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Bangladesh gay porn movie and free threesome After ahot BJ  Bobby
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With their parents away for the weekend - and their little brother currently round a friend's house - sisters Demi and Emma had the house to themselves. It was Saturday lunchtime and the two young women had invited round their friend, Natalie. The three of them were sitting in the living room, chatting happily, each with a glass of wine.

Demi was the elder sister. She was twenty years old and currently at college, preferring to live at home to save money and also to be close to her sister, Emma, who she was very close to thanks to the mere two-years between their ages. Demi was average in height, slim and with average sized but nicely shaped, firm tits currently nestling in a baggy red jumper. She wore tight jeans that showed off her delicious pert arse.

Demi could often be a little bit self-conscious about her appearance, simply because she wasn't an absolute stunner, but she was still very pretty, especially when she flashed her adoring smile. Her big blue eyes were full of charming affection. She was normally quiet and a bit shy, although that changed with a few glasses of wine down her. Her sister, Emma, was a lot more outgoing. Aged eighteen, Emma was taller than Demi by a couple of inches and her more extrovert demeanour often made it seem as if she were the elder one.

Emma had her blonde hair cut short, framing her sweet excitable face. She had a strangely enigmatic appearance, her dark eyes quite narrow and her sensuous lips often curled up in a knowing smile.

She was very confident about her body. Her tits were lusciuously sized, 37DD, and she enjoyed showing them off - like now as she sat on the sofa wearing a tight, low-cut pink top that showed off plenty of cleavage. She had no bra on and her nips were almost poking through the stretched material of her top, which also exposed her mid-rift. Emma also wore a pair of tight white-denim cut-offs to show off her firm thighs. Finally, the sexy blonde had on a pair of knee-high leather boots. Demi and Emma were sitting on the sofa.

Across from them, on an armchair, was their friend Natalie. She was twenty-eight, older than the two sisters, and knew Demi from college. Natalie was a chirpy, bubbly brunette who was studying Health and Fitness at college. She wanted to be a Physical Education teacher once she qualified. She also wanted to get married and have kids sometime, but not until she was past thirty. Right now she was enjoying being a wild twenty-something student before doing all that boring settling down business.

Fairly tall and slim, Natalie had long frizzy brown hair, big blue eyes and a caring smile. She was well tanned with her flesh nicely bronzed, and plenty of it showing as she sat in just a pair of black shorts and sleeveless black top. She had big breasts, although still not quite as large as Emma's. As they chatted away, the three ladies were soon listening to Natalie talking about her massage class at college. It was only a short module in her course but naturally the word 'massage' and the connotations of hands rubbing over bare flesh had aroused the giggling interest of Demi and Emma.

"No," insisted Natalie, "I wish we did though. The course would be even more popular." "I'd sign up," Emma giggled. "Me too," Demi added, a little shyly. She sipped some of her wine.

"A lot of it's theory," Natalie shrugged, "We just get diagrams of the body with points marked on it.y'know, where to rub and squeeze, that kinda thing." "Do the diagrams have erogenous zones marked on?" Demi giggled. "I'm sure Natalie knows where they are," smirked Emma. "Men only have one erogenous zone," Demi insisted, "We all know where that is." "No, they do have several," Natalie grinned.

"Oooh, how do you know?" asked Demi, "Have you been giving strange men massages? Running your own little massage-parlour?" "No," giggled Natalie, "But I gave one of my ex-boyfriends one. I turned him on so much running my hands over him, his dick was like an iron bar before I'd even reached it." "Hmmm, nice," Demi smiled, blushing a little. She was no virgin, but she still remained shy about sex, unlike her brazen sister, Emma.

She sipped some more wine, knowing it would relax her a bit more for the lewd direction that the conversation was taking.

"Would it work on women too?" asked Emma. "Why?" gasped Natalie in mock-horror, "You're not turning into a lesbian are you?" "No, but I'm just curious," shrugged Emma, "I might get my boyfriend to swot up on massage until he's an expert, then he can massage me to multiple-orgasms." "I'm sure he can do that with his cock," Natalie pointed out. "Sure he can," proudly declared Emma, "But he can massage me before and after fucking me too.

Seriously though, aside from all this talk of sex and orgasms." "You're favourite subjects," interjected Demi, lighting a cigarette. ".what's massage good for Natalie? I mean, why are you learning it? Is it for physiotherapy kinda stuff." "Yeah, for healing sports-injuries," shrugged Natalie, "Easing the tension in athletes and stuff.

There's only a few classes dedicated to it. I can't imagine massage will be required if I'm to become a Physcial Education teacher. I'd be sacked for running my hands all over naked teenaged girl's bodies." "Yeah, plus if you could do that there'd be a huge waiting list to take up that job," laughed Emma, "Made up of lecherous old men." "You could always teach boys," suggested Emma, grinning wickedly, "After classes you could get all the hunky youths to strip and then you can massage them all." "That'd be a popular job for the ladies," Demi pointed out, "But then, most women prefer older men." "Not all women do," pointed out Natalie, "Nothing wrong with a young stud!

I'd be quite happy, when I'm older, to have lots of excitable teenaged boys stripped naked and oiled and waiting for me to sooth and rub their aching, ahem, extremeties." "And give 'em hand-jobs," Demi added.

"I'd be the best-loved teacher in the school," laughed Natalie, "Seriously though, it's an interesting class. Massage is pretty good, it's effective - for dealing with sports injuries and relieving stress, and for spicing up sex - and all you need is a pair of busy hands. No other equipment at all." "I wouldn't mind giving it a go," Emma declared.

"You need a test-subject first," Demi pointed out, "Some poor helpless boy to undergo a session of you rubbing and squeezing him all over." Just then the sound of the front door opening and then shutting could be heard. "Sounds like my test-subject has just arrived," giggled Emma. She put her empty wine-glass on the table and got up. "Who's that?" Natalie asked. "That'll be our little brother Joey," Emma replied, and then she called out "Joey! Is that you squirt?" "Yeah?" came a young boy's voice.

"Come in here a sec," Emma called. "You're not going to drag our poor baby brother into your sordid experiments are you?" giggled Demi.

"Sure, why not?" Emma grinned. Joey then entered the living room. He was twelve years old, a cute and slender boy with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had light freckles dotted across his childish face. He'd been playing sports with his friends and currently wore a pair of black shorts and a red football top. Being a responsible child he'd taken his muddy boots and socks off at the porch and stood in his bare-feet, his little toes wiggling impatiently as he stood there and glanced around the living room at his two sisters and their friend, Natalie.

"Whaddya want?" he asked Emma. "Are you busy?" his big sister asked him. "No, not really.

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I was gonna have a bath. I've been playing football. Oh, hi Natalie." "Hi Joey," Natalie grinned, waving from the armchair. "Well, before you have a bath," continued Emma, "I want you to get undressed." "Er, yeah, I normally get undressed before I have a bath, I don't get it with all my clothes on," sighed Joey, rolling his eyes in exaggerated exasperation, "Duh!

My big sister is dumb," he informed Natalie, who giggled. Joey had developed a little crush on Natalie since he'd seen her hanging around the house over these last few weeks.

Natalie giggled at the boy's cheekiness. "No, I don't mean get undressed upstairs," Emma continued to her smart-arse brother, "Get undressed here. Forget about the bath. I want to try something." "What?" Joey gasped, "Undress here?

Are you some sort of perv. I'm tellin' mum." Natalie and Demi both giggled. "Shut up squirt," Emma sighed, "Look, Natalie is studying massage at college and she said she's going to teach Demi and me how to do it." "Umm.did I said that?" asked Natalie. "Yes," insisted Emma, "You did.sort of.

