Cute nerd sucks a shaggy dude

Cute nerd sucks a shaggy dude
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(Escapades 7) It has been several years since that incredible trip to Hawaii. Faith and I have been very happy over the last couple of years. Not only did we go to Hawaii every year the guys started a new tradition going scuba diving in southern Mexico. The girls on the other hand started their own tradition going to Palm Springs and hit the spas and have girl's nights out. Before leaving for Cancun for the annual scuba diving trip John and I decided to take a small side trip.

With Faith and the girls already in Palm Springs John and I decided to visit one of our favorite spots a small little town called Rosearetta in Mexico. Now, Bill one of my business partners is an architect and he helped design the hotel that we stayed. The hotel owner was a man named Henry; who was some kind of wise guy a long time ago.

So, when we would go down to visit we would stay for free. Henry's son Brian was kind of the local gofer. What ever you needed this kid could get for you, women, drugs and gambling were all right up his alley. When we got there Henry set us up like usual. John decided that once we got there he wanted to do some deep sea fishing and I just wanted to hang by the pool and drink for a couple of days. Early the next morning John left and I was left to my own devices. After having some lunch I decided to lay out by the pool work on my tan maybe have a couple of drinks and later catch some baseball on TV.

Laying out for a about an hour or so Brian the owner's son happened to come by and he noticed me sleeping poolside. Brian shook me awake, "Hey man sorry to wake you but I gotta big favor to ask ya you and John you guys didn't bring your girls with you this time did you?" I said, "Nah, they're in Palm Springs for their annual girl's vacation. Why?" He said, "Well (there was a long pause and Brian's head started looking around the pool area and he leaned in close to me and in a whispering voice said) well, for the last week or so I have been partying pretty hot and heavy with these girls.

Their parents have been taking them hiking up in the hills during the day and then they go out at night. They leave the girls to do whatever they want just as long as they stay here at the hotel. Now, what their parents don't know is, a couple of buddies and me have been taking them down to the beach and getting them drunk and smoking some weed with them. The problem that I have is I dig the one sister Melinda but her younger sister Lindsey keeps cock blocking me.

Look what I need what I really need is for someone to keep Lindsey busy so I can get with her sister. Gary I need some help here are you able to help me out just keep her busy PPPllleeeeaaasee?" I said, "How old are these girls?" Brain said, "They're from Germany and both are in University or something there so they're both over 18 I guess.

Look the parents left early this morning and hired a boat for the afternoon their going snorkeling off one of the islands and the girls didn't want to go. So, they won't be back until after dinner. Melinda she's the one I want, she asked me to get some weed and party with her this afternoon up in her room.

Gary, I'm not going to get a better chance to tap this girl ass I really need a wingman look, John he's gone for the day right? There's no one else here I can trust that won't try to get with Melinda you getting rid of her younger sister will give me my chance to get laid. You don't have to do anything just come over have some beers, smoke a little weed on me, then get rid of the younger sister. Okay?" I said, "Sure why not you're paying for the party I don't have anything to do this afternoon so yeah okay what's the room number and when do you need me there?" He said, "How about right now come up to the room smoke a little weed and bring Melinda's sister Lindsey back down here to the pool and just hang out if you want." We got up to the room both girls were there, waiting for Brian to come back with the weed.

They were relaxing out on the balcony sunbathing in their bikinis. Melinda came to the door and answered it. She was very young looking and I looked at Brian and thought, "This girl looks like she's in high school not college." She let us in and I turned to Brian and said, "Are you sure these girl are 18? Because if she's the oldest one Brian don't bullshit me how old are these girls?" Melinda spun around and said, "I'm a senior in college and my sister is a freshman.

Trust me we are both over 18. By the way who are you and what are you doing here?" I said, "I'm just a friend of Brian's I was just hanging out by the pool look if you're not cool with me being here I have no problem jetting out of here there's plenty of shit I could be doing rather than hanging around here." "I guess it's cool sorry I wasn't expecting Brian to bring anyone back with him.

