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Well this is the wildest thing to ever happen in my life, my name is Jaime and I am twenty three I have been married for three years.

My husband is a loving and caring man with a normal sex drive and an adequate cock, so I don't understand what is wrong with me. I was raped a month ago and every since he hasn't wanted to touch me sexually, it has been very lonely and frustrating for me.

He says that he wants to give me time to get over it, but I think he is the one who needs to get over it. It used to be that when he saw me naked he would get a raging hard on and pounce on me but now he just looks away. And to top it all off he decided to buy a guard dog, I was against it but he took me along to look for a dog. He tried to push me toward the Rottweiler's or German Sheppard but I kept looking at the cute cuddly dogs, but he insisted it needed to be a big dog, in the end I picked a great Dane because it reminded me of "Astro" on the "Jetsons" cartoon.

Well with that done when we got home I thought maybe now he will want to make love again, I tried for days to get him exicted but he just ingnored me and played with "Astro." Now it has gotten so bad that when he goes to work I am so horny I can't stand it and I masturbate intensely, the bad part is that I fantasize about the rape.

The man who raped me was a tall white guy built like a farm boy, you know big and stocky, and his cock was huge it matched his size, I would say maybe eight or nine inches long and four maybe four and a half inches around. Let me tell you it was a feat for him to fit that monster inside me, I am five foot even and weigh in at maybe one hundred pounds. Any way I had to run out to the store late one night for cigarettes and after I bought the pack and walked out of the mini mart there he was, at first I didn't notice him but when I passed by him I saw him out of the corner of my eye turning to follow me.

I wasn't thinking about it until I heard his footsteps closing in behind me, I glanced back over my shoulder and saw him, that was the last thing I remember until I woke up in the end zone of the high school football field.

He had stripped me naked and had tide my wrist above my head to the goal post. I was frightened when I came to, seeing him stand over the top of me pulling off his shirt and unbuckling his belt. I started to scream when he leaned down over the top of me and whispered, "If you stay quite when I'm done you'll get to go home!" I wanted to scream again but his eyes told me that if I complied I wouldn't be hurt.

I lay there the, cool short grass tickling my back as I stared up at him while he lowered his pants and then dropped his boxer shorts, I gasped seeing his cock spring out, like I said it was amazing. I whimpered and cried as he layed down next to me and started to caress my body his large hands made my frame look like a child in comparison.

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He ran his fingers up my belly and gently cupped my "A" cup breast as he nuzzled my neck and then began to tug at my hard nipples. I gasped and groaned pulling at my binds but he had tied me too good. I didn't know what to do I had to submit but he was being so tender it was actually feeling nice. He kissed and suckled my earlobes as he worked his hand over my tummy again, I really started to wrestle with the ropes and roll away from him knowing he was moving to my vagina.

It really was no use he rolled slightly on top of me pinning me down and worked his finger through my trimmed pussy hair.

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He worked up and down my slit and though I had started to clamp my legs closed he got in between and was using my own juice to lather me up. In spite of myself I was already feeling excited and my mind was trashed trying to figure out what was happening. While he was playing with my pussy he moved his head down to my chest and started to suck on my nipples, I gritted my teeth, feeling his tongue and lips working on my aching areola, it was agony the anticipation waiting for the feeling of him to start sucking my nipple.

Suddenly he scooped it up between his lips and I was lost, I felt my hips start to undulate as his fingers worked over my clit and into my sopping wet pussy. He kept this up for nearly ten minutes and I was racked with guilt because he was making me so hot and it was rape after all.

Next he moved down my body and worked his lips over my stomach and to my mound I was nearly hyperventilating feeling his lips grasping my pussy hairs and tugging gently teasing me before he pushed his tongue down on my clit. Again my conflicting thoughts had me making mock protest in whimpering whispers while my hips rose up to meet his oral assault. His tongue flicked over my clit and he sucked it in between his lips, I spread my legs wider letting his head drop down between and he worked his tongue into my wet pussy.

