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Amateur Wald Sex spycamed
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Despite the first part of my story not being especially well received I have nonetheless decided to submit part two I hope those of you who enjoy my writings might enjoy and as always I will look forward to constructive comments Over the following few days I had plenty of time to think long and hard about all that had happened.

I tried, on any number of occasions to argue how none of it was my fault. In a sense I knew this to be true for it hadn't been me who had instigated it yet, deep down I felt I was as much to blame for what had taken place for I knew, once started, I'd put up very little fight by way of stopping his seduction, made all the worse in the knowledge, despite my horror of it all, my actions had shown I had actually enjoyed it.

With hubby still working away I did my best to avoid both my son in law and daughter. I got up earlier than usual, leaving for work, before either of them had risen and arrived home earlier where I would take a quick shower before going off to visit one friend or another, returning late in the evening. It was simply my way of not having to face my daughter or more especially Andy for I had no idea how he, or for that matter I, would react.

On the third day I was busier at work than was usual. My boss asked me to produce a set of projection figures which I knew would take time. This saw me leave work around my more usual time. I arrived home and headed straight for my bedroom, the intention to shower and change quickly then make my way over to an already arranged meeting with a friend.

As luck would have it, neither my daughter nor Andy were yet home. I showered then changed, slipping into a black poloneck jumper which I wore over a pair of jeans. I had just left my room and was passing my daughter's and son in laws bedroom when the door swung open and Andy stepped out wearing just a pair of boxer briefs. he reached out and grabbed me by the arm. "Not so quick Lindy! You've been avoiding me of late which is not what was agreed. I think it's high time I had myself some more of that pussy." "No Andy!

It's not going to happen!" I argued. "Besides, I have to meet someone in a half hour." Just as had happened a few days before he took not the slightest notice of my objections. "Well I'm afraid that's one appointment you are going to be late for." he told me as he stepped forward to press me against the galleried landing.

He slid a hand into my hair and twisting his fingers hard, pulled me into an embrace, He kissed me in that same rough manner of a few days before and while I tried to push him away it was all I could think of was, what had happened that day in the kitchen.

By the time he eased me back I was breathing heavily and unbelievably, down between my legs I was aware the bastard had gotten me aroused. "Stop this Andy!" I pleaded.


"This can't continue, besides which my daughter will be home any minute." Again he took no notice of my pleas. Instead he reached down and began unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans where unbelievably, for reasons even now I can't explain, I just stood there and let him. He pushed them from my hips until they were at half mast, down at my knees, leaving me in just my top and a pair of white knickers.

"That's better!" he said. "Now turn around and bend over so I can fuck you! I know it's what my little mum in law whore wants!" I groaned out loud, horrified, not just that his crude choice of words were a reminder of a few days before, but that once again they were turning me on.

"Oh God! Make it quick!" I moaned, despite the awareness we were running the risk of being caught by my daughter who I was sure would arrive home at any moment.

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Moments later, with little finesse, he was rubbing himself up against my sodden, panty clad cunt, in effect teasing me. I heard myself moan then felt him ease back to pull my legs apart and knickers to one side. He pressed again, the head of his cock pressing against my swollen, pussy lips.

I felt his hands grip my hips, he pushed forward again. This time he was in and pushing deep. I could hear myself groan as I felt all of him pushing into my sloppy hole. The sensation an instant reminder of the previous encounter. He reached forward to grab a hold of my breasts, fondling them roughly, until I could feel my nipples swell, pushing out firmly against my soft top in their desire to be abused once more by his rough hands. He plucked at them pinching them hard, enough that it hurt yet I was unable to rid myself of the notion this was what I wanted.

I tilted forward, my head over the bannister where I found myself looking towards the front door. He grabbed at each of my breasts where he began using them like a pair of reins as he started humping me hard against the galleried landing.

.I was losing control and as much as I hated myself for what was happening to me, for what I was allowing to happen, deep down a huge part of me craved his crude attentions. I knew there and then, once more I was his for the taking. As he thrust forward so I was now pushing back to meet him, my mind filled with the horror of that first time in the kitchen and yet here I was, allowing it to happen all over again.

Despite the anger, despite my shame my resistance was gone. I had no idea what was happening to me. What I was allowing him to do was completely contrary to my way of life, of everything I had ever known, yet here we were, the two of us grunting like animals, the carnal sounds alone bringing home the reality if what was truly taking place. Two supposedly mature, adults fucking just like a pair of teenagers might do. As my ill mannered, brute of a son in law continued to have his way with me I cursed him over and over yet there was no denying, I'd never felt so alive and as much as I despised him, or for that matter myself, for what I was doing, I was hooked.

