Having fun with my mature amateur

Having fun with my mature amateur
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So the fallout from Cate's and my little escapade was pretty hilarious. Well not so much for her. But personally I found it to be a great experience.


After I left Cate covered in my cum in the living room of her family home to be discovered by her parents her social life ended. As you can expect her dad freaked out.

He was absolutely furious with Cate who he'd once thought was his perfect angel of a daughter. Cate got grounded indefinitely, he refused to let her out of the house other than to go to work and college. He picked her up and dropped her off from everywhere she went and if he saw her with a guy he'd shut that down immediately. Obviously her parents knew it was me that had corrupted their daughter but I didn't give a shit, I saw Cate's dad in the supermarket one day and I swear to god I thought he was going to murder me the way he stormed over in my direction.

Obviously I made the tactical decision to hide in the fresh food section, I escaped with my life that day. Don't get me wrong the fear of death was intense but it was totally worth getting back at my bitch of an ex.

Anyway after a couple of weeks of solitude Cate was desperate for some outside attention. And for some reason she looked to me for this attention, the way we left things must have had her intrigued.

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Don't get me wrong, she was definitely pissed off with me but for some reason she continued to text me as she sat alone in her bedroom. The phone call the night of the incident was the best… "I can't fucking believe you did that to me you piece of shit!" She shouted into the phone. "Hey, you didn't have to suck my dick Cate, I didn't make you do anything you didn't want to do." "Not that you twat. I mean…I actually kind of liked what happened" She said sheepishly.

"But why the fuck didn't you try to warn me that my parents were coming in, or at least try to stall them you prick?" She flared up angrily. I just hung up. The answer was that I wanted to humiliate her and get her back for hurting me so many times, but I wasn't going to say that. I still wanted to fuck her and that would probably have hurt my chances. You may be thinking that basically getting her put under house arrest and openly pissing her off would have already ruined any chances of that.

But I didn't think so. Cate had admitted she liked what had happened and was still texting me despite being pissed at me so I reckoned I was still in with a chance. All I had to do was keep her wanting more and staying dominant over her. That seemed to work last time, so I was determined to stick to my plan.

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It didn't take long. Cate and I continued talking on the phone and texting each other. Cate soon started flirting with me, trying to seduce me over the phone and one-night Cate sent me a text out of nowhere. "I'm all alone in my room Oscar." "Uhhh okay, why do I care" "Because I'm thinking about you Oscar" I called her. Cate went on to describe what she was doing in her room.

She whispered every detail.

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Obviously terrified of her parents overhearing. She told me how she started by gently running her hands up her body over the soft cotton of her light pink pyjama shorts and t-shirt. Her hands lightly slid up her smooth legs and up to her large, soft tits. She squeezed them and pinched her nipples hard.


I heard her moan down the phone and whisper my name. Hearing this my cock was rock hard. I was actually kind of pissed. Cate had started manipulating me now, making me want her. This is not how I wanted this to go.

I soon cut her off. "Cate shut the fuck up. I'll be over in 10. Leave a window open and go back to your room." I hung up before she could answer. I quickly drove to Cate's, working out my plan as I drove there.

I knew for certain that there was no way I could let her parents see or hear me in their house so I was going to have to be silent. Her dad would definitely kick the shit out of me if he saw me. I arrived at Cate's house and parked slightly up the road so that if anyone was to wake up they wouldn't see my car out front. It was a dark night and I was pretty sure that no one would see me as I snuck up to the side of her house.

I searched along each wall looking for the open window. If Cate hadn't opened a window my plan was ruined, luckily it didn't take long till I found one of the windows in the back garden slightly cracked open.

I slowly pulled the window open and hopped into Cate's small family kitchen. I could hear light sounds of hurried breathing and saw a light coming from one of the rooms branching off of the hallway.

I crept over to the doorway, expecting to see Cate sitting their having disobeyed my order. That's not what I saw. As I peeked around the doorframe I saw the back of Cate's mums head, the hurried breathing was coming from her and the light from the small screen of the laptop in front of her. I got a better look and noticed that she had headphones in and was watching a video of 4 or 5 people fucking like animals.