I tried not to like it but I was moaning and withering there in the grass tied to a post with a stranger giving me incredible oral sex, I was gasping and moaning feeling like I was ready to explode. I had completely forgot about crying or protesting now I could feel the tear stains drying on my cheeks as I huffed out in a raspy, lusty tone.

I was so close it didn't matter who it was I just wanted to cum he was working my clit so good I could hardly stand it. Suddenly he stopped and I felt my body still moving I wanted to tell him to keep it up but I couldn't, I had to submit my body but if I went vocal I knew my mind was gone.

My eyes fluttered open and I watched as he got up and walked around between my legs standing there his enormous cock jutting out proudly, my eyes went wide seeing the massiveness of it again. Then he dropped to his knees in between my legs his cock bounced and flopped slapping it's head on my thigh, I gasped and found my sanity again realizing he was about to put that huge thing inside me.

I started to cry and roll away, but he grabbed my twisting hips with his big hands and pinned me flat to the ground. I was in shock watching between my legs as he lowered himself on me, I was muttering, "NO, oh please NO!" I felt the bulbous head nudging at my opening and in a last ditch effort I tugged on the ropes trying to pull away I slipped away on the dewy grass and started to kick at him but he grabbed my ankles and pulled me back down.

I had spent all my energy on that last escape attempt and was huffing in air I let out a deep groaning gasp as I felt the head of his cock slip between my wet pussy lips. Unable to fight anymore I only managed a feeble verbal struggle saying, "PLEASE, I am married, I have been with only one man?" If he heard me he didn't show it as he attempted to slide his cock into me I shrieked at the sheer size of it and the sudden thrust then whimpered, "It won't fit, it's so big, my pussy is too small?' That he heard and, he whispered in my ear, "By the end of the night it won't be too big for your pussy!" I whined and whimpered but he continued to push the massive cock into me I gasped and withered then with a groan managed to say "SLOWLY, please?" My statement shocked me at first then I thought to myself, "I am just trying to make it less painful" but that was lame justification.

With that he moved with more care as he eased it inside me filling me up with his thick cock. Soon he had it all in my aching pussy and began to move I was shocked that he fit it inside me and watched with wonder as he began to pump in and out of me slowly.

I became ashamed of myself as I marveled that I could fit such a big dick in my little pussy and it actually felt good.

He knew what he was doing he had worked me up to the edge of orgasm with his tongue on my pussy and now his cock was sawing away inside of me the upper edge of his shaft gnawing away at my clit. His mouth was working back and forth on my tiny tits licking and sucking hard on each sensitive nipple and I was arching my back and pressing them into his face.

My nipples were tender and aching but it felt so erotic as he began to nibble them gently with his teeth. My husband never paid much attention to my breast during sex so this was all new to me. I bit my lip to stifle a moan but the longer he fucked me the closer I got to orgasm and before long I was raising my hips to meet his thrust and moaning like a whore. I squealed and wrapped my legs around his ass thrusting my hips at him burying his cock inside me as I came, I was shuddering and whimpering incoherently as my orgasm coursed through my body.

Then I dropped back down and I lay limp as he kept pumping away my body rocking with the rhythm of his penetrating thrust my tiny tits jiggling lightly, my hard nipples glistening with his saliva, it felt heavenly having his big cock sloshing away inside me as I came down from my orgasm. Suddenly he picked up speed and was really ramming me deep and almost painful, he was grunting hard and low my whole body shook as he gripped my hips and lifted me up impaling me with his throbbing cock.

I could feel it twitching inside me and my eyes shot open and wide as I knew he was going to cum. I cried out, "OH NO, PLEASE DON'T CUM INSIDE ME I'M NOT ON THE PILL!" If he heard that he showed no sign as he collapsed on top of me and I felt the hot jets of his cum filling me up and squirting out around the base his cock where it was embedded between my wide, stretched pussy lips and it began to drizzle down my ass cheeks.