I needed his cock. I needed it pounding in and out of my cunt. "You bastard Andy! Stop! Please stop!" I cried, but like me, he knew my words carried no conviction. He pressed his face into my back as he pulled firmly on my tits, using them more than ever to bounce me back and forth onto his hard cock.

Fuck! He was huge, I thought as time and time again he rammed me hard against the bannister. It was just then I heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. He too had heard and he eased back leaving just the head of his cock inside my pussy. We both instantly knew, without the need to look, it was my daughter who'd pulled up outside, just as we both knew we needed to stop what we were doing before she walked in through the front door to catch us.

Outside I heard the car door slam. "Ohh God! She's back!" I moaned "Quick! Finish me off! Please!" I pleaded sure the tense situation would bring is both quickly to a climax.

Instead he eased himself out and turning me around in his arms, dragged me across the landing, my jeans still at half mast, until we were just inside his bedroom, leaning against the open door.

He kissed me hard, full on the lips before pressing me back against the door, his hands roaming all over my tits. "Don't go telling me what to do Lindy! I'll be the one to decide when and where to finish you off!" He told me. He kissed me hard again then pressed his lips close to my ear.

"Now go and meet whoever it is you planned to meet. Just remember, I'll be ready to finish you off when you get home. Now tidy yourself up. We can't have you looking like a slut for your daughter, can we?" In his typical ill mannered way he practically pushed me out of his bedroom, onto the landing, closing the door behind leaving me to struggle with my jeans on the open landing as I heard my daughter's key rattling in the lock. I barely had time to pull them up and make myself half presentable before the door opened.

I made my way downstairs to greet my daughter, all the while aware down below my jeans were damp. my pussy squishy, all thanks to my brute of a son in law. I kept the chat with my daughter brief, partly through guilt, partly the fear of her noticing my damp jeans. Truth was, I wanted to change but realised it might seem a little strange to do so.

I left the house a few minutes later to meet with my friend. When I arrived at the coffee house in town, where we;d arranged to meet, with much relief I saw she was with another of our friends. She'd gone through a number of changes in her life of late and had plenty to talk about which suited me well and for the most part, the two of them chatted while I sat and listened. I did of course join in from time to time but having the two of them there allowed me to mull over my own situation.

We left the coffee house some time later returning to my friends house to continue with catching up on events, though in fairness, it was more the two of them than me.

It was just after ten when we said our goodbyes and I started my fifteen minute drive home, all the while fearful of Andy's words, 'He'd be ready for me on my arrival.' The house was in darkness as I parked in the drive giving me hope the two of them were already in bed, yet making my way to the front door I still felt nervous as I placed my key quietly in the lock. The door swung open and sure enough the rooms were in darkness.

I felt myself breath a sigh of relief with the idea I had escaped whatever it was Andy had in mind. I was about to take off my coat when a light flickered on in the lounge and that familiar voice drifted into the hallway. "Did you enjoy your evening Lindy?" I heard him ask, leaving me frozen to the spot. "Yeeees." I stammered. "Good!

Then come here and tell me all about it." I looked up towards the stairs aware it was all I wanted to do was go to my room and climb into bed but my feet seemed to have a will of their own and started to head towards the lounge. I stood there, facing him, wondering, not for the first time, just what I was letting myself in for. "Take off your coat!" he told me. All I wanted to do was go up to my room to bed, yet I found myself complying, removing my coat and laying it over the back of the sofa.

I remained standing, facing him, feeling awkward, aware of his eyes burning into my body.

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"You look good Lindy. I like how you're dressed. I especially like that sexy top you're wearing." he told me, referring to the close fitting poloneck. "It fits that body of yours like a glove. Perfect for those lovely tits of yours. Did you have a good time?" he asked. "Yes!" I replied, where despite his crude comment I was half hoping we might simply have a straightforward conversation. "And have you been thinking of me?" he prompted. The reality was, despite meeting with my two friends and catching up, my whole situation had been on my mind all evening, yet I wasn't about to admit as much.

"No!" I lied. "That's a shame." he responded. "Because I've been thinking about you." My tummy churned as again I could feel his eyes looking me up and down. I was more than a little conscious on how they seemed to dwell on my breasts.

