Großen schwarzen daddy bb

Großen schwarzen daddy bb
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Let me start a good 10 years ago, it was like any normal night i was 7 years old and in my bedroom watching the wrestling, with my mum and cousin in the living room having a drink. You see my dad was in prison at this time and my cousin was staying with us at our flat, he is my dads nephew but he is only 4 years younger than my dad. Now let me take the time to describe my mum, she is 40 years of age now, still has a good body with blonde hair and very nice faetures, at the time she would have been 30.

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Back to that night, i realised it had been a while since i had seen any of them and was quite quiet. I decided to go see them for some reason but when i walked into the livingroom which was facing my bedroom but when i walked in nobody was to be seen, as i started to get worried i heard noises from the kitchen which you got to from the livingroom, thinking my mum was bein hurt i ran to the kitchen door and pushed it open, only to see my mum with her legs wrapped around my cousins naked body while he banged her rigid.

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I didnt have a clue if that was the first time or if they had been fuckin since he moved in, but i screamed and shouted and cried and started throwning things about until they calmed me down and talked me into beleiving they wasnt doing what i thought they was, i always knew the truth but decided to keep it quiet to save the trouble and stop my mum and dad breaking up.

It was from that day i knew my mother was a slut!! 10 YEARS LATER Now i am 17, alot has happened sinced that night we moved houses quite alot with my dad in and out of prison, and my mum and dad broke up because he thinks she was cheating on him which she denies and everyone beleives her except me, i pretend i do but i know the slut has been fuckin her second cousin.

Let me take u back to three months ago though to the best day of my life.

Since i was about 13 i have always fantasised about fuckin my mum from when i used to hear my dad fuckin her, she moans like fuck. So knowing what a slut she really is i knew i would have a chance plus she always compliments on how good looking i am.


I have grown up alot i look older than 17, im 6FT 2 and have a muscly build but have a baby face which girls seem to like. It was a saturday night and my two little cousins were staying over they are only young and fell asleep early in my mums bed, so my mum said she would have to sleep in my bed, i have a double so it wasnt a problem.

I went to bed and my mum said she would be in after, i fell asleep and when i woke up in the middle of the night she was next to me, and as all teenage boys do i had a hard on when i woke up and i was horny as fuck even more so with my mum next to me. I lay in my bed next to my mum thinking what it would be like to fuck her there and then in my bed.

I got up closer behind her, as i moved closer and closer i got more daring and when my hard dick was jus inches away from her ass i paused, thinkin if i should do it but i then realised if i jus touched her ass with it and she woke up i could jus pretend i was asleep so i edged closer poking my hard 7 inch cock into her ass cheeks i was so hard and horny i thought i would cum in my pants.

I knew i had to take the chance and try and fuck her, i plucked up all my courage and slipped my hand up her nightie and squeezed her ass cheeks, i got a stir from my mum and a "mmmm".


I squeezed harder and whispered in my mums ear in a cheeky voice "wake up mummy, ive got something for you" as she started to wake up and realised i had my hand on her ass she jumped round and said " what the fuck are you doing " i grabbed her ass and pulled her close 2 me "im gonna fuck you jus like james did that night u remeber dont you?" i said.

Looking in complete shock she just layed back on the bed and spreaded her legs, i smiled " thats more like it".

As i rubbed her pussy through her panties and kissed her neck she started to moan softly and whispered " we really shouldnt be doing this your my son.

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" as she went to carry on i pulled her panties to one side n shoved two fingers straight up her tight wet hole, she let out a scream "ohhh fuck it" she moaned as she whipped my cock out of my boxers and started sucking on it hard. I knelt above her fingering her tight pussy as she sucked my dick, i couldnt believe it i was in heaven my mother was slurpin on my cock.