I clenched my eyes closed and shuddered feeling the slippery jism working around his cock and the wet sloshing noises that came from my pussy. I whimpered in shock, my husband and I had always practiced the rhythm method and he would pull out and gently spray his load on my belly. Now it felt like gallons of sperm were swimming in my womb, I started to cry again thinking about what might happen but he just kept pumping his cock back and forth urging more cum into me and to my shame it made me have a secondary orgasm.

I was shocked when he leaned down and gently touched his lips to mine my eyes shot wide open, I thought "My God he was trying to kiss me?" I clamped my mouth closed but he kept his lips working on mine until they parted and his tongue slipped inside. His tongue found mine and began to flick it back and forth in an erotic dance that was so sensuous that I couldn't help myself and I kissed back.

When the kiss broke he lowered his head back to my chest and began working on my breast again, I just stared up the length of yellow goal post and took in the stars waving back and forth in the sky my head rolling up and back with the rhythm of his thrust.

He had not finished with me yet and proceeded to fuck me four more times that night each time I shamelessly had a mind blowing orgasm and a series of mini orgasms when he would flood my pussy with his cum. I felt so guilty as I let him kiss me and even enjoyed kissing back with equal enthusiasm and having him play with my tits made me hornier than I have ever been in my life.

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After the last fuck I thought he would be done but he kept pumping away until his cock was hard again inside me, then he pulled it out of me and crawled up kneeling by my head. I looked over at his cock the head was nearly purple and the shaft had thick blue veins that coursed up the length the taught skin was pink and raw looking and I assumed it got that way from being gripped by my tiny pussy, I felt him gently cup the back of my head and I looked up into his eyes, I could tell what he wanted but I was so weak I feebly clamped my mouth tight as he nudged his cockhead at my face.


He smeared the mixture of our juices over my cheeks and lips as I made a muffled whine, I could smell my musky cunt juice on my upper lip as he rubbed his cock over my chin and back up. I had never sucked my husband's cock after he had put it inside of me but something about the smell and feel of his spongy cock head on my face was exciting to me.

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He placed a thumb on my chin and applied gentle pressure and I simply gave up and opened my mouth, the enormous head slipped past my lips and over my tongue as he pulled my head toward his crotch. I just held his cock in my mouth as he held my head up for me then I began to gently suckle then bob my head and finally began to blow my rapist.

He was moaning and tossing his head back and forth as I sucked his cock, he would look down on my tear stained face and comment how pretty I looked, my husband never said anything when I gave him head, just grunted.

Soon he began to pull my head toward him and pump his cock into my mouth. All of a sudden he held my head still and began to quake, my eyes went wide as I realized he was going to cum in my mouth.

I made a muffled plea and I wrenched my head back and forth trying to dislodge his twitching cock but it was useless.

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I could feel his hot sperm spurt out onto my tongue, huge gobs sliding down my lapping tongue to the back of my throat choking me until I swallowed it. I had never swallowed my husband's load; he never seemed to want that, he just wanted me to make him hard in my mouth before he made love to me. But now I could feel the residual cum pressing out passed my lips clamped on his cock and rolling down my chin and neck, something about the way he was making that animalistic grunting moan was turning me on and I kept sucking until he pulled his cock from my gasping mouth.

I don't know what came over me but I layed there as he let go of my head craning my neck and kissing all along his shaft while her rubbed his dripping cock all over my face. The next thing I remembered was the cold spray of the field sprinkler as it shot out over me, I shook my head and watched as the osculating head turned the flow and traveled away from me, I looked around and it was daylight.

I looked down my body my legs were spread wide and I could see my pussy was gaping wide from the fucking I had got all night long, my tits were standing up and the nipples were still hard as a rock they were red and raw. As the spray of water struck again and washed the sperm and sweat from my belly and pubes I gasped as the cold stinging spray worked its way up my body to my face. I squealed in shock and then I heard a voice all back, I dropped my head back onto the ground in the wet grass with a splash and turned to look where the voice had come from.

I saw the grounds keeper running toward me then I closed my eyes again, the next thing I remember was sitting in the hospital being probed and prodded for a rape kit they told me and the police asking intimate questions.