I watched as he leaned further back into the sofa where he started to stroke a hand back and forth over his crotch. I wanted to look away but my eyes were drawn to his actions where I could already see a bulge beginning to form. "Yes! I've been thinking about you a good deal. Thinking about what we'd be getting up to when you got home." "Where's." I started to say, looking around.

"Your daughter? She's in bed and I'd say, sound asleep by now." he interrupted, quick to anticipate my question. "Andy! This really has to stop. This is going nowhere!" I pleaded.

"Well I guess that's a matter of opinion!" he remarked. "But sure, if that's what you want, feel free. Though before you do it might be wise to think what your daughter might think when she discovers her own mother has been coming on to me." "Oh God!

That's not true!" I moaned. I stood there shocked, contemplating the notion he'd tell my daughter such a thing. I had no idea how to respond. His hand was still stroking back and forth over his crotch and as much as I wanted to resist the thoughts running through my head, his lewd action simply served as a reminder of what he'd done to me earlier, His threat too hadn't helped and I tried to convince myself this was the reason I was still standing there but deep down I knew, I couldn't help but stand and watch what he was doing to himself amazed someone my age could be the attention for his arousal.

When he next spoke it was as if he had read my mind. "Yes Lin! Take a good look, because this is all your doing. I've been hard all night thinking of you." I watched as his fingers began undoing his zip. He slid a hand inside and eased out a half erect cock and wrapping his fist around it, began stroking it up and down.

Once more I felt appalled by the obscenity of it all yet there seemed nothing I could do but stand there and watch. "You should feel honored Lin. It's not everyone I'd do this for." he told me. "Honored? It disgusts me. You disgust me!" I almost spat, for once pleased I was able to object to what he was doing. He laughed. "That's choice coming from you Lin. It didn't seem to disgust you earlier, or the other day. In fact I'd say it was more like you couldn't get enough.

of me" I bit down hard on my lip aware there was more than a little truth in what he was saying. I hated myself, now more than ever that I'd stooped to something so low.

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"Drop your jeans Lindy then sit down over there on the sofa. I want you to play with yourself just like I'm doing for you." he ordered.

The very idea was preposterous. For the briefest of moments I thought of doing what I knew to be right, turning and heading upstairs for bed but as quickly as the thought entered my head it was tarnished with his threat he might choose to tell my daughter of what had been going on. Instead, my mind arguing I was doing this for her I looked down at my own hands, almost daze like as they started to undo my jeans.

Moments later, for the second time that day, they were at half mast, down at my knees. I hobbled backward toward the sofa where I sat, for the moment at least, unmoving. "Do it Lindy! I want to watch you play with that married cunt for me. Maybe even think of your hubby as you do it." My head was spinning. As much as I was aware a part of me wanted to resist I couldn't. There on the sofa, watching my son in law opposite stroking his cock, I was gripped by the memories of what I'd already allowed to happen.

Worse still, thanks to my own lack of willpower, I knew I was about to succumb once more to a sexual need which until a few days ago, I never knew existed. The previous memories continued to flood back and with them, thoughts of resisting seemed futile. I watched myself as I slid a hand down between my legs, touching a finger against the crotch of my white knickers. I closed my eyes, unable to believe how absurdly erotic and sensual it was to be doing something so disgusting and in front of all people, my son in law.

"That's better!" he said. I heard movement and opened my eyes to see he'd risen and was crossing the space between us. As he did, his huge erect cock bounced too and fro, the sight alone enough to stir my loins to the point my fingers were soon rubbing the panty fabric harder than ever against my pussy lips. He sat next to me on the sofa and closing my eyes I could sense him watching my every move, A whole host of feelings washed over me. Shame, humiliation, guilt yet for all that it was the erotic thrill and with it a kind of alluring power I was the centre for his attention which took control.

My fingers continued to work themselves firmly up and down my hidden cunt lips. "Damn I never realised how hot and sexy you were Lin!" He whispered into my ear. "Far more of a woman than your daughter. Believe me, I won't be tiring of you anytime soon." His words sent shivers coursing through my body.

Though horrified with the suggestion his plans for me were long term, I nevertheless felt a perverse sense of pleasure with the idea he found me more of a woman than my daughter, never mind hot and sexy.

I eased open my legs a little more, partly to keep his attention, partly to allow my fingers inside my knickers. I didn't need telling how obscene my actions must look, sat there on the sofa. "That's it Lin! Show me what a dirty bitch you are for me!

