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Conheci na fila do BRT
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My name is Jon and at the time I was16. This is the story of a strange fetish that I have developed through watching porn on the internet. I am about 6 foot 1 and have blond hair, and have been told by many girls that I am fit, and as a result have had many girlfriends, and lost my virginity at 14 to my next door neighbour Lucy, but that's another story.

It began when I started watching porn on the internet, and loved the idea of cumming on a girl during sex. After a while I stumbled upon something called a creampie surprise, which is where you don't tell a girl you are going to cum, and cum inside her much to her surprise. The longer I watched the videos, the more I wanted to do it. Without actually doing it, it was becoming an addiction, so I decided that I would do it.

There was only one problem, how could I find someone to do it to, who would let me use the pull out method. Before I go any further I must say that my parents are very strict, and will not allow me to bring girls home, so the few times I have had sex, I have done so outside, and have come to enjoy it and even jerk off outside, so the girl must be willing to do it outside as well.

Around the area there are loads of girls that I do not know as they attend a local school and I go to school in a different area.

This large number of girls gave me the chance to fulfil me fantasy, so I decided I would go out and find a girl who would give into my flirting. In the area in which I live there are a lot of council estates, so the numbers of sluts are sky high. It came to Tuesday night, and after completing my homework, I set off to find a 'victim'. I am quite shy, so have never easily been able to go up to girls I do not know and chat, but I had to learn as I didn't want to do it to girls at school as rumours would spread.

I walked to the local park and sat on a swing and waited for some one to come by. After a while some girls and boys of different ages came and sat on the roundabout. This was my chance. I plucked up the courage and walked over and one of the boys started talking to me. His name was David and he introduced me to his friends, they were: Paul 16; Damien 15; Chris 14; Emma 14; Ruth 17; Sarah 15; Jess 14. As it got dark they open one of the bags they had with them and started to drinking beer and larger, and they offered me one.

As I sat and drank Emma started to talk to me, and as she drunk more, the more I got to know. She told me that she was going out with Paul, and that Jess was the only one not going out with anyone. After another larger I found Jess and started to talk to her, and much to my surprise she flirted with me. This was going to be easy. I talked to her for about thirty minutes, and she ended up sat on my lap cuddling with me, and I could smell her perfume.

She was so hot. It was definitely going to be her.


Let me describe Jess to you. She was only 5 foot 2, so was much smaller than me. She had a very petite body and a beautiful face. Even though she was so small and thin, she had the most amazing breasts (about 36A). The thought of how small she is compared to me made me so horny.

Before I could go further with her I got a text from my parents telling me to be in as it was near 10 (I told you they were strict). I told my new friends I was leaving, and they gave me their phone numbers and asked me to meet them tomorrow.

The next morning, I got up in a jovial mood and went to school. It seemed that school was going to last forever, but after what seemed like a year it was home time. I got home, and changed from my uniform as quick as possible and phoned Paul. He told me to meet them in another park about a mile from my house, so I immediately left to find them.

The night went about the same as the previous night, except my behaviour towards Jess was different, I started flirting with her and eventually we kissed. Kissing her was like heaven, her lips were so soft.

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It was so nice that it is hard to describe what it felt like. All I know is that I had died and gone to heaven. As the night progressed we kissed more, and the others started to make comments about us, at some point, they saw me touch her ass, and they just didn't stop taking piss after that.


As it got late I left and went home, and so did she. That night at about half ten, she texted me and asked to meet up tomorrow without the others. I suggested that we could meet up on a path that went through the countryside about three quarters of a mile from my house, she agreed.

When I knew we were meeting up I decided I was going to do the deed then. I had herd that you could increase your sperm amount by drinking water and not masturbating, so I did both. The next day, I drank plenty of water and did not wank at all.

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The evening finally arrived, and I went to the meeting place that we had agreed. She did not turn up at the right time, and I was beginning to think she would not, but eventually she appeared. She told me that she wanted to kiss and cuddle me away from the others. I was a bit disappointed that she had not wanted sex, but I thought that if I could turn her on I might be in for a chance. As we kissed in different positions I kept touching and rubbing her ass. She didn't object to it, so I moved onto her breast.

I kneaded them and rubbed them and she started to moan quietly. Her moaning was turning me on, and eventually as we sat on a bench to carry on and she sat on my lap facing me, I saw my chance to make her want sex. Due to my height compared to hers there was no way to make my stiff cock touch her pussy and make it seem like an accident, but when she sat on my lap I could. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight close to me and my cock jabbed her straight in the pussy and she laughed.

Phew, she was okay with it. She reached down to touch it and gently felt the bulge in Jeans.

