Sexy Latina Shefaggot giving it up to a brotha

Sexy Latina Shefaggot giving it up to a brotha
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It was an incredible night. It was the night that made me a slut and a sex slave. It all started about last Saturday. I was asked to baby sit for my dad's boss, Mrs.

Amy Olsen. She and her husband, Mike, have a six month old baby. They live in a very nice part of town in a huge house. I am 16, tall and blond with a slim athletic body. Amy is shorter and shapelier. She has wider hips and has large breasts. She is not over weight, with a nice tight tummy. Mike is tall and quite stocky with broad shoulders and strong face. When I arrived they where all dressed for a formal party.

Mr. Olsen looked great in a tux. Mrs. Olsen looked fabulous. She was wearing a very clingy red dress, the kind that under cloths would show through. That's why I was sure she was only wearing a very small thong. Their baby girl was already asleep. They showed me the kitchen and the T.V. and told me to relax and make myself at home. They said they would probably be home quite late.

I said "That's okay. I'll probably fall asleep watching a movie or something." After they had left I started looking around the big house.

I checked out the main level. Then I went upstairs. I checked on the baby and then found their master bedroom. It was huge with very nice furniture and art. The master bath was large as well.

It had a whirlpool tub and a big shower with clear glass walls on three sides. I noticed that the cloths hamper was open. I glanced in and there were Amy's silky panties right on top. The crotch looked darker, like it was wet. I was curious and picked them up.


Was this urine? I held them up to my face and sniffed. No, this was the smell of a woman's pussy; a woman that was sexually excited. I felt a tingle in my pussy. She must have just taken them off when she was getting dressed to go out. I wondered what other kinds of under things she wore. I went back into the bedroom and over to the dresser. I found Amy's underwear drawer. I couldn't believe all of the sexy things. There were all kinds of panties; thongs, lace, fishnet, see-though, and even crotch-less.

Now my pussy was starting to get wet. I tried to picture Amy in these sexy things. I'm sure it was a big turn on for Mike. She had teddies, marry widows, body stockings, garter belts and stockings of all kinds. I had the sudden urge to try on something. I was wearing a jean skirt, a loose tee shirt and some sandals.

I kicked off the sandals and pulled down my white cotton panties. I tried on some black lace panties. They were very pretty. I rubbed the sexy material against my wet pussy.

Then I had a momentary feeling of panic. Amy was going to find her panties with my pussy juice all over them. But I thought 'What if she does? Maybe she would sniff them and get excited as I had.' I slipped them off and held them to my face. I breathed in deeply and smelled my own musky scent.

I put them back in the drawer right on top. I had never worn a teddy and wanted to see what it would feel like. I found a blue silky one. It looked a little big. Then I found a red lacy one that was more my size. I took off my shirt and skirt and slipped it on. Although the top was made for a woman with bigger breasts, like Amy, It fit pretty well. I went over to the full length mirror and looked at myself. I could see the little tuft of hair above my pussy through the lace.

I turned and looked at my ass.

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Not bad. I was certain if Mike was there I could get him hard. I snooped around a little more. There was nothing else interesting in the dresser. I went over to the night stand. My jaw dropped when I looked in the top drawer. The Olsen's had a whole collection of pornographic magazines, movies and sex toys.

I was so hot! I had to rub my pussy while I rummaged through everything. I sat on the bed and looked though some magazines. All of the pictures of naked women sucking cock or getting fucked made me incredibly horny. I found the little hooks in the crotch of the teddy and unfastened them. Now was pussy and ass were fully exposed.

I spread my legs wide and rubbed my finger up and down my wet slit. I was looking at a beautiful woman with a huge cock fucking her pussy as I slid my finger up into my own. I worked my finger in and out. It felt great. I soon had two, and then three fingers buried deep inside me.

I imagined that big cock fucking me. I imagined Mike's cock fucking me right there in that bed. I soon had an intense orgasm. My hand was soaked with my juices, and so was the bed spread. I hoped it would dry before the Olsen's got home. But I was so horny I didn't really care. It was then that I remembered all of the sex toys.

I pulled out a big dildo in the shape of a cock. It looked to big to fit in my tight little hole. Then I found a smooth silver vibrator about six inched long. I laid back down on the bed and switched it on. I held the buzzing tip against my nipple. It sent a shiver down my spine and made my pussy tingle. I spread my legs again and rubbed the toy around my pussy.

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When it hit my stiff clit it felt like an electric shock. But I held it there until I climaxed again. It was the best orgasm I had ever had.