Finger fuck that married cunt while I have fun with these heavenly tits of yours." He pushed a hand over my left breast and plucked hard at the nipple bringing a gasp to my lips and an instant response from the nipple itself.

He did it a second time, harder still. With it came a reminder of what had happened previously and how different his brutish manner was compared to that of my husband's. He repeated his actions with my right breast, where if anything, his thumb and finger applied even more force. It hurt, there was no disputing that yet the effect, after the initial pain, seemed to radiate a surreal, perverse sense of pleasure all the way down to my pussy. It was a mix I found hard to resist.

"Oh my God!" I moaned, letting slip my arousal. He continued, plucking, taking turns with each breast while my own fingers, seemingly with a mind of their own, foraged deeper. "Damn! I love this top Lindy!" he said as he adjusted his position to place a hand over each breast. "It gives these tits of yours the perfect shape. In fact, from now on you're going to be wearing tops like this more often for me." he remarked as each hand pushed in opposite directions, pulling my breasts apart one moment, squashing them back together the next.

He did it again, pressing the soft fabric firmly into my breasts, his fingers mauling, kneading like a chef might knead a measure of dough. I laid back against the sofa reminded of a few days before and of how it was he'd treated me.

It was no different now to how it'd been then. He was using me.

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I knew as much but somewhere, deep down, I loved it. I was amazed his rough, arrogant manner could turn me on so much. He pushed and pulled at my breasts, mauled and kneaded with his fingers. I lay there, growing more and more receptive to each touch, to everything and anything he might want to do. He leant forward and began kissing and sucking on a set of, by then, pouty nipples, more than ripe for his attentions where by now, with seemingly little effort my arrogant son in law had me just where he wanted.

To my shame I pulled him close as I thought about what he had done to me a few days earlier in my own kitchen. Now here I was once more, reveling in his rough, sordid approach. My moans and groans flowed freely, if quietly from my lips. "You bastard! Why can't you leave me alone?" I whimpered. He eased back from sucking on my nipples. "Because you and I both know it's what you want!" I looked down to see the soft fabric around each of my nipples was now damp from his oral ministrations.

It struck me then, my daughter too would have witnessed as much had she chosen that moment to put in an appearance, This thought alone should have been enough for me to put a stop to what was happening instead, just like his rough and arrogant manner, just like his crude choice of words, incredibly, the idea my daughter might witness for herself what he was doing, served only to excite me all the more.

"Damn you! Suck them! Bite them!" I moaned as I pulled him back down against my body. The bastard needed no second bidding, taking turns to suck and nibble on each, switching quickly from one to the other, his fingers were practically clawing at my breasts in his desire to both arouse and abuse me.

When he finally pulled back some minutes later my breasts were heaving, thanks to a pair of lungs now gasping for air. I lay back against the sofa attempting to catch my breath as he edged backward then down until he was knelt on the floor between my legs. I watched as he reached forward to remove my hand which had been present between my legs the whole while.

For a second, he held my slippery fingers to his nose, scenting an aroma that I was sure already filled the room. He flicked out his tongue to taste the sticky sheen. then opening his mouth, sucked on each finger, one at a time, cleaning them of my juices. The act was lewd but again, simply watching him enjoying my juices added to my already aroused state. "Damn! If your pussy isn't the best I've ever tasted!" he told me. It was yet another obscene compliment yet as crude as it was it was a huge turn on to be told my fifty year old pussy more than exceeded his expectations.

The next moment I felt his hands slide to the back of my calves, just below my knees where he began pulling me forward. pulling me towards the sofa edge. He released his grip on my calves then reached up to take a hold of my panties. He pulled at the elasticated waistband tugging them down until they were stretched from knee to knee and where for a second time in a matter of days my pussy was now completely on view for him. It felt squalid, shameful, both as a wife and mother I should be playing a part in such things, yet there was no denying, the thrill of exposing myself was intensely exciting.

I lifted a leg, thinking he was going to remove my panties completely but he clearly hadn't planned as much. Pressing a hand on each knee he spread my legs apart, causing my knicker elastic to stretch to tearing point. "That will do just fine!" he told me, as he leaned forward towards my now exposed pussy.

I could feel his warm breath against my pussy lips, followed quickly by his tongue as it flicked across my swollen clit to send a delicious, almost electric charge pulsing through my body.

"Oh my God! Oh Stop! .Nooo! What if.?" was all I managed to say before he cut me short with an answer again anticipating my question. "She's asleep. She won't come down and even if she does, there's nothing could stop me seeing to this sexy, wet cunt. As I've said before, I've no plans giving you up anytime soon." I whimpered out loud, the very suggestion he was prepared to carry on even if my daughter were to come down, ringing in my ears.

