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Young emo school boy teen gay porn videos xxx Okay  now that got my
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The dark night crept over the city and enveloped me into black mystery. I know i heard a noise behind me, creeping behind dumpsters pilled high. I wasnt panic stricken though, in fact i was completely fine with whatever creep was following me this time.

When you live your life as a 20 year old homeless hooker you realize you have no fear. Ive seen too much bad to ever be afraid so i welcomed the creeper into my world. "I know youre there so why dont you just come out and tell me what you want from me instead of hiding like a coward." My voice was forceful and a little angered by the fact that strange men always felt the need to hide from me. I mean im not dangerous, if anything they are a danger to me. With me being a scrawny, muscleless 5'3 girl that cant run in the red platform stilletos my feet have glued to.

So why do they feel the need to hide in my alleyway. Yes thats right, mine. I live here and no one can take that from me. "Well, what do you want?" I asked getting irrated for waiting, i needed the money and this man was just wasting my time when i could be elsewhere making money.

No words were said but a tall dark figure walked into the streetlamp light and shed the appearance of an attractive man that could only be a few years older than me.

His face was stone cold and chisled to perfection with grey green eyes that almost stared into my soul. He stepped so close to me that i had to look straight up to see the 6'4 monster in a dark grey sweatshirt that had the hood pulled over his head and his brown hair barely peeking through.

"Well?" I said waiting for a reply. "Youre coming with me, Scarlet." Is all he said and he gripped my wrist tight, hauling me through the dark alley. "Woah woah there mister, i get paid up front and i make the rules. So pay up." My voice was agitated beyond belief, people these days. "No." Was his only harsh word and he led me to a shiney black BMW, opened the door and pushed me in with great force that left me gasping for air.

"Excuse me but i really dont apprecitate your aggressiveness and-" i was going to ask how he knew my name when i dont even know him at all.

"You just shut your fucking mouth and sit tight princess and dont worry about anything. I was sent to get you and bring you back so deal with it." Suddenly he seemed angered and blurted out a longer speech than his few word replies.

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"What? By who! Where do you think youre taking me?! And who are you anyway!" "It's Casey. And I said shut the fuck up! Dont you listen? Dont push me or ill be forced to treat you worse. Im being nice right now so dont push me. Just sit quietly and youll be greatful." I didnt say another word, even though i wanted to, but a part of me felt obliged to listen to this mysterious and nameless sexy man.

His anger actually turned me on and i watched him manuver the dark roads of the city and turn onto secluded roads i had never seen before. "Why are you staring at me?" He asked and i remained silent because he told me to not speak and he caugh on to my little joke, "dont be funny and talk bitch." He slapped me across my cheek.

"Youre just, um, really sexy, i guess." I said embarrasingly and turned my red face away. "Hah! Dont try to persuade me with charm, im not letting you go." "Well i wasnt actually. I was being serious.

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Im very turned on by you." I said irritated with him. "Well then. Maybe i should just keep you for myself princess." He said, pleased and looking me up and down, stopping to look at my breasts falling out of my red and black corset.

"Who are you taking me to anyway?" "I said dont speak!" He shouted, his attention back to anger as he punched my arm. I sat the rest of the long dark ride in silence, only glancing at him when i felt his stare on me. When he looked back to the road i saw the bulge in his pants and i was pleased with myself. He wanted me too and i couldnt get that image out of my mind.

He jerked the car to a quick stop in front of a dark concrete building far away from life i had ever known. I remained seated, not wanting to face the person who sent for me. Casey had other ideas and pryed me from the seat, slamming thee door and motioning for me to follow him to the door. I stayed still. "Listen. I know you dont want to do this. Neither do I.

But its my job so just come with me and it will be easier for both of us." "Why should i help you?" He walked up to me picked up my small body and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me in the doorway and me kicking a screaming. After he let me down i glared at him and then took a look around the creepy place i found myself in. The walls were the same dark concrete as outside and hardly anything was inside except a few tables and concrete stairs leading to a black door and what looked to be a bathroom.

"Stay right here. I need to tell your master that you have arrived." "What?! Master!" Where the fuck was i? Casey climbed the steps and knocked on the black door, with his eyes still monitoring me.