I saw that she was wearing just a dressing gown that was opened up to expose her naked body to the warmth of the living room.

I couldn't see much from where I was standing but I noticed that her hand was on her pussy rubbing furiously as her other hand groped at her breast. The slut! Like mother like daughter I thought to myself.

After watching the show for a little bit Cate's mum started jerking slightly, her legs twitched and lifted off the sofa. She moaned loudly as she came. Obviously trying to suppress her screams of pleasure. Her pussy then started squirting as she continued to cum into her hand. But then, all of a sudden she stopped, her body relaxed and she let out a loud sigh as she relaxed into the comfort of the sofa.

At this point I decided I'd seen enough and that I'd better get up to Cate's room before her mum turned round and spotted me. I crept up the stairs still extremely turned on from the show I'd witnessed and with my cock pressing painfully into my jeans. I needed to find Cate and get some release.

I was desperately trying not to let the floorboards underneath me creak as I moved steadily up towards the first floor landing. When I got to the top I had the sudden realisation that I had no idea which room was Cate's. Fuck. There was no turning back now, there were 5 doors up here, one for each of her sisters, one for her parents and one I assumed must have been a bathroom or something.

I gently opened the first door I came to. Yeap, it was an empty bathroom. Not what I was hoping for but at least it wasn't her parent's bedroom where I expected to find her dad. The next door I opened revealed to me Cate's younger sister lying fast asleep on her bed. Cate's sister Lily was lying face down on top of her bed sheets, not looking the slightest bit graceful but still looking hot as hell.

She was only a couple of years younger but was significantly shorter than Cate and had far smaller tits, but god damn did her arse make up for it. It was beautiful, only partially visible as her shorts mostly covered her up but from what I could see she had a perfectly shaped muscular butt. Before I could enjoy the view anymore I heard someone walking up the staircase.

Shit. I quickly closed Lily's door and slid silently into the room next to hers just as Cate's mum began to reach the top of the stairs. I'd taken a huge risk by going into this room without checking who was in it first, but luckily the risk had paid off. I turned around to see Cate looking directly at me sitting on her bed still wearing the thin shirt and pyjama shorts that she'd mentioned she had on.

I quickly slid the chain lock onto the door and rushed over to Cate, clamping my hand over her mouth before she could say a word. I listened closely for her mum to move away from the door, her footsteps grew gradually louder until they stopped outside of Cate's door.

Shit. I was sure she was about to try and come in. The chain lock would hold but the door would open a few inches before the lock stopped its movement so I was terrified that Cate's mum would be able to see me through the gap if she were to try to open the door.

"Goodnight Cate sweetie, I love you" Her mum said gently through the door. I removed my hand slightly from Cate's face and looked at her waiting for her to reply.

If she didn't want me here she could easily call to her mum now and I'd be busted. She looked at me, then back to the door. After a few seconds she answered. "Night mum, see you tomorrow" She replied. I heard Cate's mum's footstep as she walked away to the door directly next to Cate's.

I released Cate's mouth and let out a sigh of relief. "Oscar you really shouldn't be here, my parents could…" She saw the look on my face and the buldge in my jeans and she trailed off meekly.

She could see what I wanted. And her large eyes filled with lust and maybe even a hint of fear. I grabbed her top and pulled her up off the bed by her collar.

I gave her a hard kiss which she hurriedly returned. Before she could even start to enjoy the kiss I broke away, grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. I ripped open her shirt from behind exposing her breasts to the open window next to her bed. Anyone who looked up was in for a real treat. I grabbed her tits and pulled her body into mine, I was stood behind her as I began to roughly kiss and suck at her neck, leaving obvious love bites that she'd struggle to explain in the morning.

I squeezed at her tits and lightly pinched her hard pink nipples. She whimpered as I did this and moaned lightly when I began to run my hand down her shorts. I quickly dropped my jeans and let my cock press hard against her arse, leaking pre-cum all over her cute PJ shorts. Once again she wasn't wearing underwear, how helpful. My fingers brushed over her pussy and felt it already dripping with her juices.

I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head down onto her light pink bed. Her arse now pointing straight up into the air. I slid down her PJ shorts, which at this point were dripping with her pussy juices. I rubbed my cock up against her pussy, coating my throbbing purple head with her slick cream. Cate moaned deeply as I brushed my cock against her clit.