He leant forward once more, this time dragging his tongue upward along my slit, all the way up to my clit. I whinnied and whined as he held there, sucking my clit in and out of his mouth, sending pulse after ecstatic pulse radiating outward.

It was pure instinct that I reached forward to press down on the back of his head. As I did, I couldn't help but think of his words once more. The very notion he wouldn't have stopped even if my daughter came down. My God! Her own mother! I should have felt appalled, instead, the very idea turned me on all the more, to the point I started to imagine the shock written across her face at discovering her mother, acting like a slut. These thoughts and any number of other scenarios came thick and fast and there seemed nothing I could do to prevent them.

For all the guilt and shame being played back and forth in my head, I knew he was right, that this was indeed what I wanted, and right then, more than anything I could have imagined. I pushed down with both hands eager to smother his face with my slick pussy lips. "Ohhh God! Do it! Make me cum!" I begged. "Trust me." he said, pulling away. "I have every intention of doing just that. This married cunt is now mine!" he told me.

Cursing at his crude words we both knew it was little more than an act. His hands moved upward, sliding beneath the cheeks of my arse where his fingers began kneading at my flesh, I did nothing to stop him.

Why would I when he'd promised me a climax. Indeed, my own hands pressed him down once more where he continued to dine.

I wriggled and squirmed beneath him, my mind accelerated, struggling to suppress thoughts of my daughter while selfishly wanting my son in law to prolong this moment forever. He licked and kissed and nibbled on my cunt like a man enjoying a last meal.

I bucked beneath him, feverish for more. The sensation was incredible. I simply couldn't get enough. My body twisted and turned in my erotic desire to have my brute of a son in law feast on my married cunt. "Oh God! Eat me out." I cried. My need to have him make me cum overpowering. I pushed down harder, in truth, wanting to wrap my legs around his head, but prevented from doing so by a pair of knickers, still stretched from knee to knee. I tried hard to hold back my cries of pleasure, fearful my daughter would hear but as his tongue prodded and probed between bouts of sucking my clit, it was a struggle I was fast beginning to lose.

"Oh my God! Yes! Ohhh fuck that feels so good! Do it! Do it harder! Shove that tongue up my cunt! Make me cum you dirty bastard!" I cried as I continued to crudely fuck my married pussy onto his face.

Then suddenly, there it was. It had been threatening for minutes and now, from deep within I could feel the heat of my orgasm building quickly. For the briefest of moments my pussy. along with the whole of my body, seemed to freeze rigid, even my vocal chords seemed strangled, my encouraging pleas choked off by the impending orgasm which hit seconds later. The orgasm took hold and erupted, washing over me with a pleasure I can't even begin to describe.

My body twisted and jerked as the juices began spilling from my cunt lips. I gripped the sofa hard, trying to hold on.

Down below I had the sense of him feverishly lapping at my juices but it seemed I was no longer in the real world. I was too far gone to care. Once again this brute of a man had shown how easily he could bring me to climax.

Again and again my pussy spasmed, releasing it's liquid treasure for both his and my delight. It was all I could do was lay there, reveling in the afterglow of an orgasm that had surpassed all others. I lay there, my heart beating hard, my chest heaving as I tried to regain some composure. Suddenly, just as I thought it was all over, his tongue rasped across my swollen, tender clit.

The sensation indescribable. Electric, intense, like nothing I had ever encountered before. The whole of my body shook as my clit itself went into spasm. I screamed, I was sure I did, while my pussy reacted in the only way it could, erupting with a second, even more violent orgasm. I looked down where for the first time in my life I saw my pussy physically squirting it's nectar.

The whole of my body continued to tremble and shake. I reached down in an attempt at trying to push him away, my clit now so sensitive I was unable to bear anymore of this intolerable pleasure, but he was having none of it.

He held me down where each time he flicked and drew his tongue across my throbbing clit my body convulsed from the extreme pleasure. Now, even my thighs had started to spasm. "Oh Fuck! Stop! Please Stop!" I begged. My body was physically trembling when he finally relented and eased back.

I lay there, fighting to catch breath, my .eyes closed, my body on fire. When I opened my eyes it was to see he was leaned back on his haunches.

I looked upward, towards the landing, terrified my cries of pleasure would have roused my daughter, relieved to see no signs of light which I took as an indication she was still asleep in her room. My gaze fell on his.