The door only opened a crack, not allowing me to see anything and i only heard a few mumbles and what sounded to be an order given to Casey. And he quickly descended the stairs to me, gripped my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom and shut and locked the door behind us. "Excuse me. But id like some answers. I deserve it to say the least." I made a good but irritated point at him but he gave in and answered. "Every week i am ordered to abduct a young sexy woman that Demitri, your new master, has his eye on.

This week he had his eye on you and i was sent to get you. If i dont do as he says he will kill me. And the goes for you too.

So i suggest you behave if you even want to think about leaving here alive. Now do what i say and get in the tub. I have been ordered to prep you for your master." My jaw hung open in disbelief and i was begining to feel scared for the first time in my life. I felt bad for Casey though, this was a terrible job and i didnt know how he was forced into this, so i did as he said and climbed into the vast empty tub. "Thank you.

Now take off your clothes." Even though hes seen many women do this time after time, they way he looked at me with his embarrased yet dirty little grin made me want him so much more, but i knew i was Demitri's sex slave for now. "As you wish." I said and slipped my clothes off and threw them at him revealing my thin but curvy body.

His eyes lit up and he stepped toward me, mesmerized. I knew he musnt do anything out of line or Demitri would kill him, but i longed for him to touch me. He shook his head and looked away from my body and told me to sit down as he reached his hand toward me. My body shook in excitement for his large hand to touch me anywhere, but to myy disappointment he reached passed me, just barely brushing the back of his hand against my hard nipple, and turned the water on.

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The water was scalding hot and though i begged him to turn it down, even letting out burnt tears, he wouldnt do such a thing. He watched my body get eaten by painful waters and bubbles floating high. "So what am i supposed to do? Just wash myself?" I asked dumbly but i really didnt know. "No. You silly girl. There is a ritual that only i know how to do.

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So sit back and cooperate with me." Suddenly i felt hotter than the water and completely and utterly excited that Casey would be touching my naked wet body, so i sat back with a grin and waited for his first move.

He took a giant bath sponge and soaked it in a strange red goo that didnt look or smell like ordinary body soap, but i wasnt ready to question him. He leaned towards me and took my arms and forcefully rubbed the sponge up and down my arms, back and chest. "Stand up." He ordered and i did what he asked. The sponge tickled over my stomach and legs, leaving his favorite woman parts for last to enjoy. His hand gripped my waist as the other one worked the sopping sponge over my firm ass and then brought it through to clean between my legs.

Bringing the sponge so high it shocked my dripping pussy. He dropped the sponge and reached to do something i feared that he and i could get killed for. His bare hand slid up the inside of my legs and rested on my fully shaven pussy.

His thumb massaged my clit and i moaned.

"Shhh! Dont moan so loud!" He whispered angrily at me. And his fingers work at my pussy but didnt go inside me, though i longed for that i understood why he couldnt, Demitri would be able to tell very easily. But his hand still felt amazing there as did his other hand that was now playing with my breasts and hard nipples.

I wanted to reach out and touch him back but i was afraid he would freakout. But i took my chance and did it anyway. My wet and dripping hands reached out for his dark jeans and i unbuttoned and unzipped his bulge and pulled his boxers down to release a beautiful cock. His was the best i had ever seen and also a full 9 inches.

I reached out and held it in my hand, feeling him get harder and harder by the second before i leaned in the suck him. "Stop right there." His words dissappointed me. "Dont you want me though?" "Yes. Believe me i really do. But he will know. So just lay down and soak yourself so i can finish cleaning you for your master." He said and zipped his big monster back up, and i could tell he was mad at himself for stopping me. I layed back into the steamy water and held myself under for as long as i could, hoping Casey would get worried and reach in to touch me again.

But he didnt, i just came back out of the water and waited for another order. "Get out. I need to dry you up." I did as he said and he wrapped a soft white towel around my body. He pulled a long corded hair dryer towards me and turned it on full blast. With in seconds my hair was completely dry. Then he pulled a black piece of fabric from the closet and ordered me to put it on.

It was a skin tight black dress that went down to the floor and made it hard to walk, i stumbled a few times but Caseys arm stopped me from falling. He handed me loads of gold pointed jewelry and told me to put them on, from the golden earring daggers to the matching dagger belt the wrapped two times around my waist.

