Brothr sister xxx sixy storys full sex stories dowmloads

Brothr sister xxx sixy storys full sex stories dowmloads
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Okay, guys. I have this one ready earlier than I expected. That's the good news. That bad news is that there going to be at least two more parts, and I have work to do on them yet. If you aren't into gay or b/m, please don't bother reading this.

I promise you will be disappointed. *** I woke to the sound of Naomi, the housekeeper, vacummning in Jason's room, and glanced at my watch.

It was only nine. Naomi must have thought that everyone was awake. She normally saved her upstairs work for the afternoon. I decided I might as well get up.

Once Naomi started her upstairs work, she'd be at it for hours. My stomach growled. I pulled on sleep shorts and headed down to the kitchen.

I felt happy because of Jason, but I also felt guilty. Very guilty.

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Like I had been unfaithful to Tyler. I decided to be optimistic. I'd figure out someway to straighten out the mess. "Good morning, Alexander," I said, taking my seat at the kitchen island.

Alexander was in his loose shorts and island shirt again. He was listening to reggae and was dancing, mostly with his butt and legs, while stirring something in a large bowl. He smiled at me. "Jason was happy this morning, too," he told me, then dropped his eyes to my bare torso. "Jason was happy?" "Yeah, man, and hungry," he said, staring at me as if he was hungry, too, but in a different way.

"Cool it, Alexander.

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What's for breakfast?" "Hotcakes." "Your hot cakes? Your AWESOME hotcakes!" Alexander chuckled and set his bowl down.

"I got a sausage for you, too, you wan' it." He jostled his package for me and it looked like he had a semi. It's flattering to a guy when he turns another guy on.

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Alexander's semi started my own dick thickened, especially when Alexander turned back to his counter and returned to dancing and shaking his butt while he turned on the griddle and stirred the batter for my hotcakes.

Alright, up until the night before, I hadn't given Alexander's seductions serious thought. Tyler was my boyfriend and I had every intention of being faithful to him. But the night before, I had sex with Jason, and the unfortunate truth is that once you start fucking around, it's more difficult to maintain good intentions.

Now, with a hardon extending down my leg and watching Alexander wiggle his butt, I wondered what it would be like to sex with a handsome twenty-six year old. That's the way it is with erections and the male brain, particularly when you already gave in once, just the night before. "Where is everybody this morning?" I asked rubbing my boner through my shorts. Alexander shrugged. "Your father, he's downtown.

Rachael caught a ride with him.

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Naomi is around somewhere." "She's upstairs," I said. Alexander continued to dance and shake his butt. I had no doubt some of the moves were for my sake, but he had his back to me and wasn't watching. "Fuck it," I thought, letting my dick overrule my brain.

I got to my feet and quietly went around the island. Alexander didn't know I was there until I wrapped my arms around his belly and pressed the tented front of my shorts to his butt.

He didn't miss a beat, though. He simply ground his butt back into me. I jerked down his shorts. For a lean guy, he had a pleasantly rounded, fleshy butt.


His dark skin was lighter there, and very smooth -- it had a sheen to it. I pushed down my shorts and pressed my erection against the warm crack between his firm butt cheeks, then slid my hands up inside the front of his shirt. He was wearing only the single, loose shirt, and my palms slid up taut skin.

Alexander had a hard, tight belly. His belly muscles worked under my palms as he ground his butt into my lap.

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I wondered how he stayed so skinny, being a cook. "We won't tell about this," Alexander promised, reaching back with both hands to pull me against him. "I will tell my nephew, Elias, but no on else. We won't tell young mister Tyler." I closed my left hand around his dick. It was thicker than mine, and longer, not crazy huge like you see on a lot of black guys in porn, but Alexander was a man, and he had a man's dick.

I had never held one before. I stroked its wonderful feel and nuzzled into the back of Alexander's shirt. He smelled of hotcakes and breakfast sausage and the rich smells of his kitchen. I saw a measuring cup with vegetable oil sitting on the counter. I assumed it was to use on the griddle for the hotcakes.

I dipped two fingers in it and then pressed those two fingers up his butt crack. Alexander chuckled in that deep Jamaican voice of his as he bent forward over his counter. "You and my nephew, Elias, always want to do the fuckin'." "You've got a fine butt, Alexander," I told him, getting more oil for my dick.

What I didn't say was that I wasn't about to let him fuck me because I was afraid of AIDS, and I thought back then that you could only get it if you got fucked. Besides that, I was afraid of how he might treat me if he'd fucked me, like he had something on me. Though I didn't know it yet, I had neither to worry about from Alexander, which was sad, because all I was interested in was fucking him. I worked my lubed dick between his butt cheeks. "You sure, man, that Naomi isn't gonna come down the stairs?" "She won't come down." I said, finding his opening, I pushed in and felt his tight ring pass over my glans.

He was tighter than I expected. I took him by the hips and eased in, watching my pink dick disappear between us.