Anyway Joey," she continued, turning back to her twelve year old brother, "We need you as a subject. You have to get undressed and lie on the floor so Natalie can show Demi and me what to do. It won't hurt, don't worry." "That's stoopid," insisted Joey, "That sounds weird as well, me stripping in front of my sisters. And Natalie." "Aw Joey," whined Emma, getting impatient, "Look, it's not that difficult. We've seen naked boys plenty of times, it's no big deal. Besides, you'll be lying on your stomach.

At first." "No, it's okay," Natalie said, sipping her wine, "If Joey doesn't want to lie down and have girls run their hands over his body then that's fine." This had the exact effect Natalie expect. Joey's desire to stand up to his sister's odd requests, his desire to show off to Natalie with his smart-arse remarks, his shyness at taking off his clothes in front of other people.all that vanished at the idea of being touched by women.

He shivered a little with excitement, glancing briefly at Natalie's heavy tits as they sat trying to burst out of her tight skimpy black top. "Well." he began, "Okay. I'll do it." "Excellent," Emma giggled, the eighteen year old feeling victorious, "Come on then kid, take of your clothes." "I'll get a towel to place on the floor," Demi said. She got up and left the room, returning a moment later with a big white towel. Emma pushed the coffee table to oneside and her sister then placed the large bath-towel in the middle of the big open space in the centre of the living room.

"You mean, just strip here?" Joey asked, aware of Emma and Demi standing nearby and Natalie sitting on the armchair, all three ladies looking at him. "Sure, c'mon on," Emma said, impatiently.

"Okay." Joey said, hesitantly, "But you have to cover your eyes. All of you." "What?" Demi giggled, feeling more confident than usual with a bit of wine-induced light-headedness, "We're going to see you nekked anyway kiddo." "Yeah but.just do it," insisted Joey, "Come on." "Aw, he's all shy," laughed Natalie, "Okay, let's do it." She put her glass of wine down and closed her eyes.

Demi and Emma humoured the boy by closing their eyes, Emma humming impatiently. Satisfied the women had obeyed his demands, Joey quickly stripped. Off came his football top, then his shorts and finally his small white underpants. He put them in a neat pile, not noticing that Emma very slightly opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of her little brother's small hairless dick.

Joey quickly lay down on the towel, on his stomach. "Okay, ready," he said, "Do what wicked things you must, you freaky women you, but I'll sue if I sustain a serious injury." Demi, Natalie and Emma all opened their eyes. The boy before them looked very sweet, laying there nude on his somach, his slender back, his cute pale bottom and his bare legs on display.

"Right then," Demi said, "Where do we start." "Come on Natalie, you're the teacher," Emma pointed out. "Right then," Natalie, began, "Let's gather around our subject." "I'm not a subject," Joey declared, "I'm a human being.

I have feelings. I'm not a piece of meat." "You are a piece of meat," Emma insisted, "A rather succulent one as well.

Very tender. Mmmm, look at this cute little bum-bum." She bent over and reached down, pinching one of Joey's firm little white arse-cheeks. "Oi," the boy retorted. Emma and Demi both sat on the sofa overlooking where their brother lay. Natalie knelt next to the boy.

Joey was propped up on his elbows and trying to twist his head round to see what was going on. He was still conscious of his nudity but Emma's jokey demeanour helped him relax a bit. "Right, just relax Joey," Natalie said, rubbing her hands together to warm them up, "Lay your head down." Joey did so, folding his arms and laying his head to oneside of them. He was tired from his morning of kicking a football around and he felt quite nice and relaxed laying here, albeit with three pairs of female eyes able to stray over his bare bottom at will.

"We'll start with the shoulders," Natalie said. She reached out and placed her hands round Joey's shoulders and began to rub them. She lightly gripped them, working expertly and making Joey sigh involuntarily with pleasure. Natalie then worked down the boy's back, running the heels of her hands down his spine.

Emma and Demi watched with interest. Emma was conscious of the nipples on her large tits stiffening, trying to poke through the thin stretched material of her skimpy pink top. "Is that nice?" Natalie asked Joey as she lightly ran her long fingernails down the curve of the child's spine. "Mmmm, yeah," Joey sighed, happily. He was definately glad he'd volunteered for this now! "You'll send him off to sleep soon," Demi smiled from the sofa. "It can happen," Natalie said, "If it's done right, massage can be so relaxing the subject can nod off." She continued lightly running her fingernails down Joey's spine, the cute boy breathing deeply, lost in ecstasy at this treatment.

"Now the legs," Natalie said a moment later, shifting down a little. She began working on the backs of Joey's legs, lightly gripping one of his thighs with boths hands and kneading the firm tender boy-flesh. She did the same to his other thigh, and then worked on his calves. "Now the bottom," she chirped. Joey felt a shiver of excitement as he felt Natalie's warm hands touch his bum-cheeks.

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The lady began kneading his firm buttocks, pinching them lightly and rubbing them all over. She then clapped each of her hands over his buttocks and began working them round in small circles, frequently spreading them to expose his hairless pink anus. She glanced up and exchanged a naughty grin with Demi and Emma, who were getting quite evidently turned on at seeing their baby brother undergoing this treatment.

Joey was feeling deeply relaxed and also rather aroused. He noticed that his small cock underneath him was fully erect, sandwiched between his belly and the towel on which he lay. He realized that he'd actually sprung a hard-on almost as soon as Natalie had started on his shoulders.

"Anyone else want a go?" Natalie asked, taking her hands from Joey and moving back to sit against the armchair. She retrieved her wine-glass. "I will," Emma said. She got down and knelt next to where Joey lay on his stomach. "Be gentle with our little brother," Demi said to her sister. "I will," sighed Emma, "Although maybe Joey likes it rough!" "Huh?" Joey murmered, still lying there with his head resting on his folded arms, eyes closed.

"Just ignore your lewd sister," Natalie told the boy, ruffling his blonde hair. "What does 'lewd' mean?" Joey asked, eyes still closed. "Lewd is another word for rude," Demi told her brother, "Which is why it rhymes with it. Besides, I'm not being lewd. This is lewd." She bent over and planted a big kiss on her brother's left arse-cheek, prompting giggles from Natalie and Demi. "Oi," Joey remarked, although he clearly wasn't all that bothered. "That's not lewd, that's being an arse-kisser," Demi observed, sitting on the sofa and lighting another cigarette.

"Well, I like kissing arses," Emma joked, "And there's no arse in this room I'd rather kiss than Joey's." She gently patted her brother's cute bottom with her hand. "You could kiss mine if you wanted," Natalie quipped, "It's quite nice. I think so anyway." "Stop talking about arses," Demi said, "Come on Emma, get on with massaging Joey. Let's see if you can do as good a job of it as Natalie." "Okay," Emma shrugged. Under Natalie's direction, Emma began massaging Joey.

She worked on his shoulders and back first, doing quite a good job of it judging by how contented Joey was. The boy sighed as he lay there, feeling very relaxed - and aroused - as Emma rubbed and stroked his back. Emma emulated Natalie by running her fingernails gently down Joey's spine, and also down the side of his torso.

Joey shivered a little, slightly ticklish. "I'll show you how to do the legs now," Natalie told Emma. "Show me as well," Demi said, feeling a little left out.

She put out her cigarette and got down on the floor so that she and her sister were kneeling either side of Joey's bare legs. Natalie knelt at Joey's feet. "Okay," Natalie began, taking on the air of a teacher, "Demi, you do Joey's left leg.

Emma, you do his right." She then taught the sisters what to do, guiding their hands and showing them were to rub and where to grip. Emma and Demi were fast learners as the kneaded and stroked Joey's slender pale legs. They worked on his thighs and his calves, even on his feet, although not too much as the poor boy at their mercy was very ticklish there.

"Let's do Joey's bum now," Natalie shortly announced. "How do you massage a bum?" asked Demi. She poked her brother's left buttock with a finger. "Not like that," Joey remarked, prompting giggles from the three ladies hovering around his bottom. His initial reluctance and shyness had completely faded now. He was loving this attention from his sisters and from the delicious Natalie. The twelve year old's prick was very stiff under his belly.

