Granny Lesbians Having Fun Outdoor

Granny Lesbians Having Fun Outdoor
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Monday morning. I've just finished making breakfast for the two most beautiful women on the planet—my wife and daughter—who're probably getting ready to come downstairs any minute now. I work from home, so I usually cook so that my wife can leave and come home easier. My daughter's in high school, but I'll teach how how eventually.

Rather, she'll make me teach her—that girl just loves learning new things. She may not like cooking for her mother, though; Lulu can be really picky. Speaking of, the first to make it downstairs is Lulu, my wife. "Honey, did you leave mine sunny-side-up?

You know that's how I like my eggs." "Yes, honey, I-" "And the bacon isn't too crispy is it?" "No, it's just fi-" "Is the toast toasted? You have to toast the toast.

If you don't toast toast, it's not toast. AND—" I hand her her plate, complete with every tedious little detail she's described. "Don't worry honey, the toast is toast." She brushes some of her styled brown hair over her shoulder and takes the plate in a way that's a bit less than polite. "Then why keep me waiting? I'm a busy woman, you know.

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We can't all have the luxury of working in our boxers from the comfort of our own homes." I'm not mad at her; Lulu's the head of her section at work, so I'd imagine it's stressful.

That, and there's our daughter. She seems to like me more than Lulu, so that agitates her. Before I can reply to her snarky comment, I hear the hasty footsteps of my daughter who's virtually running down the stairs.

She's so energetic; it's cute! "Lulu, not so fas-" "G'morning daddy!" she says as she runs up to me, brown pigtails swinging, wraps her arms around my neck and plants a big, wet kiss—the Good Morning Kiss— on my cheek. It only lands there because I turn my face just before it hits my lips. As usual, this makes Lulu pout. "Daddy, you're so mean!" "Aw, but honey you're too-" "Lulu, you're fifteen. That's far too old to kiss your father on the lips," my wife says, though a bit more angrily than I was going to.

She really is getting older, though. She's already grown into a D-cup bra and she certainly doesn't have the hips of a little girl. The only reason I know this is because my wife talks about it, though.

At the very least, she dresses conservatively—a rock-band t-shirt and regular blue jeans that aren't as tight as most of the girls wear these days mean that I don't have to worry about calls from her school about violating the dress code. "Wow, I'm fifteen? I never knew! School hasn't even started yet and I'm al-ready learning SO much." Lulu has a pretty sharp tongue. Both of them. Yeah, I manage somehow.

"I'm going to teach you what PAIN feels like if you don't-" "Ladies, ladies; can we just enjoy the amazing breakfast that I slaved over a hot stove to make?" The situation calms down and we all eat. My wife stands up and grabs her briefcase and keys, then heads toward the door.

"I'm leaving." "Thank God." Lulu mutters. She stops and turns her head as if to speak, but just sighs and then continues walking. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who still loves in this family. But I know that isn't true.

"Bye honey! Don't give 'em too much hell!" The door closes and she starts her car. She'll be sitting there for a while most likely, arranging her doohickeys and whatnot before pulling off.

My daughter, who's sitting next to me at the dinner table which seats six, leans on my shoulder. "Lulu," I say in my You'd better not tone, trying to be a little fatherly. "You know, dad, school's canceled today." She swirls on of her cute little fingers against my chest. "I can stay home with you!" "Lulu, school is not canceled. Now hurry up, before you miss the bus! I don't wanna have to drive you again." "Okay, okay, I'll go. But give me my Goodbye Kiss!" I stand and take her plate and mine over to the sink.

"Lulu, c'mon." "Fine, fine, I'll go! Jeez. You're supposed to wanna get rid of that old hag, not the cute Lulu." "Lulu, don't talk about your mother that way!" "Bye daddy!" The door closes.

Finally, both of them are gone. Now I can get to work. A moment later, I look out the window to see Lulu's car drive off, but the bus hasn't come yet. I sigh, as I know exactly what this means.

The door bursts open. Lulu parades in with a victorious smirk on her face and comes in for a kiss. But with her mother gone, Lulu feels she has a bit more freedom—enough to place her hands on both sides of my face and force her lips onto mine.

This is the Goodbye Kiss. Unlike the Good Morning Kiss, this one lasts a bit longer.

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I really need to get to work, though, so I'll try to shorten it as much as possible. I reach down between my precious daughter's legs and rub her through her jeans. She moans into the kiss, and I walk her back to the refrigerator to let her rest her back against it. She'll need it. Coincidentally, I hear the schoolbus pass; I know she hears it too, because at the same time, I feel her smile into the kiss. Moments later, her pants are at her knees and my hand has gone into her panties.

One finger is all I use since she's still a virgin. I don't think she's ready for much more. "Hah. hah. daddy. right there." she moans, rolling her hips against my hand as I try desperately to stay in control. Her cute moans and whines pouring into my ear stimulate me more than I should, and remind me that I should've worn more than just a robe and boxers.

