Geile Br uuml_nette in Fickmich Stiefeln einfach in der K uuml_che gefickt

Geile Br uuml_nette in Fickmich Stiefeln einfach in der K uuml_che gefickt
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It was getting late. The time was 5pm Monday and Jenny was ready to leave. Jenny was a hearing test nurse. She would soon fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Lee came in and asked Jenny to perform one more test. He introduced me to her. John Malone is tall, muscular with thick gray hair that hung in my face in a way that made her want to melt. I was a typical man's man. But it was my eyes. my piercing green eyes that gave her shivers.

I was moving towards her. I wore jeans and a button-up shirt. The sound proof test room was large, cold and clinical. It had all the necessary items with a chair in the middle of the room. Then. the lights went out and she heard the door shut. She dropped the items in her hand and ran to the door, She was locked in.

" Haha, very funny. You got me; now let me out." She tried to sound brave and sarcastic but her voice was too small and shaky. Her heart was beating in her ears and a rush of adrenaline got the better of her. Shivers went up her spine when she felt someone moving in the dark.

Her breath started to quicken and her knees went weak. " BOOO!" someone yelled from the dark and Jenny let out a shrill yelp. She was crying by this time, she was so petrified.

The lights immediately went on and I was standing in front of her laughing so hard I had to clutch my sides. " You should have seen the look on your face, Jenny!" Argh. She felt like an idiot. She was so embarrassed and so angry that her face went bright red. " That was very cruel and I don't appreciate you stalling me like this. I have things to do and I don't have time for games, Mr. Malone. So if you would be so kind as to open the door so I may get on with my job, that would be great." She spoke in an assertive and stern manner so that I would know that she was not playing around or in the mood for my games.

I stopped laughing and looked at her. I was a little too close for comfort and I towered over her. " Now you see, Jenny, I can't do that." " Well why the fuck not?" she was getting angry now and she tried to step away from me but I blocked her way.

" Because I want you, Jenny, ever since I laid eyes on you in your sexy, little nurse's outfit. I simply have to have you." My voice was low and seductive and Jenny felt trapped and scared. Jenny was so appalled at my audacity that she instinctively brought her hand up to slap me.

I caught it in my hand and twisted it behind her back, pulling her closer to me. " No! Stop it!" she yelled but nobody else around and we were in a sound proof room. I leaned down and started to kiss her passionately and with her free hand she tried to push me away. I was a lot stronger than she was and she started to panic and so she bit my lip as hard as she could.

" Ouch! Jesus Jenny that fucking hurt!" I grabbed her other arm and pulled it behind her back, and then pinned her against the wall. " I've always liked a little fire in women." I said, in a sadistic tone.

Jenny was struggling now. Kicking and thrashing and bucking until she finally gave up and realized there was no way she was going to get away from me.

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" That's a good girl, just relax. Hey, maybe you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy our time together." I let out a little laugh that she didn't appreciate. My hands slid to the hem of her shirt and started lifting it upwards.

" Put your arms up, Jenny." I let go of her arms and released her from my grip. She raised her arms and I slowly took off her shirt. " Fuck, Jenny. You have such a beautiful body." I wasn't lying.

Jenny had a gorgeous body. She was curvy and had small C breasts.


Her skin was pale and soft, matching her bright blue eyes and long black hair perfectly. Jenny begins to sob, thinking I was mocking her. I ignored her sobs and reached around to unclasp her bra, freeing her breasts. Her nipples immediately hardened in the cold. I started to knead her breasts with both hands, never taking my lips off of hers as I did.

" Kiss me back. I promise I'll be nice to you if you just do what I say. If you don't, I'm going to have to tie you up and fuck you dry." The thought made her wince and so she began kissing me back.


I was definitely a talented kisser, this surprised her. My hands moved and started paying attention to her nipples. I pulled on them and rubbed them and twisted them. My mouth then left hers and I sucked one nipple into my mouth and proceeded to play with the other one in my fingers.

I alternated between breasts and after a while Jenny found herself pushing her nipples into my mouth. She was sure I noticed, I didn't comment in case she stopped. She was losing herself in my expert touch. She had never had a man handle her like this. She was brought back down to earth when the sucking stopped.

" Jenny, baby, are you wet for me?" " No!" she yelled and unsuccessfully tried to struggle away from me. She knew I would find out and she knew I would be pretty pleased with myself. This was the last thing she wanted. I slowly removed her pants and I could already smell her wetness. " Mmmmm baby you smell so fucking good. I knew your pussy would smell good.

I bet it tastes like heaven." She was crying now, she was so embarrassed. I slid down her panties and stared at her naked body for what felt like forever. The sight of her perfect, naked body made my already hard cock twitch in my pants. Fuck I could cum just looking at her. In the back of my mind I felt kind of guilty using a doctor's appointment to see Jenny again. I got every woman I wanted. She just looked so fragile and vulnerable standing there all exposed, with a dripping pussy that betrayed her and tears in her eyes.