What he did, how many times, if he orgasmed, if I had when he raped me all this in front of my shell shocked husband. I related the whole story but for some reason, though I had seen my assailants face hovering over me for nearly six hours I couldn't describe him. Or though I had felt his cum gushing into my aching pussy and mouth I couldn't remember that either.

And I surely wasn't going to tell them in front of my husband that had more orgasms than in our entire three years of marriage in one night.

A month later to the day and we got a call from the police telling us that the DNA evidence was no good, but that they were still working the case, my husband was devastated and left for work without even kissing me good bye. That was this morning and now I in the shower soaping my body the events of that night are in my head and I am furiously working my soapy fingers on my clit and pinching my nipples hard gasping and huffing trying to bring on an orgasm.

A sudden shock of reality as I hear "Astro" bark and I whimper and give up, rinsing off I let the water spray over my heated body until it ran cold then decide to climb out of the shower.

As I am drying off the dog bumps the door with his snout and pushes it open, at first I am startled not knowing what had caused the door to swing open so rapidly then his big head pops in with his tongue dangling from his panting mouth. I gasped then giggled seeing his friendly face and step over and pat his head and scratch his ears, he laps at my hand and arm as if he can taste something on them maybe the soap?

I pat him on the head one more time then and tell him to scoot off then lean up and start to dry my hair, "Astro" plops down on his hind end on the bathroom rug and watches me, I just smile and tell him, "Okay boy if you want to watch me brush my hair, it's your choice?" I drop my towel and start to run my fingers through my hair loosening up the tangled strands as I am doing this I hear him huffing, I look in the mirror at his reflection he has his head tilted up and is sniffing the air, I look back over my shoulder and around wondering what it is that he smells.

I dismiss it and reach for my brush on the back of the toilet. I shriek as I feel his cold nose press into my ass cheeks and that is when I realize what it is that he smelled in the air, my own sexual sent had him curious. I feel his long tongue snake out between my slightly spread legs and lap from my clit to my asshole in one long lap. He makes four or five quick lashes at my wet cunt before I can react and I gasp and shiver half from fright half from the sensation.

I gain my control again and I lean upright quickly and swat at his muzzle trying to push his face out of my crotch, he shakes his head as I scold him and try to push him out of the bathroom. But he is intent and the smell is driving him wild, suddenly he growls and bares his teeth I become frightened and retreat back into the bathroom and close the door, standing there with my back to the door panting with the exertion I stare at my naked reflection in the mirror.

I quickly close my eyes and whimper and cry but my mind is on his tongue rasping over my hard clit and for a brief time how good it felt, suddenly I feel a hard thump on the door and I am pushed head long face forward onto the bathroom rug.

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I must have bumped my head on the toilet and blacked out, when I awoke I was sprawled on the floor and I could feel "Astro" licking between my legs again. I was still groggy and softly swatted at his head missing every time; he was really going at it his tongue working up and down my ass crack and over my swollen pussy lips. I gasped as I felt his tongue swirl over my clit and then poke into my wet pussy, he works it back and forth inside me drinking in my pussy juice and I start to moan.

"What the hell is going on what has gotten into this dog" I am asking myself but I feel my hips moving in time with his tongue it feels so good inside me. I lay there for several minutes really just letting my dog lick my pussy before I look back over my shoulder and watch him work then my gaze works its way down his long lean body. I gasp in shock as I see his pink cock head poking out of its furry sheath, my sanity comes back, and quickly I jump up and bolt through the door and start down the hallway.

But my feet are still wet and I slip on the hardwood and tumble to the floor, Astro is right on my heelsI manage to get to my hands and knees before I feel his heavy paws on my shoulders.


I scream in fear as he starts to mount me, I am struggling and trying to crawl away but he weighs almost one hundred and fifty pounds and has his whole body up on my back. Suddenly I feel his hips thrusting and the poking of his cock head at and around my pussy and ass, I screech loudly but he is too engrossed to even hear it, just as quickly he found his mark and I feel his cockhead poke between my wet pussy lips.