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Brian were you able to score some weed? My parents won't be back until tonight so we can smoke out here on the balcony." I had a couple of six packs in my hands and Brian had everything else. When we pushed through the drapes the sun was really bright but once our eyes adjusted to the sunlight there was a beautiful view of the ocean from the girls balcony.

Brian then introduced me to the girls as we sat down in the chaise lounges on the balcony. Lindsey was very attractive but looked younger than 18 both girls did. They both had tight young bodies with those nice little round ass' and perky tits that stood at attention. Both sisters had real blond hair and blue eyes. I handed beers out to everyone and Brian broke out the weed. I was a little surprised by how these girls really could party which put my mind a little more at ease that they probably party like this at their University.

Then a thought popped into my head no parents would leave young teenagers by themselves unless they were old enough to take care of themselves, so I became a little more relaxed the more we partied together. After have three or four beers and a couple of joints I had a really good buzz going on.

Lindsey smoked a lot of weed and Melinda liked to drink more than smoke and she had finished off the beers by herself. Melinda had to use the little girls room after all the beer she drank.

When she left with her sister Brian said, "Wow dude they're both so fucking wasted. Okay I need you to get Lindsey out of here now so I have some alone time with her sister. I don't care where you go or what you do just get her out of here, okay?" I said, "Sure man, no problem." When the girls came back out I turned to Lindsey and said, "C'mon you want to go down to the pool and get a couple more drinks with me?" Lindsey reached her hand out to me and pulled me out of the chair smiling at her sister and we left the room.

We ended up going down to the pool and Brian's plan was really working. We got a couple more drinks and sat there talking and gazing out at the ocean with our Mai Thais in our hands. After a couple more drinks Lindsey put her arm around me and said, "Let's get something to eat okay? Smoking all that weed gives me the munchies" We went into the poolside restaurant and got some food. After we ate we both were still pretty hammered. I figured that Brian had enough time to finish his deal with Melinda as Lindsey and I were walking back out to the pool area.

We were stumbling over top one another as we left. Brian should have shot his load by now as I walked Lindsey back to her room. When we got there and knocked on the door there was no answer. Lindsey wasn't expecting to be out of the room for as long as she was so she didn't bring a key for the room with her. I turned to Lindsey and said, "Why don't you wait with me in my room until your sister gets back or I can take you to your parent's room." Lindsey looked down the hallway and said, "Please take me back to your room I'm way to wasted for my parents to see me like this they'll kill me.

Please take me back to your room I promise I won't be any problem." I said, "Sure c'mon we'll crash and watch some TV and hide out from your parents." So we stumbled off to my room arm and arm trying to keep each other upright as we walked. When we got back to my room I plopped down on the bed and so did she; I turned on the TV and we just lay there watching the tube for about twenty minutes or so.

Then Lindsey said, "Ya know I shooouuuld caaauuulll my rooooom to see if Meelinndaaa is done fucking that assHOLE Brian." She picked up the phone and was having trouble focusing on the numbers on the phone. She began to laugh and with the receiver in her hand "I don't member my roooommm nummbbbber." Then just like that the receiver fell out of her hand and onto the floor. Lindsey's eyes started to nod off then her head hit the pillow and passed out.

Looking at her I began to chuckle and I climbed over her picked the receiver back up and hung the phone up and pulled her closer to the middle of the bed so she didn't accidentally roll off being so hammered and all. I guess that I wasn't any better because I dozed off when I woke from my little nap; Lindsey, to my surprise was still laying next me.

She looked like an angel sleeping next to me but as I gazed at her tight body of hers, the lust for her began to form in my head, the head of my cock. She was lying there so peacefully and seemed she hadn't had a care in the world as she slept. All kinds of sexual thoughts started popping into my head, all the things I want to do to her came rushing into my head in waves after waves.

I wanted her but she was really wasted when we got to the room. My hand moved over to her face and pulled it to me and I kissed her on her poutie lips of hers. There was no reaction to my kiss so I kissed her again but again no reaction. I wanted to see if she was playing a game with me, or if she was really passed out. My hand moved down to her breasts and my fingers slipped under her loose fitting bra as my fingers ran over her tiny little nipples getting them nice and hard.