I could see the sheen of my own juices evident on his face. His almost derogatory grin served only as a reminder of what we'd just done. For the umpteenth time I felt shame at how I'd done nothing to stop him. Yet truth was, how could I. when it seemed he could so easily arouse my most carnal desires. He reached forward and placing a hand on each, began playing with my breasts once more, teasing a set of nipples still extremely sensitive from my most recent, violent orgasm.

"Fuck! You juice up well Lindy!" he told me. "In fact I'd say hubby hasn't been doing his job properly. Has he?" The mere mention of my hubby again filled my mind with guilt. I attempted to suppress these thoughts by trying to find reasons to justify what I had allowed to happen, even though I knew there were none. "Not to worry Lindy." he continued, his words snapping me from my thoughts.

"By the time I've finished with you tonight, there'll be only be one cock you'll ever want. You certainly won't be thinking about hubby's any longer!" I was appalled by his arrogance. That he should even suggest such a thing. It was as if he thought it easy to cast aside so many years of marriage purely on the basis of sex. I half had a mind to tell him as much, yet when he leant closer to press his lips over mine I found myself instantly responding to his embrace.

My tongue pushed deep, probing the warmth of his mouth, tasting my own juices and where for the first time, he seemed to be showing some passion as his tongue dueled with mine. I closed my hands around his neck, pulling him close. In turn he continued to pet at my breasts, the sensation of my damp top drawn back and forth across my nipples proving unbelievably arousing.

His touch, his caress of my nipples seemed incredible It was something I had never been able to enjoy with my hubby yet my brute of a son in law seemed to know just what to do, to the point my breasts simply couldn't get enough.

"My nipples!" I gasped between kisses, not altogether certain of exactly what it was I demanded. He however, understood my meaning completely. His hand beginning to maul roughly over my breasts, his fingers pulling and plucking almost mercilessly at my nipples taking me to new heights of pleasure where incredibly, having barely come down from my most recent climax I was ready to go again.

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I continued to moan deep into his mouth and when some minutes later he pulled back from the embrace I was left breathless and worse still, hornier than ever. I looked down at myself, my top was now stretched tight across my tits. My nipples jutting out had never looked nor felt so good, their shape profound as they did their best to push themselves free from beneath the soft confines of the fabric.

I glanced upward, still fearful of my daughter's presence despite the knowledge I did not want this to end. "Damn Lindy! You are one hot little mother and now I suppose you want my cock?" Oh how I wanted to tell him no, but as the words formed on my lips, quite the opposite came out.

"Damn! Give it me!" I moaned, thoroughly ashamed but driven by the memory of how well his cock filled my cunt. My words were met with his broad smile. "Good! Roll over!" he demanded, "I want to fuck you like a dog would fuck his bitch." In that one instant he'd switched back from passionate lover to arrogant brute where again I had a mind to tell him so. To tell him I was not one of his floozies from work. Not someone he could use and abuse yet even with that thought fresh in my mind I knew that's exactly what I'd become.

Without saying a word I complied with his request, turning on the sofa, sliding downward until my knees met the floor. I leant forward ready to use the sofa for the support I knew I would need. I'd managed to kick off my jeans but my panties were still stretched tightly from knee to knee. I felt exactly how I must look.a whore!

His fingers began stroking my arse, a stimulus causing my pussy to pulse with anticipation as memories of how this all started, that day in the kitchen came flooding back. Again thoughts of my daughter came to mind aware, were she to discover us now her presence to me would remain unknown, at least until she announced herself. While this very thought was disturbing it also proved perversely exciting and I began to consider how it was I seemed to possess a quality she didn't, the ability to keep her husband from straying.

The thoughts came thick and fast and as deviant as they were they continued to excite me. Again I tried to justify my actions by arguing I was doing all this for her, yet the stimulation my body was receiving from the hands now kneading the cheeks of my arse was proof it was anything but. I lay there for the most part unmoving, contemplating his arrogance and of how sure he was of himself.

The thoughts kept coming, filing my head. One such being to think back to earlier that evening, of when he'd chosen to take me over the bannister upstairs. I'd hated him for doing that, for treating me no better than he would a whore, especially in the knowledge my daughter had been due to return, yet the more I thought about what had taken place, the more it stirred my pussy.

