Niya Yu Befruchtet Mit Wichse

Niya Yu Befruchtet Mit Wichse
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********************Edited and re-posted. Finally. ********************As Always, Leave a Comment Below and Let Me Know what You Thought******************** I wasn't sure how long I'd been sitting there, the battery on the Nanny-cam had long since died and I didn't feel like getting up any time soon. In this situation, smokers would light a cigarette. Drinkers would leave the glass and drink from the bottle. But I wasn't either of those, I'd never smoked and so far hadn't had a drink.

So what was I going to do in order to shift this weight I had gained on my shoulders? Finding out that a girl was being sexually abused by her Mother and Father was a sensation I hadn't experienced before, obviously. Part of me was turned on, and another part of me wanted to run over there and kick down the door, be the hero.

I was glad that I wasn't that rash, because I had no idea what I'd do one I'd gotten there.

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What would I tell Faye? That I'd been watching her for months through a telescope in my bedroom, that I went there not with the intention to help her study but to plant a device that allowed me to spy on her, and on top of all of that, her parents were drugging her and using her body as a sex toy.

Yeah, I thought to myself, that'd go down real well.

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In the end all I did was what any normal teenager would do, I decided to seek out my Mom and gain comfort from her. Okay, so not exactly what every teenager would do, but these were special circumstances. I went downstairs and passed the lounge, Bobbie was curled up on the couch watching a movie and Dad was nowhere in sight. Mom must be in the kitchen, but before I could check, Bobbie turned around, ''Doc,come here a minute.'' she asked quietly.

''What're you watching kiddo?'' I asked moving into the lounge, ''Don't call me that, and something Dad was watching, he's talking to Mom in the kitchen now.'' she said as I sat down on the arm of the couch. Sylvester Stallone was on screen, and from watching his bizarre exercise, I knew what film it was. She kept her eyes on the screen and motioned for me to sit beside her by patting the couch cushion.

Figuring that Mom and Dad's talk wouldn't last too long, I sat beside her. She shuffled up moving closer to me and I slid down the arm and onto the cushion. The film was 'The Specialist', and coming up was one of my old favourites whenever I couldn't get onto the internet to find something to jerk off to. Stallone and Sharon Stone were about to go at it.

I pulled Bobbie closer and after a shuffle, she was pretty much sitting on my lap. One leg draped over mine and the other on the seat cushion, she was wearing a long white night shirt, and her bare legs reflected the light of the TV. I couldn't hear much coming from the kitchen, which told me it was pretty serious. They were arguing in quiet voices, though Dad had such a deep voice I was surprised not to feel the room vibrating as he tried to keep it down. Bobbie's hand was resting on my crotch, and I didn't want to admit to myself that she was aware of it, but something in the back of my mind was telling me that she knew what she was doing.

And against my own better judgement, I returned the subtlety. I place my right hand on her thigh, the one draped over my leg and began smoothing it up and down. Keeping it slow and light, I continued as on screen Sylvester patted down Sharon Stone.

The scene was here, the kissing began and before so much as a t-shirt could be removed, they were both naked and moving over one another. I felt a tickle underneath my jeans, my cock was starting to stiffen and like before, the blood was emptying from my brain, leaving it to dream up all kinds of stupidity. My hand was slowly getting higher up Bobbie's leg and the strokes were getting longer.

I was soon at the tip of her knee, before bringing it up toward the top of her inner thigh.

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I saw her toes curl a little the higher I got, and the higher I got the harder my penis got. Bobbie's hand had now moulded around my shaft, she may not have noticed though as her eyes were quite glued to the screen.

My hand got a little higher and I sensed that I was a small flick away from her clitoris. I ignored the warning signs and raised a finger, touching her skin I realised I was as hard as I was ever going to be.

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A new sensation then swept over me when I felt the moisture. I couldn't help but look at her, the scene in the movie was almost over and the blood was now screaming inside of me to do something. But I didn't need to, she raised her hips a little and my finger slipped into her puffy wet lips, only by a couple of millimetres, but it was enough. Her grip was firm around the shape of my cock, and the devil on my shoulder quickly appeared, telling me to unbutton my jeans, to release my cock and give Bobbie an eyeful.