Again there was very little reaction just some whispering moans as my both my hands caressed her breasts making them nice and hard. I couldn't believe that she might really be knocked out; so I went for the gold. I kissed her again on the lips they smelled like the Mai Thai's we just had a little while ago down by the pool.

Her hair had a fragrant fruity smell. My hand moved down her stomach to her nether regions.

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My hand slipped under her thong and found her clit or the start button, as I like to call it. Finally there was a little movement with her hips as my middle finger moved in circular motions bringing her clit to full erection but again there was no real expression on her face. Before I could get my finger inside of her I noticed my full erection up against her hip.

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My God she was beautiful I thought to myself as my finger slipped between her pussy lips. My finger did not immediately go inside of her.

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She was very; very tight even for my finger the only thing I could think of was to suck my finger to get it wet enough to get it inside of her. With my one hand I pushed one side of her bra upwards exposing her breast to my mouth and my lips met her tiny but hard nipple.

My mouth began sucking on her nipple very gently and my tongue that was between my lips touched the very tip of her nipple as I gently slid my finger inside of her pussy up to the first knuckle.

My finger was traveling in an up and down motion as I sucked on her breast. Again there was very little reaction from her but I continued on. I want to say that I was violating her but as I tried to get a second finger inside of her pussy which was very tight her eyes finally opened and a small satisfying look came over her face as she grabbed my hair pulling me off of her breast and bringing her mouth to meet mine.

She kissed me very gingerly as her look became one of being nervousness. It was quite cute as she moaned looking at me as my finger traveled the very small slit of her pussy. She said, "Your finger feels so good inside keep one finger two hurts I want to can you stop please let me go and freshen up before we do anything else? Please I want this too just give me a minute." Lindsey got up from the bed and went into the bathroom but my erection was too much as the blood continued to pump inside of my cock.

Lindsey opened the bathroom door a little peering back out at me. She opened the door and leaned with her arm going up the door jam sideways giving me a vision to behold. She smiled at me, "Do you want me?" I smiled at her "Come on over here and let's find out." Lindsey ran over to the bed and jumped landing half on top of the bed and the rest on top of me. Her thigh went right to my cock and I doubled over in pain. She began to laugh at her mistake as my hands went to my dick and I curled up in a ball coughing.

Lindsey kept laughing she said that she was so sorry as she tried to push me on my back. "Gary let me help you." I rolled on my back my cock felt like it was just hit with a baseball bat.

She looked at me and with a little baby's voice began touching my now very limp cock, "Does my little guy here hurty wurty I'm sooo soorrryyy don't worry my little guy I'm going to make it all better." She was playing with my cock trying to get it hard again. As my eyes finally came out of the top of my head and I had a clear view of her. She was smiling at me and said, "Finally I was afraid that my next move was to suck your dick." I said, "Well you know why don't you try I'll bet you can't get the whole thing in your mouth when its hard." Lindsey smiled and said, "You're nasty you want me to put that in my mouth?" I said, "And I want you to suck it too." I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down to the top of my cock.

I grabbed my cock with my right and hand and smacked it against the side of her face then over her lips and I said, "Now open up and be a good little girl kiss it and make it happy then I'll let you suck on it." She kissed the head of my cock very gingerly at first and then opened her mouth a little more allowing my head only to slip inside of her.

As she sucked me it was like her mouth was massaging my cock. It was warm and wet and still being wasted my mind was hazy but she looked so fucking hot with my cock in her mouth. Lindsey looked up at me as my cock was now at full erection and said, "I don't know how I'm going to get this whole thing in my mouth?" I felt her take as much as she could in her mouth before it hit her throat.

I told her to spit on it to get the shaft nice and wet. She spit on the head and used her hand to rub it all over my cock. She got it nice and wet and then stroked me as she sucked my cock making these great little moaning sounds and my cock popped in and out of her mouth.

I stood up and got to the floor and told her to come over and kneel down on the floor and suck me. She was very obedient as I stood there naked this nubile little girl got down on her knees and with her blue eyes gazed up at me and with her left hand grabbed my man meat and said, "I really want to learn how to suck cock good will you teach me?" I said, "Are you serious?" She said, "I'm joking I suck my boyfriends cock all the time but yours is a lot well you know kinda thicker." Then she smiled and let my cock slip back into her mouth.

