Asian Teen Rides A Cock For Some Cash

Asian Teen Rides A Cock For Some Cash
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The older couple next door sold their house to a family that included three young children under the age of four.

The husband's name was Frank, who was an accountant at a local bank, and his wife Susie, an average looking gal about 5'4 and 140 pounds with light brown hair and brown eyes. My girlfriend at the time, Becky, invited them over for a cookout and to swim in our pool soon after they moved in.

Frank was sort of an introvert, but Susie at least talked. We learned that they had married right out of high school and had been married five years. They were renting the house next door while Frank was awaiting a new job at the bank, hoping to get assigned to a bigger city with a higher salary.

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We told them they could use the pool during the day as I worked a few hours at the university, but was home a lot, but not always. Susie seemed happy with the prospect of using the pool and getting some sun, but Frank said he worked long hours and probably would not be able to take advantage of the kind offer.

Susie and Becky hit it off quite well and spent a lot of time together for a couple of weeks. Then Becky and I split.

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I was home the day after Beckly left and Susie told me how sorry she was about our breakup. I told her it was totally unexpected and that I was devastated. She hugged me and we began to talk. The next week Susie and I talked a lot. Then one day she spotted me reading Playboy magazine—she said she had never seen that and asked if I enjoyed reading it. I said yes and pointed to the centerfold and said I would "love to go down on her".

Susie asked what does that mean?

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I said "eat her pussy"—doesn't Frank eat your pussy?' She blushed and said "Lordy no". I asked if anyone had ever eaten her and she blushed again and said no. I asked if she gave Frank blow jobs, and again I had to explain what a blow job was. She said when she was in school the girls would talk about these things, and that a few of the girls had engaged in both but they called them something else.

The girls said the pussy eating was better than fucking. Three days later Susie brought the kids over and after a few hours we put them to sleep in the house. She told me her neck was killing her. "Let me rub it" I told her. At first she hesitated, the finally relented.


I moved over beside her and began to rub her neck gently, then I kissed it. I began to rub down her neck to her shoulder, kissing the places I had just rubbed.

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"Bill, what are you doing?" she asked. I told her I was trying to relieve her tension. I told her to turn on her back and she complied. I rubbed her back and began to kiss her shoulders.


Susie said that feels so good. I began to kiss down her back and to the top of bathing suit. I kissed her hips and then put my lips onto her asshold and blew into it. She jumped and squealed "Bill, stop it" but I continued to kiss down her thighs. She began to relax again. Now I told her to turn on her stomach and I began to kiss her toes, then moved up to her knees. I continued to kiss her legs and then moved my lips to her pussy and again let my lips rest on her pussy lips and blew air onto her.

Once again she told me to stop. I moved my head to the top of her bathing suit bottom and began to kiss and lick on her navel. I slowly began to lower her bathing suit bottom and kiss her. Susie sat up and said "Bill, I have been thinking about what you said the other day. If you will promise to just eat me, and not do intercourse, I will give you a blowjob and you can eat me.

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One of my friends told me that it is not really sex and is not cheating, but not to tell Frank. Can you promise me you will not try to have intercourse with me?" I told her I would and we got up and went into the house to my bedroom and undressed.

I kissed her and then put my tongue in her mouth. This triggered her and she put her tongue in mine.


For a few minutes we French kissed, then I began my voyage southward. I kissed her ears, then I kissed her nice firm 38c breasts. I sucked on one, then on the other as she moaned—saying Frank did not like much foreplay, then I continued my journey to the promised land and ran my tongue around her navel. By now she was bucking and moaning. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and I moved into the tunnel and began to gently massage her pussy lips with my tongue.

She was now bucking with a passion and I found her clit and began to suck it—she let out a loud groan as she came and I began to drive my tongue into her pussy. I massaged her cunt with my tongue for a few minutes and she finally put my cock in her mouth and began to suck with a passion.

I could tell she was on the verge of coming again and I was close, and then I unleashed my load deep into her throat as she came again. I moved up and began to kiss her, mixing her cum with mine, and rubbing my now soft cock against her soaking wet pussy. She climbed on top, and told me she had never been so satisfied in her life and began to French kiss me again. Now my cock began to harden again as she rubbed her pussy over it.

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I know she could feel it. Then she said, put it in—I want that cock in me. I asked if she was sure—yes she told me. I reached down and took my now hard six inch cock and placed it a the mouth here flooded pussy and she shoved her hips onto my cock. She began to rock on my cock.

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I can still hear the flesh smack as she would come down on my cock and swishing sound of her wet pussy. I asked if she was on birth control—she said "fuck it, I want your cock to shoot me fool of seed.

That fucking Frank, all he wants to do is jump on, fuck me, jump off, then maybe half an hour later, jump back on, fuck me again. I have never had an orgasm with him fucking me." And with that she began to moan again that she was cuming again as I unload a fresh load deep into her belly, praying I did not make her pregnant. Susie and I continued to fuck until Frank's job required him to move to another city. Thankfully, Susie did not get pregnant through any of our fucking episodes.

I can say she was a good fuck while it lasted and Frank never was aware that I was pumping his wife full of my cum two or three times a day at least four days per week.

And he should learn to eat pussy--she really loved to eat cock and have her pussy eaten.