Other than that most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I have to admit they do look great, but then I've always been a breast man." I shook my head.

"Lame, Thad." "I don't know. I thought it was pretty good." Sheena and Bianca groaned until Sheena commented, "I'm just glad you're a better doctor than a comedian." Even Thad had to laugh at that. He kissed each woman on the cheek. They fastened their bras and dressed. We were out in the car when Sheena spoke again.

"You know, John I never really needed a bra before. I'm glad I do now; I love the way you play with them. I love sucking on Bianca's, too even though I'm not a lesbian." Only Sheena could deliver a speech like that. Bianca and I howled with laughter, but we hugged and kissed Sheena before we were even close to finishing. I pulled her onto my lap, smothering her in kisses as the limo rode down the highway toward our hotel.

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The following day we flew to the island. There was so much to do—finalize the design of the Jacuzzi, expand the seating in the dining room to accommodate as many as forty-three guests—two for each of the twenty suites plus the three of us. The wooden wardrobes had arrived but had to be installed in the rooms. Finally were the plans for the new golf course. It would be near the employees' dormitory and the runway. There were so many details to be dealt with. I could have delegated the work, but I knew how important the wedding day would be to Bianca and Sheena--probably the most important day of their lives.

I felt that almost everything was ready three weeks before our big date. My mother was the first to arrive, then Carrie, Marie, and Sam with their dates. Stephanie came, but without her fiancé. She told me that he had been unable to cope with the "new" Stephanie. "Good riddance," she told me. "I'll find someone else—someone who can keep up with me." I hugged her and whispered, "I'm sure you will.

You're a beautiful and talented woman. It's just a matter of time." Finally, the day arrived. It was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze and the temperature in the mid 80's, just like almost every other day on the island. The hotel lobby was set up for the ceremony with seating for the guests and a riser placed near the dining room entrance.

I stood there with Alonzo as the Wedding March began. Jack walked Sheena down the short aisle, stopping just in front of me to kiss her cheek before returning to sit with Beth in the front row. Sheena was breathtaking in a form-fitting strapless dress that showed her cleavage—her new breasts-- to great advantage, tiny seed pearls covering the bodice.

A long train complemented the gown. I was pleased to see that Sheena had worn her diamond and emerald earrings, necklace, and ring set.

They looked beautiful on her. I had just welcomed Sheena when Bianca, escorted by her father, began her way up the aisle. I was surprised to see that her gown exactly matched the one Sheena was wearing.

She was also wearing her emerald and diamond set.

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Her father kissed her cheek and handed her to me. I stood on the riser holding hands with my two loves as I addressed the crowd: "I'm sure that all of you know by now the story of how I fell in love with two women.

Unfortunately, almost all countries have laws against bigamy so I cannot actually marry both of them. We have already entered into a contract that legally binds the three of us to each other for life. Now we'll do it publicly so all of you will know the extent of our love for and commitment to each other." I stood for a second before beginning: "I, John Scott Phillips do swear before almighty God and those present today that I take you Sheena Elizabeth Reynolds as my partner for life.


I promise that I will love and cherish you, protect you from harm and place no person above you, so help me God." I turned now to Bianca and repeated the identical pledge. They spoke in one voice. "We, Sheena Elizabeth Reynolds and Bianca Maria Risolli pledge ourselves to you, John Scott Phillips. We promise to love and cherish you for all our days. No person will ever surpass you in our minds and hearts, so help us God." I turned to Alonzo who held out a ring.

Just as Sheena had gone first in the procession Bianca would go first now. I held out the ring and asked, "Do you accept this ring as a symbol of my love and pledge?" "I do." I slipped the ring over her finger. I repeated with Sheena with the same result. They took the final ring from Alonzo and, holding it together asked, "Do you accept this ring as a token of our love and pledge?" I smiled broadly as I replied, "I do." Together they placed the ring on my finger.