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I remembered just how crude it had all been and for that matter at how willing a party I must have seemed. The correct term, I guess, for what had taken place, would have been what people term a 'quickie'. An innocuous enough word yet it conjured up images of illicit, back alley sex. It hadn't been a back alley though taking me like he had, over the bannister had most definitely been illicit and suddenly, as arrogant and as crude as I knew my son in law to be, it was all I wanted was for him to 'have me', to 'fill me', with that big cock of his.

once more "Oh you bastard! Stop teasing! Give it me! Give me that cock!" I moaned. Behind, I heard him laugh. "Sounds good Lindy. Even better you seem to be coming around to my way of thinking, that there's only one cock for you now. Am I right?" He moved closer pressing the hardness of his cock between my legs.

With guilty thoughts of my hubby filling my head I didn't want to answer and instead, instinctively tipped further forward and opened my legs wider as he began rubbing the head up and down, between my pussy and arse. "Answer me!" he demanded. "Whose cock does my dirty mother in law need?" He began rubbing his cock head over my clit. I wriggled backward hoping to get him to push it into my pussy without my need to answer. "No no! Not until you answer me" he demanded. "Damn you!" I cried.

Yes.I want yours!" I heard the sound of his laugh. "Yes mine! And why's that Lindy? Is it because it fills you so much better than your hubby's pathetic, little dick?" "Oh God!" I whined.

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"Just give it me!" "Oh I will! Just as soon as you agree. There's to be no more hubby's cock. and that from now on, I own this married cunt." Not for the first time his crass language appalled me yet his vulgarity added to my already aroused state. I guess what made it worse still was his cocksure manner in assuming I was his for the taking, whenever and wherever he might desire, a statement which clearly reenforced his dislike for my hubby.

The two of them had never gotten on and though I had no wish to agree, the bastard had something I desperately needed. "Yes.yes! Anything you say!" I pleaded.

"Good! Then it's agreed. From now on you're mine. No more letting hubby have his way with you. When you need cock, you come to me. Understand?" He began nudging the head of his cock into my pussy!

"You bastard!! Just do it! Fuck me!" I cried out, more in desperation for his cock rather than my agreeing to his claims. His hands grabbed for my thighs where with one firm push forward he managed to insert a good six inches of prick into my sopping wet cunt.

I gasped as again I thought of hubby, of all that had just been said. for there was no doubting my bastard of a son in law had so much to offer.

I thought of my daughter too, aware she could still easily put in an appearance. Though I didn't need reminding what was happening was wrong, I continued to try and convince myself it was only occurring for the good of her marriage, yet deep down, knew this was little more than ridiculous.

Damn! Who did I think I was trying to fool? Myself? When he pushed his cock deeper still it felt so damn good and I knew there and then it was me I wanted this for, not hubby or my daughter. "Oh God! Harder! Deeper!" I growled.

He eased back leaving me feeling completely empty, The head of his cock barely teetering at the entrance to my needful pussy. He was teasing me and knew it. I edged back, shamelessly wanting to have him fuck me just like he'd done earlier upstairs. To have him stretch and fill my wanton cunt once more. My movement didn't go unnoticed. "That's it Lin! Show me how much you need this cock of mine!" he taunted as if reading my thoughts. I rocked back meeting his push forward, his length pushing deep, his girth once more stretching my pussy to its limit, just as he'd done earlier.

It was a reminder of how easily his size satisfied my carnal need but more frighteningly came the question, would I ever be able to refuse him.

"Ohhhh Fuck! Yes!" I growled again, my fingers clenching hard into the sofa fabric as he withdrew and drove deep once more, this time my growls of pleasure muffled as I pressed my face firmly into the sofa cushions.

"How good is that Lindy? How good that mum is using her hot little cunt to save her daughter's marriage?" "Oh God!

Stop it!" I pleaded, wanting his taunts to stop but he was having none of it. He knew all too well his words were adding to my arousal. "Damn we're a good Lindy! Your tight, horny pussy and my fat cock! It's almost as though they were made for one another.

In fact, the more I think about it the more I think some things are predestined to happen. You and me. What do you reckon?" He pushed deep once more as his latest words played around in my head.

where I too started to wonder if there was an element of truth to what he had said. "So come on bitch!" he said, breaking my train of thought. "Show me how much this married, mature cunt wants my cock. Hump me!" "Nooooooo!" I moaned into the sofa, my words carrying no meaning at all as I immediately began doing as he'd demanded, rocking back and forth, forcing my sodden pussy up and down that pole of his until he was so far up inside I could feel his balls bouncing against my body.

My fingers gripped ever more tightly into the sofa as I felt my orgasm build.