He just hoped no-one would notice. "Here," Natalie began, "just placed a hand on each of his cheeks and rub and squeeze them.

Just follow your instincts." Demi went first, palpating and kneading Joey's cute cheeks. Then Emma had a go, both ladies doing a fine job and making Joey murmer softly with pleasure. "Let's try this," Emma shortly said, "I'll try the nails thing." She raked her long fingernails very lightly over Joey's buttocks, the boy shivering pleasurably. "That's nice," he said. "Let me do it," Demi said.

Emma took her hands away and her sister then did the same, raking her nails gently across her brother's cheeks. She did it several times. "You're loving this aren't you?" Emma giggled at Joey, reaching out and ruffling his hair. "Mmmmm," he sighed. "Right," Natalie began after finishing off what was left in a glass of wine that sat nearby, "Flip over Joey.

Time to do the other side." "Flip over?" the boy asked, "On my back you mean? Belly up?" "That's right," Natalie confirmed, "We've only done half of you." " it's okay," Joey insisted, "Just the back is fine.

Carry on doing that." "No, come on, flip over," Demi demanded. "I can't," Joey whined. "Come on Joey," pleaded Natalie, "Turn over. It doesn't matter about showing us your willie, we've all seen willies before." "Yeah but." the boy stammered, then trailed off.

"Oooh, I think I know why," Emma giggled, "Our little brother is all, ahem.excited." "Nothing wrong with that," Demi declared, "Seriously Joey, come on, turn over. Don't worry about having an erection, that's what's meant to happen. We'd be offended if you didn't have one." "Well, okay." shrugged Joey. Despite feeling self-conscious, he turned over onto his back.

He lay there arms by his side, looking up at the ceiling, blushing as he remained aware - without even having to look down - that his dick was very stiff and that, furthermore, both his sisters and Natalie were looking at it. His cock was a little short of four-inches in length, slender and stiff and laying erectly across his lower belly. He had no hair down there at all, his pubic area and his small smooth ball-sac totally bald.

"Aww, isn't it cute," Emma smiled, reaching out to gently run a finger down the length of Joey's hard shaft, which visibly twitched at her touch. Emma and Demi giggled good-naturedly, breaking the tension. "You're very excited about this aren't you Joey," Demi said to her brother.

"Well." the boy began, not sure what to say. "Okay, come on," Natalie began, "I'm supposed to be showing you girls how to give massages, not to sit around looking at Joey's willie." "Aw, but it's a nice willie," Emma pouted, "Can't we just sit and look it at some more." She broke into a fit of giggles.

"Am I gonna get the rest of this massage or what," Joey moaned. "What an impatient patient we have," tutted Demi. "Okay," Natalie began, shifting up, "Let's work on the chest." The ladies took positions round the naked twelve year old boy who lay on his back on the floor, his small erection pulsing stiffly across his lower belly.

Emma and Demi knelt either side of Joey's upper-body. Natalie knelt at the boy's head, shifting up a little so that her knees were either side of his head.

Joey was aware that just a few inches from his ears were Natalies inner-thighs, bare thanks to the very tight shorts she wore. The top of his head was just inches from the woman's crotch. Opening his eyes briefly he could see Natalie kneeling above him - upside-down relative to his point of view - her heavy tits - almost popping out of the black sleeveless top she wore - wobbling a couple of feet above his face.

Not wanting to be caught looking, he shut his eyes again. "Right, let's do the chest then," Natalie continued, and she leaned forwards and placed her hands on Joey's firm slender chest.

She began rubbing it, her warm fingers fluttering and rubbing the boy's torso. Joey kept his eyes shut but could feel the warmth of Natalie's body. His head was effectively between her thighs and to reach his chest she was leaning over his face. Demi and Emma watched as Natalie massaged their brother's chest but they both kept glancing down at the boy's cock. There was something so wonderfully fascinating about the youngster's erection. It was an interesting paradox the way it was hairless and under-developed, just like a child's cock should be, but at the same time was fully erect and clearly capable of doing everything a grown-man's cock could do.

"There, you have a go now ladies," Natalie was saying shortly. She shifted back and got up, sitting on the sofa to watch her students. Joey was briefly dissopointed at Natalie's departure, but then he felt the thrill of both his big sisters working on his torso. The girls may not have been experts at this, but they did a fine job anyway. Natalie gave instructions from the sofa and Emma ran her hands lovingly over Joey's chest whilst, kneeling from the other side of the boy's body, Demi worked on her brother's stomach.

She enjoyed lightly tickling him, running her nails over the side of his torso and making him giggle and squirm. Emma was meanwhile lightly running her fingers round and round Joey's cute little nipples. She found herself looking down at her little brother's cute freckled face. His eyes were shut meaning she could gaze at him at her pleasure, noticing for the first time just how really cute he was. He'd be a handsome chap when he grew up, although he was handsome now.for a kid.

"That's nice," Joey murmered, eyes still shut. "What's that, me rubbing your nipples," Emma asked. "No, what Demi's doing," Joey softly replied.

Emma looked down and saw that her sister was running her hands up and down the front of Joey's thighs. On the up-stroke her hands came very close to the boy's groin. As she was doing this, Demi was leaning over and lightly blowing on her brother's erection. It was just something she was making up as she went along, rubbing his thighs whilst pursing her lips and blowing warmly on his cock. Joey was loving this and felt all warm and happy.

Emma continued rubbing the boy's nipples for a moment until Demi asked if she'd like to take over. "Okay," Emma replied. Demi shifted downwards and busied herself rubbing and stroking Joey's ankles and feet whilst Emma started running her hands up and down the boy's thighs. She could almost encircle Joey's skinny pubescent thighs with her hands. Like her sister, Emma began leaned over and gently blew on her brother's erect pecker as she stroked his thighs.

Emma shortly knelt up, just running her fingers round in circles across Joey's flat stomach.

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"I like that as well," Joey grinned. He opened his eyes and looked down, seeing Emma kneeling there as she stroked his stomach. His busty eighteen year old sister smiled warmly back at him. "Is that nice too?" she asked, and she leaned forwards and began running her fingernails lightly over Joey's chest, swirling them down to his belly and then going up to his chest again, then back down.

She began repeating this, whilst further down Demi was happily massaging her brother's lower-legs. "Mmmmm," Joey nodded. Each time Emma leaned forwards to stroke his chest, Joey could see more and more of her tits. The tight top Emma wore was very low-cut, and in leaning forwards only the lower-portion of her big firm melons were cupped by the top (she had no bra underneath). Joey didn't want to be a pervert but he couldn't tear his eyes away. Emma was very conscious of this and became very aroused.

"Are you looking at my boobies?" she asked, softly. "Yeah," Joey replied, grinning, "Um.sorry." "S'okay," Emma grinned, now running her right fingernails in circles round her brother's chest - but not bothering to go down to his belly - so that she was constantly leaning over him, her big boobs swinging beneath. She reached up with her left hand and cheekily hooked two fingers into the plunging neckline of her top between her cleavage and gave a downwards yank.

The stretched material of her top slipped down past her tits, fully freeing them. Those lovely big breasts wobbled out of the stretched neck-line of the top. Joey's eyes widened as he saw his first ever real, in-the-flesh boobies. He was fascinated by how stiff Emma's nipples looked. He had next to no knowledge of sex - he hadn't even started masturbating - but one of the few things he'd picked up from playground gossip was that girl's nipples got erect when they became horny.

Demi giggled as she looked up and saw how Joey gawped at Emma's tits. Emma was loving the attention. She was used to men and boys looking at her big tits but there was something so charming about her own brother doing so. "You've got nice hooters sis," Joey said, causing the ladies to all giggle. Emma knelt upright and did away with her top altogether, whipping it off and slinging it aside, her big heavy tits jiggling freely now that she was topless.