She looked up at me as my cock slid out of her mouth and she kissed it then tried to go all the way down on my cock. Every time she was ready to go down again on my cock I would push oh her head and tried to get my cock in her throat.

She would gag and pull her head up and off of my cock just as my cock would start down her throat. No matter how hard I tried it just wouldn't go down her throat. Then Lindsey said, "Now it's your turn." She stood up and walked over to the couch and sat down. Crossed her legs and grabbed her breasts and gave them a nice little squeeze and then with her finger she motioned for me to come over and take her.

I got down on all fours and gave her a little ruff-ruff here comes the big dog. When I got over to the couch I put my hands on her knees and uncrossed her legs and spread them so I could fit between them then leaned forward and kissed her. Lindsey's hand grabbed my face and her body slid down so that her pussy was touching my cock.

You could tell that she wasn't that well experienced at this as her tongue and kisses were everywhere. Then I pulled back and looked at her and said, "Just relax and just let it happen, slow down a little and take your time we are in no rush there's nobody here and you don't have to impress me let your womanhood come out honey don't try to be someone you're not." With that she reached behind her and undid her bra top.

Her bra slipped down from the front of her and her tiny tits were so nice and perky standing straight up with her nipples hard as a rock. She took her biceps and pushed her tiny tits together smirked at me and said, "I like it when my boyfriend sucks on them, please suck on them, please." How could I refuse such an offer from a beautiful young girl who is still exploring her sexuality at such a young age? My lips met hers and kissing her on the mouth they tasted like orange juice from her Mai Thai.

Then my kisses went down to her chin with my tongue coming out I gave her another little French kiss.


My kisses then traveled down her neck as my hands found their way to her breasts. Lindsey began to moan very softly and she began to whisper things in German that I could not understand but she obviously liked what I was doing.

My mouth finally made it down to her breasts with the tip of my tongue very softly and gingerly slowly licking her nipples. Her moans became a little louder as one hand was always on the other breast as I went back and forth between both of her breasts. After a few minutes I thought I would take the chance and go down to her pussy and maybe just maybe I can fuck this little goddess.

My mouth then started its adventures once again and small kisses leaving her breasts making my way down to her stomach as Lindsey instinctively spread her legs further apart my hand went between her legs rubbing her tiny pussy overtop of her bikini bottoms. Lindsey began to really moan as she said, "Don't' stop that feels so good my boyfriend does that all the time it feels so good." Hearing her pussy was getting wet as I rubbed it my fingers I felt the moisture overtop of her bikini bottom it was time for me to taste her pussy once and for all.

I bit the top of her bikini bottoms and with my mouth pulled them all the way off. "Lindsey was laughing at me and said, "You're so crazy." I gazed down at her beautiful little hole that was closed up but had little dewdrops of pussy juice sitting at the very bottom of her slit. I moved my head down licking my lips getting them ready to taste her salty cum that was just waiting to be eaten.

When I spread her pussy lips apart I noticed that she obviously was going to be very tight and when I looked even closer I notice that something wasn't broken yet. Nobody had broken this girls cherry as I was staring at her hymen. My heart began to pound, as I knew this wasn't right and I also knew that I was never somebody's first time either.

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A whole myriad of emotions washed over me. I was first conflicted with guilt thinking what was her actual age and if she were under age would I continue and try to actually fuck her. Then wonderment knowing that she was young 18 but could she be younger? Then excited that I might be her first.

I looked up at Lindsey as I stopped doing everything and I guess the expression on my face wasn't the most flattering as I looked at her for about ten seconds thinking about what my next question was going to be and whether or not I should just take her home.

As I was thinking for a minute or so tears began weld up in her eyes and she said, "Yes, I'm a virgin. Please I want this to happen I've always dreamt that a stranger who is hot and had a hint of danger would take my virginity from me I always imagined it to be exciting and hot I want a guy who knows what he's doing and will just take me and do things to me without asking me and make me do things to him. Please take me don't ruin this for me.