The angel then appeared on my opposite shoulder too, he seemed pretty desperate to get my attention but I wasn't giving him any. And neither was Bobbie, because without saying a word she reached over and pulled apart my jeans, the buttons all came loose without putting up a fight, and before a I could even try and think of something to say, my cock was on full display to my little sister.

She gasped when she saw it, and I knew that right now the angel on my shoulder was pretty pissed. She picked it up and held it with both hands as she stared at it for a moment, she didn't once look at me nor did she say a word.

She brought her legs up onto the couch and now rested on her knees, her face was inches away from what she held in her hands and her ass in the air pointing at the wall. I put my hand on the back of her thigh and raised my finger back to her vagina, I tickled her a little and then brought my hand to my face, sucking down on my finger as she leaned in a little closer, her tongue rolled out of her mouth and brushed up against my helmet.

My breathing had gotten heavier and I couldn't get enough of her taste, I scooped up a little more on my finger, bringing it back to my lips while she licked my helmet like it was an ice lolly. ''Suck it, Bobbie.'' I muttered under my breathe, and a second later she had most of my helmet in her mouth and was sucking it while pressing her tongue up against it.

''Lot's of spit, baby.'' I murmured, I couldn't keep my hands off of her ass and my fingers away from her tight little hole. Her head was now bobbing up and down while I held back her hair with my left hand, my right was still wiggling it's way amongst the juices that were seemingly flowing out of her.

I wanted nothing more than to lie down and bury my tongue deep inside of her, but this wasn't about me exploring her body. It was about her exploring mine. She stopped sucking for a moment and was about to pull her nightie up over her head when I stopped her, ''Not here Bobbie, Mom and Dad might come out.'' She looked at me with her sad blue eyes and angelic round face.

I stared into her eyes and couldn't believe that she had such a hold over me, and I guess that's all I was right now, a slave to the women in my life and a slave to my hormones. I pulled her close to me and kissed her neck, her hair smelt great for a change and I had the feeling she'd used Mom's shampoo. I held her in an embrace for a moment and then told her, ''Bobbie, you can't tell anyone about this.'' ''I won't.'' she told me.

I tucked my penis away and quickly did the buttons back up on my jeans, Bobbie again gave me the sad eyes.


''We can fool around another time.'' I told her, not the wisest move, but It put a grin on her face. The timing couldn't have been better, the kitchen door opened and Dad came storming out and down the hall.

I hard the front door open and then slam, I looked at Bobbie who looked as surprised as me, ''Wait here.'' I told her. I got up and walked out into the kitchen, Mom was standing in her spot at the back door smoking a cigarette. She was in her dressing gown and her hair was tied back, I walked over to her and gave her a smile.

''What happened?'' I asked her. She tossed her cigarette into the garden and hooked my jeans with her hand, pulling me towards her. She kissed me hard on the mouth and I instantly had a full erection again. My hand slid around to her ass and our lips broke away from each others, ''Your fathers gone for the night.'' she told me.

I pulled her in and sat her on the the edge of the kitchen table, pulling open her gown I buried my face into her neck and pulled my jeans open. She pushed me away as my trousers fell to my knees, ''Wait until later,'' she told me. I stood staring at her in disbelief, she slowly pulled her gown shut again, hiding her perfect D-cup breasts away from me. I scowled at her as her eyes dropped to my penis, she got off the table and came up close to me.

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She took it in her hand and played with it for a moment, ''Trust me honey, It'll be worth the wait.'' she whispered. ''Now, why don't you go and occupy Bobbie?'' she suggested as she walked out of the kitchen. Despite Mom's suggestion, I walked right passed the lounge and up the stairs. Closing my bedroom door behind me I sat down at the computer and brought up my email.