Then she got back to running her fingernails lightly over Joey's chest. Natalie was watching all of this from the sofa and feeling incredibly aroused herself. "Well," she abruptly declared, "If Emma's going to take her top off it's only fair if I do." She quickly stripped off her top and her bra so that - like Emma - she just wearing her shorts.

Her tits were not as big as Emma's but they were still lovely and big.


Laying on the floor Joey twisted his head to get a glimpse at Natalie's tits, and after exchanging a grin with her he got back to looking down at Emma, who was kneeling there topless as she stroked his torso. Natalie then got up and knelt at Joey's head just as she'd done earlier, her thighs spread and Joey's head almost tucked snugly between them, the top of his head actually nestled snugly between her inner-thighs and against her crotch.

"Time to do you head sweetheart," Natalie said to the boy. She reached down and placed the tip of her forefingers to Joey's temples and began circling them round in small circles. Joey looked up at Natalie's big bare tits that wobbled a couple of feet above him.

It felt so wonderfully relaxing the way the woman was rubbing his temples. He glanced back down as his sister's continued to work on his body. "Take your top off now sis," Emma said to Demi, "Join in the fun." Demi hesitated a moment, and then emulated her sister and Natalie. Kneeling at Joey's feet, she untucked her jumper from her jeans and removed it, followed by her bra. Her breasts may not have been as big as her two friend's, but they were still a decent size and very firm and tasty indeed.

She felt very liberated at having done this as she hummed happily as she resumed massaging Joey's legs. The boy was wondering whether this was all a dream - laying here being massaged by three topless women at the same time.

Emma was feeling an urgent need to touch her brother's fine little pecker. It seemed the inevitable thing to do. However, she was beaten to it by her older sister, who'd been thinking the same thing. Although she was normally more reserved than Emma, Demi decided to go for it at that moment, just as Emma was still hesitating. Demi had shifted up so that, like Emma, she was kneeling next to Joey's pelvis.

She reached out and gently took his cock in her hand, encircling the shaft. "Mmmm, nice and hard," she giggled. Joey looked down, eyes wide, barely able to get over the sheer thrill and novelty of having someone else touch his pecker. "Are you going to massage that too," giggled Joey. "Sort of," Demi grinned, "This is a sort of massage." She began masturbating her brother's pecker, gripping it lightly in her fist and pumping it up and down. Natalie contnued to massage the boy's temples but Emma had stopped working on the child's chest, instead just kneeling there - topless, big tits in plain view, just like Natalie and Demi - as she watched her sister jerk-off their brother.

"Wow that's nice," purred Joey, "What is it? Is that jacking me off?" "Yeah," Demi giggled, "Have you never done this yourself Joey?" "No." "Seriously?" gasped Emma, "Never?" "No," confirmed Joey, "I thought older boys just did it." "Well, you're twelve years old honey," Natalie told the boy, "that's old enough.

Have you ever had a wet-dream?" "No, what's that?" asked Joey. "Aw, our poor innocent baby-brother," giggled Emma, "Never jacked-off, never cummed in his sleep.I think it's about time you had your first ever orgasm." "Will it feel nice?" asked Joey.

"It sure will," Demi smiled, masturbating her brother's erection a bit faster now. Joey began breathing deeper, his buttocks clenching as he began instinctively fucking Demi's pumping fist. "Let me have a go," Emma said a moment later, impatiently. Demi's arm was getting tired anyway so she relinquished her brother's dick. Emma quickly took Joey's erection in her fist and resumed her sister's work.

She pumped her brother's cock expertly, masturbating him and loving the look of sweet pleasure on his face. As she knelt and continued to rub Joey's temples, Natalie had closed her legs a little so that the boy's head was snugly sandwiched between her thighs.

Demi was content just to kneel and watch the proceedings, feeling very excited at the prospect of witnessing her brother's first cum. "Mmmm, oooh," Joey was soon gasping, his buttocks tight, his cock pulsing strongly in Emma's pumping fist, "It feels.weird.uuuuh." "He's about to cum," said Natalie, excitedly. "Wank him off Emma, keep going," Demi encouraged her sister.

Her big boobs jiggling as she pumped her arm rapidly, Emma licked her lips as she increased her pace. She tugged on Joey's cock faster and faster, her fist a blur. "Uuuuuh.somethin's happenin'." Joey was panting, "Uuuuuh! Emma.uuuuh.nnnng." "Holy shit," grunted Joey, his body shaking as his pre-teen sperm shot up like a bolt through his cock and spurted out. The first squirt sailed almost a foot into the air and splashed down across his belly.

Though this rather spectacular first bolt of cum took her by surprise, Emma didn't slow down in her efforts. She continued to jerk off her brother, her and Natalie and Demi all watching with wide eyes of fascination as Joey's pecker shot another squirt of sperm high into the air, this one also landing across his belly.

Joey's eyelids were fluttering and he was letting a long strangled cry of pleasure. Two more shots of cum fired from his throbbing prick, his belly now criss-crossed with slashes of white fluid. Emma finally slowed down her pumping action, just gently fisting the boy's still-hard cock as the flow began to die down. A couple of dollops of cum welled up from Joey's pisshole and obscenely ran down Emma's fingers, although there was one more squirt that took her by surprise that sailed off and landed on his left thigh.

Then there were just a few last drops of cum that oozed from Joey's cock. Emma took her sticky hand from Joey's prick and looked at the boy. He opened his eyes and giggled. "That was nice," he concluded. "It was meant to be," Natalie grinned. She shuffled back and Joey was able to sit up, not bothered anymore of the fact that he was naked and his stomach and groin were all slimed with sperm.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Did you like that then," Emma asked her little brother. "Mmmm, it was nice. Can I do that myself? Y'know, jerk myself off?" "Of course," Demi giggled, "But it's nicest when someone else does it." She felt a tiny bit jealous that Emma had had the privelage of bringing the boy off to a climax, his first ever one. But it was no big deal. She knew that she'd probably get her chance some other time. "Can I have another massage?" asked Joey.

"Hey, don't get greedy," laughed Emma, "You've just had yours." "How about massaging us Joey," Natalie said. Joey looked round and grinned, his eyes flicking down to the brunette's bared breasts. "Could I massage your boobs?" he asked. "I guess," giggled Natalie, "Do you like 'em?" She cupped her heavy breasts with her hands and lifted them up and pushed them together, emphasising her deep cleavage.

When she let them go her breasts wobbled for a few seconds. "You can't just massage a woman's boobs," laughed Emma, ruffling her kid brother's hair, "If you're going to massage a woman you have to do her all over, not just the bits you like the most." "Aw, why not," pouted Joey. "Well, you can start with the tits," Natalie told the boy, "then maybe you can massage any other parts of me that interest you. Come here sweetheart. Me and your sisters have explored you all over, now you can explore our bodies." Joey shuffled over to Natalie.

The twelve year old boy and the twenty-eight year old woman were kneeling opposite each other. Natalie just wore her shorts whilst Joey was, of course, naked. "Um, what do I do," Joey asked, licking his lips as he looked down at Natalie's heavy breasts. "Whatever you want sweetheart," Natalie invited him, "Just play about with them. They're all yours." Joey grinned and reached out, placing his hands over Natalie's breasts. The child's small hands stood no chance of being able to full grasp Natalie's breasts but he grabbed as much of the delicious tit-flesh as he could and squeezed.

"Mmmm, nice," giggled Natalie. Joey giggled once more as he began to gently squeeze and fondle Natalie's tits. The sexy brunette was quite happy just to let the boy play around with her. It felt nice to simply make her charms available for his pubescent curiosity.

Emma poured herself another glass of wine and sat on the armchair, watching. Demi, however, wanted to get involved with this little activity. The twenty year old blonde shuffled over and knelt alongside Natalie. Her own tits may not have been as big as Natalie's, but they were still nice and firm and presented a good handful, especially for a kid like Joey.