He wasn't tight like Jason and Tyler, but he wasn't loose. He was taller and older, of course, and he said he was bi. Perhaps he didn't get fucked much.


His dark-olive bottom flattened against my white belly, and he and I both let out pleased a sigh. I leaned over him and wrapped my arms under him. Tyler and Jason were smaller than me, and though swimmers and athletic, sex with them was sex with boys.

Alexander was taller than me. His body was lean and hard and when he moved with me, I felt his strength. I got a glimpse of why Tyler liked sex with me. Alexander circled his butt in my lap in time with his reggae music. I matched his rhythm with my thrusts and grinds. You can tell by how a guy moves when he likes being fucked. "You like this Alexander?" I asked, reaching once for his dick. "Yeah, man," he said throatily as my hand closed around his shaft. He pumped his dick into my hand.

My hips followed his. With my right hand, I cupped his balls and drove my own dick forward firmly for him to grind on. "You got a nice cock," Alexander said, reaching back with both hands for my butt, pulling us tight, pulling me deep.

"It's hot," he said. "I feel heat in me." He circled his butt with the music, and I circled with him, grinding in with each circle. I pushed his shirt up so I could watch his body move. Alexander unbuttoned it and pulled it off. Alexander had long lines, a long, limber torso. He was one of those guys who, when you undressed them, surprised you with an amazing body. I ran my fingers over the working muscles in his back and felt down his sides while I moved with him, and with the music.

Bending down onto him, I felt under his belly and chest again. I grabbed his bouncing dick and cupped his balls and drove my hips forward, holding at the end of each thrust for him to grind. Alexander moaned in appreciation and wiggled back hard onto my dick. We went long enough that Alexander had to straighten up in order to stretch. I straightened with him, holding him in my arms. I drove up hard, almost lifting him off his feet. Alexander's head fell back onto my shoulder.

He reached back for my sides. I held him in my embrace and ground. "Oh, yeah, man," Alexander moaned softly. "You do this good, like Elias." "Elias fucks you?" "All da time," Alexander murmured, circling his butt.

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"He's the only dude I fuck with since I was a kid in Jamaica." "But you like it?" "Yeah, man." "How old is Elias?" "Fifteen." "Is he tall like you?" "He's tall, 'bout your height." There are some guys it's just easy to fuck with.

I had started, just meaning to get my rocks off, but I liked Alexander, and I definitely liked what we were doing. "This is a good fit," I said, closing my mouth on the side of Alexander's neck. I bent both of us backward, shoving my pelvis forward. "Umm," Alexander moaned. His sphincter clamped hard on my dick.

"You ready to come, Brock?" he asked. "Not yet." "Bend me over and slam my ass," Alexander whispered. "Pound me hard." I did like he said. I bent him over, grabbed his hips, and rabbit fucked him. The sound of my loins slapping his bottom was more rapid than the rhythm of the reggae. Alexander tensed his muscled bottom, but each impact of my lap still sent a little shake through his buttocks.

He held onto the counter with both hands and it crossed my mind that I could jerk his cock for him, but I was too far into my own sensations at that point to do it. My balls had started to churn. Alexander moaned loudly and his sphincter started clamping on me.

The thought he might be coming sent me over the edge. I arched back, pulled his hips hard into my lap, and drove my cock up as far as I could into him.

I went ridged. My pelvic floor clenched over and over, shooting my sperm up into Alexander. He sighed, pleasantly. Slowly, I relaxed. Alexander, careful not to pull his butt from my lap, twisted at the waist and laid an arm back over my shoulder, smiling at me. "You liked my breakfast?" I twitched my cock inside him. "Yeah, I did. Was that dessert?" Alexander laughed, then frowned playfully.

"You made me come on my kitchen floor." "Sorry," I told him. He laughed.


I smiled. "You a pretty boy, Brock," he told me. "And you have a great body," I told him sincerely. He smiled and carefully pulled off me, then turned to face me. Our declining dicks brushed. He swept his hands over my shoulders and down my arms, then over my pecs. "Every time I see you," he said. "I want to touch you." I got the feeling that he might have been crushing on me like Tyler and I had crushed on each other.

I wasn't sure I was ready for that. I was already feeling guilty again for, well, cheating on Tyler. And now I felt worse. I think he saw the doubt pass over my face. He smiled sadly. "Hold on," he said. He went to the sink, wet a fresh dish rag, and returned to me. "Let me clean you," he said, closing the dishrag around my dick.

He cleaned me carefully, gently. Then he kissed my cheek. "Anytime you want, you come see me, okay?" he softly said. I nodded, wondering if it had been a mistake to sex with my dad's cook. But, I did like Alexander.

I reminded myself that I really did. It would be hard not to. I kissed his cheek. "Okay." He hugged me. As much as I liked guys shorter than me, it felt good to be hugged by someone a couple of inches taller, especially someone with a lean, hard body like Alexander.

I hugged him back, comfortably. Our dangly parts dangled together. "Now," he said, patting my back. "I will make you some very fine hot cakes, my fine boy!"