And sitting at the top of the pile was a new one from Faye. Without thinking too much about I opened it up, it was sent around half an hour ago; Oops, must've dozed off. Anyway, jumping in the shower to get this smell off me. Laters, FRAM. My fingers hovered over the keyboard for a few moments before I shut off the computer, I couldn't face the idea of playing nice when the things I knew were jumping around in my mind. I looked over at the telescope and then to my bedroom window, I thought about dismantling it and forgetting everything I had recently learned.

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Or at least try to forget it, but in the end I knew that I had to think of something, a way for the ball to be in her court. That way I'd know what was really going on based on what her actions would be. I got to my feet and had a stretch, my bedroom door then opened and Bobbie appeared.


''I'm going to bed now, Mommy said can you see her please.'' she said. I nodded and held out my arms, inviting her for a hug. She ran across the room and jumped into my arms, I pulled her off her feet and she wrapped her legs around my waist as my hands rested on her buttocks.

She pressed her face into my neck for a moment and then kicked her legs wanting to get down. I slowly lowered her to the floor, ''I'll be in to check on you later.'' I told her as she headed for the door, she turned around and smiled, raising her nightie and showing me her ass before disappearing from sight.

I was an idiot for engaging Bobbie into this Family Love affair, an even bigger idiot for what I allowed to happen on the couch earlier.

I didn't want to have sex with her, I couldn't explain what it was I felt whenever I looked at her, I couldn't even explain it to myself. My whole world had changed over the space of a few days, and although I knew I had to figure out what I was going to do with Faye, the thought of Mom came into my head.

I immediately checked for the bag under my bed, but it was gone. SI don't know when she took it, maybe it was during my trance after watching Fayes parents use her. I pulled off my t-shirt and left the bedroom, I walked right passed Bobbie's bedroom door and stood for a moment outside of Mom's. She said that Dad was gone for the night, I didn't know what that meant, but I didn't much care either.

I felt the nervousness flutter around inside me as I reached out a hand, and pushed open her bedroom door.

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She was led on the bed with her arms raised and hands behind her head, she was wearing a red transparent bra that had black lining. Her nipples were visible through the thin fabric and as my eyes rolled down her body I noticed the red thong she was wearing was of the same see-through fabric. Her gorgeous legs were covered by long red stockings, and her feet wore these black heels that I hadn't seen before.

Her long curly brown hair was flowing down around her shoulders, and her gaze was that of a deliciously evil flirt. I moved across the room and crawled onto the edge of the bed, picking up one of her feet I planted a kiss on her ankle. Then a kiss on her shin, her knee and then her inner thigh. She opened her legs for me as I kissed her a couple more times on her thigh, I slowly made my way towards the target zone. The transparent fabric hid nothing from me, and though the smell was in the air I saw the wet patch.

I cast a quick glance up to her, her eyes were closed and she was doing what she could to keep her hands behind her head. Her nipples were pointing up at the ceiling as my tongue lashed the wet patch on her thong. She groaned out loud, and for a moment I was worried about being caught, but I quickly realised that aside from Bobbie, who always crashes within a minute of her head hitting the pillow, we were completely alone.

Again I lapped her clitoris through the thin red fabric, she moaned again and the sound she made made me want to fuck her as hard as I could right there and then. But I wanted this to be a night neither one of would forget, she had gone out and bought lingerie so the least I could do was swallow her juices. Her legs were as wide open as I'd ever seen a pair of legs, her pussy lips were peeking out at the sides of her thong and I slowly played there, licking either side and doing what I could to stay away from the area she wanted.

I ran my tongue from the bottom to the top, right up the middle, and with the fabric it must've added a tickle because Mom moaned even louder. ''Doc, stop teasing me, please.'' she begged. I looked up into her pleading eyes and smiled before again teasing her with another lick. I moved her thong to the side a little, and saw the trail of fluid coming from her clitoris, it looked as though a thick piece of string had joined her underwear to her vagina.