Lulu doesn't seem to mind, though. She opens her eyes a bit and looks down, then cracks a smile. "Daddy." she reaches down and unties my robe, then stares at the bulge in my boxer-briefs as she continues kissing me. "How did that fit inside Mom?" Whenever she does this, I swear she gets ten times wetter. "One more time, Lulu, then I'm taking you to school." "But Daddy, I've only cum three times.

why not make it an even five?" "Five isn't even, so like I said, you really need to go to school." She giggles briefly before her next moan. "Hush Daddy.

how can I think when your big manly hand is making my brain scramble?" A little later, Lulu moans out with her next orgasm. She makes sure to do so into my ear; I'm too close to see her face but I'm sure she's looking down, watching my cock throb from anticipation. I shouldn't admit it, I really shouldn't, but. … I want to fuck the living daylights out of my daughter. The worst part about it, I think, is that I'm sure she'd let me. It hasn't come up; we've both kinda just been okay with the touching.

I have to control this situation—we're not lovers, I'm just getting her to school as fast as possible.

She's pretty assertive, just like her mother, so it's not like I can just tell her "no." She changes into some new panties and we get in my car so I can take her to school.

My erection settles down, but I notice that I'd leaked some precum. By the look she's giving me, I can tell that she knows I know. "Something wrong, Daddy?" she smiles innocently, though truly, there's nothing "innocent" about it.


"Nope! All good! Let's get rollin'." Several hours later it's time for her to come home. My wife won't be home for a while though, she works pretty late.

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I wouldn't mind her company, but my daughter couldn't be happier. She opens the door more calmly this time ; I'm on the computer in our study now, finishing up something for my company. There's only a hallway between here and the kitchen, so as soon as she's there, she can see me. "Daaaaddyyyyyyyyy," she calls, putting her backpack down wherever as she walks to the study.

I don't turn from the computer, though. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and leans over me, probably looking at the computer screen. "What'cha doin' Daddy?" "Managing the company's finances, sweetie." She gives me a couple of pecks on the cheek. She's holding me pretty close, so I can feel her breasts press against my back. They're so soft.

"Are you almost done?" "No, it'll take at least another hour." " 'Kay," she stands up and walks off. Did I mention how mature this girl can be sometimes? "I'll be here when you finish, Daddy!" She usually hangs around me, so I'm not sure what she does when she's alone. I guess she listens to her iPod or something.

Whatever she does, she does it quietly, and it makes me proud that I don't have to worry about her being raucous. "Daddy? Almost done?" she asks; it's been exactly an hour, so you can tell her anxious she's been. I'm not gonna lie though: I didn't masturbate after she left, so.

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I'm kinda anxious too. She comes downstairs from her room. At that moment, I realize that I'm not entirely unsure of what she does when she's alone: sometimes, she changes clothes. Now is one of those times. The conservative style she adopts for school and her mother is no more.

From now until her mother comes home, Lulu's dress is. "homey," to say the least. "Daaddyyyyy?" she comes up from behind again, this time though, the air is completely different. I take in a whiff of her perfume that's supposed to be for special occasions. "Almost, baby. Just a little bit longer." She pouts a little.

"Okay. Thirty more minutes, okay?" I chuckle at her giving me a time-frame for my work. "Alright, pumpkin." "Stop it with those weird pet-names. Jeez. I'm not a fruit!" "Pumpkins-" "DON'T say they're vegetables!" she says while giggling.

She's an A-plus student, but I usually correct her a few times a day to tease her. "Okay, I won't say it." She smacks me on the shoulder. "Whatever, Mr. Know-it-all. I'll be waiting, so don't break your promiiiise!" she leaves once again and closes the door. I didn't turn around because I'm sure that if I did, I'd have seen whatever sexy outfit she wore to tease me. I wouldn't be working right now, had that happened.

Thirty minutes later on the nose, she comes back in. "You're done!" she says in a cheerful tone. "Not quite, sugar-buns. I've still got to—" "Daddy." "—finish up, and then—" "Daddy." "—but after that, I'll be pretty much done, and—" She turns the chair around toward her and puts her hands on the armrests. "Daddy." Her face.

is really close to mine. I swallow. I know my daughter of all people shouldn't make me this nervous, but she's wearing the Japanese school uniform she got for Christmas, red skirt and white-and-red top, complete with red heels and white thigh-high stockings, all one size too small. She. may or may not have found her way into my porn folder. I didn't know until she asked her mother for Christmas. Her mom wouldn't refuse like I would've because she doesn't know about my.

interests. She thought it was just cosplay. I'll say one thing: she'd get a lot of attention of a girl like her went out somewhere in a skirt this short. She giggles. "You're speechless! Daddy, you're so cute when you're all flustered!" That description doesn't really fit me. I'm over twice her age! "What? I'm a middle-aged man, I'm not 'cute when I'm all flustered!' And take that off, we didn't buy that just for you to wear whenever." She walks over to the door and closes it.