I loved this thing. Somehow I had to have one of my own. I pushed it up into my pussy and worked it in and out. The vibrations felt great inside me while I rubbed my clit with my finger tip. I felt another orgasm building.

I replaced the vibrator with two of my fingers and held the toy to my clit. I exploded again. I couldn't believe how intense this pleasure was. I went back to the drawer to see what else I could find. I pulled out another vibrator that was a little bigger and had little bumps all over it.

I was dripping wet as I thought about fucking my pussy with this one while holding the other against my clit. I also found a bunch of porn DVDs. I selected one that seemed to have a variety of sexual themes. I took the toys and video down stairs and popped it in the DVD and sat back on the couch. The preview and ads were pretty hot. Then the first scene started.

Two hot girls were being interviewed. I fast forwarded to where they started undressing each other. Soon they were in bed together making out. I took out the bumpy vibrator and turned it on and started to rub my pussy with it. The bottom of the teddy was still unfastened. I pulled my knees up and spread open my pussy and rubbed the tip up and down my wet slit. As I pushed it in my wet hole I thought about what it would be like to be in a porn movie. I felt just as slutty as the girls I was watching.

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I thought about guys watching me fuck myself. I wished there were a bunch of guys there right then watching me and jacking off. I wanted to make them so excited they would shoot their hot loads all over me. I was rapidly pumping the bumpy toy cock in and out and held the silver vibrator against my clit and came again. I continued to watch the hot action on the video and lost count of my orgasms. Time slipped away. I was lost in my own little world of sexual pleasure.

After one particularly intense climax I opened my eyes to find the Olsen's standing in front of me. I was so out of it I hadn't even heard them come in. I was so shocked I grabbed a couch pillow to cover myself. I realized my clothes were still upstairs.

Just then the vibrator popped out of my twat and landed on the floor, still buzzing away. I was so embarrassed I started to cry. Mrs. Olsen came over and put her arm around me and said "There, there, it's okay. You didn't do anything wrong.

You don't have anything to be ashamed of. You were just doing the things grown up people do, things that I do all of the time." She picked up the vibrator.

She asked "Do you like the way this made you feel?" I nodded, still too nervous to speak. She smiled and said "Yeah, this is one of my favorites to." She slid the strap of her dress off her shoulder and exposed her big breasts.

She rubbed the tip of the vibrator around her nipples. She said "I see you found my teddy. I'll bet you look very pretty in it. Can I see?" She pulled the pillow away from me. I tried to cover myself with my hands. I looked at Mr. Olsen. He was smiling at me. I noticed a big bulge in his pants. Was I the cause? Was the sight of my body making his cock hard? This was like my fantasy come true.

I moved my hands away and spread my legs. "Do you think I'm pretty Mr. Olsen?" "Yes, I think you are a very pretty girl Cindy." Amy said "You can see he is telling the truth. Look how hard you have made his cock. Would you like to see it? Come over here honey." Mike walked around the coffee table and stood in front of Amy.

She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. When she pulled them down I got a better idea of just how big his cock was from the bulge in his underwear. I really wanted to touch my pussy. Then Amy pulled his underwear over his cock and down to his knees. It was magnificent.

It had a big knob on the end of a thick veined shaft. His big balls hung low in their sack.


Amy wrapped her hand around the shaft and said "See what your pretty body has done? You made his cock hard. Would you like to touch it?" Touch it? Of course I wanted to touch it. I wanted to jump on and ride it. I reached out and ran my fingers lightly over Mike's shaft.

I cupped his balls in my palm and bounced them up and down, feeling their weight.


I grabbed his shaft and gave it a squeeze. I big drop of precum oozed out of the tip. I scooped it up with my finger tip and licked it off. All of my inhibitions were now gone. I knew Mike would fuck me if I wanted him to, and I really wanted him to. I also wanted to tease him and make him really horny and his cock really hard. "Have you ever sucked on a boys cock Cindy?" Amy asked.

"Well, yeah. I have a little with my old boyfriend. He wasn't nearly that big though. I really didn't know what I was doing. Could you show me how?" "Sure. We can take turns. Just watch me and do what I do." Amy grabbed Mike's shaft and pumped it while she swirled her tongue around his knob. Then she sucked the knob in and out of her lips a few times.

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Then she pointed his dick at me. As I sucked his knob between my lips I felt Amy's hand slide up my thigh. My pussy was dripping wet and aching for attention. I spread my legs as Amy ran her fingers over my pink folds. I tried to see how much of Mike's cock I could get in my mouth. As his cock slid into my mouth Amy's finger slid into my tight fuck hole. Mike slid the straps off my shoulders and he started to rub and squeeze my tits.

