Sexy Wife Loves to Lick the Ass and The Dick Of Her Man

Sexy Wife Loves to Lick the Ass and The Dick Of Her Man
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I figured it was time to do a story of my own, something simple and cute. As always I hope you enjoy & please leave comments, Enjoy Ours A Daddy & Babygirl story By Auora ------------------------- "Oww" I cry out as I bend over and grab the counter top. Daddy comes rushing into the kitchen "Whats wrong babygirl?" My tummy hurts daddy" I tell daddy.

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"It's okay babygirl come here" as daddy take me and get me to sit on the bar stool."Babygirl were is the baby?" As daddy feels around on my tummy. I just laugh for a second smiling at daddy,"in my belly daddy were eles?" As I look down at him. Daddy just smiles and says"No babygirl I mean which side, remember what the doctor said?" That the baby will move around daddy" as I look at you for conformation."Very good babygirl" daddy says giving me a kiss.

"Now babygirl which side is the baby on?" As daddy looks and waits for me to point,"its on my left side daddy, I think right here" as I move your hand to the spot"Good babygirl, it should just means your tummy is upset.


Let me get you some medicine and then we'll go lay down." Daddy says as he gets up and heads for the hall closet."But daddy its movie night and we planed this all week." as I head toward daddy pouting.

Daddy looks over at me"No babygirl your tummy hurts and I'm not taking any chances on you or the baby" as daddy reaches over and rubs my stomach. "But daddy" I continue "I'm fine and so is the baby just an upset tummy. Lets go" as I grab daddy's hand and try to pull him along. When daddy suddenly pulls me to a stop,"No babygirl were not going out tonight, you're going to take you medication and come lay down with me. Or you will take your medicine and can go sleep in your room tonight by yourself with a sore bottom.

So which will it be ladybug?" "I want to watch a movie with you please daddy"I say with my eyes adverted "Yes you can babygirl, here" daddy says as he put the tums to my lip. Its the chewable one grape flavor so there not that bad to take.


As I'm chewing daddy takes my hand and heads to our room. "Daddy can we watch a scary movie?" As I walk over to your dresser side and look for an old tee shirt. Daddy just chuckles to him self for a moment"yes babygirl we can what movie?" I take off my pants and shirt then I put the tee shirt on and get in the bed next to you."Cabin in the woods daddy" I you with a smile"Are you sure babygirl you've see it a thousand times" daddy says turning to me."duh I want to watch it daddy, its less scary the one thousands and one time" I say giggling.

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" okay babygirl" as daddy leans over and kisses me. "One day you'll be laying beside me" daddy says.Daddy kisses my belly then he goes over to turn the TV off. " Time for bed baby girl" I smile rolling on my side as Daddy slip back into bed with me.Snuggling close into Daddy" I love you daddy ""I love you baby girl"."And daddy loves our baby too" he say as he rubs my belly Then Daddy roll's me onto my back kissing his way down my legs.

Spreading them as he pull the blankets back .Daddy stops and breathes in my sweet aroma that was trapped beneath the covers."Is that for me baby girl ?"Daddy ask"I smile, its only for you daddy. " As I spread my legs wider and eagerly push daddy towards my wet pussy.He just smiles and takes his time though ,having made love to me so many times he knows kitty is just getting started.

Daddy gives my kitty a quick kiss and he comes back up to my nipples.

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Daddy linger's sucking on my little nipples into his mouth. Daddy know this makes me all tingly. I start to move my little hips as I moan softly. Daddy finally works his way down to kitty giving me the be patient look; as I feel the slide of daddy's tongue on kitty.

Which yield's a mouth full of my juices. Daddy moves back up ,gently biting my nipple causing me to gasp.Before Daddy sucks it back into his mouth to ease the pain.When my hand slides down slowly to my pussy ,as it always does.

My fingers touch kitty in hopes of satisfying her daddy slaps my hand."Daddy", as I let out a gasp."Bad baby girl "as daddy has told me every night from the first night,"Your body is daddy's not your own."Yes daddy I'm sorry", as I give daddy a sad look.

As all the other night I know what's next hesitantly I lick my juices from my fingers before daddy tells me to.Daddy smiles," Babygirl I love you" he say before taking my hard nipple back into his mouth.

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I smile back " I love you daddy." "Daddy there will be milk soon."I say "Yes baby girl there will be" Daddy says smiling like he was the night we first made love.The night I became a woman to the world but daddy's baby girl forever. Daddy sucks a little harder thinking of that night and also hoping maybe tonight is the night they yield their drops of milk.I moan as I enjoy the pleasure knowing what daddy is trying to get.Daddy relent though, maybe tomorrow daddy think's with a smile knowing kitty will be his reward tonight.

My sweet juices already glistening leaking down my little crack and cover my little anus.No longer shy about my body like that first night. I reach down for daddy not touching kitty but spreading her for him. Daddy smiles as he starts at my little rosebud teasing it with his tongue, I squirm wishing daddy would leave that alone and go to kitty.

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"Daddy please no" I say to daddy. I try to wiggle away but daddy puts a hand on my tummy to steady me and to keep me in place. "Babygirl if that's what's daddy wants you'll give it to him won't you?" As he gives me a serious look.

I put my head down and answer "Yes daddy." Daddy smiles and moves to kitty, its a slow trip as his tongue slips up between my lips .Stopping to slide inside of me only briefly, not nearly long enough as I want. Daddy suck in each little lip cleaning my juices from kitty as he move toward my hard throbbing clit .I gasp and moan as daddy's mouth reach it.

Daddy's sucking on it like he had with my nipples.Daddy's mouth tease kitty more with his tongue.I squirm knowing what's Daddy's going to do next.

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He always slides two fingers inside kitty while he licks me.Except those nights were I'm bad. "Were you bad tonight baby girl?" looking at daddy knowing how I answer will either get me in more trouble or I can get pleasure. I look at daddy then I look away as I quietly say "yes daddy I was a bad girl."I act sorry and reluctant but I know why daddy asked.

I feel daddy's fingers slowly slide inside my little wet pussy. I tense a little as daddy takes my clit back into his mouth.I try to relax as I feel daddy's finger press inside my rose bud ,it slides in easy from kitty juices.Daddy moans as he licks and sucks harder.

His fingers moving faster inside both of my tight little holes.I lay panting as my body tense making daddy's fingers in my pussy feel even better.Making the one in my rose bud hurt a little.Just as I cry out daddy removes his fingers and starts to suck up all my juices.

Daddy continue licking kitty as she quivers putting his fingers to my mouth as he always does.I quickly suck the two from kitty as I look at the other finger.Then I look at daddy, with a mischievous and curious look.Daddy smiles after all theses years my babygirl still looks so innocent. As I take daddy's finger into my mouth like it was the first time all over again.