Bianca stepped forward for a long kiss. She stepped back and allowed Sheena to kiss me. We walked together down the aisle. Alonzo asked everyone to remain seated while Beth moved out of the room. Sheena and Bianca reentered once their trains had been removed and took seats where Beth and Jack had sat only moments earlier. I walked back in, escorting Beth behind an Episcopal minister.

Initially, he was extremely reluctant to participate in a ceremony that included two women "marrying" one man however a $250,000 donation to his church changed his mind in a heartbeat. He stepped forward to the riser just as I led Beth to Jack. The ceremony was brief, but one hundred percent legal and just as binding.

They stepped away from the minister just as Sheena, Bianca, and I rushed up to greet them for the first time as man and wife. Max opened the door to the dining room and we walked together into the reception. We strolled around, greeting our guests and receiving their well-wishes. Those were the only gifts we'd receive. We had refused any gifts, after all what could you possibly give to a billionaire that he didn't already have? Bianca and Sheena however would each get a gift once we returned to New York—brand new BMW 650i convertibles.

In fact, I'd shower them with gifts all their lives. After an hour we all returned to the lobby to allow the staff to set up the tables for our meal. Once we were seated I leaned over to Sheena. "Happy?" I had whispered into her ear. Her response was to grip my head and give me a long tongue-laden kiss.

"Hey, Sheena, leave a bit for me, will you?" Sheena released me with a giggle. In seconds my lips were covered with Bianca's. They stayed in place until we were served our appetizer. The meal was exquisite, filet mignon cooked to order and/or a pound and a half Maine lobster with baked potatoes and stir fried vegetables.

Before we knew it the meal was over and we all retired to our rooms to dress for the pool. I wasn't at all surprised to see my wives dressed—if one can use that word—in their tiny bikinis that barely covered their areolas and pubic areas, but completely exposing their glorious butts. We were at the pool for only a few minutes, applying sunscreen to each other's bodies, when Bianca's father approached us. "I must tell you, John that I had my doubts, but I can see how much you love Bianca and how much she loves you.

It is unusual to have another who you love as much, but you obviously do. You are an unusual man. I welcome you to our family." "Thank you, Gino. I know that Bianca is as happy to hear that as I am because we want you to know that you will be grandparents in another five months.

We're so happy to become parents." He was elated, hugging Bianca and me and even Sheena repeatedly before my wives decided they were going to swim. They stood alongside the pool and I noticed that the other women joined them around the pool.

"You know something? There's something not quite right here. Do you agree?" Sheena's remark was met by a chorus of cheers, but even I could not anticipate what happened next. "I think we'd all be more comfortable if we were dressed the way we wanted to. Am I right?" There was another chorus of cheers as they pulled the strings holding the bikinis to their bodies, throwing them high into the air.

Totally naked and laughing crazily, they jumped into the pool. I was astonished, but then I realized that life would never be boring with Bianca and Sheena by my side. EPILOG Everyone must have liked the island—they all stayed an extra week, at least. I didn't mind--we used the time to test our readiness to be a resort. In the process we learned several things. For one, Max needed help in the kitchen. He suggested I hire a woman who had graduated with him from Culinary Institute of America.

I agreed, offering her a top salary. I wondered if she'd need a room in the dormitory or if she'd share with Max. I didn't care as long as she could cook as well as he did. None of the women—not my two wives, nor my former sex slaves, wore clothes for the next week—not at the pool or beach and not in the dining room either.

It was as though none of them had ever left. I wasn't terribly surprised to see Bianca's sister join them, but I was a bit shocked to see Beth shed her bikini the day after her wedding. She asked Sheena and Bianca about their body hair, a question that caused a ton of laughing, but also led them to take her downstairs for depilatory treatments.

Her skin as smooth as a baby's when she returned. She and Jack asked if they could stay for two weeks. Knowing how thrilled Sheena would be I agreed immediately. It was, after all, their honeymoon. Jack had, true to his word, fired Beth and moved her into his flat. When they told me they wanted to start a family I knew I had the perfect wedding present for them.