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I also reached down and rubbed her pussy, making her wetter, and making her moan. She removed her lips from mine and asked if I wanted a blow job.

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As enticing as it was, I refused and she looked puzzled. I lifted her off me and sat her on the bench so I could rub her pussy with more ease. I rubbed my fingers up and down, pushing the material of her underwear into her pussy.

This made her moan loudly. I sat forwards and whispered in her ear: "Would you like to have sex?" She stopped and looked at me and asked why I wanted to, I told her it was because I found her so hot. She seemed pleased with the answer and eventually agreed with my request. Everything had gone okay, but then she asked if I had a condom. I said no, and she said that she wouldn't have sex then. I kissed her again on the lips, rubbed her pussy, and told her that I would pull out and cum on her if it was okay.

She told me that she had been told you could still get pregnant. I lied and told her you couldn't. Amazingly, she seemed happy with the simple answer and began to kiss me again. I suggested that we should go somewhere where we would not easily be seen, so we headed off to a near by wheat field. We ran somewhere into the middle and I flattened the stalks and laid my jacket on the floor for her.

I gradually removed her jacket and put it to one side. She was wearing a tight vest top that accentuated her breasts. I removed her jeans and discovered that she was wearing girl boxers. And I love girl boxers, they make me so horny. I left them on and removed her top releasing her tits that were held in place by a black bra. I removed my jeans and my t-shirt.

As I went to remove my boxers, she stopped me and pulled them off herself. As she pulled them down my cock was forced down with them. When the boxers were free of my meat, my cock sprung back up sending a small drip of pre-cum through the air. She giggled and this made my cock twitch.

I stood her up and pulled her towards me and my cock dug into her stomach leaving a smudge of pre-cum. After our kiss I lay her down and for my own pleasure, tried to enter her pussy with her girl boxers still on. The feeling was great, and she seemed to find it nice as well. I did it again, but decided the feeling was too much, and I didn't wish to cum.

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I pulled the girl boxers off the fourteen year old goddess lying before me, and for the first time I saw her pussy. I inserted a finger and she was not as tight as I thought she might be.

I told her to remove her bra as I prepared to enter her love hole. She told me not to worry as she had lost her virginity a month ago. She had by now fully removed her bra, and I took my first glimpse of her tits. I bent over and licked them making them stand up in the air. I decided I didn't have time for this and held my cock and guided it towards her pussy. Beside her small frame, my 7 inch cock looked large and I think she was impressed. I pushed my cock into her entrance and felt some resistance, so I pushed harder, and with one thrust entered her quickly.

It must have surprised her because she yelped and then moaned. I started making small thrusts into her tight pussy, with each thrust she moaned, and as the force of my thrusts increased so did the volume of her moans. At some point I asked her where I should cum, just to make her feel more comfortable and she asked me to cum on the ground as she didn't want it on her.

I almost laughed at that, but decided it was best not to.

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I carried on shagging her and she pulled herself up and kissed me on the mouth in one of the most passionate kisses I have had. To be able to keep shagging her at this position I had to bounce her up and down. The change of position must have made my cock hit the sensitive part of her pussy because she screamed and her pussy clamped on to my cock. I had to fight not to cum.

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Once she had finished her orgasm I slowed down to let her recover, and because I was very close to cumming. After a few minutes she seemed to be back to normal, so increased my speed. I told her how close I was to cumming and she told me to be ready to pull out. I kept on thrusting and just before I came I must changed my pattern of thrusts. She sensed this and asked if I was going to cum and tried to push me of and she pushed her legs out and hit my leg.

I pretended that she pushed my leg away and I fell on her, releasing my load into her. I shot deep inside her pushing all of my cum into her with some short hard thrusts. Since the pushing incident she had been screaming and thrashing around. Once I had finished cumming I pulled out and she yelled at me about doing it deliberately, so I said she had made me lost my balance even though I knew that it was not very convincing.

She was crying and was trying to get my cum out of her pussy. I was still so horny I had stayed hard, so I began to wank my cock, and due to the way I was feeling I could feel a bit more cum ready to be released, in the heat of the moment I picked up her girl boxers and used them to stroke my cock.

She saw me stroking and began shouting at me to get my cum out and put her panties down. Seeing her pushing at her pussy made me begin to cum and I aimed it at her clothes that were in a pile near me and shot at least two ropes of cum over her clothing, but nothing on with the force and volume I must have released inside her.

My cock went soft and I wiped it with her boxers. I watched as she began to put her clothes on and she snatched her panties off me and put them on. My cum had completely covered them and the smelt of it, and were almost completely see through. She put her jeans on and her top and there were some rather large cum marks on them, one on her ass, and one on here top on her belly.

She stormed off and I then began putting my clothes back on and headed home…