After a few minutes i pulled my dick out of her mouth and got down between her legs while she giggled like a schoolgirl and wearing the sexiest smile, i went down and got close and personal to her wonderful slit, it smelt beautiful and when i started to lick her pussy lips it taste like heaven it was so moist my tongue slipped in and out with ease, i spread her lips and started suck on her clit, she started moaning hard as she wriggled her pussy all over my face, her moans got louder and i knew she was close to cuming when all of a sudden she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it hard into her, she moaned " OHHHH YESSSS YESS YESSS lick your mummys pussy like that son OHHH GOODD I LOVE YOU ".

she came all over my face, she let go of my head and as she lay there with a sexy satisfied smile on her face my cock was dripping pre-cum, she looked at it and giggled " your turn " she said.

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I stood next to the bed as she slipped her nightie off and stood there " mum your the most beautiful woman ive ever seen" she giggled and bent over keeping eye contact with me at all times she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it while i had a perfect veiw of her beautiful ass then she did something no other girl had ever done for me, she grabbed the back of my ass and shoved my cock to the back of her throat " OHHHH MUM " i moaned, she pulled it out and said " you like that " with that same sexy grin " oh god yes do it again " and with that she did it again but this time i grabbed her hair in a bunch and started ramming my cock in and out of her throat, as she choked i let her go for air " thats it fuck my face son" she managed to say as she was trying to catch her breath and just as she did i grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face again until tears were running down her cheeks.

After about ten minutes i knew it was time to fuck that sexy pussy of hers. As i let go of her hair she lay straight back on the bed and spread her legs once again this time though with the look of a slut thats gagging for cock. I got down between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy i looked up and teased her by jus rubbing the tip on my dick up and down her slit and saying " whos a dirty little slut?


whos her sons dirty little slut" and i pushed jus the tip of my dick in bringing a moan from my mum as she whispered " i am, im a slut, im your slut whenever you want me" with that i shoved my dick deep into her wet warm beautiful fuck hole i pulled out halfway then depp back in, my mum let out a scream " OHH YESS FUCK YOUR MOTHER" i rammed my cock in and out of her hard and fast and she was moaning so loud im surprised the kids didnt wake up.

Her pussy was so tight for a woman of her age who has had a kid it massaged my dick sucking it in and out of her, after twenty minutes of fucking her moans started to get louder as she screamed " YEEESSSSSS OOOHH YESSS GIVE IT ME IM GONNA CUM OHHHH FUCK ME BIG BOY OHHHH YEESSSS IMM CUMMIINNNGGG GOOD YEESS IMM CUMMMIINNG " as she was ranting i was ploughing into her as hard as i could wanting to give her the biggest orgasm shed ever had, as i slowed down i leant in and kissed her it was the most lustful loving kiss i had ever had and i think it was for her too.

As she knew i hadnt yet cum she rolled me onto my back and straddled me, she was so wet she easily slid down onto my cock she leant her hands on my chest and stared to slide up and down my shaft she leaned over while i sucked on her nipples she carried on riding my dick hard, i came close to cumming but i didnt want this to end so i held it and lifted her off me tellin her to bend over she did whilst giggling agian.

As i shoved my dick into her from behind she moaned " ohh thats so deep your hittin my spot OOHH GOODD YEESS" so i began to fuck her hard and fast knowing i was close to cumming, as i fucked her as deep as i could i said " OOHH mum im gonna cum". Hearing this she began to freak out " OOOHH NOOO U CANT YOUR NOT WEARING A CONDOM OHHH GODD NOO" but it was too late i came in her hard and deep, ive never cum so much i could feel it shoot deep into my mums pussy.

Fellin my spunk shoot into her must of sparked something because she began moaning like fuck " OOOHHHHH GODDDD YESS FUUCKK MEE FILL ME UP WITH YOUR BABIES" Thats when i realised i could have just made my mother pregnant, as we lay in the aftermath of our lovemaking trying to catch our breath i broke the silence " mum if ur pregnant its ok ill be here for you" she smiled and kissed me " i love you son now lets get some sleep" we fell asleep in each others arms.

Its now 3 months on and yeah you guessed it my mums 3 months pregnant and we will bring the baby up together and remain lovers in secret for the rest of our lives, she will be my slut forever.!!!

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