She spread her legs and pussy again. My pussy is yours to fuck; suck and you can put your cock anywhere you want. I promise I'll do anything you say I'll be your your fuck &hellip. I said, "&hellip.My fuck toy?" She said, "Yes" "Now tell me the truth how old are you?" She said, "I swear I'm 18 you have nothing to worry about really my parents are really conservative if they ever found out that I've been drinking or smoking weed they would lock me up and throw away the key.

Especially if they knew I wasn't a fucking virgin anymore they would disown me. I just want to leave this room tonight a woman can't you understand that?" Gazing at her for a moment her beauty shown through. My lust became too much as my cock rose again back to full erection I had to have her. My head slowly moved between her legs and I sniffed her pussy like a nice little peach.

I got my middle finger inside the tiny little expanse of a hole that she had. She was sopping wet inside it was like pools of cum inside her tiny slit. Her ass cheeks crunched together and the walls of her pussy grabbed my finger. This was going to be awesome as I started to finger her all I could imagine was my cock was going to be inside of her real soon. She looked down at me and said, "Lick that fucking pussy eat me eat my cum filled pussy.

Eat my virgin pussy baby is this what I've been missing baby? ooh ooh yeah use that hot tongue of yours bath my pussy with your spit baby" Lindsey's face had a big smile as my tongue then went down to her asshole. She grabbed the back of my head and her hips were rocking up and down taking my tongue for a ride up and down from her asshole up to her clit.

I was flicking my tongue over her holes. Her legs spread wider and her grip became stronger as she grabbed my hair and pulled me in closer. Her hips were now going in circular motions with my tongue now only pay attention to her pussy.

Then there came a warm rush of pussy juice that soaked my tongue and a loud "Holy fuck Oh yeah oh yes is that an orgasm did I cum?" I said, "Yes baby you did." She was breathing very heavy and she pulled my hair bringing me up on top of her and then her eyes got real big and said, "Stick it in my tight fucking virgin pussy." She kissed me tasting her cum and I pushed her down and spread her legs as far as they could go wanting her teen cunt.

With my cock in hand I guided it to her pussy that had never been violated before and as gentle as I could I put the head of my cock between her labia and my head was resting up against her hymen. "This might hurt a little but after a minute or so you should be okay." I knew she was tight but this was ridiculous I didn't think it was ever going to go in. I lifted up off of her and spit getting her pussy wet and then the very tip of my cock penetrated the small hole that the hymen left open.

I then pushed my cock as hard as I could and her face became contorted and she bit her bottom lip trying not to scream in pain but then I finally pushed through her hymen and entered her.

My cock was the first to be inside of her. This was exciting I never had experienced a virgin before. It was like I was a virgin myself that my cock had never been inside another pussy before.

I looked down and the only thing that was inside of her was the head of my cock. Lindsey's hands pushed up on my stomach and said, "It hurts I don't want you to stop Please, don't stop (she began to cry) I want to be a woman so bad." I said, "It's so fucking tight baby your pussy is actually hurting my shaft but I don't fucking care." "Take my fucking tight pussy baby ooh yeah." Then my cock slid in a little more and then more and then even more until I was ball's deep.

I stayed in her balls deep and slowly and gingerly fucked her with my cock deep inside her no longer virgin pussy. The walls of her pussy were so wet which made it the only way for me to move inside of her.

One thing was for sure she let me know how she was feeling. "Oh fuck baby your cock it's huge it's so fucking biiiigg and faat inside of mee, mee it's filling up my entire pussy." She was breathing heavy trying to catch her breath and tears rolling down her cheeks.

My cock felt like it loosened up her pussy a little.

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Her pussy got even wetter as my cock would pull almost out her pussy juice would flow out like a pump which has been primed. "Ooh yeah your pussy is so wet. Your pussy juice is all over the shaft of my cock baby it feels so damn good inside of your pussy how does it feel being a woman and not a virgin?" She said, "Yeah honey it feels great to finally be a woman." As I fucked her I noticed her tits were erect and nipples nice and big I had to have them in my mouth again.

My mouth was salivating to taste her teen tits again. My mouth went down to her one breast as my hand went to the other with my cock sliding inside of her incredibly tight pink pussy.