"Thirty-seven isn't really middle-aged yet. You're still young enough to be cute, daddy." I take this opportunity to turn back around to my desk and get back to work. "Then I'm young enough to finish this before—" She whines like a little kid. Did I say she was mature? Whoops. "Daddyyyy, come oooon! I was waiting all day at school for this! I have to give you your Afternoon Kiss!" I sigh. "Okay, okay, I'm almost done." "I'm waiting in here!" she takes a seat in one of the nearby chairs.

"Fine, just be quiet!" "I won't say a word, Daddy." I'm glad. If there's one thing my daughter does, it's keep her word.

It's been a few minutes, and as she promised, she's kept quiet. It's a bit strange not knowing what she's doing, but from seeing her creamy thighs just above where her stockings end and below where her skirt begins, I'm already back to thinking about her cute little pussy. She's waiting for me, and here I am, working. I kinda feel like a neglectful father, but if it were her way all the time, I'd've been fired long ago.

Still. with a body like that. with a daughter like this, who'll suck my dick all day if I let her stay home, I'm half-tempted to quit my job anyway. Suddenly, I hear something fall under my desk. I try to reach down to get it, but my daughter slips under there first. There's room, but not a ton of room. Enough for her to. oh boy. I don't know how her skirt flipped up, but it did.

Pure white panties grab my eyes as she squeezes between my leg and the edge of the desk, on all fours, trying to retrieve what's probably her cell phone or something. Their shape is as round as volleyballs thanks to the pert, thick rump that my daughter got from her mother. I get stiff just from looking. "Hurry up, sweetheart, you're distracting Daddy." Distracting was a good word.

She keeps looking, or whatever she's doing, and her butt moves left and right in a motion that I can't consider anything other than provocative. It's not a problem for long, though; she moves in and her ass disappears from sight. Maybe now my erection'll subside. At least, that's what I think until she rubs my crotch, feeling up and down on my shaft.

I'd close my legs, but she's probably in there. She. knows how to make it hard for me, in more ways than one. She opens the front of my boxer-briefs and, after some struggling, pulls out my rock-hard dick. I hear a satisfied gasp from her as she does.

Then, I feel it: her warm, soft tongue trailing up my length as she holds its base in her hand. She'll usually make more noise when she's blowing me, but she's making sure to be quiet. The girl knows how to stay within the rules when she gets what she wants, just like her mother. By the time she starts swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, I'm already at my limit; she isn't the only one who's been waiting for her to return home all day.

But I've got to hold out a little longer. Got to show her I'm a man, and I won't cum that easily. She knows me well enough to know that those're my intentions, which is probably why she wraps her succulent little mouth around my dick and starts sucking. My legs wriggle as I struggle to hold in my orgasm, which I know'll be big since I've been holding it in since this morning. She wants it though—really wants it—so she starts jerking me smoothly, yet quickly as she sucks, half the length of my cock stuffed in her mouth.

I'm defeated. I let out a loud moan and unload, filling her mouth faster than she can swallow. Some oozes out of her mouth and onto my crotch and her hand. After swallowing what went into her mouth she gives my cock a kiss (the Afternoon Kiss), but still doesn't say anything. She just crawls out from underneath the desk; but, before she gets up, I'm totally unable to resist giving her ass a few "well done" pats.

"Alright, I'm done for now. You can go ahead talk." "YOU CAME TOO SOON!" "Shh! Do you want the neighbors to hear?" "But Daddy." she takes a hand of mine and pulls it to her breast, "I was gonna use my tits! I didn't really think you'd cum.

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How come you don't cum as fast when you fuck Mom?" Whoa. That's a loaded question if I ever heard one.


"Um. you're uh." I can't find an answer. The fact that she's looking at me earnestly and curiously and not with her I want you to say this or that face just makes it harder to answer.

Suddenly, her faces lights with glee. "I'm sexier?! I turn you on more than Mommy?" She hit the nail on the head. I don't know if it's her age or the fact that she's my daughter, but Lulu's really had an edge on her mother since we started this a month ago.

Even before that, she turned me on in other ways, but that's a story for another day. "I didn't say that! And. clean yourself up!" "Shouldn't you clean me up? You're the one who just up and blew your load in my mouth and didn't even give me time to swallow it all." It's times like this when she says really vulgar things that I can catch her off-guard.

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"Well if I'd cum on your cute little face, then you'd have a lot more cleaning to do, and your uniform would be pretty sticky, too." She pauses, mouth open in disbelief.

I don't always use vulgar language, but when I do, I surprise the hell out of her. It especially gets her when I call her cute—she knows the difference between me calling her "daughter" cute and "lover" cute.

But we aren't lovers, so I don't often say it. "I. I'm going upstairs." She turns around, doesn't look back, and leaves the room, closing the door behind her. Just when I think I can get back to work, she opens the door again.

". You come up, too, when you finish. We can.


watch something on my laptop." she says before leaving again. As generous as her offer is, I think we both know that if I go up there, we won´t be watching movies.