"Ohhh dear God! Oh Fuck! I'm cumming!" I cried, astonished at how easily this arrogant bastard was able to make me cum. He pressed deep, pinning me down against the sofa, my pussy pulsing as it began spewing its juices all over his cock meat and down over my inner thighs. I felt him ease backward until he'd withdrawn completely.

He knelt there, watching as my pussy continued to squirt cum. He grabbed my head, his fingers twisting tightly into my hair, yanking my head backward, his lips pressed close to my left ear. "Admit it Lin!

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Isn't this the best meat you've ever had between your legs?" I simply mewled, not wishing to admit any such thing even though I knew it was true, ny hubby had never come anywhere near satisfying me the way my brute of a son in law had.

I leaned forward trying to catch my breath as my orgasm finally began to abate but if I thought he was finished, I was sorely mistaken. He slid both hands beneath me and grabbing a breast in each began petting at them, his manner once again crude and rough, his palms and fingers pawing at them like a drunk might do, pulling and pinching on my nipples and breasts. "Oh God! Stop!" I moaned. He leant close, once more pressing his lips to my ear. "Damn!

Did I ever tell you how much I love these bouncy jugs of yours?" I groaned as he mauled and pawed at them, my nipples seemingly extra sensitive to his twisting them this way and that until in no time at all my pussy was once more on fire. "Oh you bastard! Stop!" I sobbed. "Now why would I stop when I know you want fucking again?" he asked.

"Tell me you don't want me to plant my hot seed deep in this married cunt of yours?" I groaned out loud, cursing him yet again, but I couldn't deny, despite having just cum goodness knows how many times, despite the presence of my daughter upstairs, despite that I was cheating on hubby, my treacherous pussy refused to listen and was demanding more of the same.

"Oh God yes! More" I groaned. "Fuck me again you bastard!" He laughed, clearly pleased with both himself and with the control he was exerting. He released his hold on my tits where I then felt his hands on my waist. He rolled me over so I was now facing him. "God I hate you!" I told him with more than a little truth as I looked into his eyes. He ignored me and spreading my legs, pushed up my skirt leaving my pussy teetering on the edge of the sofa. As ever my mind was still crying out I bring this to a stop but it was a lost cause.

I did little but watch when he began feeding his donkey sized cock back up my cunt. Despite the fact he'd just fucked me and that my pussy was still sopping wet, such was his girth I could feel him stretching me open. I mewled with pleasure, deep down hating how good he felt.

I grabbed for him, hungrily forcing my lips over his, aware I would need to use something, in this instance his mouth, to stifle my cries from the inevitable pleasure I knew would come.

He left me that night just as he'd done the few days before in the kitchen, showing me little if any respect. As soon as he'd emptied himself inside of me, he simply got up and went to bed leaving me to recover on my own, downstairs. If you are asking yourselves, 'Was this the end of the matter that evening. Did I finally see sense and put a stop to it?' I'm ashamed to say neither was the case. By now of course I can no longer argue with myself I am doing it to save my daughter's marriage, though even now I still try and convince myself it is.

It's now several months on from that day in the kitchen since which my son in law, despite my own common sense telling me I need to put a stop to things, has had his way with me on a number of different occasions.

I'm aware no good will ever come of what I'm allowing to happen, yet the reality is I haven't been able to bring myself to stop itfor as much as I despise his arrogance I find I'm unable to resist the animalistic sex the two of us both seem to enjoy. As I have said, it's been several months since that first episode and I guess you could say he controls me now, pretty much seeking me out whenever he wants.

The situation isn't helped with my hubby working away as much as he does or that my daughter too works long hours, yet even when hubby is at home my son in law will seek an opportunity to have me, despite or maybe because of the additional risk involved.

Only the other day, a Sunday morning, he took me over those same bannisters once more, this time while my hubby was outside in the driveway polishing his car. Even aware he could have walked in at any point and caught us I found myself unable to refuse him.

Indeed, I think it's the thrill of being caught is as much a driving force now as the sex itself. I'd discovered that thrill a few days earlier when he'd decided to 'have me'.

in the corner of the dining room with my hubby checking on his e-mails in the lounge. I ended up bent over, using my hands against the walls for support while he mauled at my tits and fucked me hard from behind.

He'd left me feeling spent and ashamed, just as he always does and though I always vow never to repeat it again, the truth is, I need that cock of his more than ever. I will continue to tell myself this has to stop but for now I know I will be ready and willing for whenever he wants.