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"Go out and find a house with a lot of bedrooms and a big back yard. Make sure it's expensive and send me the bill. Consider it your wedding present." Sheena beamed at my generosity. Actually, I was being practical--I had been to Jack's flat. I was surprised that Beth would have anything to do with it. It was old and run down and the plumbing fixtures were basically crap. While the women were frolicking together in the pool I couldn't help but notice how Stephanie was getting along with Bianca's brother.

He was single and two years older than Stephanie. I had seated them together at the reception so they'd have someone to talk to and perhaps even dance with. Three days later I learned that Dante hadn't slept in his room since the wedding.

I didn't mind playing cupid; I liked Stephanie and wanted her to be happy. What would happen when she returned to South Carolina and he returned to Naples? I guessed that, like everything else, it would be up to them. All I knew was that until then Dante was in for a really good time. Finally, it was time to go. Bianca's family and Jack and Beth left on Thursday to Auckland. Dan and Chad returned to the island on Saturday with Max's assistant.

I had to admit he had excellent taste. Now if she could only cook. The rest of us—Mother, the four women with their dates and Stephanie, Bianca, Sheena, and I—all left on Monday for Honolulu and our homes—luckily the Gulfstream could seat as many as sixteen. Bianca and Sheena wanted to stay, but I turned them down cold. Bianca needed pre-natal care and she couldn't get it on the island. We were going home. Once there I led my women to the garage. They loved their gifts—their new BMW's--but there was a problem, one I hadn't anticipated.

Neither had driven in more than five years and Sheena had driven on the wrong side of the road. I took them out to practice in my—our—back yard. The house was on five acres, reasonable in the 1920's when the house was built, but almost impossible now when land in Sands Point ran more than a million dollars for a half acre. I had paved a path all around the property to accommodate maintenance on the hedges and to provide an opportunity for walking in all weather.

It was here on roughly 700 yards of pathway that Bianca and Sheena took their first driving lessons. Had either Bianca or Sheena actually married me the issue of their immigration would have been a simple one, but they hadn't. Luckily, I had friends in high places. I was in a first name relationship with New York's two senators and several others, as well—one from New Jersey and another from Pennsylvania.

I was registered as an independent, but supported individual candidates of both parties based on their beliefs and objectives rather than either party. We flew to Washington for a head-to-head meeting.

I explained what had happened, conveniently ignoring the kidnapping. It was suggested that I put both my wives on the payroll. "They don't have to do any actual work, but if they are employed by you they can get work visas until they can become citizens." That proved to be the solution; their visas arrived in less than a month. They were signed on as my personal assistants and--believe me--they gave me plenty of assistance.

My attorneys next addressed their change of name from Reynolds and Risolli to Phillips. The court's only concerns were that there was no intent to hide criminal backgrounds or activities. The judge actually laughed when all the facts were explained, but he signed the decrees.

Bianca and I had a lot of fun planning for the baby's room, but not as much as Mother and Sheena had. They were always buying something that was "absolutely essential." By the time they were done we needed a second bedroom. I hoped we'd really need it soon. Bianca had an uneventful pregnancy and toward the end enjoyed watching Sheena and me make love.

Of course, we always took care of her either with our mouths or fingers as I caressed and kissed her swollen belly. Our relationship became even stronger as Bianca's due date approached. Mamma Risolli came to visit and help just two weeks prior to Bianca's due date and I was hardly surprised to see Dante accompany her. She took one look at the house and decided that I could indeed afford two wives. Dante borrowed one of the cars and drove to South Carolina.

Like many other new mothers Bianca was a week late, but delivered a beautiful baby girl. Sheena and I had been with her through the entire ordeal. Sheena went off the pill that very day. That was the day I realized I wasn't the world's third richest man.

With Bianca and Sheena and our growing family how could anyone possibly be richer than me? THE END