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Young college men having gay sex porn first time Poor British fellow
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Chapter 1 The Sorceress And the Dragon She slid the sharp cold metal knife blade across her palm, leaving a red line behind in its wake. She smiled and put the knife on the soft ground. Lifting her palm to the sky she said in a loud fearless, demanding voice, "Come to me blood dragon and take my blood And make me your master!" She closed her eyes and waited for the Blood Dragon to appear. Minutes went by and still it did not show up.

She knelt down in front of the small fire she had built before offering her blood, and lowered her hand. She looked at her hand. 'Why is he not coming to take the blood i offer?' She thought. 'I followed the ritual correctly! why does it still refuse my wish?' She grabbed a black cloth and wrapped it around her cut, wincing at the pain. When the wound was wrapped up she put out the fire and left her small meadow.

She left the meadow and when to the small cottage not far from the meadow. No one knew it was here but her. > Vilen vile. Evil sorceresses in training.

She lived away from all things happy. She would never find someone to make her happy. Like her mother she will live alone, train alone and when her time is up die alone. But before she dies she will do as her mother did and find someone to make love to her and get her with child and leave them, or kill them, and train her daughter or son in the Dark Arts.

So that when her time on this god forsaken earth is over she will have someone else to follow in her foot steps. And them when they need to they repeat the progress. She opened the door to her cottage and smiled a emotionless smile. Her cottage was loaded with spell books and potions and ingredients. She placed the spell book she had brought with her on a pile of them and sat in > the black chair in the front of the room. She sighed.

What the hell was with that dragon? She offers it Blood and he doesn't come. What th. e hell was with that damn dragon? She grabbed one of the spell books from the table of spell books and stared to flip through the pages. What the hell she was looking for she didn't know. A spell to make the dragon appear?

She didn't know.

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But a spell wouldn't work on a Dragon. That would be impossible to do. "That's it!" She closed the book and stood up. A spell to control the dragon! That's it! She ran to the spell book that was her mothers. "A spell to control a dragon." She said and waited for the book to find one. But it remained the same.

Unmoving. She balled her hands and growled and annoyed growl. If this book didn't have the spell she was looking for she knew some one who did. But She wouldn't give it to her with out a price. She walked to the smaller room in the back. Her bedroom and put on her black > corset, mini skirt and knee high boots. She opened the small closet door and grabbed the long black cloak, wrapping it around her self before she left.

Yes she was dressed as a whore, but it was the only way for her to get the spell she needed. All she had to do was find the sorceress with the spell she needed, and lucky for her she knew exactly where she needed to go to get it. She crossed the small meadow to the stable containing her horse.

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A single black mare. She got on the mare and trotted off to find the sorceress. >Thirty minutes later she arrived at the sorceress's house.

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Dismounting her mare she tied her to a low tree branch and went to the house. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer. It came a few seconds later. A girl with blond hair and blue eyes. answered. "Yes?" She said. Seeing it was her old "Friend" She opened the door and smiled.

"Vilen vile." She said the name with awe. "Come in." She moved aside and lead her in the house. Vilen entered. Her "friend" she noticed was wearing a long brown cloak.

Her house was a mess as usual. 'Hmm, I wonder what's with the cloak?' she thought. She put her hands on her hips. Her cloak staying put. "Well you must be wondering why I'm here, right?" Vilen asked her. The sorceress turned to her "Friend". "Yes. actually. Why are you here?" She was curious. "Well you have a spell that i want." Vilen began. She sighed and looked her in the eyes. "And I'm willing to pay the price." She finished. The sorceress > knew of what price she was referring to.

She smiled. "You shore?" she asked stupidly. Vilen was always willing to pay any price to get what she wanted. "Very well." She said. "Follow me." She said going in to a room behind a curtain. Vilen did so and followed her, to a bedroom.

Her "Friend" Had taken her cloak off and was standing in front on the bed. Vilen smiled. She was wearing the same ting Vilen wore, but the boots she had taken off.

Vilen took her cloak off revealing her skimpy outfit and walked towards the sorceress and the bed. The sorceress grabbed Vilen's waist and pulled her into a kiss. Vilen gladly kissed her back, grabbing her waist's as well. The sorceress turned around and laid vilen on the bed, climbing on top of her and kissing her hard again.

Vilen kissed her back smiling, because she knew in a few minutes she would have fulfilled her side of the deal and then the sorceress would have only her part to fill. >An hour later vilen left the sorceress's cottage with the spell to take control over any dragon.

She smiled as she climbed her mare and left the cottage. Well until she needed something from the sorceress again 'Which would be real soon.' She thought smiling.