"Mmmmm Oscar yes, please, please fuck me. I can't wait. I need you inside of me." She growled. Nah. Not yet. I wanted her to start to realise that I was going to do what I wanted not what she wanted.

I pulled my dick away from her pussy and got down onto my knees. I grabbed Cate's legs and gently pulled them apart, preparing to lick her pussy.

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I licked along her pussy in one brisk, smooth motion and she groaned deeply in reply. At that point I just dove in. I pushed two fingers immediately into her fuck hole and began to suck her pussy. I flicked my tongue along her clit and she continued to drip her juices onto my tongue.

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I hate to say it but Cate's pussy tasted delicious, her cream was sweet and I hungrily ate her pussy attempting to get more. It didn't take long till Cate's legs started to shake and she struggled to hold herself up, before she could cum I briskly stood up, aimed my cock at her fuck hole and shoved myself inside of her. Cate let out a short, small scream of pleasure as I buried myself deep in her warm folds.

Damn. Her pussy felt great. Suddenly there was a loud knock at Cate's door and her door opened up only to be stopped by the chain lock. I heard the booming sound of her dad's voice come from the other side. "Cate! Are you okay? I heard a scream" He said loudly, still pushing against the lock. I realised that from the position we were in her wouldn't be able to see us even if he did look through the gap created by the door. Thank fuck. I was still buried deep in his hot slut of a daughter.

"Ummm yeah I'm fine daddy" Cate stammered shakily "I just…uhhh hit my toe on the bed". "Oh…Uhhh okay sweetie. I'll see you in the morning." Cate's dad gently closed the door and walked back into his room.

At this point I was not stopping. I was still firmly inside of Cate and I gently pulled my dick out a few inches. Cate breathed out steadily. I slammed myself back into her. I grabbed Cate's hair in my left hand and grabbed her hip with my right. I pulled her into me and began to roughly fuck her tight hole. I slammed my hard cock into her pussy over and over again, her juices helping me to slide in and out of her effortlessly despite how tight she was.

As I fucked Cate roughly from behind my balls smacked hard into her making a loud slapping sound. Cate was moaning like an absolute whore, arching her back and pushing herself back onto my dick as I thrust in and out of her.

I soon decided that I wanted to look Cate in the eyes as I fucked her so I pushed her off of my dick and face first onto the bed. She turned herself over onto her back and looked at me with confusion. I quickly spread her legs apart and got a great view of her hot, red, pussy waiting eagerly for me.

I hopped in between her legs and shoved myself back inside of her. She grunted as I filled her this time. I slammed into her for a while before lifting her legs up onto my shoulders whilst still inside her. This had the effect of making her pussy even tighter around my dick and as I fucked her I noticed that she was moaning even louder whenever I bottomed out inside of her.

I was stimulating her G spot as I fucked into her. Awesome. Now I still hate her but the look of pure ecstasy on her face as she got closer and closer to her orgasm did turn me on. Her pussy became slicker the longer I fucked her. Soon I felt the familiar feeling coming deep from my balls. I was close to cumming and I was going to absolutely fill Cate up.

As I felt myself nearing my orgasm I felt Cate's pussy begin to squeeze my cock. She started to moan loudly and bite at her bedsheets. Her legs began to tense up on my shoulders and I noticed her toes scrunch up. I was fucking Cate as hard and as fast as possible now, my balls slapping hard against her arse as I slammed into her over and over again.

And then she was cumming. Right on my dick, her pussy squeezing my cock hard. This pushed me over the edge and I began shooting my cum deep into her womb. Cate muffled an orgasmic scream as she felt herself filled up with my hot cum.

I was cumming harder than I ever had in my life and by the 5th spurt my cum was trickling out of Cate's pussy and down into her arse crack. Eventually Cate and I stopped cumming. I pushed myself off of her and laid next to her as my cum openly leaked from her fuck hole. Finally, I'd conquered my bitch of an ex-girlfriend and lost my virginity in a spectacular way.

I couldn't have been happier. "Um Oscar I'm not on the pill…"