Fisting loving les handling fist toy

Fisting loving les handling fist toy
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He was fifteen she was thirteen and this was to be a night of first. He found her sitting on her bed playing with some dolls. She was trying to glue pubic hair onto them and was so engrossed in what she was doing that it took a while for her to realize he was even there. Finally she looked up." "Oh hi, how long you been there?" "Long enough." She held up her doll and asked; "What you think?" "Looks pretty good. Where'd you get the hair?" "From my head, I cut some from the back where it wouldn't show." "Oh, I thought maybe you got it from someplace a little lower." He was sure she hadn't, do to her age but liked to have fun with her in this way.

"I could have but there isn't much there to start with and if I cut it there wouldn't be any." She was very matter of fact about it. "You have hair there?" "Yes, you want to see?" This caught him a little off guard, but was quick to recover.


He didn't really think she would show him her young pussy. "Sure." To his amazement she stood up and lifted her night gown.

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She wasn't wearing any panties and there was a nearly bald pussy. Just a hint of hair was covering her pubic area. What really caught his eye though was her pussy. It was so inviting, so young and virgin and he wanted so much to reach out and touch it. She was just two years younger than he and now he found that he wanted her sex.

"Very pretty and nice looking." "You think so?" "Yes." was all he could say. "I would like to see you down there." He said nothing but started undoing his pants. When they fell to the floor he pulled his shorts down so that she could see his rising hard on. As she looked at him she saw it grow right before her eyes. "It's getting bigger." "It wants you." One of her hands went between her legs and unconsciously started to rub herself there.

"Want me to do that for you?" She looked down to where he was pointing and just nodded. He stepped over and stood at her side, the placed a hand over her small mound, letting a finger press between the folds of her pussy lips. "It feels so different when you touch me there." "Better?" "Yes, much better." "Lets set on the bed, I'll take off my cloths and you do the same." She did as he asked and they both set on the bed.

Then he lay back with his head on a pillow, his cock standing tall when he tighten the muscles in it. She lay down along side of him. Without saying a word he reached over and started robbing her again, this time pressing his finger a little further into her now damp pussy. "Oh I like that, it makes me feel so hot inside.

You going to put a finger in me?" "If you want." "I want to feel what it's like to have a guys finger in me there." He took his time as he got up, turned around to face her and kneeling beside her knees he spread her legs apart further then she had them and inserted one finger up to the last knuckle and started a slow in and out motion. She was getting wetter by the second. Her legs lifted spread even further and he inserted a second finger.

It was tight and he almost could not do it but as he put steady pressure against her pussy it slowly parted he was able to enter her body. She showed signs of pain but said nothing. He kept pressing into her and when he was as far as her pussy would allow started withdrawing and reentering, like a piston driving a locomotive, until he had her moving her hips up to meet his thrust into her.

She was being finger fucked for the first time in her life, and she was loving it. His rock hard pecker was standing straight up, pre-cum oozing from its tip and running down his six inch shaft.

Now he was jerking that shaft as he finger fucked her, trying to bring relief to himself as well as her. How he wanted to shoot his load into her but that would have to come on another day, this was their first sexual encounter and he didn't want to press his luck. Suddenly she popped up off the bed and slammed her legs together, holding his finger tight inside her. "Oh God that feels to good!" She had reached her first ever orgasm with someone else and not by her own hand. He stopped what he was doing and she relaxed her hold on his hand.

Removing his fingers from her he saw they were covered with her juices and licked them. He was tasting a women's juice for the first time and liked it. He then put his fingers into his mouth and sucked all the juice from them. Then before she knew it he was down between her legs sucking her wet pussy, sucking the juice from deep within her. She was shocked but did not try and stop him, after all it felt good to have him it do that. Soon he bent back and set on his heels, looking at her, wet juice all around his mouth.

She just looked at him in return, neither one knowing for sure what had just happen here, but both knowing they were going to be doing it again. He leaned over and kissed her on the mouth and she had another first, the taste of her own juice. She did not find it unpleasant and in fact liked it. She wondered what he would taste like.

Looking down towards his cock she saw the pre-cum leaking out and took a finger to it, placing it into her mouth she sucked the thick stuff.

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It was salty but nice. She could get used to drinking this stuff. She worked herself up and around so that she was able to bend over and take his pecker into her mouth. Now she had no idea that this was just pre-cum and was in for another first. She sucked his head in and he let out with a moan. "Oh sis, that is so good I'm going to cum." She instinctively swallowed in more of the head and pulled back as though her mouth was an extension of her pussy, it had the desired effect.