I was dripping in pointy jewelry. Casey then covered my eyes in black aand gold makeup, making me look like cleopatra. "Youre ready." He said with a look full of sadness and worry. "I dont want to, i-" "Do exactly what he says and he wont kill you.

Thats all you need to know." He said and guided me out the bathroom door and to the base of the stairs where i couldnt budge. Then he threw me over his shoulder again and climbed up the high concrete stairs and let me down at the top stair.

He knocked on the door and shot me a look that said "behave." The door cracked open just as much as before but this time i saw glowing green eyes that belonged to my new master. When he looked at me the door swung open and Casey led me in.

"Scarlet. You are looking quite ravishing if i say so myself." Demitris coarse voice ripped my ears and immediately made me hate him. I didn't say anything at all, I just stared at him with a look of disgust that he noticed. "Well we got a feisty one now don't we." He chuckled a sick laugh and tickled my chin with his long finger which made me cringe back.

I looked around the room for the first time, only seeing the same dark concrete on the walls and the floor, but the ceiling was covered to a shiny mirror for reasons that anyone knew.

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The only thing in the entire room was a giant black bed with gold sheets splayed over it. Nothing else. That worried me. "Casey, you may leave now." His face was cold and ready to get started with me. "Yes sir. What will you have me do?" he said eager to hide the fact that he was only ready to stay in Demitri's house just to make sure I would stay alive and not to work.

"Finish your normal duties. You know what to do." He said and shooed him out the door, shut and locked it and looked back at me. He said nothing, only raising his dirty hand to my face and tracing my entire contours of my face. His hand slowly moved all around my body which made me feel hot and horny again, but I was still disgusted with this man. He dropped his hand from my body and walked toward the bed, just standing next to it and staring back at me.

"Come my lovely child." He said with his voice trying to sweeten. I didn't move where I was, though I know he would walk back to me and drag me over.

I just didn't want to feel like I was giving into him. I was okay with having sex with random strangers, but not okay with the fact that he now owned me and I wasn't getting paid at all. Not to mention the fact that he could very well kill me. and I was right. Demitri made his way over to me and gripped my arm tight. "You better start listening to me or things wont go in your favor." He coldly stated and pushed me over to the bed.

"Now get on the bed." I did as he said this time and lay right in the soft center. He grinned an evil grin and grabbed each black chain hanging from the bedposts and attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. I didn't struggle or try to run when he cuffed me because I was told to behave and I wasn't going to fight a death sentence.

The black dress felt as if it was ripping at the seams from the chains spreading my legs too far for the dress to bear. He bent his head down and kissed my lips with an unappealing forced kiss with his tongue darting fast in my mouth.

His hand slipped down my body and slid into my dress and ran up my leg, stopping at my dripping pussy. One finger plunged inside me fast and hard, beating in and out of me fast.

I moaned loudly, though my attempts to not give him any satisfaction of pleasing me was failing and the pleasure was taking me over. I shut my mouth tight and fought every part of me that was trying to let out a moan. He saw my attempt and didn't like it, thrusting three fingers inside me faster than ever.

I fought to urge as hard as I possibly could.


"I know you want to moan bitch! So let it out!" he screamed and slapped my face hard, leaving a painful sting. I still kept my moan inside me, though I should listen to what he says in fear of my life ending. I did let out a loud yelp at his painful slap. I saw the anger soar through his body and he ripped the long metal belt that wrapped around my waist off of me and whipped my face with it. The pain was more than I could even describe and I screamed a bloody as hell ear piercing scream.

I sharp points felt like they dug into my face and I felt as if I had cuts all over my face. I squirmed at the pain and felt the cuffs starting to dig into the skin on my wrists and ankles.

Demitri took the belt and wrapped it once around my neck, with two long strands of extra belt in his fists. "I told you to moan!" he screamed at me and pulled both fists back in a quick jerk, leaving my neck cut by each small dagger. I yelped loud and let out a painful moan just so he would stop pulling the belt at my neck. Then he ripped the black dress off of me, leaving me naked and trapped in his evil grasp.

To be continued.