"Hiya sis," the boy smirked as Demi knelt there next to Natalie, whose tits the boy was still playing with. "Wanna play with my boobs too honey?" Demi asked.

"Okay," Joey shrugged, casually, "I'll just have a bit more of a feel of Natalie's hooters." Natalie grinned and supressed a giggle.

"What are you smirking at?" Emma asked as she sat on the sofa, sipping a glass of wine and looking deliciously sluttish with her tits out and wearing nothing but a pair of tight denim cut-offs and knee-high leather boots. "It's just the word 'hooters'", snickered Natalie, "It's so funny." "Say it again Joey," urged Emma.

"Hooters," said Joey, and as if on cue the three ladies began giggling. The boy was otherwise preoccupied with copping a good feel of Natalie's tits. He squeezed them together, then lifted them up and dropped them, watching them jiggle.

Then he lightly pinched the stiff nipples. The boy had at least some sense of tact though. He realized Demi might be left out if he ignored her for too long, so he turned to her next. "Wow, these are nice too," he commented to his eldest sister as he clamped his hands over her firm round tits, "Mmmmm.

Cool." "I take it you're a breast-man Joey," Natalie commented, remaining kneeling next to Demi. "How d'ya mean?" the boy asked. He didn't bother looking up at Natalie, he was just to busy playing with his sister's bare boobs. "Well," Natalie began, charmed by the boy's niavete, "Breast-men like breasts, arse-men like arses and leg-men like legs.

Simple." "I like 'em all," grinned Joey, "Breasts. Arses. Er.I dunno about legs. Legs are cool I guess, women's ones anyway, but they're a bit boring.

Not as good as boobs. And bums too. Girl's bums are ace." "Have you seen many girl's bums?" asked Emma, putting her wine glass down and getting off from the sofa.

"Not really," shrugged Joey, "Only a few in pictures, like in some magazines that this kid had at school." "I can see where this is going," Demi giggled.

Joey didn't see where this was going, however, and he stopped playing with Demi's tits and looked round at Emma. Emma was now standing and unzipping her leather boots. She kicked them off, then undid the buttons on her denim cut-offs. "Wooh, a strip-show," Demi laughed. "Go for it Emma," urged Natalie. Emma started pretending to be a stripper, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and wiggling her hips as she gently teased them down, ever so slowly.

She felt incredibly turned on by the look of wonder in Joey's bright blue eyes as he knelt there - his little cock no longer flaccid but semi-hard - looking up at her. Emma finally wiggled her shorts down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. The big-titted eighteen year old gave a twirl which was met with spontaneous applause from Natalie and Demi.

Joey just knelt there gawping at his sister. Emma was wearing just a very skimpy thong, lacy pink with very slender side straps. The back of it ran right up her arse crack so that all her cheeks were on display with just a small triangle of pink material emerging from the top of her arse-crack and attached to the waistband. "Well, here's my bum Joey," Emma said, confidently striding towards the boy. Natalie and Demi moved aside and watched as Joey, kneeling on the floor and wondering whether this was some sort of fantastic wet-dream, looked up as Emma approached.

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The boy's sister stood in front of him and turned so that her arse was pretty much level with his face. "Fondle away sweetheart," Emma giggled. She leaned forwards a little, placing her hands on her knees, and she wiggled her delicious behind.

It was nicely rounded, firm and very mouthwatering. Joey reached out and placed his hands on Emma's bared cheeks. He licked his lips and looked over at Natalie and Demi, who nodded at him to urge him on.

"Go on kid," Demi grinned, popping a cigarette into her mouth and lighting up, "Play with her arse. Go for it." Joey did so, licking his lips yet again as he turned back to Emma's bum.

He gentle fondled and squeezed his sister's cheeks. They'd long since abandonded the pretense that Joey was going to massage them. It was just a case of letting the boy play about with women's 'bits'. All three women were incredibly turned on at the boy's joyful curiosity. Women may like experienced men who take control, but just as much fun are young boys who treat women like fantastic, divine creatures whose bodies are to be worshipped.or at least squeezed and fondled!

"Wow, you've got a nice arse sis," Joey giggled, kneading the buttocks of the arse in question. He parted them a little, almost dissappointed as he was reminded that Emma was still wearing a thong.

The material running up her arse-crack was very narrow, but it was enough to hide her arsehole from view. Joey wanted to see it. It would have been fantastic to have seen such an intimate part of his sister. Still, he was happy enough just to have access to her cheeks, which he resumed stroking.

"Take your thong off Emma," Demi urged her sister a moment later. She blew out a plume of cigarette smoke as she sat back, topless, on the sofa, feeling far more confident that she usually did. "Come on, give our little brother full access to your arse. This is no time for being a prude." "What's a 'prude'?" asked Joey, taking his hands from Emma's arse-cheeks.

"Someone buy this kid a dictionary," Natalie sighed. "A 'prude' is what I 'aint," Emma declared, rather snootily.

She hooked her thumbs in her thong's straps and bent over, swiping the sexy underwear down her legs. As she did so her now fully-bared bum was thrust out and spread right towards Joey's face and he copped a full-on look at his sister's spread cheeks and the pink puckered anus between them. Emma quickly stepped out of her thong and threw it towards the sofa - where Demi caught it - before she stood up straight again.

She was now fully nude. "Cool, a woman's bare arse, all to myself," Joey giggled. He got back to playing with Emma's bum, delighting in being able to spread the cheeks and get more looks at his big sister's arsehole.

"Mmmm, our little brother's definately an arse-man," Emma concluded. "Breast-man," Natalie insisted. "Arse-man," Emma retorted. "I'd say more of a breast-man," Demi argued, "He asked to play with mine and Natalie's tits. He didn't start playing with your arse until you thrust it in his face. Literally." "Don't I get a say in this?" argued Joey, "You're both wrong, I like breasts and arses equally. They're great!" "Show him your cunt," Natalie said to Emma, "Go on.

Might as well show him everything." "Dear oh dear, 'show him your cunt'," tutted Emma, "Now who's the lewd one?" She giggled then obligingly turned round so that she faced her kneeling little brother. She stood with her feet apart and her hands by her side. "D'ya like that Joey?" "Mmmmmm, nice," Joey said, gawping with fascination as he now found himself with Emma's juicy teen cunt before his eyes.

Emma had a nice furry twat, although she did trim her bikini-line. The pubic hair was light blonde and from it winked her wet lips, slick with an increasing amount of pussy juice as she grew more and more horny as this afternoon's events unfolded.

Joey licked his lips and bent forwards a little, trying to peer up to get a good look. He'd seen naked women in some naturist magazines a friend had sneaked into school once, but all the ladies were just standing up and walking around.

All he could see of their twats had been a triangle of pubic-hair between their legs. He had no idea what was tucked away in there so he was now fascinated by the glistening pink lips of Emma's pussy. "Is that interesting to look at?" asked Demi from the sofa.

"Yeah," Joey replied, "It's cool. It's all wet looking." "Hmmm, someone's getting turned on," giggled Natalie, "Is exhibitionism turning you on Emma?

Is it making you wet" Emma turned and stuck her tongue out. Joey had no idea what this comment meant so he ignored it. Demi suddenly felt an urge to join her sister. If showing off your cunt to your little brother was such a turn on then she wanted to do it too! She stubbed out her cigarette and got up, quickly undoing her jeans. She whipped them off, followed by her socks and finally her white knickers. Finally - like Emma and Joey - she was completely naked.

"Here, have another to gawp at bro," she giggled, standing alongside Emma. The two sisters exchanged glances and giggled as they stood there. Joey leaned over and had a good look at Demi's cunt.

Her pubic hair was a darker shade, almost brown, and there was more of it too, a nice patch of furry dark hair around her cunt.