I immediately lapped it up with my tongue, it caused Mom to almost go over the edge. She wriggled and squirmed at every touch of my tongue and I knew she wanted it harder and faster. I used the tip of my tongue to tickle the tip of her Vagina and she began panting, ''Oh yeah, right there, just like that baby.'' she puffed.

''Please don't stop,'' was another thing she said. All of this urged me to go a little faster, my tongue was getting one hell of a work out and the longer I went in the wider my mouth got. I tried to manipulate the tip of her pussy while also trying to catch the slow flow of juice leaking out of her.

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She tasted incredible, it was almost the very same taste that I had tasted from Bobbie. She was getting close and I knew it, I reached up and exposed one of her breasts. She still managed to keep her hands firmly behind her head despite all of the wriggling and thrusting of her hips. She pushed herself onto my face, bringing herself back and fourth, effectively fucking my face. Mom's eyes were barely open, her mouth hadn't closed for a very long while.

She tilted her head back and moaned out loud again, my tongue was getting tired and my jaw was beginning to ache but I wanted so badly for her to cum in my mouth. I pinched her exposed nipple and buried my tongue as deep as it would go into her, ''Jesus fucking Christ Doc I'm guna cum.'' she cried. ''Cum in my mouth Mom,'' I told her. Telling her exactly what I wanted seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back, both of her heels were buried into the bed as she brought her hips up as high as she could get them, I supported her by clenching both of her ass cheeks, as though I was eating off a plate.

She provided me with what I wanted, she climaxed right there in my mouth. I can't explain her exact feeling, but her vagina muscles were doing all sorts of things in my mouth. She came with a scream and a slight squirt, to my surprise it tasted a little salty, and if I was being honest, it could have been a squirt of piss and I wouldn't have cared.

Mom shot something into my mouth and I swallowed it with a big fucking grin on my face. She dropped into the bed and looked at me, I wasn't sure if she thought it was over, but I knew that it was time to take off my jeans. I pulled them off within two seconds, she invited me in and I planted a long and hard kiss on her mouth, and that's when I realised she had somehow tied her hands to the headboard.

I positioned my self and slapped her clitoris with my cock a few times, she moaned again as I continued to tease her. But it quickly got to a point where I couldn't wait any longer I plunged myself into her, my cock slid in like a knife in butter. She cried out as I pushed myself in as far as I could, I leaned over and brought my lips to hers, biting down her bottom lip as I began thrusting in and out of her. Her brown eyes were wide and with every thrust came a new sound of pleasure from her mouth.

I fucked her hard and fast, bowing my head to take her nipple up between my teeth. My Mom was soon on the verge of her second climax and I knew It wasn't going to be long for me either. Her legs wrapped around me a little tighter, ''Mom I'm guna cum inside you,'' I told her. Sweat was dripping from my forehead as my balls tightened, ''Come with me.'' she pleaded. I thrust into her one last time before I felt the release, I let out a deep gasp as she let out a cry of relief with me.

I dropped on to her and rolled to her side, trying to catch my breath while also trying to get some moisture into my mouth. Both of us lay there staring at one another, I looked her up and down and ran my hand up her leg to her hip.

''God your delicious.'' she told me. I brought my hand up to her breast and leaned over her, kissing her on either nipple before kissing her softly on the lips. My Mother was the love of my life, and I wanted desperately for her to know that without me telling her. My eyes moved over her body and then up her arms to her bound wrists.

''How did you manage that?'' I asked her. She smiled, ''You like?'' she asked in return. I kissed her nipple again, ''Yeah, but I'm not sure you did. Seemed pretty frustrated Mom,'' I answered, caressing her hip. ''I wanted you to have complete control of me.

I am yours, you know.'' she looked at me with a kind of innocence, as much as she was the love of my life, I was beginning to realise that I was also now the love of hers. ''So how did you manage to tie yourself up?'' I asked again, she looked to the doorway and then back at me, ''I had some help.'' she said.

I glanced over to the doorway and saw nobody standing there, ''What do you mean?'' I asked. ''I asked Bobbie to tie me up.'' she said.