She males jerking gay twinks for the first time Ash Williams amp_ Nathan

She males jerking gay twinks for the first time Ash Williams amp_ Nathan
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I realize a lot of people misunderstood the first story. I was not whoring Sara in the fantasy. It was an awesome truth or dare game. She was a side character. In this story, her and Alex take main stage alongside me. Enjoy or don't, I will keep writing.

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Jake left about an hour after our games, he had to go to his dads for the weekend, but me and Sara stayed over. I was hoping I could get two for one. I could get Alex's dick and Sara's vagina. I was planning to make this a great night. "Hey man how about we play some xbox for a bit before bed?" Alex asked. I responded that that sounded like a plan and Sara just shrugged. She didn't game much but has no problem with them.

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We popped in Black Ops and played a few team deathmatches. At around 11, Sara got extremely bored and told Alex we were going to go to bed. Alex winked at me as Sara led me upstairs.

I was hoping she'd atleast blow me because otherwise would interrupt my plan. When we got upstairs, Sara told me that she wanted to lose her virginity tonight. "Right now?" I asked. "What about Alex?" I didnt want to leave him out! "Because of the game today I'm going to assume you are bi, so why not involve him? It might be more fun!" I couldn't imagine what she was saying. A threesome where I could still do stuff to Alex.

"Great idea! I'll go tell him!" I responded. "Wait!" she shouted. "Let me give you a preview of tonight." She pulled down my pants and gave me a blowjob double as good as the first.

I was moaning like hell and I'm gonna guess Alex heard because when I came down he high fived me. "Hey man.Sara wants me to fuck her tonight.but on one condition.

I have to have sex with you at the same time." I told him. "A threesome? Fuck dude sounds awesome. Now I won't have to jack off tonight.

Do I have to blow you and stuff?" I nodded at his question. "Well that's fine. I think I might be bi now for letting you blow me. Let's do this!" He raced me upstairs. When we got up, Sara was totally naked with her legs spread on Alex's bed.

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I asked her if we needed condoms and she said she's on the pill so we can cum in her. I looked at alex and he had his 8.5 inch sticking out of his boxers. I felt my 6 inches begging for air too so I stripped Alex while he stripped me.

Sara asked if me and Alex could make out for a minute while she got her clit ready. I was a bit nervous at first but then Alex planted his lips on me and we started French kissing. I could feel our tongues dancing and it felt great.


When Sara was ready, we both walked over to her and she dropped to her knees. Me and Alex did rock paper scissors to see who would go first. Unfortunately, he won.

"Fuck yeah! C'mon Sara!" Alex's cock was at a large 8.5 inches and was as thick as my mouth is wide. How he fit that large cock in his pants was beyond me. Sara started off just giving him a handjob, but soon she put her lips over his manhood and took it in. It felt like I was watching porn. Alex wasn't just getting his cock sucked, he was fucking her mouth as if it was her vagina.


I couldn't help but start jacking a little bit. "Shit Sara you are better then my last girlfriend at this!" Alex moaned. I could tell Alex was getting close to blowing a load in her mouth, because he tripled his speed of fucking her mouth. Soon enough, he started moaning like hell and I saw Sara swallow.

Alex high fived me and then Sara took my 6 inch cock into her mouth. I may be smaller then Alex but Sara still enjoyed It just as much. Unlike with Alex, she started sucking my balls too, which felt awesome as hell. I couldnt help myself to cum early, as this was so awesome. " that that's taken care of let's help John lose his virginity!" Alex excitingly stated. He walked over and started making out with me again.

I could tell he didn't want to just fuck Sara tonight. I think he read my mind because he whispered to me "Fuck me baby!" during a break in our kissing. I kneeled down in front of Alex and he slipped his manhood into my mouth I was super horny so I kneeled directly below him and he pushed his dick straight down down into my throat. It felt amazing and his dick tasted so good! I could barely breathe with his manhood stretching my mouth! I reached down and started jacking off while blowing him.

I love him and Sara at the same time. I don't know what to do. I looked at Sara and she was fingering herself at the sight of me blowing him. After a minute of deepthroating him I felt the familiar feeling and felt his nectar flow down my throat.

I continued blowing him until he was soft. Even soft he was still 6 inches! I slipped him out of my mouth and we all took about 5 minutes to recharge ourselves. "Shit man that was awesome." I told Alex. He grinned and gave me a thumbs up. I walked over to Sara and what she told me shocked me.

"John, ask Alex if he wants to have a threeway relationship.

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You love him and me and he loves you and me. It can work." I raced over to Alex and told him and he gave me a hug and said "So now you're my boyfriend. It's what I've wanted ever since I met you!" and then he slapped my ass and we made out again.

"John, you're going to lose your straight virginity tomorrow, but how about you and me get acquainted in my room?" he said with an evil grin.

I told Sara that she could watch tv but Alex wanted me. "Go get em!" she told me. I raced upstairs to find Alex naked on his bed.

I laid down and we made out for like 10 minutes. We exchanged blowjobs and then the real fun began. "Should I get a condom?" I asked him.


"Nah I heard it feels better without one to you." he responded. I shrugged and got on top of him. He adjusted me and I slowly dropped onto his cock. It hurt horribly. "Oh god Alex this hurts so bad." I cried. "Just relax, it was like this with all my past girlfriends." I took his advice and just breathed.

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Soon, the pain went away in exchange for sheer joy. I started going up and down at a very fast rate.

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"Woah John don't hurt yourself!" "Nah I won't I'm good it feels great!" he slapped my ass a few times and then had me change positions. I stood on all fours and he fucked me doggy style, that felt better.

He pushed all of him into me, I could feel my asshole stretching from his thickness. He pushed all the way to his balls in every push.

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I was moaning like hell and jacking myself off. "Hey John I'm gonna blow soon where do you want it?" "On my face!" I replied. I felt his spasms and immediately turned around on my knees and was greeted by a huge amount of cum on my entire face and neck. I scooped it all up with my finger and licked myself clean! "Tomorrow, you taste vagina and my ass. I'll be with you every step of the way." he told me.

We both got tired so Sara came up to bed with us. She got in the middle and me and Alex on either side. She blew us and gave us handjobs and we all fell asleep nude next to eachother. Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow! Remember, I like for people to give me tips and advise in the comments below. Stay tuned :)