Her arms wrapped around my head and she whispered in my ear. "Gary your fucking cock is so big it's starting to feel better now you can move your cock faster inside my pussy if you want to.

Oh yeah, oh my god oh fuck, oh fuck, yeah fuck me with big fucking cock oh yeah, oh, oh yeah I'm going to cum baby keep on going make me cum like I did before oh yeah fuck oh yeah harder oh yeah, oh yeah oh god you've got a great cock, harder harder make me cum fuck me harder." Now her hand went down to her clit with her fingers she played with her clit as my cock was finally able to fuck her properly going from deep inside of her back outside of her pussy.

"That feels so fucking good." Lindsey shot her juice down the shaft of my cock and out onto my belly. She lay there breathing heavy and we were both unable to move as her pussy locked around the shaft of my cock not letting it move. I leaned forward and said, "I believe you are a woman now quite the woman but I want you to make me cum." I pulled out of her then crawled up her stomach straddling her chest with her breasts under my ass cheeks.

I said, "Open her mouth baby and taste your non-virgin cum baby." She did willingly and as her cunt juice dripped off the tip of my head and fell into her mouth. I penetrated her mouth and made her suck me. I began pumping her mouth and grabbing the back of her head I was finally able to push the head of my cock down the top of her throat. I fucked her mouth over and over again but I wanted more of her pussy.

When I let her head go and my cock slid out of he mouth there was streams and streams of saliva strings extending from my cock down to her lips. I then said, "I want you to ride me. Get up and fuck my cock bitch." I sat down on the couch and she straddled my waist.


I tried to get my cock inside of her again but it was just as hard to do this way. I grabbed my cock and held it straight up and she tilted down to one side and finally my head pushed inside of her pussy then with all of her might she pushed down on me. Too her surprise my cock went balls deep again and she quickly tried to come back off of my cock as she screamed, "Holy shit it fucking hurts." I looked up at her and said, "Just fuck the top part of my cock honey." She was moving up and down just on the top of my cock pretty fast but not taking it completely inside of her, it felt like a whole new pussy the way she was fucking me.

Her moans became louder and louder and again she was speaking in German so I couldn't understand her.

I said, "English honey." "Fuck my fucking little cunt hole you fuck yeah oh my fucking god yeah fuck me." I licked my middle finger and ran it around her asshole as she rode me. "Oh yeah put that fucking finger in my asshole I love that big fucking cock of yours that's a big fucking cock in my tiny little wet fucking cunt hole yeah finger fuck my asshole too treat me like a whore." "You like that finger in your asshole?" "Yeah that feels so fucking good." Her rythms became faster and faster riding my cock and my finger kept up the same pace pushing in and out of her asshole.

Then she said, "I'm going to cum all over that fucking cock yeah fuck oh my fucking god yeah I'm a good fucking slut right? You like me riding that big dick of yours?" "Yeah fuck me with your teenage cunt ride that big bone of mine, I'll make you a proper little whore you're a bad little girl fucking a guy as old as me." I slapped her ass "Yeah slap my ass I'm your bad girl fucking slap your bad girl's ass I am such a bad girl.


Then she shot another load over my cock I could feel her juice run down my balls down to my thighs. I pulled her up and my rock hard cock was drenched with her pussy juice as it was glistening in the light I told her to suck every last drop of cum from my cock and my balls. Lindsey got to her knees and very deliberately sucked my cock; balls and thighs getting every last drop of her cum. She looked up at me and said, "What is it going to take to make you cum baby?

I want to see your cum I want you too finish too I'm sorry that I haven't made you cum yet I guess I am no good at this." Tears once again began to form in her eyes and her hands covered her face. I grabbed her hands pulling them away from her face and let her know that she was just finishing very quickly and not to worry about it. I told her that we just needed to keep going. She got up on her knees and looked back at me and said, "I've watched my daddy fuck my mommy like this before can we try it this way?" She got on all fours on the little sofa her hands on the back of the couch and her ass pointing up in the air.

Her pussy that was so small and tight before was now red and gaped like never before. As I looked at her naughty little hole the more I wanted her.