She made the long ride back to her house. Thinking of the power she'd soon have after summoning the dragon and then taking total control over it. It was almost to good to be true. The ride home seemed to go by quicker then when she left. She put the mare back in the stable and went into the house to get the ingredients ready so that tonight during the full moon she could cast the spell, and take control over the most powerful dragon of all.

Opening her door she immediately went to work getting the ingredients together. She smiled while she put them together, making the brew. That night she went > to the small meadow. She started the small fire and again pulled out the small knife she had used the night before.

She closed her eyes inhaled bi again cut open the palm of her hand. It had not yet healed and hurt more than it did the previous night. Gasping she put the knife on the ground and pulled out the brew, with her other hand, from the small bag and placed it in front of her.

She lifted her hand above the brew and dropped some of her blood into it and murmured the words to make it work. She lifted the brew above her head and said the words from last night again, "Come to me blood dragon and take my blood And make me your master!" Thought she followed the recipe, again nothing happened.

She waited a few minutes which turned into an hour. Nothing. She stood up, putting the > brew back in the bag. Her visit has come sooner then she thought. She put out the fire and walked back to the house. This time she will wait till the morning to visit her "Friend".

She went to her bed room and changed into a blood red nightgown. She laid down in her bed and fell asleep within a few minutes. >That morning Vilen put on the same outfit from the day before and grabbed her black cloak.

As she put it on she left the house to the stable to get and mound her horse. She left for her "Friends" house wanting to now why the spell did not work. When she got to her house she tied the horse to the branch and opened the door not waiting for her "Friend" to allow her to enter. She walked to the curtain and truogh it back as she entered the bed room. She saw her "Friend was asleep and smiled evily. She slowly-quietly- made her way to the bed. Standing at the edge of the bed she climbed over her sleeping "Friend" and smiled down at er sleeping form.

She leand down and kissed the girls cheek. "Wake up." She murmured. But the girl did not wake up. she remained asleep. Vilen smiled. 'She must be one heavy sleeper'. she thought. But how could she be? Of all the times vilens slepted with her a simple kiss would always wake her.

Why now is she so heavy a sleeper? > Vilen started to kiss the girls cheek and trail kisses down to her collor bone. 'Shorly that would wake her'. She thought with a smile. And shore enough it did. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw vilen on top of her. "Back for more?" She asked. not knowing the reason for vilens visit. Vilen smiled sarcasticly. "No. Actually i came here to ask you a few questions." she said to the board looking girl.

"Then shoot. What do you want to aske me?" she said, lifting her hand to vilens cheek. Vilen growled a low growl in her throat. She grabbed the girls hands and held them above her head, so she couldn't distract her.

Smiling she asked, "Why didn't the spell work? I followed the spell and last night when i casted it it didn't work. Why?" She > said glaring at her. The girl smiled. like she knew someting vilen didn't and that made vilen angry even more.

"It didn't work cause your heart is to dark and full of evil." She sighed. "The dragon probably knew the reason for you summoning it so it didn't show." She finished. She looked at her hands and tried to pull them free, but vilens grasp was impossible to break out of. She sighed again. "Can you let my hands go? Your hurting me." Vilen let the girls hands go and sighed.

She was getting anger. She couldn't cast the spell. Now what? She sat on the girls waist not caring for her protests to get off. "How do i get him to show so i can cast the spell?" she asked the girl.


who was squirming under her. She stopped squirming momentarily to answer her. "You need to > trick someone good into casting it for you." She said.


her squirming wasn't getting her free so she disided to have this turned into a traid. "Since i gave you info you need to pay the price." She said with a smile. She grabbed vilens hands and pulled her down to her. "And you know what the price to pay is, right?" She said, knowing very well vilen knew what it was. Vilen smiled and let the girl pull her down.

"Yes. I know very well what the price is." she said smiling. She kissed the girl long and hard. Accepting that she pay the price. After all it was only fair she pay for something she needed to know, especially from a sorceress. The girl smiled and kissed her back hard reciving her payment a few minutes later. >Vilen mounted her horse and started back to her cottage. "I need Someone to trick." She muttered to herself. How the hell would she do that? There was no one else in the forest for miles.

She was shore she had a spell to somehow help her. All she had to do was get the ingredients and cast it at the meadow tonight and hopefuly it would work.

the ride went by fast and as she put her horse in the stable she got an idea. She would make a person. That way she had total control, was able to make her do as she comanded! It was perfect. She smiled as she went inside eager to start the spell. She grabbed one of the books and started to look for the spelll she needed.

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But that was easier said then done. It took most of the night for her to find the spell and by then she was to tired to read anymore. She placed a bookmarker on the page and sat it down on the black chair and went to bed. 'Tomorrow i will cast the spell.