I gasp and he starts to thrust harder, now I can feel the length becoming unsheathed and penetrating me and I begin to sob and cry. His hot breath is panting out on the back of my neck his tongue drooling saliva down onto my back as he fucks me.

With each thrust more of his cock is stretching out from his sheath and slipping inside me to my dismay, he is heavy on my back and I drop down on my elbows. This must have given him a better angle because now his cock began to really grow inside me, I didn't know how long a dog cock could be but it was deep.

He started to thrust in earnest and I was grunting with each poke of his cock. I could feel something larger on his shaft and realized that it was his knot. My eyes went wide as I realized he was going to try and push that into my pussy as well, I clawed at the slick floor but could gain no ground and suddenly I felt the bulb of flesh push past my pussy lips and penetrate.

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It really hurt at first it was massive I was sobbing as my dog fucked me hard, but then something inside of me started to break and I was pushing back at him. I gasped in shock as I fucked back at my dog realizing what I was doing I whimpered, "N-N-no don't want to cum on a dog dick" But it was too late and my orgasm ripped through my groin up my spine and over my belly, my pussy was clutching at his knot and Astro was grunting now feeling my strong pussy muscles massaging his doggy cock.

Now he started to plow into me even harder his paws clutching at my shoulder blades and his toe nails digging in the feeling threw me into another orgasmic torrent and I thrashed around under him like a bitch in heat.

I could feel his pace quicken and for some reason sanity worked its way back into my warped mind and I cried out, "OH NO, ASTRO DON'T YOU DO IT!" But it was too late and I could feel his hot cum squirting deep in my pussy I began to sob again as another series of mini orgasms rippled through me and I was thinking, "What is wrong with me I just got raped by my dog and I liked it?" Astro tried to pull back but we were knotted and as hard as he tried to pull back he just tugged me along with him it was hurting and I was gritting my teeth and begging him to stop.

He lifted his paws and stepped to the side then around behind me so we were ass to ass and tried pull free but he just dragged me down the hallway with his cock stuck in my pussy. I whimpered and sobbed until we got to the living room and he layed down on the carpet in front of the television. I lay there on my side with my dogs cock embedded in my pussy one his paws draped over my shoulder waiting for his knot to shrink up so his cock would slide out of me.

After about ten minutes it still hadn't subsided and I began to worry but I thought maybe if I helped him relax. I petted his furry coat and patted his haunches as he began to lick my face, at first it was alright then I started to get disgusted with myself because it felt good having my pussy full and him "kissing" me.

Soon it shrank enough and plopped out of me I rolled away and stood up feeling his trapped sperm trickle down my thighs once I had gotten to my feet. I looked back at him he lay there with his tongue dangle from his mouth as he leaned his head up looking at me with those big dark innocent eyes and I just shook my head and said, "It's not your fault you just followed your instincts" then I headed to the bathroom to clean up again.

I squatted on the toilet and squeezed out the remainder of my dogs cum before I took a wash cloth and wiped my aching raw pussy clean.

I stood up and looked back over my shoulder at the scratches Astro had left on my back and I hicked a quick sob picked up my towel and wrapped it around my body and walked out of the bathroom toward the bedroom. I sat down on the bed sobbing with my face in my hands the tears trickling through my fingers then I felt a presence in the room, Astro was there he came up to me and started to lick my tear drops from my hands and when I pulled them away he was licking them from my cheeks.

I pushed him away and scolded him saying, "NO, bad dog, you fucked me and that is a bad dog!" He was laying his head on my lap and nuzzling and I just couldn't be mad at him I started to stroke his face gently then he shocked me by nuzzling his snout up under my towel toward my pussy.

Apparently he wasn't done yet, I pushed his head away and started to crawl up the bed scooting my ass but this succeeded in dragging the towel from around my body. Astro followed me on the bed and again I could see the pink head of his cock working out of his sheath, I was terrified and not thinking when I tumbled off the bed. I shook my head and reached up and took hold of the mattress to lift myself and pulled my torso onto the bed.