"It's all hairy," Joey observed, whistfully, "Even hairier than Emma's." "You should see mine, it's nicely shaved," Natalie commented. It was time for her to join in too. She stood and whipped off her shorts and underwear, rendering herself nude too, and she strolled over. She stood next to Demi, all three ladies standing naked and in a line, Joey kneeling before them. Joey looked at Natalie's cunt and he smiled.

"Wow, it's got no hair!" he commented. Emma and Demi leaned forwards a little and looked down and across at Natalie's pussy. It was indeed perfectly bald, every trace of hair shaved off.

"That's an extreme bikini-wax there Nat," commented Emma. "I like to keep it neat," Natalie replied with mock snootiness. "I can see everything," Joey was saying, his face just six-inches from Natalie's shaved cunt, "What's that?" He pointed at the small pink bud at the top of Natalie's wet pink lips. "Fucking hell," Natalie gasped to the other two ladies, "his first look at a pussy and he's found the clitoris already! Most men take years!" Emma and Demi giggled.

"The clitoris?" Joey said, "I've heard of that. Aren't you supposed to rub it or something." Without waiting to be invited he casually reached out and placed the tip of his forefinger to Natalie's clit and began running his digit around in circles. "Oh my," Natalie gasped, amused at the boy's forthrightness, "Mmmm!" "Go for it Joey," Emma urged her brother on.

The boy, encouraged, continued rubbing Natalie's clit, enjoying being able to give this older woman pleasure just by touching her privates. Rather amusingly - and beyond the perception of young Joey - the three ladies had all entered some sort of informal, unspoken competition to see who could get the most attention from the boy.

It was going to be difficult. As soon as something new was presented to him, Joey would devote all his attention to it, only to move on when something else was presented. "Here Joey," Emma said, getting down on the floor and desperate to recapture Joey's attention, "You can see all of my bits if I lay down like this." She lay back on floor and spread her legs, her thighs flung apart.

Joey looked over and saw that, indeed, in this position he could see all of Emma's cunt. Winking out below the patch of pubic hair he could see his sister's lips which were nicely parted.

The inside of her vagina looked wet and pink and hot. Joey seemed to forget about Natalie altogether. He stopped rubbing her clit and shuffled naked over to his sister, kneeling between her parted legs. Emma raised her head a little, looking down past her big breasts at her brother's excited face as he looked down at her spread pussy. "Play with it honey," she urged him, "Explore it. Put your fingers into me, see how it feels." "Okay," giggled Joey, excitedly. He reached down and placed the tip of his forefinger to the entrance to Emma's cunt.

He rubbed it up and down a bit, finding his fingertip was quickly slickened by the juicy slit betweene his sister's legs, and then he slid it into her. He was amazed as he was quickly able to slid his whole digit into Emma's twat, which made the girl shiver with pleasure.

"Wow, it's really hot and tight in there," Joey commented. Natalie and Demi knelt nearby, happily watching as Joey fingered Emma. The boy soon introduced a second finger into his sister's cunt and then, on the instructions of Natalie, used his other hand to rub Emma's clit. Emma was quite surprised at the boy's latent skill. It really felt nice the way he fingered and frigged her, his digits bring her great pleasure. "Mmmmm, that's very nice," Emma purred, "You do a very good job Joey." "Thanks sis." Joey continued to frig Emma for a few moments before Demi decided to steal the boy away from her sister.

"Wanna see my cunt close up Joey?" she asked the boy. "Okay," he replied. "You can see if better from behind," Demi added. She got on her hands and knees on the floor and arched her back, thrusting her arse out. Her cheeks were obscenely spread, showing off her arsehole and, beneath it, her cunt. Even from this angle there was a fair amount of dark hair around the entrance to her vagina, but her glistening lips were certainly more visible. There was even a halo of hair around her anus.

Joey left Emma's pussy and went over to Demi. He knelt behind his sister and gazed lovingly at her spread arse and her wet pussy hanging beneath. "Hey, two holes for the price of one," he giggled, "Wow, all these vaginas on display.I'm going to be dreaming about boobs and pussies and bums tonight!" "You're supposed to dream about those things," Emma laughed, sitting up, "You're twelve.

You're meant to have them on your mind all the time." Joey sniggered then began tentatively exploring Demi's cunt. The blonde babe remained bent over, arse spread, her lower holes fully exposed to Joey's curious fingers and gaze. The boy began sliding a couple of fingers in and out of Demi's cunt, making her sigh softly with pleasure.

Natalie shuffled over to help the boy. "Here honey," she said, "Rub your sister's clit at the same time." "How," Joey asked. "Just reach round. Here, I'll do it." Natalie knelt alongside Demi and reached under the woman, quickly finding her clit.

She began rubbing and stroking it, Demi moaning with pleasure. The normally reserved young woman was loving this, wallowing in kinkiness, having her brother and another woman masturbating her. She'd never really got it on with another woman before, except for a few times when her and Emma were in their early teens and engaged in a few mutual-masturbation sessions and practised kissing each other. Joey was becoming more confident. He was sliding his forefinger and indexfinger deeply in and out of Demi's cunt whilst Natalie was busy rubbing Demi's clit.

"Holy fuck that's good," Demi stammered, "Uuuuh. Oh wow, oh yeah, keep at it Joey, Natalie.keep it up.that's good." "We might make her cum kiddo," Natalie said to Joey, "Keep fingering her cunt.

I'll rub her clit. Let's make her climax." Joey didn't have a clue what would happen when his sister had a 'climax', but he just kept fingering her anyway to see what would happen. He was enjoying fingering Demi's pussy, and it was even better that she was enjoying it too! Emma saw that Joey's cock was fully erect once more. She knelt up alongside him and reached down, encircling the small hard shaft in her fingers.

"Let big sis take you in hand," she said, seductively, beginning to masturbate his erection. "Thank's Emma," grinned Joey. Emma gave the boy a gentle kiss on the lips then got back to concentrating on tugging the boy's prick. Joey meanwhile resumed devoting his attention to fingering Demi's twat. His eldest sister was really moaning and gasping with ecstasy now.

"Oh yeah, oh fuck," Demi groaned, "I'm gonna.cum.nnnng. Oh yeah, oh yeah.uuuuurh!" The hot babe bucked her arse and cried out, climaxing noisily. Joey had to clap one of his hands to Demi's arse to try and keep her still enough to continue pumping his two fingers in and out of her cunt.

Natalie continued to frig Demi's clit, grinning as she watched the young lady orgasm powerfully. "Oh fuck that was good," moaned Demi once her orgasm had faded, "Fucking hell! I didn't see that one coming. You really are a good frigger Joey." "Well," shrugged the boy, taking his fingers out of his sister's dripping vagina, "Natalie helped." Natalie grinned, proudly.

The fingers she'd used to frig Demi were slick with juices.


Demi rolled aside, laying on her back and panting for breath. "Joey's all nice and hard again," Emma said, taking her hand away from the boy's cock. The other ladies turned to see that Joey's prick was indeed fully erect. "Could someone jerk me off again?" asked Joey, rather sweetly.

"I've a better idea," Natalie smirked, getting down and laying on the floor in front of Joey, on her back with her legs apart, "Why don't you fuck me Joey?" "Ummm." stammered Joey. Emma and Demi giggled. "Come on," Natalie urged him, "If you're old enough to get a hard-on, you're old enough to fuck a woman." "Okay," grinned Joey, slightly nervous but also very excited.

He looked down at Natalie's shaved cunt. Her lips were very wet and clearly eager to swallow up his young prick. "Er, hang-on, we haven't got any condoms," Demi quickly pointed out, "We don't want Natalie getting pregnant do we?" "That's a point," Emma said, "Unless Joey pulls out before he shoots his load." "I don't know if he's go the self-control for that," Natalie said, looking slightly cheesed off that her plans to take the boy's cherry had gone astray.