I stroke my cock with one hand slapping her bad little tight ass with the other. "Yeah baby smack my ass I'm a bad girl right?" "Yes you are. Relax honey I'm going to take you from behind." I put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and for the first time I was able to slip my cock inside of her with out her screaming of squealing in pain.

At this point I no longer cared that it was a freshly broken in pussy, I began to pound her like it was my girl Faith.

With her head now down on one of the pillows she was looking back at me watching me fuck her tiny little hole. "It feels so fucking big inside of my pussy.

Fill my virgin… I mean fill my pussy up with that big long fat cock baby I love big fucking cocks oh yeah, oh fuck. Oh yeah oh my god does my cunt feel good?" "Yes baby it feels so good going balls deep." I began to pound her ass hard as I could wanting to cum inside. "Fuck me hard just like that just like that don't fucking stop Oh yeah oh yeah don't fucking stop I can't believe you're making me cum again." The words weren't out of her mouth when another warm rush of her juice over took the shaft of my cock again washing it clean.

I said, "You know honey I don't think you are going to make me cum this way I'm just making you cum over and over you're like a little water fountain every time you push the button you cum. Why don't we try the other hole between your legs."? "I don't know about that I mean that is not for sex although Melinda says she likes a guy to fuck her there she says it really hurts why don't you let me suck your dick and make it cum I do it all the time for my boyfriend, what do you say?" "I say that you told me you were willing to do whatever I wanted so I want to fuck your ass get back up on your knees and relax and I will take your asshole virginity at the same time." She got up on her knees not saying anything else.

I spread her ass cheeks and my finger made it's way into her asshole. "Yeah go ahead baby stick your fingers in my ass." Her asshole was nice and red from me sticking a finger inside of it earlier and I said, "You want just one finger inside your asshole?" In a very low purring voice you could hear her womanhood finally breaking through "Yeah honey one finger inside of me." "You have a tight little ass." She smiled at me as my finger was moving shallow then deeper inside of her then shallow again then deeper and she said, "That's a tight asshole honey I don't think you're going to get your dick inside of me." I said, "I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole." My other fingers started to play with her clit and her moans began to stir up again inside of her.

"You going to put two fingers inside my ass?" "You think you can handle that?" She smiled "I think so maybe" I licked my other finger and then slowly worked it inside of her "Oooh baby that feels so fucking good." I fingered her asshole for a minute or so and then pushed her down on her stomach.

Then I flipped her over onto her back and pushed her legs apart. Her pussy was so red. There was a little blood from her hymen breaking but I pounded her pussy pretty damn good. Now I wanted her asshole her hole was so small, smaller than her pussy and even though my fingers were just inside of her virgin asshole I had some real doubts about getting my cock inside of her.

She lie there very obediently and quiet as I lined the head of my cock with her asshole.

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Again I very slowly and gently pushed my cock to try to spread her asshole to let me gain access to her most taboo area of her body. Her asshole to my surprise opened a lot easier than her pussy did and I was able to push my head past her opening.

I then stopped giving her the chance to get used to having a huge cock in such a small place. I moved my thumb down to her clit to try to get her excited again to shadow the pain of my cock in her asshole. "Aaaahhh that's such a big cock for such a little asshole baby is it tight?" "Yeah honey very tight great virgin ass." My cock slowly made it's way up her asshole inch by inch I slowly backed up and then went deeper and deeper inside of her.

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She then pushed my hand away for her own hand to play with her clit. My cock was now easing inside of her but not all the way. "That's it baby nice and slow baby keep it in my ass baby fast short strokes baby." Who was I to argue?

With only half of my cock inside of her asshole my cock began to work faster inside of her butt only short strokes as her hand worked faster and faster over her reddish pink pussy.

It felt so good being inside her tight little hole. My strokes slowed and more deliberate I slammed my cock all the way up her asshole. A smile came over her pretty little face. "Your balls tickle my ass honey when you're so deep inside of me oh yeah, oh yeah fuck my fucking whore ass oh God you're going to make me cum yeah ooohh oh yeah I'm going to cum all over that fucking cock while it's in my fucking asshole oh my god how good does that ass feel?