I only did it because I knew she would land up enjoying it. I pushed those thoughts aside and slid a finger between her shaven, pink pussy lips. Her wetness oozed onto my finger and she shivered. I wasn't sure if it was because of the cold, the pleasure or disgust. " Look at how wet you are, Jenny. Wow, you are so wet.

You need to be fucked hard to release stress. Your horner than I thought you were." I slipped my wet finger into my mouth. " Yummy, I was right. you do taste like heaven." I pushed my face into her pussy and started sucking her growing clit. I moved my hands up and down her legs, tickling her soft skin with my fingertips. Unexpectedly, Jenny let out a loud moan " OMG.OOOHHH" and started thrusting herself onto my tongue. She had given up all hope and knew that no matter what she did, I would make her cum tonight.

" That's it baby, feel my tongue sucking on this little clit." As I said this I slid a finger onto the opening of her pussy. She was squirming now and I teased her cunt until she was begging me to put my fingers in her pussy.

" Please. John." she panted, " I need this." I slid my finger into her pussy and fucking hell was she tight. She had obviously not had sex in a while or her husband's cock is damn small which worked to my advantage.

" Your cunt is so tight." I praised. Her pussy throbbed and she was close to her first orgasm. " Not yet baby." I ordered, " You have to get permission to cum. You need to beg me." I continued ramming her pussy with my finger and sucking on her swollen clit. I then pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and she started to shake.

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I never let the pressure off her g- spot and kept a constant rhythm of sucking her clit and fingering her dripping pussy. " Please. please. I need to cum. I'm going to cum" she groaned. Her pussy was so wet that she could hear my fingers working all the right spots.

" Ok baby, cum for me, cum all over my tongue and fingers." I encouraged. Without warning, a stream of cum gushed out of her pussy and she started screaming in pure pleasure. " OMG.OOOOOHHHHHH.OOOOHHHH.AAAAAHHHHH.MMMMMMM." She had just squirted all over my face and fingers and was shaking uncontrollably as my fingers never left her cunt.

" Please stop, John, it's too much, it's too sensitive, I can't take it." If I didn't fuck her now I was going to explode.

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I removed my fingers from her quivering cunt and she sank to the floor. I swiftly pulled off my pants and my big long thick cock sprang free, looking like a baseball bat bobbing up and down.

Jenny was exhausted and had had enough. She looked up at me and I was stroking my cock, staring at her with pure, lustful desire. This was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen. Her pussy was still quivering. She knew this cock was too big for her tight pussy. She knew it would hurt and she was scared. " Please, John, I can't take anymore. I'll suck your cock and do whatever else you want but please don't fuck me.

My pussy is so sensitive it hurts. I'm begging you." I ignored her plea. I needed this. I had needed it since seeing her the first time. I sauntered towards her and she tried to crawl away but I was too quick. I laid on top of her and she continued to struggle. she had made the mistake of turning onto her stomach in order to crawl away. Without warning, I rammed my long hard thick cock straight into her pussy.

Jenny screamed in total agony. " OMG.TAKE IT OUT.AAAAHHHH.IT HURTS.YOU ARE HURTING ME.STOP.TAKE IT OUT.AAAAAHHHHH.AAAAAAAHHHHH." Her pussy was being stretched to lengths it had never been stretched to before. Jenny's scream brought me back to earth and I felt slightly bad for being so brutal with her. I knew I had a massive cock, that even more experienced women I had made love to had difficulty in accommodating my full length and thickness. " Shhhh baby" I stilled my cock inside of her, waiting for her pussy to get used to the giant invasion.

She was sobbing now and I turned her head to face me and I stroked away her tears with the back of my hand. I slowly started to move inside of her, each time thrusting deeper and deeper into her pussy. Feeling her tight pussy clamping down on my cock unsheathing and sheathing with each thrust. After a few moments of doing this, she started thrusting back and moaning loudly as she did. " OOOOOHHHHH.OOOOO HHHHHH.MMMMMMM.MMMMMMMM.OOOOOOOHHHHHH.MMMMMMM." I felt her vaginal walls tightening around me like a vise squeezing my hard thick shaft but I didn't want to cum just yet.

" Fuck baby your pussy is so tight." I groaned. " OMG, John, your cock feels so good inside my pussy" Jenny was able to pant out. " Don't stop, Fuck me harder." That was all I needed to hear. With that I reached around her beautiful body and found her swollen, dripping wet clit between my fingers and gently started to pinch it all the while fucking her harder, faster and deeper with each thrust. " Cum with me baby. Give me more of that delicious cum!" I commanded.

That was enough to send Jenny over the edge and she squirted all over my cock. Although she was screaming, " OMG.OOOOOHHHHHH.UUUUUUHHHHH.UUUUUUUHHHHH.OOOO HHHHH.UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMMMM." I didn't stop fucking her until she had finished squirting out all her cum.

I could not hold back anymore letting out low growl as I buried my cock all the way in her. My cock jerking wildly as spurts of hot cum coats the walls of her cervix and vaginal tunnel, filling her. They both stilled for a moment, lying in a pool of pussy juice and cum, panting, out of breath and not knowing what to say.