For now i will sleep.' She thought climbing > into bed with the same outfit. She was to tired to care what she wore to bed. She pulled back the cover and laid on her soft bed. Closing her eyes she fell asleep. But her dreams where anything but pleasent. >She stood in the forest.

It was a winter morning, everything covered in snow making it look more of a winter wonderland then a forest. She smiled. it was cold and lonley here in the forest, like a little snow was going to bother her. She took a step forward and found the snow was very deep. So deep she almost vanished in the snow, like quicksand. She couldn't climb out, everytime she would try she'd just fall back in.

She sighed. She felt trapped. As if the forest didn't want her to leave its cold grasp. She staied there for what seemed like hours, until she finaly just gave up and let the world eat her. Letting the ground swallow her up.

But it didn't. Instead she found herself back at the sorceress's house. She lifted her hand to knock but the door opened for her, and she walked in.

She looked around and saw no one. "Hello?" She said, but was echoed back at her. She made her way slowly through the house. She made her way to the bed rooom seeing it had > someone on it covered in a brown cloak. She stepped closer and the person turnned. She smiled and walked torwards the sorceress. "Having a good dream?" The sorceress asked. Vilen couldn't speak.

was this real? No. It was a dream. Nothing was real here. The sorceress smiled and stod up making the brown cloak around her fall to the floor reveling her underwear. Vilen gasped and turned to leave but the sorceress was there blocking her way. "Where do you think your going? There's nothing out there. Just a blank world, lost in white snow." She looked at her hands as she lifted her hands to vilens waist. looking back up she smiled and pulled vilen close.

"Stay here. ITs nice and warm in her. compared to outside, its much better in here." She slid her hands up vilens shirt smiling as she grabbed her breasts. Vilen tried to move but found the bed at her back. She was trapped. Great. she thought. She turned and climbed on the bed and was about to climb of the > side and escape when the sorceress grabbed vilens shoulder and pulled her to her.

Vilen gasped as the sorceress laid her down and climbed on top of her, grabbed her hands and held them above her. Vilen tried to escape but couldn't. She looked at the sorceress. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked.

But the soceress did not answer instead she started to take vilens clothes off. Untieing the corset with her teeth, and using her other hand to pull her clothes away, tossing them on the floor somewhere.

Vilen couldn't move or get the sorceress off her, so she let her have her fun. Soon her clothes where off, but then the sorceress did something vilen wasn't expecting. She grabbed a vile with some strange green liquid in it and poured it on vilens naked stomach. Vilen screamed in pain as it ate away at here stomach, making the sorceress laugh hard and loud.

'Acid!' She thought. Her screams started to stop as her skin burned away leaving nothing left of > her. >Vilen screamed and sat in her bed. She didn't know what to make of her dream but she was definetly scared to move. Was she still dreaming? Or was she actually awake? She pinched her arm and It hurt. 'Thank hell, i'm alive!' She thought getting out of bed.

It was early morning. The sun had already rose and was sitting happily in the sky. Vilen frwon angerly and closed the curtains blocking out the sun. She went to retreave her book and went to the page she had marked the spell to be on.

She read the ingreadients and frown deeper. She didn't have them all. She needed to go out and find them today if she was to cast the spell. 'Easy.' She thought. she only needed to find a few plants and then she was good. >A few minutes later she had changed and set out to find the plants she needed, all the while thinking of the dream. what did it mean? If it meant something.

But what? Was it just all strees that gave her the dream? One minutes she was in a snowy meadow about to be eaten by the snow then she's in the sorceress's home. Finding her way to see her and then the sorceress starts to strip her and then pours asid on her, like some crazy bitch from hell. 'She didn't want to fuck me? Why?' She thought picking a plant the spell called for. The sorceress always takes sex as a paymeant. Never anything else.

'So why--in the dream--did she kill me? Wait. Its a dream anything could happen.' She thought. she sighed and found the last of the ingreadients and headed back to the house. Putting the ingreadients on the table naxt to the book she sat in the chair.

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She was working continuesly and it was making her tire more often then she'd like. She closed her eyes for a bit > and rested. not knowing of the dangers to soon come. She thought of who the spell would make. and if they'd be good or evil. She hoped they'd be good or else her plan would fail.

But would it be a man or woman?

This made her think. she would do better with a man since they do whatever women say and are usuale to stupid to figure anything out. A woman on the other hand would be more of a challange. There smart and hard to predict, and would be hard to dominate. If it was a woman she would have to find a mind controling spell to keep the girl from overruling her. She fell asleep and slept lightly.