Very tight tranny gives a blowjob and gets her ass nailed

Very tight tranny gives a blowjob and gets her ass nailed
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Molly was a young girl. She was 14, 3 years younger then me, and very pretty with big brown eyes and long brown hair. She had nice C cup breasts.

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Because she was young, she was not very sexually active. She was the kind of girl you would just want to fuck for hours. She had the most innocent look about her.

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The best part was she was my best friends younger sister. It was about 3 O'Clock on a Friday afternoon when the phone rang. I picked it up and from the sexy voice on the other end, i knew it was my friend Kevins mom. She was the sexiest mother with DD tits, long brown hair, brown eyes, and the most delicious ass in the world.

"Hello Jake", she said calmly.

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"I was wondering if you could babysit Molly for the next 4 days. You see Jake, your friend Kevin, my husband, and myself, will be out on vacation but we need her to stay home for school." I listened for a moment taking this all in. "Your mother has already given permission, we just wanted to make sure you would be up to it." "Yea that wont be a problem at all" i said to her excitedly. "Good because you will be spending the next couple of nights there if that is alright." I thought for a moment, thinking.

I was getting a hard-on just thinking about spending the next couple of days alone, with Molly. "Yea when would you like me over?" I asked her politly. "Well we will be leaving tommorow so if you could come by at 10:00, that would be great." "I will see you then" i said, then i hung up the phone and beat off to images of Molly in my head.

The next morning rolled around and i woke up at 11:15. "Shit" I said to myself. I packed my clothes and toothbrush and i went downstairs.

My mom served me a quick breakfast and told me that Kevin's mom called and had already left, but Molly was waiting for me. With that, I was out the door. I jumped in my car and rolled up at Kevin's house at 11:30.

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I rang the doorbell and after a few minutes the door sprang open wide and Molly was standing there with her hair in pigtails. She was wearing a white tee-shirt that showed off her sexy stomach, and a pair of black shorts. I could see that underneath she had a red Hawaiin print bikini. Her tits were sprung out perfectly and her ass looked amazing. She looked at me and managed to muster a loud "HI".

I smiled and said "Hello". I walked inside the house and she led me to a bedroom and told me that this is where i was going to be sleeping. She asked me if i brought my bathing suit because they had a large pool. (Like i would forget that!.) A few minutes later i was changed and ready to swim.

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Molly came outside and took off her tee-shirt, and shorts. I drooled, as i gazed over her sexy body, and i felt my dick throb. She jumped into the pool, and told me to follow her.

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As i got in the pool, my dick was growing to it's maximum 7 inches. Through her top, i could see Molly's nipples harden from the cold water splashing against her smooth skin.

I stood up by the side of the pool, and Molly came over. "Hi"Molly said shyly, with a grin. I replied with a "Hello". "You know Molly you look really good for your age. ", Molly blushed and said "Thank you, yo look very sexy yourself." I grinned at her, and she swam closer to me. "You know i always have had a crush on you" Molly blurted out.

Then she lowered her head in disgrace. I put my hand under her smmoth chin, and pulled her so that her pelvis was against my boner. She gasped at the size of it against her.

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I kissed her softly on her lips, then she kissed harder, letting my toungue enter her mouth. I lick her entire mouth, and then she moved away. "Lets have sex in my parents bedroom. I have always wanted to try that." With a nod we got out of the pool and walked inside. As we entered the bedroom, Molly pulled my trunks to my ankles, then off my feet. She then sat me down on the bead and grasped my hard cock with both hands.

Before i knew it, Molly opened her little mouth and continued to stuff her mouth with my sweet meat. I was in Heaven. She sucked for a good 3 minutes before i asked her if i could cum in her mouth. She nodded and sank my dick deeper down her throat. I busted 3 loads down her sweet mouth and she drank it all.


Then, she slid up my body so we were face to face and said the one thing i mosted longed to hear. "Fuck me Jake, please fuck my tight pussy." with thisi grabbed at her top and tore it off, throwing it onto the floor. I then continued to grab her tits and play with one while suck the other. I licked and played with her erect nipples, And she started to moan. As i worked my way down to her pussy, kissing everything i could on the way down, i pulled apart the ribbons holding up her undies, and i pulled them off.

Then i started to lick her sweet pussy lips, savouring the sweet juices.

She moaned louder, and louder, all the while scream, "Fuck me Jake". I lined my throbing member up with her sweet pussy mound, and i sank my dick deep into her pussy, popping the cherry as i made my way in.

She screamed, as i lifted my dick in and out of her vagina, grinded her pelvis, and pounding her clitoris. Her sweet pussy juice was leaking out of her moundonto her parents bed. I fucked her like there was no tommorow, and she orgasmed, feeling electricity burst through her body.

I came into her sweet pussy, and sighed. "I hope we can fuck more often" Molly said, as we fell asleep in eachothers arms. Your damn right we will, i thought as i fell asleep, resting my head on her bare tits.