Joey didn't really know what the women were on about, he just realised that he wasn't going to get to fuck Natalie after all. "I've an idea," Natalie suddenly said, and she flipped over and adopted the same position Demi had been in earlier, on her hands and knees and bent over before Joey. Her arse was spread and bared in front of Joey, the twelve year old's pulsing little erection nodding in the air not far from Natalie's anus which was, like her cunt, completely shaved and as neat as a pin.

"You can fuck me up the arse," Natalie continued, "Fancy that Joey?" "Ummm." the boy began, this further change in plans taking him a bit by surprise, "Whaddya mean? Stick my dick in your pussy from behind?" "No," Emma laughed, "She means stick you dick up her arsehole.

Up there." She reached out and pointed a finger at Natalie's twitching anus. "Don't patronize the boy," Demi giggled, sitting up, "He knows what an arsehole is." "So I stick this," asked Joey, holding his stiff pecker, "up there?" he added, using his other hand to point at Natalie's arsehole. "Can I do that?" he asked. "Of course," Emma sighed, "Come on, it'll feel really nice I bet." "But that's where Natalie shits from," insisted Joey. He did feel excited about this - pussy or arsehole, he didn't care, he just wanted to stick his dick into Natalie's body somehow - but it did seem a bit odd putting his wille into a hole from which she poohed from.

"That's no problem," Natalie said, peering round over her shoulder, wiggling her bum hypnotically to attract Joey's full attention, "I wee out of my vagina and that didn't bother you when you were ready to stick your dick up there, so don't worry about sticking your dick in my arsehole just 'cos I pooh from it.

It'll be okay, come on." "Okay," Joey shrugged, trusting these horny ladies completely. "Lube her up first honey," Emma said to Joey, kneeling next to him so that she could guide him, "Put your finger in Natalie's cunt first and pump it back and forth a bit." Joey did this, grinning and the wet sucking noise his forefinger made as he slid it in and out of Natalie's pussy.

"Now take it out," continued Emma, "and put it up her bum." Joey giggled again, still managing to find childish amusement in his sister saying the word 'bum', and he carried out these orders.

Natalie's cunt was very wet and that meant that so was Joey's forefinger. The boy placed the digit to Natalie's anus and he pushed, quickly squeezing the tip of his finger past Natalie's sphincter.

"Cool," he commented. "All the way in," Emma urged him. Joey obeyed, pushing his finger up Natalie's rectum to the knuckle. He turned and giggled, enoying the feeling of this little exercise, and very much looking forward to seeing what it'd be like to put his willie up Natalie's arse.

Emma thought Joey looked so sweet as he sniggered childishly, and she clamped her lips to his and gave him a lewd kiss. It took Joey by surprise as he felt his big sister's tongue slide into his mouth, but it didn't bother him. In fact he responded by slipping his tongue into Emma's mouth in kind. "Mmmm, what a good little kisser," Emma laughed when she moved back from the boy. Joey blushed then got back to the more immediate job of fingering Natalie's arse.

He pumped his finger in and out of her anus. "It's loosening up a bit," he commented. "You should be able to put your dick up there now kid," Demi commented, laying on the floor nearby, still a little fatigued from her climax earlier. Joey took his forefinger out of Natalie's bum and he knelt up. Emma decided to guide the boy's cock and she reached out, holding the base of her little brother's erection.

"Move forwards," she urged him. Joey shuffled towards Natalie's bum on his knees, Emma holding his erection out straight. The purple tip of the boy's cock nudged Natalie's slickened arsehole. "Push, push," urged Emma, softly. Joey did so, looking down at the way his prick-head squashed up against Natalie's before, abruptly, popping in. "Uuuuuuh, yeah," Natalie sighed, "Oh wow." "It's going up there," grinned Joey, triumphantly.

"There, you can do the rest from here Joey," Emma said, releasing the boy's cock. She moved back a little, still kneeling and watching carefully. "Ram it all up there, right up her bum!" "Okay," Joey said. He pushed his prick and watched it slide further up into Natalie's arse. In no time at all it was buried to the hilt in the woman's behind, her sphincter gripping the base of his prick.

"Jesus! That feels so good. My willie's right up her arse." "Mmm, I can see," grinned Emma. "It feels great," Natalie purred, delighting in the sensation of Joey small but very stiff dick buried up her rectum. "Now fuck her," Emma ordered her baby brother, "Fuck Natalie's arse.

Work your cock in and out of her." "Like this?" asked Joey, holding Natalie's hips as he sild his prick back and forth in the woman's clutching anus. "That's it," Emma said. "That's perfect," added Natalie, "Mmmm. That is so good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah Joey, fuck me. Fuck my arse you horny little fucker!

Uuuuuh! Fuck my shit-hole!" "Such bad language," tutted Joey, which caused his sisters to laugh their heads off. Joey grinned at his own daft remark as he continued to sodomize Natalie. It had been fantastic earlier when his sisters had wanked him off, but this was even better! He'd never before imagined that there were so many nerves in his cock, there was countless sensations assailing his erection.

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It felt warm and slick and tight up Natalie's arse. It didn't bother him at all that this was her shit-hole. It actually turned him on a little. It was rather kinky!

"Is that good Nat?" asked Demi. "Mmm, it's very good," Natalie sighed, happily, "It feels so fantastic! I've been horny all afternoon ever since we started this exercise, it's good to finally get a cock in me. I love anal too, it's just as good as being fucked in the cunt." "I actually prefer anal," declared Emma, "You feel far more penetrated taking a prick in the back-door." "Could I do you up the bum next Emma?" asked Joey, busily sodomizing Natalie. "Of course you can squirt," grinned Emma, "But don't get too impatient.

You can't hop from woman to woman every couple of minutes. You make sure Natalie is well satisfied before you pull out of her bum." "Okay," replied Joey, and he got back to buggering Natalie with renewed vigour. "What an obedient little stud," giggled Natalie. "What about you sis?" Emma said to Demi, "What do you prefer, vaginal or anal sex?" "I've never had anal," Demi admitted.

"No?!" gasped Natalie, "Well, you're missing out on a great deal!" "Not for much longer," Emma declared, "After Joey's fucked my arse he can fuck Demi's.

You can lose your anal-cherry to him." "Okay," giggled Demi, "It doesn't hurt though does it? Y'know, the first time you take it up the arse?" "Not really," shrugged Emma, "It did for me when I first took it up the arse, but then I was only thirteen and my boyfriend had a nine-inch cock." "Fuckin' hell," gasped Demi.

"You've got it easy though," Natalie commented, her delicious nude body being humped back and forth from the energetic buggering she was receiving from Joey, "You're brother's dick is big enough to feel good but it's not yet fully grown, so it'll slip up your bum with the minimum of fuss.

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You'll be fine. Fuck," she suddenly gasped, "Oh wow, that is so gooood Joey! Keep it up sweetheart! Keep fucking my arse." Joey gritted his teeth, concentrating on pumping his prick in and out of Natalie's arse. "My cock feels a bit funny," he commented a moment later, "Like it might burst or something." "Does it feel like it did before when I jerked you off?" asked Emma.

"Kind of, yeah." "Then you're not far off cumming," Emma said, "Stop fucking Natalie for a moment. Cease all thrusting!" Joey obeyed, remaining motionless, his prick wedged halfway up Natalie's arse. "Good boy. You would have shot your cum if you hadn't stopped. You'll have to learn when you're approaching orgasm to hold yourself back, you don't want to go off too early, not with your two big sisters waiting for their turn!" "Okay," Joey said, fascinated at this knowledge he was acquiring about his own body, and of the women's bodies!

"Right, I'm done," Natalie grinned, pulling herself forwards, Joey's erection popping out of her arsehole. She moved to oneside and sat down, slumped up against the sofa, her anus burning pleasurably from it's recent fucking.

Joey was kneeling there, grinning happily, his stiff pecker standing to attention. "Your turn sis," he said to Emma. "It sure is," the hot blonde said.

She got on her hands and knees in front of her kid brother, thrusting her arse back out at him. Her anus was naturally hairless, a lovely pink puckered hole winking between her round spread bum-cheeks.