I looked around where Astro had been but he was gone. I dropped my head onto the sheets in relief my ass bent over the edge, then I felt him pounce on me I screamed but he had me pinned to the mattress and was working at me again.

I tried to crawl up onto the bed but my lower half was trapped at the hip beneath his weight and I could feel his cock poking at my backside again. I was sobbing and begging the dog to get off of me but he held me down with all his weight. Either it was the angle I was at or his aim wasn't as good but I suddenly felt his cock head poking at my asshole.

I had never had anal sex my husband and I had never really thought of that as making love. My eyes went wide and I struggled to pull free but suddenly his cockhead made its painful entrance into my anus, I screamed a shrill loud long cry of pain as his cock head shucked past my anal ring.

I was trying to move away but he just kept pumping until I felt the knot and my whole body trembled as he bore down and drilled it into my ass, it hurt so bad I must have passed out. When I came to he was pumping away his cock making long deep strokes into my ass and for some reason although it hurt I knew I could bare it. He kept pumping away until I felt his cock expand and then I felt his hot sperm jetting out into my ass, I shuddered and came along with my dog this time his knot shrank rather quickly and he tugged his cock out of my stretched ass with a painful pop.

I lay there gasping, my heart pounding in my chest having just had my first anally induced orgasm and from a dog at that. I was so weak that I just lay there as I felt Astro licking his jizz from my asshole and I just shivered from the feeling of his tongue working over my pussy lips and up my ass crack it really was soothing.

Whatever it was something must have sparked in his libido but Astro made to mount me again this time I knew I couldn't get away but I scooted my hips up onto the mattress a bit and pushed my face down burying it in the sheets. This worked as he managed to thrust into my pussy this time I was quite and obedient as he pumped his cock in me and even wiggled my ass back sliding my pussy over his knot so he wouldn't have to work so hard.

I turned my head to the side as he pounded away and let him lap his tongue lovingly at my tear stained cheeks I even flicked my tongue out licking his tongue as well. He fucked me through three orgasms before his knot ballooned and he filled me with his cum and gently pulled out of my aching pussy then leaned down and licked me clean in the process giving me another series of mini orgasms.

He climbed up on the bed and lay down with his red cock at my face as if he wanted me to reciprocate when I didn't move right away he scooted closer nudging his cock on my cheek. I obediently licked my juices from him as he had done for me I even sucked on the head of his cock pulling small steams of cum into my mouth and swallowing them eagerly. When he was done he hopped off the bed and trotted off out of the bedroom like nothing was wrong and I picked myself up with aching limbs and went to the bathroom for another shower this time locking the door before I did.


As I washed the doggy scent from my sex wracked body I thought how this could happen to me. Raped by a man a month ago and now by my own dog today what was it that made me their target? When five o'clock arrived I heard my husband's car pull into the driveway and I waited for him to come in he seemed to be chatting with one of the neighbors for a long time before he made his way to the door.

I was sitting on the couch trying to think of a way to tell him his dog had raped his pregnant wife or even if I should. When he stepped in he was accompanied by another man announcing him as the breeder, I looked up and was in total shock it was my rapist.

I hardly heard my husband saying that this was the man who raised Astro, now I knew where the dog got it, and he had moved in next door but as I stared at the stranger I knew I couldn't tell my husband about the dog or the positive pregnancy test I took earlier today not today at least.

I kept looking at the "Breeder" and knew my life would never be the same, his eyes held a knowing look and his wry smile showing he had not forgotten me. I smiled and stood up and shook the man's hand with a cold chill crawling up my spine as with a sweet tone he asked, "Have we met before?" I smiled back and said, "Maybe?" He shook his head with wink and said, "I am sure it will come to us!" My husband was looking back and forth between us inquisitively but in the end just shrugged it off.

The thrill of it was maddening and as I invited him to supper with my husband and I, I knew I had resigned myself to be a rape magnet from now on.