"Here go's sis." And a load of hot, white, thick cum erupted into her mouth. She gagged on it as it hit the opening of her throat, choking her. But she soon recovered and he felt her start to swallow his remaining cum. This was not what he had expected to happen this night but he sure as hell liked what she was doing.

So this was what a blow job was like, he sure could get used to having it done on a regular bases. After swallowing all she could get from him she set up and this time she kissed him on the lips.

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It was time he got to taste his own cum. To his surprise it wasn't all that bad, but nothing he would be going out to look for. He liked the taste of pussy juice much better. When she set back from kissing him she said; "What do you think" "I'm not sure how all this happen but I sure did like it.

How about you?" "I liked it to." "Even when I shot off in your mouth?" "Yes. That caught me by surprise but I liked it after. I like the taste of your cum too." "I liked having you suck me like that. Would you do it again?" "Right now?" "No, some other time, I'm a little tinder there now." "Sure thing, any time you want, but you have to do me too." "No problem, I like sucking the juice from you." They just looked at one another for some time then he reached over and touched her small breast for the first time.

She shivered at the touch but said nothing. He bent over and kissed one of them and again she shivered but said nothing. Then he sucked a nipple into his mouth and this brought an 'Oh!' from her and he felt the nipple start to swell between his lips.

His pecker was starting to grow again. He pressed her back down on the bed and started sucking in earnest, first one nipple then the other.

The moans were coming more frequent now and becoming louder. She was calling him by name as her body responded to his touch.

He felt down between her legs and found them spread apart, her pussy dripping with wetness. He slid his body over hers and worked his pecker to her opening and then pressed into it. Her eyes popped open at what he was about to do.

Was she ready for this?

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"Go easy pleas." He said nothing but took his time as he entered a women for the first time. He knew that there was going to be a barrier he would have to brake through and he knew it would hurt her but there was no stopping now, he had to have her. "When I pop your cherry we both know it's going to hurt.

I'm going to go in as far as I can and then just hold there until you say go on okay?" She just nodded her head. There was no way she had thought about going this far, this soon, but she felt she wanted too. He was in her now and that felt to good to stop. She was as full as she had ever been down there and while it hurt a little to be stretched so much it felt good at the same time. H pressed in further until he felt the barrier and stopped.

"You ready for this now?" She said nothing but looked into his eyes, looking for something but did not know what.

After several seconds she said; "Yes, make it fast and maybe it won't be so bad." So he did, pulled back about two inches then drove in as hard as he could, busting through the one time barrier. "Oh !

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God! Oh! Oh God that Hurts!"; She screamed. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight, biting into his shoulder. She was holding him so tight he thought she was going to choke him to death.

He said nothing though and held her tight right back, he loved her for letting him do this and wasn't about to let her think otherwise. Soon she settled down and her legs and arms relaxed some as the pain started to subside. She had her eyes open again and was looking at him, as he was her. She just nodded her head to indicate that she was ready to go on.

He slowly withdrew his cock a little and stopped. She winced some as he did so then relaxed again.

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He pressed in again then back out, a little more this time. Again she winced, not so bad this time. In he went and this time he pulled out until just the head of his pecker was in her, then slowly all the way in.

Just a slight moan came from her. He didn't know if this meant she liked it or was still in pain. He withdrew again and when he pushed in this time she put her arms around his body and held him snug against her chest, her small breast pressing against his chest, adding to the feeling he was already having deep in his groin.

How long would it be before he shot off another load. Some times it was quick the second time and some times not. As much as he wanted her to like this he wanted to climax inside her. He wanted to know what it felt like to cum inside a women. He manage to reach around her butt and finger her love button when he was just trying to feel her pussy lips.

This brought a sharp cry from her. "Oh God! Touch me there again!" So he did and the end results were her hips coming up to meet his thrusting into her. The pain was obviously now gone and he started thrusting in and out of her with great speed. She was matching him with her hips. "God honey it's going to happen again!" she said.

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And he was there too. Two more strokes and all was well with the world. He shot off a load almost as large as the first and she was banging her hips to meet his while at the same time her head was twisting from side to side, her fingernails were digging into his back as she screamed. "Oh God! I'm Cuming again!" She came off the bed holding him tight in her arms as she started to settle down.

Their sweaty bodies sliding on one another, the smell of hot sex permeating the room, the last of his hot thick cum leaking into her love cannel. This was to be a night they would both never ever forget. It was their first encounter with hot, deep sex with a member of the opposite sex.


And it was a start of a life long relationship.