"Just do the same as before Joey," she said, "Finger my pussy a little then finger my arsehole." Joey did so, sliding a forefinger in and out of Emma's dripping twat a few times before placing the tip of it to her anus. He pushed, quickly sliding the digit up to the knuckle in Emma's rectum. He worked it in and out, listening to Emma sigh happily as he did so, before he popped his finger from her arsehole.

Now it was time for his cock! He shuffled up to Emma's arse and guided his cock-head to the entrance to her rectum. "That's it, push it in," Emma urged him, feeling Joey's prick pushing against her backdoor, "Ease it up there darling." With a triumphant grunt, Joey popped the head of his prick into Emma's anus.

He held his big sister's hips and - feeling more confident having just done this before with Natalie - he thrust forwards and sank his stiff pecker right up Emma's bum. "Woooh, that is nice," Emma declared, smiling at Demi who watched from nearby, eagerly awaiting her turn, "That is very good!

There's nothing that can beat the feeling of taking a cock up your arse." "Mine's not as big as some of those you've had up here before I bet," Joey cheekily remarked. "True, true," conceded his sister, "But it feels just as good nonetheless. Mmmmm. Fuck me Joey, just like you did with Natalie." "But stop if you feel your about to shoot your cum," Demi warned him, "I want a go next." "Righto," Joey chirped, and the child then got on with buggering his big sister.

He pumped his prick to and fro in Emma's arse, fucking her shitter lovingly whilst Natalie and Demi watched. Emma was moaning and sighing happily. She wasn't doing it for her brother's benefit either, to make Joey feel more confident, she was truly enjoying this. It felt marvelous to have a cock in her arse - she honestly preferred it to being cunt-fucked - but there was something so damn arousing at taking her twelve year old brother's wonderfully stiff prick in her rectum.

She clenched her anus tightly around the boy's shaft, humping back to meet him, her pendulous tits swinging beneath her. "Fuck me Joey, fuck my arse, uuuuuh! Oh yeah, oh God!" "What you can do Joey," Demi began, getting up and kneeling next to Emma, "Is reach under Emma and frig her clit.

As you're still a novice at all this you can just concentrate on fucking her arse and I'll do the frigging." And with that, Demi reached under Emma and began to frig her sister's clit. "Oh yeah, oh wow," gasped Emma, "That's soooo good! Uuuuh. Bum-fucked by my brother and frigged by my sister.mmmmm. That is so fantastic! Yeah! I just know what us three will be getting up to when our parents are away from now on!" "Cool," giggled Joey, overjoyed at the prospect of this fun being repeated.

He continued to sodomize Emma with short and fast thrusts of his cock, really buggering her hard. Demi was busy reaching under her sister and frigging her cunt. It didn't take long before the busty blonde was climaxing hard. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Emma wailed, "UUUUUH! Holy shit! Holy fuck! I'm cumming I'm cumming.uuuuh! Aaaah!" "Wow, that's great," Joey was giggling, thrusting his prick in and out of Emma's rectum, "It's fun making women cum." "That," Natalie declared, "is an attitude that'll get you many girlfriends." "I don't need girlfriends, I've got you and my sisters," sniggered Joey.

"Fucking hell, yeah," panted Emma, her orgasm finally fading. Demi stopped frigging her sister and moved back. "I think I'm almost cumming," Joey declared, "I'd better pull out." He slid his erection from Emma's tight anus and he sat back. "Phew, I'm a bit tired." "Not too tired to fuck me in the arse I hope," Demi said. "No way," grinned her brother. "That was a fantastic fuck," Emma said, turning round, "Thanks honey." She gave Joey a passionate kiss.

"What about me?" asked Demi, "I did half the work in bringing you to that orgasm." "Sorry sis," Emma giggled, "My thanks to you too." She then took her sister by surprise by clamping her lips to Demi's and giving her a long french-kiss too, both sisters spontaneously snaking their tongues into one another's mouths.

Joey - like any boy - found the sight of two sisters, especially his own, snogging to be very arousing! "Nice kisser," Emma said, pulling away from Demi, "almost as good as Joey in fact." She moved aside. "Your turn Demi, bend over and let our baby brother deflower your behind." Demi quickly got on all fours once again, arse spread and ready for Joey's cock.

The boy was getting used to this procedure. Kneeling behind Demi he slid his forefinger into her cunt from behind then pulled it out and worked it up into Demi's behind. He found it interesting that, whilst Natalie and Emma's anuses were bald, Demi had a light ring of hair around her arsehole. Once he'd loosened her sphincter a bit he took his finger out her arse and got into position once again. "Go for it Joey," urged Emma as she sat on the floor next to Natalie.

"Ready sis?" the boy asked Demi. "I sure am darling," confirmed the woman, "Go for it." Joey placed his cock-head to Demi's anus and pushed. There was some resistence at first but Demi was able to over-ride her instinctive urge to tighten her arsehole. She just relaxed her sphincter and, soon enough, her brother's stiff pecker eased into her arse.

"Oh wow," Demi gasped, "Shit! Shit, that feels good!" "It's nice isn't it?" Emma smirked. "It sure is!" replied Demi, "Is it all up there Joey? Right up my bum?" "Not quite," the boy replied, "Only the head is up there.

Hang on." He thrust and buried his three-and-three-quarter-inch prick up to the root in his sister's bum. "There we go." "Aaah, that's so fucking horny," Demi moaned, squirming with delight, "Holy shit, I can't believe I've missed out on this particular brand of pleasure for so long. Mmmmm. Fuck my arse Joey. Fuck me hard!" "You can blow your nuts this time," Natalie said from nearby to Joey, "Go for it! Just hump your sister's arse until you cum." Joey began to work his cock back and forth in Demi's arse, his small hands clapped to her delicious cheeks as he fucked her shitter with energetic little thrusts.

He felt honoured to have taken Demi's anal-cherry.

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He couldn't really tell the difference between her arsehole and those of Natalie's and Emma's - they all felt just as tight as each other - but it was still great to know that it wasn't just him doing this for the very first time. "I think I'll cum soon," Joey said, quickly learning these new phrases and words. "I'm not surprised," smiled Natalie, sipping from a fresh glass of wine, "All this stimulation you're having!

Keep at it kid, you'll have a fantastic orgasm soon." "What do I do when it happens?" asked the boy. "Whaddya mean?" laughed Emma. "Well," Joey shrugged, "all that stuff will shoot out of my dick won't it?" "That's the whole point," Emma said. "You mean, I just squirt it up Demi's bum?" "Sure," Natalie replied, "That's the climax of the whole procedure, silly." "Cool," Joey grinned, working up a sweat as he arse-fucked Demi.

The idea of shooting his juice actually into a woman's body sounded very arousing indeed, especially shooting it up her bottom. He began thrusting with even greater speed, bringing his eldest sister even further pleasure as he ravished her rectum. "Uh, uh, uh, uh," the twelve year old panted as he buggered Demi.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," Demi was grunting, head laying to oneside on the carpet as her brother's prick worked in and out of her turd-tunnel. The boy's pelvis was going SMACK-SMACK-SMACK against her buttocks, his slender erection pumping back and forth in her hungry hairy arsehole.

Natalie and Demi watched as they sat on the floor nearby. They both fancied another go at being bum-fucked by Joey, and considered making him stop and doing another round of their arses, but they realized the youngster was eager to blow his load, so they left him to it. There'd be plenty of other occasions, they knew, to enjoy Joey's recently awakened libido. Like tonight perhaps. With their parents away that night, Emma and Demi have a quiet night in with their darling little brother, staying up late into the night to indulge in some similar activities to those enjoyed this afternoon.

Perhaps Natalie could stay the night too. A few moments later, and with lots of cries of ecstasy from both parties, Joey fired his sperm far into the hot depths of Demi's rectum.

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