Soon I felt Amy's hot wet mouth sucking on my nipple. Well between my tits getting sucked and pinched, my pussy getting finger fucked, and the huge cock in my mouth, I couldn't take any more. I exploded in another great climax that send pussy juice squirting out all over Amy's hand and the couch. Amy pulled her hand up to her mouth and licked off my girl goo. She said "I want to eat your pussy, Cindy. Would you like that?" "I'd love that, Amy." Mike pushed the coffee table out of the way while Amy got on her knees on the floor in front of me.

She pulled my ass to the edge and pushed my knees up around my shoulders. Mike got down on his knees behind her. As Amy's tongue hit my pussy Mike was pushing his cock into hers from behind. Her nose bumped my clit ever time Mikes pelvis hit her ass cheeks. She moved her head to the side and spread me open wide for Mike to see. "Maybe you could fuck this tight little pussy next.

Would you like that Cindy? Don't worried he has had a vasectomy." Oh, god yes! Do whatever you want!" "Mmmm., I think we have us a little sex slave Mike." Amy grabbed the vibrator and pushed it into me. She pumped it in and out while she sucked hard on my clit. I came again, soaking her pretty face. She moved up onto the couch with her knees on either side of my ass. Mike had both of our pussies, hers right above mine.

As I licked my cunt juice off of Amy's cheeks and chin I felt Mike's knob push against my open pussy.

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His warm throbbing meat felt so fucking good pumping in and out of me. After only about ten strokes he pulled out and shoved it into Amy. She arched her back and stuck her boobs right in my face. Mike continued to fuck one pussy and then the other. Soon he said "I need a break, I don't want to cum just yet." Then Mike laid down on the floor on his back.

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Amy squatted down on his cock, and I lowered my pussy down onto his face so we were facing each other. I humped my wet slit all over, from his forehead to his chin. Amy and I played with each others tits while we kissed. I loved her tongue deep in my mouth and his deep in my snatch.

Then we changed position. God, I loved the feel of mikes cock fucking me. I guess he did too because soon I felt his hot cum squirting inside me, filling me up. Well Mike had to rest for a while, but Amy and I were just getting started. She had me lay down on the floor. She said "I want to suck Mike's cum out of you." We got in a 69 position on the floor with her on top.

I had never tasted another women's pussy before. Amy's was so wet I was dripping onto my chest and chin as she lowered it to my mouth. I felt her tongue go to work on my slit and stiff clit as I did the same to her.

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Soon we were both moaning and squirming around in our mutual passion. I pulled her pink folds open wide. Then I pushed my fingers in a little and pulled open her vagina so I could look up inside. That was so hot. I tried to see how far I could push my tongue into her. Then I pushed two fingers in and started to finger fuck her while I licked and sucked on her clit. I made her cum really hard, she squirted juice in my face and filled my mouth.

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I swallowed most of it, but some ran down my cheeks and got in my ears. Then I felt her tongue on my ass hole. Next I felt her push her finger against it. I couldn't believe it. I tried to relax and she pushed it in.

I was so turned on. She was still sucking my clit as she finger fucked my ass. I came almost right away. I still had still had two fingers in her pussy and I pushed a finger into her ass hole. We both came several more times. All this lesbian action had got mike hard again. I saw his cock move in right over my forehead.

I pulled open Amy's pussy and grabbed Mike's shaft and guided him in. I licked his balls and Amy's clit while they fucked. When he pulled out I licked the pussy juice off his shaft and knob. Then he moved around to fuck me. I had the best orgasm of my life with Mikes cock slamming into me and Amy sucking on my clit. Well that was all Mike could take and he was ready to come again. Amy rolled off me and I spun around so both of our faces were under Mike's cock. He jacked off until a big gob of cum shot out and arched through the air and splattered on Amy's chest.

The next blast hit my chest and neck. Four of five more spurts covered our faces and hair. When he was done, Mike watched us lick his spunk off of each other. I went upstairs with Mike and Amy. I had already told my parents that I might stay the night there. I climbed into bed and slept right between them. In the morning I woke up and reached over with one hand to find Mike's cock already hard, and with the other hand, found Amy's pussy already wet.

After more sucking and fucking we had breakfast. Then it was time to go. Amy let me keep the teddy and the bumpy dildo. They told me they wanted me to baby sit next weekend, even though they were going to stay home. I told my friend Jill about all of this.

She was really jealous. I said "Why don't you come along? We will surprise them. I'm sure that neither one of them will mind another tight little pussy to suck and fuck." Now all I can do is masturbate with my new toy and wait for next weekend.