After what felt like forever, I raised up, staring ath her round sexy ass. The back of her muscular thighs gradually merge with fleshy cheeks, each curving symmetrically together to form a line, an erotic crevice, to be explored fully in only moments. I can feel the heat of her skin when I place the fingers of my right hand on the top of one beautiful cheek. With my thumb under it, almost touching her inner thigh, I squeeze gently and feel the firmness of her under that soft padding.

I do the same with my left hand on her other cheek before gently lifting and parting them, revealing the long pouting lips of her pink pussy, drooling slowly, and in desperate need of a passionate kiss.

Parting further, I am rewarded with the beautiful sight of her puckered hole clenched tightly against all intruders. I long to lean close, tongue outstretched, and prepare her with quick short flicks that will make her gasp in surprise, and when I stop, whimper for more.

" Please be gentle.I've never been fucked there before." Pouring lubricant between her ass cleavage, I watch a slippery bead of clear lube roll slowly over her anus before mixing with her excitement and dripping to the floor between her parted thighs. I think much more is necessary for the pleasure that is sure to come. Inching forward on my knees, I rest my now extra hard cock in the valley between her cheeks.

The first sensation is the heat of her skin against the sensitive underside of my cock. I feel her fingers gently touch my balls as she reaches under her body and gently presses them against her wet pussy lips.

I hear her moan, urging me to take her. Pressing her cheeks together around my dripping cock, I slowly slide back and forth along her ass, making my body shudder as shivers of pleasure shoot up and down my spine. I watch my cock head, covered in excess lubricant, emerge from between her cheeks with each thrust as I " titty fuck" her ass cheeks. I better pace myself or I will surely cum before I do her bidding by thrusting deeply into her tight virgin ass.

With the helmeted head of my cock positioned against her ass hole, I lift my hips to change the angle of attack, and press on my rigid cock with my thumb, watching as she slowly yields to the steady pressure. She breathes deep and holds her breath with her eyes tightly shut and teeth clenched tight. I don't know whether it is the unrelenting pressure, unstoppable slipperiness of the lubricant, or sheer force of will, but I feel the powerful muscle around her anus gradually yield as the tip of my cock slowly slides into her ass.

I pause to let her body adjust to me. Looking down at her ass, I part her cheeks wide and am rewarded with a wonderfully erotic sight.

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The head of my cock is entirely engulfed by her, with the now stretched skin of her anus tightly gripping my hard shaft. Pushing with my hips I watch my cock slowly disappear between her beautiful cheeks. Two inches in, I pull back very slowly only to stop just before popping out. I slowly push back in, three inches this time, four the next, then five, then finally my full length deep into her ass.

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The sensation was wonderful. Her ultra tight ass grabbed at my cock from all sides at once, and the stimulation was relentless as I slide slowly outward and back again and again.

I could feel her every twitch and spasm no matter how minute. But as she reached up and started fingering her engorged clit, the spasms became stronger and stronger, squeezing my cock tightly within her.

Her animal moans of pleasure urges me deeper and faster. " AAAAAHHHHHH.AAAA AAAAHHHHHH.UUUUUUUHHHHHH.UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMM." I comply with long thrusts in and out of that beautiful ass. My balls lift and tingle in anticipation of the orgasm to come, while my cock and pelvic muscles clench tight. Her body tremors as she arches her back and cries out. " OOOOOHHHHH.MMMMM." My balls slap against her pussy I slam deeply in and out of her ass.

I watch her body start to shake around my cock, grasping it with erratic spasms. I feel my balls contract and a euphoric sense of pleasure radiates from my cock.

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Her body bucks in violent shudders as she cries out in pleasure. " OMG.yyyeeesss. dont.t stop." I feel her juices gush against my tightening balls and inner thighs. I plunge deep and squeeze hard, pausing, trying desperately to maintain control. Her ass clamps hard around my pulsing cock shaft pushing me past the point of no return. I feel my cock and pelvic muscles spasm uncontrolled.

I am cumming. Euphoria. My cock thrusting deeper, my body jerks as my cock spurts cum deep inside her ass.


One, two, three spurts, then continued spasms diminishing in intensity. Her body continues its orgasmic contractions, milking every drop of cum from my cock. Aftershocks continue to ripple through our bodies as the waves of pleasure slowly recede. After several minutes coupled like that, I realize that my cock is buried very deep in her beautiful ass, and that its firmness may be causing some discomfort at this point. I slowly pull my hips back, sliding outward and hear her sigh contently.

She clenches for only a moment or two, sending renewed shudders through my body. I can't help but wonder what sensations she is feeling. I look down and see my cock emerge from her ass slowly, leaving a trail of white spunk against her soft skin.

I watch as she pushes gently as a gob of cum drips from her ass and runs downward along her pussy lips before dripping to the floor. I crawl up her body slowly and lower my chest to her back, feeling the warmth of her skin against mine. Her eyes closed, I place each of my hands on the back of hers as our fingers entwine. I watch her lips form a smile with eyes closed, and kiss the side of her neck gently before getting up off of her.

I cleaned up and got dressed, telling Jenny " Here is my private phone numbers call me anytime."