Does it feel good with that big cock inside of me?" "Yes baby it feels so fucking good inside your virgin asshole baby. I'm so lucky that you chose me baby.

To think all I wanted to do today was get a tan have a couple of beers watch a ballgame and here I got to take your teenage ass and use you like a fuck toy baby." I pulled out of her and she stood up and I spun her around and pushed up against the wall. I told her to spread her cheeks apart exposing her red gaped asshole.

I had to bend my knees a little but I once again slipped my cock now in her gaping wide asshole of hers. There seemed to be a new spot that I was unable to hit when she was on her back.

Now that I was balls deep again I didn't want to pull back just push my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. I just couldn't get deep enough inside of her fucking ass it felt so fucking good that my knees began to quake as my cock was slamming her ass.

"Oh fuck Oh God it feels so good that I can't even scream oh yeah oh yeah oh fuck oh fuck of fuck, oh god I'm going to cum oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh god you're going to make me cum for the third time baby oh fuck, (she was playing with her cunt as I fucked her asshole from behind) oh fuck oh my I just made me cum really, really hard." As I pulled out you could hear her asshole releasing its suction that was around my cock and her pussy juice was now dripping from her lips of her pussy.

I couldn't wait anymore as I could feel the cum finally bubbling up in my balls. I pushed my cock back inside of her and there came farting sounds because of all the air that was inside of her dark shit hole. "Oh baby just like that I don't know how much more I can take I'm so glad I had an older guy take my virginity from me I'll never be fucked like this again for so long your cock feels so damn good in my ass slow down baby not to fast slow down deep hard stroke honey (Once again my cock looked awesome as it gaped her ass and her finger inside her pussy playing with herself as I took her doggy style) Oh fuck oh my god you're going to make me cum again how many times are you going to make me cum before I get to taste you?

I want your cum baby give it to me." I now had a renewed sense to pound her asshole faster and harder to bring my cum up my shaft and let it explode all over her teenage face and in her teenage mouth. I pulled out and began jerking my cock off and she spun around sitting on the edge of the couch with her mouth open.

I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back a little as she stuck her tongue waiting for my warm spunk to spray all over her face and mouth. "Damn it baby I want to dump my load down you fucking throat." She was looking up at me with those doe like eyes so very trusting of an older guy fucking such a nubile girl's first experience.

She said, "Give me that fucking cum you want to cum in my fucking mouth? Uh huh yeah baby give me your fucking cum let me taste your salty surprise I've earned it after the way you fucked me give me that hot load baby." I think that if my hand moved any faster over my cock that I would have started a fire. My first burst of cum went right into her gaping mouth that was waiting for the passion of all the work she had performed.

Then squirt after squirt in her mouth up her nose and all over her face. She didn't wait for me to say anything as she swallowed my sperm down her throat. "That tasted so damn good baby it was so good having your cock inside my asshole honey I never thought that I would ever let any guy inside of my asshole.

I'm a bad girl a very bad girl." I said, "Okay you very bad girl let's take a shower and get you cleaned up and back to your room before everyone comes looking for you." We took our shower and got dressed and I took her back to her room but once again her sister wasn't there. At this point I kinda figured having this girl stay over would be a bad thing so I walked her down to her parents room. She knocked on the door and her mom asked who it was and I ducked to the side and Lindsey told her that it was her and her mom let her in and never even seen me.

The next morning at breakfast with John the police arrived at the hotel. Apparently Brian and Melinda never came back to the hotel and the parents were panicked that their daughter wasn't there. The police asked everybody questions about Melinda who was in fact under age 17 and was last seen with Brian. Lindsey told the police that she stayed with me for a little while at the pool and restaurant because her parents and sister weren't in their rooms.

I had to confirm her story as practically the whole hotel saw us together. Then, not to my surprise I found out that Lindsey was only 15 years old. She was cool and didn't tell anyone what had happened between us. I on the other hand grabbed John and we got the hell out of Mexico. John not wanting to know what happened but knew that something happened with me and Brian got the hell out of Dodge.

Needless to say I didn't make the scuba diving trip several days later, I felt it was better just to stay home and out of trouble.

(Here ends part 7) [b]